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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • alijulalijul Posts: 5
    The coverage for my 2000 XJ8L is about to expire. The dealer I bought the car from 4 years ago offers me new coverage for up to 5 years. Do I need to buy it?
    Any suggestions? My car has only 24,000 miles on it.
    Thank you very much for any input.
  • exit16exit16 Posts: 6
    Maybe the way I view my 2002 VDP will be of help to you. Without question I'll buy the extended warranty (7 years/100,000 miles). I'll do it just before the car turns 20,000 miles and coverage takes a jump in price (it now has 14,500).

    I've looked at the internet companies that offer a much lower price than the Jag dealer however I want the security of the Jaguar behind the warranty; i.e. they're going to be around for a long time; there won't be hassles about what's covered; I won't wait for a decision. My policy will cost about $3,700. That's expensive, but I plan to keep the car for a long time and want to hedge having to face major problems.

    Hope this helps.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm conflicted about these warranties, because I've never got my money out of one yet. However, what I am firm about is that if you buy one, buy the one from the manufacturer of the car, in this case, Jaguar. The aftermarket and internet warranties are fraught with fraud, bankruptcy and poor, if any, service.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I have a 2001 XKR leased in 2001 and up in 2005. I have low milage (19000mi) and like the car so much that I am thinking of keeping it when the lease expires. I am wondering if you can get a factory warranty from Jaguar if obtained at the end of the lease or do you have to get it from a non Jaguar source?

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I think if you're the original owner, you can get one up until the factory warranty expires - at least that's how it works with Lincoln.
  • booeybooey Posts: 2
    I'm planning on buying a 97 XJ6 VDP with 85K miles on it, all service records etc... fairly trouble free car as far as the records show. Any other problematic areas for this car? Anyone own a higher mileage XJ6? I already own a 1986 XJ6 & i'm constantly spending $200-$800 on it so $ not a major issue, just need a heads up on where i can expect to spend it. (Brakes, electrical?)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    & Air Conditioning.....
  • wbreaux1wbreaux1 Posts: 55
    Does anyone have any info on changes for '05? Also, does anyone know if it's possible to get the DVD entertainment system without getting the Vanden Plas model? Thanks.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I've never seen an official Jaguar extended warranty except what's included when you buy a CPO Select from a dealer.
    Does one exist?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Any common problems and how has reliability been in general?

    I currently drive around 250 miles per week and will consider a used Jag if I get a job change cutting my commute in half. This will not only save gas, but will keep my annual mileage low, lowering maintenance and repair costs. In the mean time, the car is just a curiosity after I saw some seemingly-great prices on eBay. A 2000-2001 VDP in the low 20's looks great especially since the exterior styling of the brand new redesigned model isn't dramatically different
    For instance I like the looks and price of this car: - - - &item=2486270753&category=31847#mainImage

    I like the seat piping and the fold down trays on the seat backs of the VDP that make it like a Rolls Royce inside, but I think the stretched body proportions aren't as elegant on the side profile as the standard wheelbase body of the base XJ8. The extra legroom would be nice if I used the back seat often though.
    What do you think? I wouldn't buy sight unseen, but if one was being sold from a local source, I'd probably look at it.
  • db6db6 Posts: 8
    Hi, I,m looking to buy a used XJ8, prob, 99 to 2002.I have one thats for sale locally and private,its a 99 XJ8 with 44,000 miles.I have spent some time driving the car and getting a background on it from the local dealer.
    A few things I noticed on the test drive,brake pedal seems very low and spongey,though pads and rotors were replaced only 11000 miles ago.I was thinking air in system, contaminated fluid or servo unit?(note, dealer wants $1300. to replace front and rear rotors and pads, seems excessive to me.)
    The tilt motor for the steering wheel seems to pause, run pause when used.?
    The drivers door panel has annoying rattles coming from it at certain speeds.
    Was traction control standard or an option,and by the way if it is installed where is the switch?
    The only things major that were done on the car in the past were replacement throttle body(seems common), fuel pump,thermostat, antenna mast.
    Is the transmission on this car a weak spot, and as the car has 44,000 mile on it do you think any tranny problem would have shown up by now.
    Any thing else I should be looking for.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The transmission is supplied by GM for this car, and GM is usually pretty good with their Transmissions, so I wouldn't worry about that. Minor stuff is usually the bain of the Jag's existence.
  • db6db6 Posts: 8
    A GM transmission, in a Ford product, are you sure???
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I know - I think it's crazy too, but GM's transmission was spec'ed for this car long before Ford bought Jaguar, I believe, and it works the way the designers want it to, so there it is. In the new 04, which is totally a Ford owned redesign, it has a new 6 speed auto tranny so that may no longer be the case, but the model you're looking at was in design back about 93, and Ford acquired Jaguar in around 98 I think. Anyway, it's a GM built transmission - and it's a good one. Frankly, on the whole, GM builds more reliable transmissions than Ford, until recently, when GM truck transmission have been giving them some trouble.
  • dennyzdennyz Posts: 2
    I'm looking at a '99 xj8 with 69k miles for about $15k. What do you think? Too many miles? Edmunds says trade-in value is 14,500; Should I try to pay about that amount? Does anyone know what the current loan is on that vehicle? I couldn't find it on line; will call banks in the a.m. Anyone with experience on this model please provide input.

  • db6db6 Posts: 8
    Seems like a fair enough price,I,m looking at a 99 with 44,000 miles, owner was asking $23,000, on a private sale,I think i,m going to offer around $15000.
    I tell you one thing that happens with these cars when ppl, try to sell them,they often have tried to trade the cars at dealers and go into shock at the prices offered so decide to try and sell the cars privately,often at price close to what dealers are asking.Then at the end of a week in the local paper are amazed that it hasn,t sold.
    These used cars are selling to a very small market,most of these cars new were leased or puchased thru a business, and then often under a full wtee with a service plan.
    The way I see it , if you get one for around $15,000( and damn, what does that buy you today new, a Hyundai Elantra?),then even if you have to drop a few grand on brakes or other problems its stll a good deal,of course you maybe able to find one with an extended wtee, too, which should take some of the major worries away.Good Luck.
  • dennyzdennyz Posts: 2
    Thanks, DB6; my sentiments exactly. Wonder, though, how difficult it will be to unload if I wnat to in the near future. Warranty is not an option.

  • db6db6 Posts: 8
    Hi, well regarding the wtte. options, there are a load of companies offering them,expect to pay a premium price tho, for a high mileage luxury car,plus who the hell knows how long they will be around or how good they are till you ned them.
    Anyways, back to an earlier point I made,I,m trying to buy one private, to avoid the sales tax, meet the owner,and get a better deal, well thats the theory,lol,in reality, the 2 cars I have looked at,(both not too bad really)were owned by older ppl, that if you question the car or the price look at you like i,m a registered pedo at a PTA meeting.
    Heres an interesting point,I looked at a car last week, got the VIN so I could call the dealer to get a service history,now the owner told me, not one problem ever,anyway turns out there were quite a few ,so i call him and ask him again,he gets pisy, saying i cant believe they gave you private information,( he actually said"but you are no body,thats private information").well, i found a list probs, on this car, and of course they were fixed under wtee, however,i feel uncomfortable dealing with this person right now so as much as I fell in love with this car(and its easy to do with a Jag, (as My German friend says, you buy British with your heart and German with your brain).
    By the way the guy that posted earlier Re Trannys,well Ford bought Jag in 1990, not 98, the box in the XJ8 was a Ford box,in 98, there were problems,how many later years were affected i,m not sure.Oh, one other point re: the car dying,it seems there was a big problem on the throttle bodies,on both cars i loked at 99, and 2000 the bodies were replaced, on the 99, the trans complete was changed out.
    Some other points from my research and talking to a service manager,broken cup holders,power seat motors bad, power steering tilt motor bad,rattles in door panels,brakes-low pedals,expensive rotor and pad replacements(sometimes as low as 10,000 miles,and the cost, around $1300).
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Test drove a new XJ8 Friday, and not normally given to hyperbole, all I can say is WoW! It way surpassed my expectations as a Driver's car. Love the steering, handling, power, comfort and features. It has moved way up to the head of my list, tied with an LS430 at the moment for next Sedan purchase.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I just read that the price of the 2005 XJ Super will be $89,000 whereas the XJ long wheel base model will just increase $2000 from the 2004 model(low $60's). This seems like a high premium for the supercharger and other goodies. I now have an XKR and was waiting for the extended wheelbase XJR. At this premium over the XJR standard wheelbase I think it will be a tough sell and I for one would opt. for the standard wheelbase XJR.At a time when The XJ's don't seem to be selling as well as a new model shoud I think they are making a big mistake by not pricing more aggresively.
  • On my 2001 VDP some of the wood panels have hairline cracks in the finish. I'm told that this is fairly normal for any car that is not always garage kept or has been in a cold/hot climate. This was a Canadian car previously. Are these hairline cracks just patina or a problem?
  • exit16exit16 Posts: 6
    This is in response to post # 1948. Yes, you can get a Jaguar extended warranty even though you didn't purchase a CPO from that dealer.

    I purchased a jaguar from an out of state company and my local dealer will provide an ew. The warranties are priced by groups of 10,000 miles on the odometer. In my case my 2002 VDP has 16,000 miles on the odometer and 20 months/32,000 miles to go on the original warranty. So, I will purchase the ew just before the car turns 20,000. After that the price takes a fair sized jump. Your dealer can give you a table which shows the price schedule for cars within 5 model years broken down by class, and within mileage group by coverage, eg. 7 years, 85,000 miles.
  • db6db6 Posts: 8
    Hi, I have noticed that problem on quite a few Jags.The dealer in Tucson told me that they actually send them to a company in Ca, to have them refinished while the car is under the 4 year 50,000 mile wttee, after that you are on your own,if you call Royal Jaguar in Tucson,I,m sure someone in service ha the number of the place.
    I guess the door trim panels are no big deal to pop off, not sure how much work would be involved in pulling the dash though.Also, there are a number og companies that do the wafer thin lazer cut panels that sit on top of the exsisting.
    I guess it all depends on how much it bothers you,but I don,t see the problem getting better.
    Another option would be to contact a local wood funiture or piano/wooden instrument restorer,they often have good ways to re finish.
    Good Luck.
    David Bowes
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Drove an 04 XJ 8 Friday. All I can really say is WOW! I've driven just about everything out there, and this car way surpassed my expectations, mostly because the quality and luxury feel is accompanied by incredible handling and performance.
    Didn't really think you could have both these days. But evidently you can. Gotta have one someday soon.
  • db6db6 Posts: 8
    I wonder if any one owns a sport, i ,m looking at one on ebay,I see they have the R wheels, suspension and seats, and colouy keyed grill ect.How do they compare to the regular XJ?
  • I have an '02 Sport. It's really just a preference between models, not a lot of difference between this car and the XJ8. It costs a little more, maybe holds that value a little better. The tires are expensive, about $300 each, and they only last about 20,000 miles. Whatever you do, DON'T get BRIDGESTONE tires, they ride terrible on this model. I now have Michelins and the ride is fantastic.
  • I just wanted to let you know (nvbanker), and anyone else interested, that the transmission in the XJ, XJS, and XK8 and current S-type are made by ZF, a German firm. The ZF transmissions in Jags before 2003 were used by Mercedes as well. Also, Ford bought Jaguar in 1989, not '98. GM transmissions were used in Jags briefly in the 80's. I work for a Jaguar dealer in England at the moment, so if you have any other facts you are unsure of, just ask. And if you have any concerns, I'll try to give some advice.

    And by the way, the ZF transmissions have been a huge success. I haven't met a customer that has had trouble with it. The Germans make incredible transmissions.

    Also, just because Ford owns Jaguar doesn't mean they are any less British. The new XJ is a result of British engineering. I know, because we are always reminded by engineers and factory reps during our training sessions. They're really proud of this project.
    These cars are mutts now. Many model XJs and XKs have A/C and some electrical components that are also used by Lexus (no more electrical problems thank god!) The Japanese make reliable electrical components.

    And if you have any other reliability concerns regarding Jaguar, just look at recent JD Power ratings: Jaguar is the third best in initial quality. Not Bad!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Thanks for the facts, lrover. Helps clear up a lot of stuff. The 04 XJ is at the top of my list for a new Sedan at this time. Drove one a couple of weeks ago, and I was just amazed at how great a car it is.
  • I like the new XJ8s, and am particularly interested in the long wheel base version. I have a question though. I've looked at the stated dimensions of the new L and is doesn't make sense. The L is 5 inches longer, but the rear seat legroom is only 0.6 inches more. For BMW 7 and Audi A8, the L versions are 5 inches longer and that all goes to rear seat legroom. I want to sit in an L when it comes out and assume that maybe the state dimesions are wrong somewhow, although I got it from Jaguar's web site. Anyone sit in one or have any comments.
  • I had an opportunity to drive a 2004 XJ8 several months ago. I was really impressed by the way the new model drove in comparison to the previous generation. The new car feels far more "athletic".

    My wife was hoping that it would be within reason to trade her 2001 XJ for the newer model, after I was reading an article in Reuters magazine about how Jag sales are slow, and there are rumors of "dealer cash" being offered. Ford is also, for the first time, offering the "X-Plan" on Jags, which I also qualify for.

    It's ridiculous, however, how the luxury cars are depreciating! According to the TMV figures given on this site, her 2001, with only 9500 miles is worth roughly $26K. We're talking about a car that originally sold for $58K!!
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