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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • Re: Value of the CPO. Do you mean the internal cost to the dealer to obtain the certificate from Jag OR the value to the consumer? The former, for example, costs a BMW dealer about $1000. The latter for any complex luxury car has got to be worth $3000-$4000. More if you have any Rover product, a 7 Series BMW, etc.

    Incidentally, a lot of people on the High End Luxury Marque board swear that they would never own a HELM vehicle out of warranty. It is paradoxical that the last thing a retiring couple should do is to buy a new MB or BWM "to keep forever", as one would have bought a Packard a generation ago, when they would have much better luck with a Taurus or even an F150.
  • The CPO for our Land rovers runs between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars depending on the vehicle. I am sure Jaguar is similar to slightly less depending on the vehicle.
  • British_Rover, IMHO any retail customer who passes up a CPO on a Rover or Bimmer is nuts.

    Incidentally,the Boston Globe today had a big expose about a pol who had over the years bought 7 Series sedans at wholesale prices from a local body shop owner who goes to car auctions. The gist of the article was that he was getting a great deal from a guy seeking favor. Wrong. He was picking up 3 year old 7 Series for no money because they had no CPO or provence. What he got was a sucker's bet.
  • Yup I have had people that wanted to buy Freelanders without the CPO in order to save 1,500 bucks and I told them we would not sell them the car without the warranty.

    Every freelander needs a tranny sometime before 75,000 miles and it normaly fails between 40,000 and 65,000. If you luck out and it fails before the 50,000 mile mark could for you but if it doesn't and you don't have the warranty...

    Well then that 1,500 dollar warranty looks like a pretty good deal after you had to pay 3,000 grand for a new transmission.

    We took an older XJ8 in trade a couple of weeks ago. I passed though as I want either a Vanden Plas or a Super V8. Hopefuly eventualy we will add a jag store next to our rover store. That would make things easier.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    What is this thing worth as a CPO in a soft sales season?

    $35,000. That's a little low, but these things are dropping faster than Presidents in Argentina. Don't overpay, even for the CPO. It doesn't add that much value.

    For Week Ending Oct 25 Sale Price $35,676
    Aug 2006 Apr 2006 Oct 2005
    $36,937 $39,956 $41,745
  • British Rover, did the Disco II with the Buick Skylark engine stroked to 4.6 L and the much advertised "283 improved features" (or whatever the number was) have significantly better quality in their last year? Would you touch one (with a CPO)?
  • Oh yes the last two years of the Disco were so much better then the previous years. Even the 2002 models were a lot better. The second demo I ever had was actually a 2002 MY Disco and I never had a problem with it in almost a year.

    My ideal diso would be a 2003 disco with the ACE package but that basicly does not exist. It was avaliable to order that option but I have never seen one.
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I mis-spoke; the $300 was a figure discussed as we were negotiating the total price of the vehicle, such as in "$300 less for the car if I didn't take the Certified warranty". No chance, as mentioned in one of the other posts, dangerous territory without coverage. I had a 2001 Cad STS that lived in the shop more than I had it, but for some reason I liked that car. I purchased an extended warranty when I bought the car, and was never sorry. Except for the incovenience of getting it in for repair. When that happened, loaners were always equal or better class cars.
  • Looks like I may be close to a purchase. I found a 1998 black XJR with 33K (!!!) miles on it. The owner is asking 18K which seems high despite being a low mileage pristine model. Edmunds shows trade in value of 9K and retail sale of 12K. I am sure they have higher mileage baked into that # so I realize this one would cost more and rightfully so. Seems to me 14500 is the right #. It is still almost a 9 year old car! someone show me the light!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Lower-than-expected mileage on an older car is not always a good thing. When the car is not driven as much as one would expect, you easily could have dry-rot issues, muffler issues, and so forth. You need to have it thoroughly inspected by a knowledgeable mechanic before moving on it, IMHO.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The Halloween color and low mileage offset each other. If you feel a price of 12K to 14500 is right, remember and understand $18000 is the most he can charge for it.

    There is a price theory that if you ask a heck of a lot more than what is fair, you will receive an offer that is lower than your high price, but a lot higher than what you had hoped for.

    When buying, only pay what you are willing to pay. The seller wants your money more than you want his car. ;)

    Seller doesn't have to like your offer, but you will have his respect for not being a willing sucker.
  • thanks for the replies guys. I got to thinking afterwards and I realized I would rather have an 01 XJR @ 50K miles instead at the same price point. I just have a bad feeling about buying any car from a previous decade when it can be had from the current one even if the difference is only 3 years. thanks again. i will post up when the XJR is in house!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    and come back bringing pics! ;)
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I picked up my CPO 2006 Black XJS and fell in love with it again! (It had been 6 weeks since I'd put down the deposit.) It's a fantastic ride! All I'd hoped for. But, not many miles, so far. I'll keep you up to date as the miles roll up.

    My only dissapointment, and I should have known better, was to believe the salesman when he told me that the nav DVD was the latest version extant for that model. But, it wasn't. The nav in my wife's Lincoln Aviator has better graphics, definition and contains much more info.

    Caveat Emptor!!!

    Luck -- and Life is better at the Beach!!!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    My only dissapointment, and I should have known better, was to believe the salesman when he told me that the nav DVD was the latest version extant for that model. But, it wasn't. The nav in my wife's Lincoln Aviator has better graphics, definition and contains much more info.

    Your salesman may not have been lying to you. The system in the Jaguar is not the same as the one in your Lincoln. Ford and Toyota use a Denso product - Jag's is from another vendor, I don't remember whose, but graphics and functions are not DVD controlled, they are firmware installed permanently in the system. The "latest DVD" for your system should only enhance the map, not the colors, graphics or functions.

    Don't you love the English vernacular used in the Jag's system though? "KINDLY REFRAIN FROM USING THIS SYSTEM WHILST THE AUTO IS IN MOTION". Much more amusing Lawyer warning, IMO. Oh, excuse me, BARRISTER warning..... :shades:
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Of the English vernacular - Directions in changing the tire in a Vauxhall says to "turn your nuts hard on."

    The manual also mentioned the bonnet, but we never located the hat. :) :)
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I've sent off a letter to Jag; I'll be interested in what they have to say -- if aything, about the differences between the systems!

    Even if it's only an update on the geography, I'd welcome any upgrade.
  • I have noticed that a number of low mile 2005 SuperV8s are on the market for the same price as many XJRs. This is appealing, but I question how much lower a dealer could theoretically go. In Texas these values are ~$55K but a number of the cars have been on the dealer lots for nearly THREE months. Could I go in and expect to get a Super for $47, $49K.....?

    On another front, I am curious what yearly service & repairs run on such a Jag. In the first two years of owning a MB, I was shocked I had to get new brakes and usually rotors every two years to the tune of >$800. Although I am now used to these #s, I would hate to buy a car with more suction on my wallet. Lexus is appealing, but I want to replace my MB w/ a car that has a soul!
  • I own a 93' XJ6 and I am having some issues with start up. This problem has grown more in the winter months than the summer. The problem is when I turn the key the engine will turn over but will not fire. If it does fire it rev to 1,000 rpms then die. The next time I start it will fire a few times then quickly die then proceed to not fire. In the summer months, it would do this a couple of times then eventually fire up and stay running.

    Once the car is running it runs great, it is just a matter of getting it starting the first time. Has anyone had a similar problem? Or, does anyone know how to fix it?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I don't know this car well - I assume it's fuel injected? The problem sounds like it's starting way too lean, which is most likely your closed loop presets in your fuel computer....
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    I couldn't believe my eyes! In our move up to NC from South Florida, my wife drove the 2006 "Leaper", while I drove, like the Clampetts, an overloaded Aviator pulling a U-Haul trailer. The Aviator achieved an underwhelming 13.0 MPG on the trip, but -- and this is what is hard to believe, the Jag's trip computer showed and astounding 31.1 MPG. I know that my wife doesn't have a "heavy" foot, but we were traveling at a steady 75 miles per hour for the 1st 450 miles. There's either something wrong with the computer or there was one helluva tail wind blowing north. I'm going to measure the gasoline input vs the mileage driven, then calculate it the old fashioned way. If the numbers hold, this is the best "economy" car we've ever had.

    More, later.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Remembering it is an English motorcar, perhaps you confuse KPG with MPG. 31.1 KPG = 18.66 MPG. Then again ..... with the 6 speed, double overdrive, perhaps MPG is 31.1 ;)
  • Light weight all aluminium chassis too.

    31.1 MPG with the trip computer is probably more like 28-29 MPG real world mileage which is reasonable.
  • So, how do I add my IPod and satellite to an 04 XJR w/o giving up my CD changer in the trunk?

    Ever other car in the world has adapters that plug into the head unit, you throw Ipod in the glovebox, sight unseen, same with sat radio.

    Whats up? I know the 05s on were different, I believe they have some direct connect. But I am not willing to change cars over it, I think.
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    That's O.K., I'll take it anyway I can get it. But, I do enjoy the acceleration when I drive it! I'll just have to hold down my enthusiasm.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    "Additional Fees and Taxes
    $399 Dealer DOC Fee on EVERY car sold."

    The above is cut and pasted from the dealer's website.

    It discourages us from traveling 3300 miles to buy the car.

    Is this charge customary, mandatory, or legal in FL? It's bad enough to pay a 7.7% Sales Tax when arriving home.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A reporter with a national newspaper is hoping to talk with consumers who have received or are giving a luxury car as a gift for Christmas. Please reply to no later than Friday, December 8, 2006 with your daytime contact info.


    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications
    Edmunds Inc.
  • quemfalaquemfala Posts: 107
    Like all things in life, the DOC is negotiable. Everybody just loves "fees" because it's easy to blame the cost on something or somebody else. Pay the "DOC" just pay less for something else.
    Good luck! And, if the salesman is too arrogant, go elsewhere!
  • I am having a lot of problems with reception with my Sirius Satellite Radio installed by Jaguar. Is anybody else having these problems? Sirius tells me the antenna is installed in the incorrect place. Jaguar has been of no help, and is unwilling to try moving the antenna.
  • Does anyone know of any good private mechanics in teh Charlotte area? I am looking to purchase a 1997 xj6, but I want to get it inspected by a private mechanic, preferable, one that would be able to perform all work on the vehicle, thanks in advance. Feel free to private message me.
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