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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • jaglover2jaglover2 Posts: 9
    I have a leak in my A/C system, dealer wanted to replace evaporator and compressor. Local Jag mechanic found no leak in compressor only on the evaporator. He added an A/C leak sealer called Red Angel with the hope to fix the leak. Has anyone used this product before? Are there an cautions to worry about? I don't want to spend $3K to fix the A/C on my '01 XJ8.
  • jaglover2jaglover2 Posts: 9
    At start up each morning I get squealing from the front of my '01 XJ8 that lasts about 5 minutes. This also happens after the car has sat for a while, over 6 hours. I have been told that this happens because I have coolant leaking on to the drive belt. Would anybody recommend using a coolant stop leak additive? If so which one is better? Could there be another reason for the squealing?
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    The Evaporator is very thin and a leak sealer may work or at least slow the leakage .
    There are a number of A/C sealers on the market and most all are the same and have been found to work with small leakage.
  • jaglover2jaglover2 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your response. So far the A/C has been working well, so well that the condensate is now coming in to the car. Mechanic has tried to blow out the drain tube thinking that it is blocked, but this did not work. Can anyone say why the water comes into the car and what else can be done? The driver's side and the rear left side gets very wet. I need A/C here in South Florida, especially in the summer months.
  • cdputziercdputzier Posts: 2
    How do i remove the fuel tank? The straps are off, it seems to be binding up front and wont slip back. Any suggestions?
  • I am the original owner of this Jaguar. It only has 70000 miles and been regularly maintained by the local dealer. Never had any issue until a week ago where upon starting the car I got a very rough start. I brought the car to the dealer and they indicated that there it is related to Tensioner which might be broken and the cost $2700 to have everything checked and replaced. I was very shocked and found this article online: I brought up the issue to the dealer and they tried the local market manager of Jaguar to pay for part/all of it and he refused. Jaguar customer care was not helpful and did not do anything. My extended warranty ran out end of 2006, but could have had everything checked out if it was still under that warranty. As I understand it, this is a known problem and Jaguar is aware of it. They have 3 times changed the tensioner series and the latest is no longer plastic (made out of metal) put on 2005 and above. I would like to write an email or letter to Jaguar's President Gary Temple to complain. Anyone has his email or any other suggestions.


  • Change out these Tensioner that give the problem is no big deal, and yet the dealers
    make big bucks. You need only remove the valve covers unbolt and lift the cam shaft
    and the top Tensioner can be replaced. It took me less than three hours to change out
    both on mine. Good Luck and get back with me!
  • Dennis,

    Thanks for your advice. The dealer told me that it would take around 12 hours since they have to remove so many parts to get to the core. They told me majority of the work is labor, assuming $120/hour, that is about $1500 just for labor. Not sure why the parts would cost and additional $1200. How much are these parts ? He indicated once there you might as well as change all related parts (good or bad) as they will eventually need to be replaced and it would make sense to change them all. This is why I wanted to reach out to someone high up in Jaguar to share the issues. Gary Temple who is the President of Jaguar used to be in charge of Customer Service. I am hoping to get his contact email address and ask for support.
  • Yes it will take 12 hours or more if you go into the core and replace all. The top Tensioner is the problem child and why replace good parts that can last for years?
    I purchased my Tensioner from Jaguar Cleveland PH:440-542-0601 and received via UPS total cost for both $152.17 parts number CA21511 C2A1512 for the new design.
    When you unbolt the cam shaft, lift the rear and take the chain off the Tensioner and replace. Do not take the chain off the cam shaft.
    Anyone who has a Jag. XJ8 should replace these with the new design, and they should have been recalled but Ford is now out of the loop.
  • cc,
    i drive a xj8, it been a bit quarky but a great. I'd buy it again. The 98 will have more and better technology. The v8 has DOHC. Seems too have a smoother feel.
    high mileage isn't as important as the maintenance history. Also, you can make minor repairs all day but a beat interior or worn out paint is difficult and expensive to overcome.
    YOu should get one-They are an experience to drive!! Good Luck!!
  • Sorry so late-If you have a coolant leak your coolant levels will fall. It may be just a worn or dirty serpintine belt replace that and see if your issue stops, Good luck.
  • recently i detailed the inside of my jag i hit the valet mode button now i can't get it out of valet mode.i don't have a remote. is there anyway to manually get out of this mode. i tried pressing the valet mode button over and over again and again. still my trunk won't open and my sunroof will open but does't stay open it closes in about ten seconds. is there anyone out there that can help. thanks.
  • recently i detailed the inside of my jag i hit the valet mode button now i can't get it out of valet mode.i don't have a remote. is there anyway to manually get out of this mode. i tried pressing the valet mode button over and over again and again. still my trunk won't open and my sunroof will open but does't stay open it closes in about ten seconds. is there anyone out there that can help. thanks.
  • Try disconnecting the battery under the hood, on the passenger side of the firewall. You can open the trunk manually with a key and disconnect the battery there too. Good luck.
  • Thanks for your response jagernut, i'll try anything at this point before taking it to the dealer! :blush:
  • effiehbeffiehb Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I bought a 2001 XJ8 and have been looking for an updated Alpine DVD. I finally bought one on Ebay (made 2003 in Great Britain). It says XJ Range XK
    Range, but it doesn't work in my car! I know you posted this comment years ago but I'm trying to research this problem and getting nowhere fast. Does anyone know anything about up-dateing DVD"s? Thank you.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Thank you for your inquiry. Our vendors do not have any hitches designed for the 2005 Jaguar XJ Series. U-Haul does offer custom designed hitches. The rate for the custom design is $1,000, and you can go to a U-Haul center to get this started. Once the request is made, U-Haul will find that vehicle in Phoenix, AZ and begin the process to design the hitch. To find the location nearest to you, please refer to our location finder at

    Thank you,

    Jacob Kuller
    Hitch Central
  • tracy50tracy50 Posts: 10
    edited July 2010
    I recently purchased a 2000 Jaguar XJ L, with 66,000 miles. About a week ago, the abs indicator light came on, along with the no traction indicator flashing in the dash, and then, mysteriously, the abs indicator and traction off message just stopped coming on. In the meantime, I started hearing a humming sound up close to the dash area. The car appears to operating fine and no indicator lights are on. I've checked all my fluids and everything is good, but I cannot figure out what is causing this humming sound. I seem to hear a slight rattle near the belt. I would like to get a heads up before I take it to a dealership because sometimes being female, we don't always get the best quotes and I'm not trying to spend a whole lot of unnecessary money. I thought perhaps the abs pump had gone out, (I experienced that with the Yukon I use to drive and instead of replacing it, I just took the abs pump fuse out), but I know nothing about this Jag and I need some help! And what is the drive belt tensioner and would it make this noise I'm referring to?
  • tracy50tracy50 Posts: 10
    Hi....I bought a 2000 XJ8 L about 2-months ago, and ran great until about a week ago. I'm hearing an unfamiliar sound, like a hum, and I hear a slight rattle. None of my indicators lights are on, and I've checked all of my fluids and thery're all at the correct levels. I was wondering if you could tell me what does the Jag do when the chain tensioners need replacing? I already know once I take it to a dealership, I'm going to get the rip-off of a lifetime, but I would like to have a heads up before I take it anywhere! I would really appreciate your help!

  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    In all seriousness, I would check around for an independent repair shop that works (competently) on Jags, rather than going to a dealer...

    My friend had a 2002 XJ and was tired of getting ripped off at the dealer for mechanical repairs and maint...I recommended my local Goodyear dealer/repair shop and they did his brake job for hundreds less than the, certain things may be dealer-only, but many mechanical things that require routine maintenance can be done by independent shops quite well...especially on a 10 year old car where the parts may be available from suppliers other than Jag...
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    If you have over 50,000 miles I would replace the two top Chain Tensioners, it is no big deal and information on how to do I posted on here and is not in the repair manual,
  • tracy50tracy50 Posts: 10
    Thanks for responding. Yea, I did some checking today and my friend says his father has a mechanic that works on nothing but Jags, and works on his all the time, so I'm going to give him a call. I had a neighborhood mechanic just come look and listen to it yesterday, and he says he thinks it's either the power steering pulley or the air compressor pulley. He says he sees little metal flakes flying off the pulley when the steering wheel is turned. Another friend said sometimes pulley's do that anyway and that my belt might not be tight enough. Either way, I'm going to try my hardest to stay away from the dealerships. They are notorious for ripping folks off. I've got a 1990 300 SEL Mercedes I'm able to use for back-up. I had been riding around in it without any air for the longest before I got the Jag, and all it needed was a good charge. She's old and rides a little rough and stiff, but she's reliable, so I've got a little time to deal with the Jag issue.
    Thanks again!
  • tracy50tracy50 Posts: 10
    Thanks! Check out my other post reply so you can see what I was able to find out, thus far!
  • tracy50tracy50 Posts: 10
    Went to that that 2011 Jag on there?
  • tracy50tracy50 Posts: 10
    Hi Dennis. While trying to get someone to look at my car, after sitting in the driveway for about 2-weeks, I went to start it up. You know how when a car hasn't been started in awhile it may not turn over the first time. Well that happened, and when I went to start it again, it didn't turn over at all.....just makes a flat sound like when it's not getting any juice or when the starter goes out. The battery is fine though. I've had a few people look at it and one guy says it doesn't sound like it's getting any compression...which I didn't want to hear. A better source of mine told me he doesn't think it's anything to do with the engine. He says he thinks it could be electrical or the timing chain or belt is broke or is out of time...whatever all that means. If it is the timing belt, is that the same as the chain tensioners we were talking about before?
  • denhamdenham Posts: 76
    From what I read, your engine maybe locked, and if so do not try and start or turn the
    engine over as you can end up with much damage or engine replacement. Now I would remove the valve covers and check the timing chain tensioners before doing anything.
    If you try and start the engine with a valve out of order from a failed tensioner get ready for another engine. If you find a failed tensioner do not remove the chain from the cam shaft (important) unless you have the new tensioner ready to install and mark the chain and cam shaft gear before removing the cam shaft. Compression is when a engine turns over and will not start, maybe valves out of order or engine worn out and will not compress fuel mixture when spark is received.
  • tracy50tracy50 Posts: 10
    Thanks Dennis. I had a close friend, who is a great mechanic but doesn't know much about Jags, look at the vehicle and examined several possible aspects of what the car was and wasn't doing, and he's convinced it's not the chain tensioners due to something was still functioning in the engine. But he said I just need to find a shop that knows what they're doing and put it in. You'd be surprised at how many places here in Birmingham do not work on Jags, other than the dealers, which is what I'm trying to avoid. I've gotten a couple of recommendations, so I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet. I expected some possible problems down the road with this vehicle, but not this soon after purchasing it. I did a carfax on the vehicle before purchasing it, and the carfax report was extremely encouraging. The only thing that had to be replaced on the vehicle was the horribly placed cup holder. I can see someone really getting fed up with that thing popping out all the time as soon as an elbow hit that button, and just snatching it off its springs.
    I'll be sure and keep you up on my progress, or lack there of, with regards to the Jags repairs. Thanks for all your've been very imformative, and I really appreciate it.

  • 1998 XJ Vanden Plas Cable to passanger side of vehicle appears to be disconnected, need help on access to repair. looked in wheel well but see no access port
  • I have a leaking sunroof drain line on the driver's side of my 2001 XJ8. How can I repair this leak as the drain line appears to be broken? Can I replace this drain line and with what? When it rains the driver's side floor mats get wet, both front and back.
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