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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • I agree with Nvbanker if you are worried about maintenance keep on looking but if you are willing to put up with a few problems. There's nothing like a Jaguar to distant yourself from the
    crowd plus a Select Edition car will have an extended warranty. So do you want to step away from the crowd :)
  • Thank you for your input. I guess we can not have it both ways. Too bad.......the XJ8 is one hell of a car and I am not positioned to service and/or repair it as what seems to be necessary.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    You'll be keeping a list of "stuff" that needs attention between oil changes. Some of them will cure themselves, by the way. When you go in for your 5000 mile service, you will give the list to the service writer and the other stuff will get done too. It's rare you will have anything that needs immediate attention come up between service intervals.

    That's not like a Lexus, but it's tolerable to me, and a worthy trade off for the fun of driving the Jag.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,825
    I own a 2001 XK8. It has had a number of small things that needed to be fixed. However, none of them were more than mildly annoying. This car, and the 1999 one that came before it, never had anything serious (i.e. requiring a special trip to the dealer) go wrong with them. In addition, at least in my experience, the dealers are very responsive to complaints. The payoff for me is that the car delights me in an uncountable number of ways. It makes driving a joy. I have never regretted my decision to get this Jag, and would do it all over again in a New York second.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

  • So, with what seems to be the consensus is that I am not going to be driving around with my hair on fire, but a smoldering ember or two is to be expected and is easily remedied?

    Is the 2001 XJ8 with 28K on the odometer, Select Edition, for $26-27 grand a good deal?
  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    Just received the 99 XJ8L I "won" on ebay. She's BRG with a clean interior, needs a dent fixed and a good bath, has 63K miles on her. No service records or owners manuals...

    So ten miles into ownership, of course, the check engine light comes on, and there's an intermittent "reduced performance" indication light. Engine seemed to be performing ok, though. Took her in this morning to a shade tree mechanic with a computer to hook the engine up to, and he gets these codes:

    P0171 System too lean, bank 1
    P0174 System too lean, bank 2
    P0335 Crankshaft position sensor fault

    He didn't have time to mess with any of this now; I reckon I'll be leaving it with him for the week we're off on spring break. Meanwhile, does anyone recognize the most common causes/fixes for these fault codes?

    Mucho obligado,
  • If you want to discuss your error codes offline, drop me an e-mail at

    - John in San Francisco, '98 XJ8
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Actually, it would be very helpful to everyone in our community if you would discuss them right here. Why don't you post what you know and have the conversation here where it will benefits lots of folks?

  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
    The shade tree mechanic tells me the "too lean" codes most likely represent a leak in a hose that runs from the manifold to the engine, or something like that. He thinks the crankshaft position sensor indication is most likely a faulty sensor, since the engine runs smoothly. Hopefully, he'll find the actual diagnosis and cure over spring break. I'm a bit worried because he's actually a shade tree mechanic. The closest Jaguar dealership is 100+ miles away; I figure, heck, since it's out of warranty anyway, let's see if this guy can do the job...

    If anyone's experienced these fault codes and can decribe their causes and fixes, please post. Where's that great brentwoodvolvo guy gone off to? Let's work this forum!
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    Does anyone know what would cause the shift lever to refuse to disengage when the engine is started?

    It has been cold recently, but I don't know if that's a factor. Several times, I start my car and try to shift out of Park into Reverse or Drive, and the lever fails to unlock when I step on the brake pedal.

    This is most annoying... I have a service appt, but not for another week.

    Thanks for any advice!

    Since you bought an older car and it doesn't sound like the previous owner was very good about having regular service performed on it, you might want to dump a can of BG-44K into your gas tank. That will clean your injector system and might help improve performance a bit. Your Jaguar dealer will use the same stuff, only charge you much more than the $25 retail price for it. You can get it at most auto supply places.
  • eman5eman5 Posts: 110
  • The iPod is brilliant not just because of the hardware, but because of the music management software that comes with it. I'm a Windows guy, and the Matchbox application that is included with iPod provides the ultimate solution to keeping track of your music library -- which in my case consists of thousands of tunes. (Apparently the Apple iTunes application for Macs is in the same league.)

    I like my X308's upmarket Haran Kardon sound system, but its 6-CD changer is stone-age to an iPod owner. I want my iPod to talk to my XJ8's stereo, dammit!

    It turns out there are three ways to do get the two communicating. Possible solutions are nicely summarized in this Crutchfield article: ipod_car.html?page=1

    In increasing order of complexity, you can:

    1) Plug your iPod into a cassette adapter via the headphone outlet

    2) Connect to your car's FM radio via a wireless mini FM transmitter

    3) Hard-wire to your car's FM radio via an FM modulator

    Being the simple-minded type, I'm going for the first option. According to the reviews, Sony's CPA-9C MiniDisc/Discman Cassette Adapter is a great-sounding solution, and at $11 on Amazon ( 6965-9487058?%5Fencoding=UTF8) the price is right!

    My older (20GB) iPod lacks the new model's docking port, so I'm going to get XtremeMac's iPod Car Charger (Firewire version) to keep the iPod's battery fresh during playback. (They also have a car charger for the new iPods.) See

    Will it be possible to get iPod's fantastic sounds to my X308 for a pittance and with no wiring required? I'll know within a week or so. Will post my findings here.

    John Mulvihill, technical writer, San Francisco Bay Area
    1998 XJ8, Anthracite/Charcoal
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    Is some super concentrated, mule kick of a fuel system cleaner. IIRC, it sell for about $20 a can. Do a Yahoo search and you'll find a bunch of places to buy it.
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    It's a small (6oz) can of fuel additive. You pour one can in with a tank of gas. It cleans the fuel system and removes gunk. My jag dealer uses it when they do a scheduled service on my car. I pay between $20 and $25 retail for it. I sometimes use it in-between service visits.

    If you have an older car and aren't sure when the last service was done, it's not a bad idea to dump a can into your fuel tank.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I currently own a 1998 Cadillac Deville with 35,000 miles on it. I generally trade cars when they reach around 50,000 miles. I am thinking of a Jaguar Sedan for my next car, probably 2001-02 model. Are there any members of this conference that have owned both Cadillac and Jaguar? Would appreciate owners comments regarding: build quality, reliability, comfort, maintenance costs and any other factor you would consider relevant to a decision.
    My Cadillac has been to this point very reliable and only repair has been replacement of an alternator. I like the Jaguar body style better than Cadillac but have heard that maintenance costs are higher for Jaguar.

    Any comments by those with experience with both Cadillac and Jaguar sedans much appreciated.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I think you're right, maintenance will be higher on the Jag, but so will the refinement, the driving experience, feel and style. It's a totally different experience, believe me.

    The Jags are reliable, not prone to breaking down, yet there are "things" that need attention probably more than with the Cadillac, and they may cost a bit more to fix too.

    The trade off is in the fun. If the Jag moves you, it's worth the bother. If maintenance is your first priority, get a Lexus.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,825
    but my question applies to XJ owners too. I have a 2001 XK8 with the DVD-based navigation system. I need to get an updated DVD. My local Jag dealer wants $398 for it. The system is a NavTech, but I don't see the XK (or XJ) Jag listed on their web site as a model that they have updated DVDs for. Does anyone know where to get one for only 1 arm or 1 leg, instead of one of each? Thanks.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    I drove a VDP this afternoon and thought it was a great ride. Can someone tell me how the XJR rides? I am curious to see if it's too stiff for everyday commute. Dealer's don't seem to stock them much or perhaps they sell too fast.
  • I drive an XJR to and from work every day. I have owned Mercedes, Lexus's, and a bunch of other "luxury" cars. After awhile they become just cars, but I look forward to driving my XJR every day. Not real fuel efficient, but I love it

    Bill A Dallas
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