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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra - Owners hangout



  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I think we have two separate issues here (at least)

    1. What should GM do to fix / replace vehicles with a knock?

    2. What must GM do to comply with the requirements of its 3 year / 36 month warranty?

    I think it is safe to say most owners of knockers want the vehicle fixed / replaced or something done to make them feel whole.

    But in a lawsuit what is right means nothing - what is the law will determine the outcome if this goes to trial.

    Go look at the CONTRACT you signed when you purchased your vehicle. You will not find anything in this agreement that gives you one ounce of protection for an engine that makes a noise on start up. You will also not find anything that gives you any assurance of what the vehicle will be worth when you sell it. In fact I would bet all of our sales contracts have some wording in them that says something like "There are NO warranties, expressed or implied made by the seller or manufacturer except the written new vehicle warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. Seller disclaims all warranties including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose" In other words - Even if all our engines die at 36,001 miles and the market value of our vehicles is ZERO - GM has no LEGAL obligation.

    The only way a lawsuit will do any good is if it puts pressure on GM to do the "right thing" - the threat of bad publicity and lost future sales could force GM to settle. Even if a jury finds GM responsible it would most likely be overturned on appeal.
  • jtt3jtt3 Posts: 20
    It doesnt matter what GMs sales contract says as Lemon Laws will supercede them anyway.

      Most Lemon Laws include a clause about Loss of Value because of a defect.

      It is a no brainer that an engine that knocks at startup will be worth a lot less than one that doesnt knock and maybe even Non-Sellable.
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
         Yeah, I agree about letting Chevy change the engine in my truck; What a scary thought. From what I've seen of the level of competence in Chevy service departments I might feel more comfortable letting JiffyLube make the switch.:)

            You make some interesting and valid points. But, as I read it in my contract, the clauses you note refer to the dealer and NOT the manufacturer. My contract follows those with, "This provision does not affect any warranties covering the vehicle that the manufacturer may provide". I'm not a lawyer and don't pretend to know much about it; In the end, it seems that the crucial thing is regardless of how much responsibility they do or do not accept, can an attorney convince a jury that GM is negligent in their customer's "loss"?

  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I don't know the details of every state's lemon law - but I think most have restrictions such as -(examples only) vehicle must be in the shop 5 times for the same problem - or out of service for 45 days in the first 6 months of ownership, or involve a safety related problem. I also think that the time frame to bring a lemon law case is limited. I don't think it is longer than the 36 month 36,000 mile warranty and have read some states only give you 18 months to start a case (or maybe that is 18 months to notify dealer of the problem). I also think it only covers the original owner of a new vehicle.

    In any case it will be an uphill battle to prove a truck with a 10-30 second start up knock has a major defect or is "non-sellable" given the plain fact that many of these vehicles are bought and sold every day. Since I have not heard of anyone with an engine failure as a result of the knock - and at this point thousands of knocking vehicles have over 100K miles on them it makes me wonder how much the $ damages will really be.

    Maybe we will end up with $1,000 discount coupons that can be used to purchase new GM trucks!! Ala - side saddle gas tank case.
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    The fact that there are cases in which attorneys are winning or getting GM to settle as pointed out in the articles above should give reason for hope. I agree "non-sellable" is an extreme term and probably not applicable in most cases. But I know my truck is worth less to an informed buyer. And BTW, 10-30 seconds is a least case scenario. Even the GM TSB describes the condition as one to two minutes. Mine does this and continues to rattle down the road until operating temperature is approached.

  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    I have about 5grand or more in add-ons on my truck which is why i think a new engine would be ok. Plus i hate the look of a 2004 so if by some grace they bought my truck back id be going to another brand for sure. I also dont see a Mass buy back or anything to that nature. I believe the real question is what WOULD they do for us???
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    fixed orifice PCV valve installed in their throttle body? Yellow or red? I was reading up on the last TSB available for the rough idle/hard pedal and found it interesting that they installed a PCV valve in the throttle body. Who would have ever guessed?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    You make some good points. It will be interesting to see how this ends up. I have 2 5.3L Chevy trucks - my 99 had a slight start up knock that started around 20K miles, but it went away at 25K and has not returned (has about 40K now). So far the only time my 2001 knocks is the first start up after I change the oil. I see this as normal (but my 99 does not knock after oil changes so who knows). The 2001 has 27K miles.

    If I were a betting man - I would put my money on the lawyers getting all the cash - the truck owners getting extended warranties (maybe 200,000 miles) and maybe a discount coupon to buy new trucks. I just think the chance of a major buy back or engine replacements is slim to none.
  • I am getting ready to install a Sony XM receiver in my 2000- 2500 Rado. I am wondering if anyone has checked the back of the stock radio head unit for an audio input so I don't have to use the cassette adapter. Any info on install would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • don770don770 Posts: 12
    Last winter on the day after Christmas, I started my 2000 rado, and it knocked for about 3 miles. Probably would have knocked further but that was as far as I going. I have noticed that
    knocking ever since it had about 15k. It still does it in below freezing temps. It now has about 55k on it. Well out of warranty. Do people like me have any case against GM??
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  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Did you ever file a complaint with GM Customer Service regarding your engine knock when you first heard it or have dealer document it? If GM does anything it will probably be for all effected vehicles who reported the problem. I doubt it would be on a larger scale unless NHTSA gets involved with a recall declaration.
    My trucks 5.3 has been knock'in since 17k miles and has 45k now. Does it everytime it starts when engine is cold, lasts for minute or two (longer in the winter temps)then goes away. I have the "letter" from GM that warranties the problem for 100k or 5 years, but it's probably better off on the bottom of a bird cage for all it's worth !

    Ray T.
  • 2001 2500HD, 8.1L, Allison, 4x4, Extended cab, long bed, 30,000 miles. After about 20,000 miles it began to whistle a bit, and is getting a little worse and louder as time goes on. Doesn't do anything for about the first 20 miles - almost seems like it needs to be warmed up before it starts. Also, seems like it might vary in intensity as power is applied or reduced. My ears aren't good enough to pinpoint where it is coming from. Better ears couldn't pinpoint it either. Anyone have any ideas??
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    supposed to be fixed or what may be different BUT... the 5.3 in my Avalanche not only has no knock/slap (11k miles) it also has no hint of pinging at all, which both my previous 4.8 and 5.3 did. :) (nothing but 87 octane BTW)
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    I've never towed more than 7700 lb with mine.On the innerstate @65 you can't tell it's there most of the time. With your 6.0 towing 9k you're going to struggle on the hills.It all depends on how slow you can tolerate. My parents pull 6600 lb with thier 4.8 and love it. I tow 7700 and wish I had something bigger (diesel) than the 8.1

    What's ON your truck and what's BEHIND it? I've seen some big 5ht wheels and stock trailers behind 2500s and I think I'd rather have a dually if I went over...OH,WAIT! You said 9000lbs ? I was thinking of MY max tow rating.You'll be fine,just a little slow on the hills.Make sure your trailer brakes work.
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    Hello all, I am transferring over here from the Dodge Dakota Forums and wanted to say hello. I just ordered a 2004 2500HD Xcab 4x4, 6.0, Auto, LS. I had 3 dakotas in a row that couldnt be repaired and am coming back to GM. Hopefully I wont get caught up in all this CSK.

    I hope to have the truck around the first of the year and hopefully the incentives will be as good or better then.

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Like a Rock. Iv'e never owned a Dodge product and don't think I ever will. Aside from the 66 International 1 ton dually for a first truck Iv'e owned nothing other than Chevy's. Ford is not an option either.
    Let us know when the truck arrives.

    Ray T.
  • One of the vehicles I considering is a 2003 or a 2004 Silverado 1500 ls with a 4.8 v8 and a 5 spd tranny. I will be using it to move 15k miles away, then as a daily driver? Will this truck hold up or can I expect a lot of problems? Please let me know any opinions.
     Thanks, Michael
  • stef7stef7 Posts: 22
    I have the same truck, 1999 Silverado 1500, 4.8, regular cab. 5 speed manual, 3.42 rear axle. I never had any problems with this truck. No engine knock or anything mentioned on this board (and I've been reading it for 4 years...)exept for throttle body sticking which I cleaned 3 years ago, working fine ever since. Also replaced the rear drums and pads but this is regular maintenance.

    I think you will be pleased with this truck.
    Good luck!
  • What do you think is the best rear end grar choice? The 3.42 or the 3.73? I will be using the truck as a daily driver and moving my stuff 1200 miles to relocate to Florida.
  • stef7stef7 Posts: 22
    I think that the 3.42 is just fine with a manual trans, unless you have to pull heavy loads all the time. I'm a general contractor, so all of my tools are in the truck all the time. I can see a difference when I unload everything, but not that much.
  • buy a little more than you need;

    manual tranny: don't forget about bumper to bumper traffic and your knees.

    1/2 ton: carefully research your payload and towing requirements.
  • stef7stef7 Posts: 22
    My brother bought the same truck the same day (sept 1999)exept for auto trans. He paid 1200$ more than me for that feature. Last summer the trans busted. Replacement cost: 1800$ Out of warranty of course. We both are in construction business, pulling heavy loads regularly, building material, trailers with small tractors on them.
    I never had any problems pulling whatever was hooked behind. Of course if you're in traffic jams everyday, and you have a bad left knee like I do, this would be a thing to consider.
  • Hello People. I'm new to the site I just took delivery(Actually Oct. 28th) of a 04' Silverado Sandstone Metallic, with a TAN velour/cloth interior. Power: Vortec 5.3-V8 & 3.73 rear. The color combination & positive press lead me to this truck. I was a Ford man for years, but I just wanted to try a different domestic. So far I'm in love with this vechicle. Hopefully I will have years of trouble-free use ahead. A question. When did most of you do your 1st oil change?(milage-wise) Thanks, ED
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I seen one for the 1st time last week and I love the color. Its a mix between pewter and the sunset gold
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Ok I got a bunch of oil filters at walmart a few yrs back. I am down to 1 so i ordered a 12 pack

    Both types are PF59 AC Delco (the new ones have a recycle symbol on them) same part number on both labels also

    Comparing the 2 they look different.

    1. The gasket on the new one is thicker
    2. The little divits (holes) in the top had 5 in the old one and 6 in the new one
    3. You can see inside (actual filter area) easier on the new ones.

    Just wondering if anyone had any comments. I know it was discussed awhile back



    2000 Silverado LS 5.3 V-8 Z71 Ext Cab Indigo Blue
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Bought my 2001 5.3 LT silverado ex-cab in april with 28K on it. I have had it in TWICE for an engine tick, which as the rest of you was told its normal. Also had it in twice for the idle problem and was told once that it was electronically controlled and they couldnt do anything, the other time i was told it was something in my intake that was the problem. Ok fast forward five monthes since i was in the shop last...NOW i have what sounds like an engine tick when i press the gas. Seems to be getting louder and louder. I checked the oil and all the other levels they are all in operating range. Im out of my warranty period but do have an extended. Also have a full K&N intake and dual exhaust system on the truck. I am afraid if i take this truck into a dealer and ask them to look at it they will tell me its doing this because of one of the modifications i put on the truck and not fix it, in which case im out $200 for my deductible or whatever it costs for them to fix it even though i TOLD them monthes ago it was a problem. Just trying to get some advice from everyone out there, hoping a service tech or service writter might check this out and tell me whats going on. Any help is apprecated. Thanks,
  • I'm a refugee from the vans board.

    Just bought an 04 GMC Sierra SLE ext cab. White with a tan interior. I did'nt like the "dark pewter" cloth interior that GM uses for about 95% of the trucks I've seen. It's like sitting in a bucket of tar. Had to hunt around for the tan interior, and one showed up last week at the closest dealer to me. Tan is probably more difficult to keep clean, but I'm pretty fastidious about keeping my vehicles in top shape.

    Anyway, I have ordered a Leer topper from a local distributor (I have to carry around a lot of stuff).

    I've also ordered a "Bedrug". Does anybody have any comments on these?

    I also got a card from GMAC for a special promotion. GMAC will make the first two payments (up to $2000) if you finance through them. That's what pushed me over the edge to buy one now.

     I got 4.9% rate, financed 18 months (and GMAC is making the first two). Payments are whoppers, but I only have to make 16 of them.

    Love this truck.

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