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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra - Owners hangout



  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Take a trip over to the Warranty, Finance, and
    Insurance thread here. All the pros, cons,
     and chaos of mfr., and aftermarket ex-warranties !
    BE PREPARED for the darkside............geo

    BTW: On the other hand if you go and complain to
    the dealer about cold start knock ya might get a
    FREE extended powertrain warranty....I did !!!!
  • bjl3bjl3 Posts: 22
    Nice looking truck! I agree, the black mirrors do look better. My 2003 comes standard with black mirrors standard. I'm not much for the chrome/plastic chrome. I wish the bowtie bar across the front grill was the same as the body color on mine(the new dark gray). Some of the new Suburban and Tahoes have this option. Your truck looks good.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    As far as the grill you can buy one painted but they are pricey ($275). I may buy an indigo one to have just in case
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    From the sounds of your talk of weather, im guessing your from somewhere round bout minnesota or so? Seeing as it was snowing last week, 90! yesterday, and it gonna snow again thursday. LOL
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    NW Indiana pretty close to chicago
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Close enough to understand lol
  • blueguy1blueguy1 Posts: 4
    chevygirl.. my sister also has a 2000 silverado. dealer told her that the throttle body needed to be cleaned to solve the hard to push gas pedal problem. its been a couple years and i've slept since then, but it seems that the cost was around $70 to have this done. also had problems with drl's. the long life bulbs solved the problem...
  • bens3bens3 Posts: 2
    Check out what i've read about the Sierra, it may change your mind about this car
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    Who's supposed to be watching the door around here to keep the lower life forms out?

  • andymsnandymsn Posts: 19
    I'm considering buying a 2002 Silverado LS 4x4 SB (5.3L V8 w/ tow package) with a topper. It has just over 36k on it (I know, a LOT of miles for just one year). That's probably why it's currently priced at $20,995. I have not yet run the VIN on GM's warranty database, but I suspect that will be interesting. I have checked the price here on Edmunds and it's pretty competitive.

    QUESTION: What are the common issues I should be particularly aware of when I test drive the vehicle? I have driven a couple other 99 and newer Silverados recently and found one that had the infamous driveline vibration problem, then drove another of the same year and it was perfect (didn't deal on it because I just couldn't stand the color - and I'm very flexible on that - it was BROWN - UGH!!).

    Thanks for any responses in advance.
  • noobie1noobie1 Posts: 326
    I'm not familiar with that particular engine, someone else may speak to that, but probably the one GM problem most talked about around here is the cold start knock. And with 36K, if it's going to have it, it should have it in spades. Some do, some don't. Make sure you listen for it after the truck has been sitting for a while, first thing in the morning is best. There may be more than one piston involved. It lasts for one to two minutes in most cases, until the cylinder walls are thoroughly coated with oil. However, we sometimes hear of one like mine that continues to sound off while driving until the temperature reaches about half way to normal (when letting off the accelerator). You've already mentioned driveline vibration. If it's an X-cab, look for creaking rear doors when driving slowly over a surface uneven enough to cause the body to flex. Another one, look for vibration and/or noise coming from the steering when cranking hard one way or another while driving over a rough surface. These are relatively minor fixes, though, compared to cold start knock.
    That's all that presently comes to mind. Others may add. Good success.

  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Heck in Central NY a 03 Chevy LS,1/2, x-cab, 4x4,
    5.3, locker, auto, tow pkg, hd susp., power goodies,
    AC, CD is $23,465 plus tax and tag including rebate
    and dealer discount!
    $29,995 sticker. Brand new!................geo
  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    There are two reasons to trade in a vehicle.

    1. I don't want to deal with selling it myself, too much time, too much hassle, need the money now.

    2. I want the dealer to make as much money as possible from me, confuse the deal, hide his profit.

    The dealer has made me such a good deal that I can't pass it up is not in your favor. Before you decide to trade it in, read a good book written by a former car saleman. It should open your eyes.
  • Hi folks...been a long while since I posted any new info on the SSBCC(ShortShortBoxCrewCab)for the simple reason things have been slow developing. Currently preparations are under way and are planned for summer shutdown. GM is in full acceleration mode to get these changes made, but the steady need for overtime cuts into the amount of worktime available to refit various areas. Production of this new model should begin at Christmas 2003. The question of box size on this new truck appears to be 5'10"...I have been told it's similar to the Avalanche without the plastic cladding...the interior is like the Avalanche...All two tone paint for Silverado and Sierra extended cabs is being phased out by Aug 31,2003...The new 1500 light duty crew cab is NOT recommended for 5th wheel trailer towing....thats it for now ...will post as it happens.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Anyone have a problem with their brakes clunking when you stop or release the brake pedal? mine does it everytime unless im very gentle to stop. any ideas???
  • bspzbspz Posts: 30
    Are you talking about the Avalanche 1500 with the WBH (without body cladding) package? If so, they are already here in the states anyway, see Chevy's website...
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    does it happen all the time? Mine does it after it rains or i wash the truck and they get wet
  • How did you prep the chrome before painting? (See your post number 5053.)

    While I am at it, do you (or anyone on this board) recall seeing any post(s) concerning problems related to the battery being drained in a Silverado? I have a model year 2000 which I have driven 27,000 miles. A little over a year ago, the battery would be drained, and the problem was related to the instrument cluster. Now, this issue has raised its ugly head again. The local Chevrolet dealer is at a loss, and I have a reasonably high degree of confidence in the ability of the technician doing the trouble shooting. This drain is of such a magnitude that it will drain an almost new battery in a 30 hour period. Unfortunately, it is intermittent.

    Thanks for your input.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    this is what i did

    1. Scuffed surface
    2. applied a surface modifier
    3. primer (2 coats)
    4. Paint (2-3coats)
    5. Clearcoat (2-3coats)
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    No it happens most anytime its more noticeable in the morning...or maybe the radio just isnt as loud...but either way it almost seems like they are locking when they shouldnt. No abs lights or indicators or anything. Guess ill have the dealer look at it again. Thanks Tom
  • Bspz....this is GMs new Short Short Box Crew Cab which will start production perhaps does have Avalanche similarities.
  • The box on the new short short box crew cab is 5'8". Overall length is 228", same as the The Avalanche box is 5'3".
  • koabkoab Posts: 1
    Hey all. Just purchased a new Z71 and did it up right with a 4inch rancho, 33s and some new rims. I've got 4 Bridgestone Dueler AT 265/75/R16s on the Z aluminum rims I'm trying to unload. Looking for $150 a pop. Live in the Denver area.. (I know this ain't ebay but just throwing this out!)
  • chuckbenderchuckbender Posts: 19
    Professor4... there is a recall notice for this problem issued in Dec 02 (#02066) which may or may not solve your affected vehicles equipped with Autoride,Stabililink, or Quadrasteer...Hope this helps
  • pogo8pogo8 Posts: 1
    I've got to change the pads on the new Sierra for the first time, can anyone help and tell me what size wrench I use to take the calipers off of the steering knuckle(?). Don't mean to sound lazy but I've been sick lately, hard to move around (sniff, poor me) and figuring out a detail like this can hold me up a while, do I need a torx, allen, standard or metric six point, etc... thanks, Chris
  • professor4professor4 Posts: 27
    Thanks for the input re. the service bulletin. At this point, anything is worth a try. The truck has been at the local Chevrolet dealer since last Monday, and I'll be on their doorstep early tomorrow. Chevy did extend the warranty, and, as such, I am not out of pocket anything. However, it is a pain in the butt not having the truck and driving a rental (provided by them).
  • gnippergnipper Posts: 120
    Ryanbab - Obyone (others I probably don't remember but still here as well) - wow, still hanging around - good to see. I was around and posted quite a bit a little over 3 years ago when we were all waiting on the "4 door" extended cabs. Seemed to be tons of people here. There would be 3 and 4 pages of new posts in a single day. Ryan - does your dad still post? LOL - sorry, I just had to ask.

    My work got busy and I quit coming here myself. Started lurking again a few weeks ago as I started looking at new trucks. The 2000 Z71 took it hard in the hail about a month ago here in Dallas - between the trade and insurance - got a good deal out of it - so traded it in on a new one.

    I'm back around for a while - good to see all the advice and stories that are being shared. Looks like we have some insider information as well which is good to see on here.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    YUP.......My 01 Chev.2500 LD x-cab 4x4 is having its 2nd birthday! Only 18k miles on it. ( I also have a 02 Caddy, 72 GTO and a Triumph m/c)
    Truck has had HARD usage snowplowing, towing, and hauling.
    Only been to the shop one time for warranty repair. (front wheel fell off !) Sure I have the cold start knock but GM gave me the extended powertrain warranty. But still no shakes, squeeks, etc.
    This will be its last year with me as I trade them after 3 hard years. Up here in northern NY those GM trucks go for big $$$ used.
    Very happy with it ! And yup I will buy another!
    Nipper....good to see you back......
    Hope to hear from others on how their trucks are doing 2-3 years down the road...............geo
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    mine turned 3 april 29th
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