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Chevy S10/GMC S15-Sonoma: Problems & Solutions



  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    I have been to Lock Haven ,lots of hills there. Well chain tensioner problem would have a sound of the chain slapping on the front cover, lots of noise. Bad valve would be eliminated with a compression check.
    Did they check fuel pressure under load, that could be a cause.
  • Could I hook a tach up to the powertrain module of a 1991 s10 2.8 v6? What what wire could i have to splice?
  • I have a coolant leak that I cannot find the source of. The water is dripping off the transmission. I have checked all 4 coolant hoses and the coolant block plugs.

    The water is dripping off out of the engine from the back right somewhere I cant see the source of, I can only follow the water trail up until I can't follow it anymore. I have some links here with pictures of the leaks in the hope that someone here might be able to tell me where the leak might be coming from.

    Engine Pic1
    Engine Pic2
  • canufixitcanufixit Posts: 165
    When you say "right side" .... You mean the passenger Side - correct ?? If so - did you look at/under the heater core /fire wall area in the Engine compartment ?? And check your rug under the heater on the passenger side ...

    Also - Give some more details - Year, Mileage, Engine size, etc ...
  • Looks like i have the same problem as of now. Wheni hit the brakes my left side goes out even my light for the license plate goes out. so your saying all i need to do is clean my prongs and all? I did add wires for a trailer. :confuse:
  • gcoop3gcoop3 Posts: 4
    When I hit my brakes the only light that works is the top center one, above the hatch. My other lights come on only when the headlights are on but they do not get brighter when the brake pedal is pressed. All the fuses are fine, and I even changed the tail light lamps. I did notice that my hazard signal is not working either...once again all fuses are good...

    Any advice will be gratly appreciated. :(
  • gcoop3gcoop3 Posts: 4
    I had a leak on mine also,...took a while to find. There was a small pinhole on the back side of the metal tube that connects the thermostat to the radiator hose. I used JB weld ti fix her up.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    The brake light circuit goes through the turn signal switch, which cancels the brake light to indicate a turn when the brake pedal is depressed. What year is this thing so I can post the correct wiring checks?
  • :blush: Have anything for my problem? See above, i have a 99 s10.
  • Sounds like its creating a vacuum in the tank and fuel lines. Try replacing your gas cap with a vented one.
  • canufixitcanufixit Posts: 165
    Previously -
    "Sounds like its creating a vacuum in the tank and fuel lines. Try replacing your gas cap with a vented one"

    Ah yes! That's a good pick up - I missed that. They said Engine starts runs fine - then craps out - and needs time for the vacuum lock to go away.... Good Catch. I'd also check the Vapor lines in / around the Gas fill area + the vapor canister under the hood ...

    Actually - they could just "Loosen" the cap and take it for a ride - if it runs OK - it's something we've mentioned here (hopefully)

  • rick68rick68 Posts: 3
    Thanks, I've gone two years w/o a solution, I'll give the fuel line hose a try!
  • I know the door switches are working because the buzzer turns off when the doors are closed but the interior lights do not turn off. The dash dimmer works properly. The lights even stay on when the key is removed so I have had to remove all interior light bulbs.

    Should I replace the dash dimmer (because that is also the interior light switch)?

    Where is the interior lamp control module located? It's called out on the schematic but I don't know where it is located. Could it be that?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  • gcoop3gcoop3 Posts: 4
    Itis a 1997

  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    All tests done with brake pedal depressed. Should be power in at brake switch orange wire at all times, power out at white wire. If ok, check for power at multifunction switch white wire. If ok, check for power at the yellow and dark green wires from the multifunction switch. If ok, there's an open circuit in the rear body harness. If no power out, replace the switch.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Check output from the crankshaft position sensor.

    And please release your CAPS LOCK key.
  • I have a 1983 s-10 and i don't know if the starter is out or what, but it sounds like it should, except the engine is not turning over. Some people have told me that the wires are just dirty and they need to be cleaned. Does anybody have any idea what is wrong?
  • 23182318 Posts: 1
    I am having an idle problem with my sonoma. The truck was my grandparents and was not drove very hard or very much,it only has 64,000 miles on it. The problem accrues when the truck is hot and in gear. For example if I drive to work 25 miles away I pull up to a red light the truck wants to die, but never does. The oil pressure I noticed goes up and down as the truck idles up and down. If I put the truck in neutral or park it seems to idle fine. I have replaced the EGR valve,CO2 sensor and the thermostat. If you have any idea what the problem could be please respond I would greatly appreciate it.
  • can anyone tell me where the camshaft sensor is located?
  • gcoop3gcoop3 Posts: 4
    Thanks I'll give it a shot.
  • mt 1997 s 10 v6 getting spark and fuel replaced coil and pickup coil crank sensor output good still wont start
  • rcm710rcm710 Posts: 6
    Thank you for the info, canufixit. I have not checked this thread in a number of days, as you can see, but I will attempt the door lock reprogramming on my 2002 S-10. As I remember, it was a combination of lock and unlock cycles on the drivers' door lock switch. I'll try again. As for the PCM, I'd like to have the GM scantool $$$$$, and the ability to download the proper flash, not only for this vehicle, but for my others also. Thanks again -Bob
  • s10mans10man Posts: 1
    OK im confused. When i spin the tires to the right my truck wants to pull to the right while im trying to drive. But when i spin and turn left it steers fine afterwards . The tires are even. And it only has 57k miles and the transmisson works fine and the clutch is fine but it pulls when i spin my truck to the right. even if i put the damn thing in nutural and coast it still pulls . The only time it stops pulling is when i stop or spin to the left PLEASE HELP ME figure out whats going on cause its pissing my off real bad
  • canufixitcanufixit Posts: 165
    Can you clarify "Spin". You mean when you spin your tires (like in snow or sand ?? OR do just mean then the tires are normally rotating ??

    If so - I'd check the front AND rear wheel alignment.
  • i parked my s10 one day for a week and now it won't start. it has spark and is getting gas.Think it is my emobelizer? my remote is broken.My radio is also locked out. I called AAA to tow it and he locked unlocked it 5 times and it started. got it going one more time after that but it ran ruff, spuddering alot at only has 30,000 miles on it, why won't it start. It ran great before I parked it
  • my truck drove fine until one day when i noticed it seemed like it wanted die while idling then like a day later it started jerking and cutting off while i was going down the road. so i parked it for like two weeks until my dad had time to check it and he drove it down the street and he didn't see any signs of it cuttin off or anything so he brought it back and the next day i try it and did't seemed to want to start but it ended starting and when i drove it started to jerk and cut off again and then it sat for a couple more weeks. then we put a crankshaft sensor on it and it still wouldn't start so we check to see if it was getting fire and wasn't we had the pick up module checked and it was good. so we checked to see if we could hear the fuel pump workin and it was. so if anyone could give me any helpful info i would really appreciate it very very much!
  • I'm looking for the location of a camshaft sensor on a 99 4.3.
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