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Hyundai Santa Fe Accessories and Modifications



  • I own a 2008 Santa Fe and I've been searching for dividers for the cargo area in the back. I have found someone that sells them but they are very expensive. Does anyone know of other places and, more importantly, I'm I the only one that wants these dividers? Please let me know. Thanks
  • eartileseartiles Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 SF GLS and want to install fog lights. Does anyone know if all models are prewired to install the factory fog light? If so, do I only need to purchase the lights and the dash switch from the dealer? Thanks.
  • mgarzamgarza Posts: 1
    If you find out if it is wired, please let me know i also want to get fog lights on my santa fe.
  • If fog lights are not installed, GLS models are not wired for them.
  • eartileseartiles Posts: 4
    Just my luck. Do you know if it would be difficult to wire in the factory fog lights?
  • I have a base GLS manual transmission model that I was thinking about adding fog lights to it. You can actually get the lights and the switch ok. But since the wiring is not there, you would need to jerry rig the power and I did not want to do that.
  • lucky15lucky15 Posts: 72
    Are you sure the wiring isn`t there? My2007 GLS has fog lights but they came with the touring pkg.,or premium pkg, I don`t recall which. If the wiring isn`t there then mine was done at the factory and not at the dealers.
  • The GLS Touring Package came with fog lights, so the wiring was there. :)
    But if you didn't get the Touring Package, the fog light wiring wasn't there. :(
    When I did the plant tour, they said that there was an ungodly number of Santa Fe wiring harnesses. I know that Toyota doesn't do it that way: they have just a few harnesses and use caps to cover unused connectors. For Santa Fe, Hyundai didn't do it that way (to my regret). :cry:
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    ;) i have a 2007 gls with the auto light kit now jf you look at the relay box under the hood you will find the fog light lf you buy the fog lamp switch from hyundai and look at the wireing on hyma service you will be able to wire it in to the switch and the auto light switch it will work fine. if you dont want that then wire it to just the relay and dash switch either way it will the wire from pep boys hyundai does not sell the wires..on the 2008 now it would be a lettle harder because of the change they made.
  • eartileseartiles Posts: 4
    This is good news. Thank you for the follow-up. I have a question though, where can I find the "hyma service" you referred to for the wiring?
  • paulnzpaulnz Posts: 16
    Hi, the website for the Hyundai technical info is
    You can create an account there and then login and have access to the materials, including TSBs. It is a nice resource.
    Helpful hint: the 2007-2008 Santa Fes are coded there as "CM" while the earlier ones are coded "SM".
  • bannodbannod Posts: 24
    I'm thinking about having my exhaust system modified - a little better sound, maybe a bit more hp and better gas mileage.

    Has anyone had this done? How does it sound?

    Would this void my warranty?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    what is the warranty on the exhaust? i figured i would wait for it to fail and replace with aftermarket - hopefully it doesn't fail for a long time - but i won't do anything until the warranty is up....
  • np45np45 Posts: 7
    sure have, I replaced the factory front muffler with a flowmaster 40 series...still have the stock resonators on the rear...I was look at the same thing...better sound and gas mileage...still a little quiet with the stock res's but breathes eaiser...if u r going to make it less restrictive i suggest that u change the stock air box to a cold air intake...i did this what a difference...gas mileage increased by about 15% not sure about the hp...gonna replace the stock cat with a high flow next month. I have a 07 Limited 2wd...very happy with it and will be happier once finished with the basics mods...I plan on drpng the suspension with springs, adding body kit, went to a smaller rim size and different tire...didn't like the OEM tire and wheel pkg...18s with Bridgestone Dualer HT 235/60/ shoes r perillie 235/17/55 and did they make a big difference in the ride quality...send me an email and I'll provide pic of what I have done...u can find aftermarket parts at far as the warranty chk with the rep and not the dealership.
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Hi: I would like to see some pics of your Santa Fe and the lowered springs as we are considering doing exactly that. We have HID lights and what a difference over the stock ones. Also going to take the roof rack bars off as we never use them.
  • np45np45 Posts: 7
    chk this site out for aftermarket korean auto parts.
  • np45np45 Posts: 7
    just uploaded chk photos
  • orzecaporzecap Posts: 10
    You mentioned that replacing the stock air box with a cold air intake increased gas mileage by 15%. Can you let me know the one you chose?

    I have the same vehicle as yours. I had always thought the cold air intake was to increase power, but if it also increased mpg that would be great.

  • np45np45 Posts: 7
    seeing the there is really nothing the you can buy that really fits is had to buy off the shelf products. Got all my parts from Advance my configuration I used 2@45 and 1@90 degree, 2@6 inch, 1@4 inch chrome with the adpter for vacuum lines. Seeing that these are plastic I drilled a 1/2 hole and used a rubber gromet with a 5/8 inch house barb to attach the recirc gas hose after removing the airbox. Chk my pics out to see the config. the mileage that I am getting at the moment (today) and by the computer is 23.8 city and that is with the A/C going from time to's been hot here in SC. I haven't had the chance to put it on hwy yet after getting everything the way I wanted it. So I expect to get at least 27 to 28 on the hwy maybe more. I'll keep you posted. Gonna remove the resonators in a couple of wks after I get some resonated exhaust tips and a performace cat to see what kind of mileage and performance I get then. :) ...this is a work in progress so bear with me. ;)
  • tk82tk82 Posts: 2
    I've been unable to locate an '08 Sante Fe sunroof wind deflector. The dealer says Hyundai does not offer a wind deflector for the Sante Fe. I've been able to locate deflectors for the '01-'06 models, but not for the '07 or '08 Sante Fe. Anyone have a sunroof wind deflector for the new model Sante Fe's?
    Please respond. Thanks.
  • Just bought a '08 Santa Fe. Does anyone have a suggestion for the third row seat floor protection? I have checked the forum and no one has mentioned an all weather floor mat for the 3rd row seat. Weathertech, which I'm considering for 1st and 2nd row, does not make a mat for the 3rd row. Any help appreciated. Also, does the cargo tray fit a 7 passenger model? Will it fold up and stow away when the 3rd row seat is up or do you have to remove it from the vehicle? Thx.
  • wachsfwachsf Posts: 9
    I don't have an answer yet for the 3rd row floor mat, although I'll be looking for a solution before the first snowfall.

    I balked at the over $200 price tag from the dealer for the OEM cargo tray, and instead bought an aftermarket one from Ebay for $70 incl shipping. It was designed for the 5 passenger model, but it's flexible enough that it bends at the two corners that don't match exactly with the floor plastic trim for the 3rd row seat belts. One advantage is it can be folded up yet remain in the car if the 3rd row seat is up, plus has extra short flaps to protect the wheel well trim and the back of the 2nd row seats from your cargo. I couldn't find a detailed enough photo of the OEM one to convince me if it was worth buying for about the same price online - all photos seemed to be from the same Hyundai brochure.
  • Based upon input from this forum, I purchased Weathertech floor liners for my 08 Santa fe. The rear one fits OK, but the fronts seem to be about and inch too small. There is about an inch gap between the liner the door sill, which allows dirt and water under the liner as I step into the car. I have seen nothing but good comments on this forum. Has anyone looked this closely. I have checked with Weathertech and they are the right ones for this car.

    Thank you.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I have the same set of weather tech premium mats and they are a bit small leaving a slight gap. So far I haven't had problems with getting dirt or sand in those gaps. I haven't gone through winter yet so I can't comment on there performance for snow.

    My shoes have slipped on the floor liners when they were wet from rain and attemping to get in/out of the car. It's a hard shell and some rubberized surface would help with the slipping.
  • haebbyhaebby Posts: 5
    When I installed the floorliners fresh out of the package, I also notices a small gap between the door sill and the floorliner. It was less than an inch, though. Maybe 1/2 inch. I took the floorliners out again and simply bended the side of the floorliners to the outside, i.e trying to re-shape them a little. Worked fine, and now the gap between door sill and floorliners is gone. But have to see whether it stays this way or gets back to how it arrived in the package.

    One problem I have is that the gas pedal scratches the floorliner when I try to push the gas pedal all the way through. I'm concernd it might get stuck. Anyone else having this problem?
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I haven't had the need to stomp my gas pedal all the way down. The mats looked like they had enough clearance when I put mines down. I would suggest perhaps to make sure the mats are back enough towards your seat. Also, to make sure that little indent ("cap") in the mat is directly placed over the little hook-like plastic piece on the carpet used to hold any mats in place.

    I find them somewhat slippery with any hard-soled footwear once they're a little wet. That's my only complaint.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I have an 08 SF Ltd and I am looking into side window deflector/vents for it. The two brand choices seem to be WeatherTech's in-channel deflectors or Ventshade's in-channel and/or tape-attached ventvisors. Anyone with experience with either brands or both? I previously had a set of taped-on Ventshade's on my 05 Tucson and they were good, but would like to know other's opinions regarding in-channel/taped and quality of product. Any other options? Thanks.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Anyone out there have a comment on my query?
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