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Hyundai Santa Fe Accessories and Modifications



  • rich123rich123 Posts: 31
    I also would like to know if anyone has tried these in channel vent visors for the 4 windows on the Santa Fe. I have the 09.
  • ribbitribbit Posts: 1
    I am also considering to install side visors for my 09 Santa Fe. My dealership told me that yes the look of the in-channel is better but after three years or so the windows will leak because of the damage caused by the in-channel visors (apparently the rubber sealing units will get damaged by constant rubbing of the window pressed against the in-channel visors). I browsed through some of the visor-selling website review, and 90% of them are happy with it but there are a few complaining about how the windows don't close all the way up and the windows get scratched by the in-channel visors (some said that when the in-channels visors are properly installed, this could happen!) would be great to hear from somebody who actually used in-channel visors for longer than a couple of years and tell us about his/her experiences. Thanks!
  • Hello Geoziardry:
    I just bought a used 2007 Santa Fe with the 3rd rows and I am interested in your experience with your described cargo liner. Are you still happy? How is it holding out? If you still recommend it, would you please let me know where it can be purchased?
  • I bought the Hyundai cargo liner from my local Hyundai dealer - it is a Hyundai part. I looked online but I don't think I found a much better price considering I had to pay for shipping. The liner is fine since I have the 3rd row seat down a lot to carry stuff. If you have the 3rd row seats up, the cargo liner does fold up, but it folds a bit too large to remain behind the 3rd seat and be of any use, so I take it out. I would love a liner that could remain in the vehicle when the seat is up, or even when just one side of the 3rd row seat is up. I have thought about cutting up the liner so I could have it in with one of the 3rd row seats up. I still may do that.

    So, if you want protection behind your 3rd row seat, you might go another route. If you plan on and want the protection while the 3rd row seat is down, then it is fine.

    To protect the floor carpet of the 3rd row seat, I bought the Hyundai made mats - they work fine. I bought Weathertech floor liners for the 1st and 2nd row seats - love these!

    Getting back to the Hyundai liner, it wasn't designed with the 3rd row seat in mind. Weathertech makes a liner, but I believe it doesn't fold up at all - I think you have two options on the Weathertech liner, you either buy a liner to cover the entire cargo area with the 3rd row seat down, or a smaller one that just covers behind the 3rd row seat. Hope this rambling message helps.
  • pat100pat100 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the update.
    Based on your recommendations, I have bought the 3rd row Hyundai rubber map (fits well) and I have the weathertech digitals for the front and middle row on order.

    I bought and received a mat from ebay (vendor keepyourforkman) $50 +12 shipping anywhere in NA. The vendor shows it in place with the two 3rd row seats in place and it does work as show (not bad really). The mat is actually cut for a 2 row Santa Fe which doesn't have the storage box on the drivers side - so I trimmed it. I am pretty happy. (My wife check out the official Hyundai one and it was similar in design at double the price).

    Thanks for the help.
  • The mat looks better than the Hyundai one.
  • pat100pat100 Posts: 6
    I received and installed the Weathertech digital fit weather mats in the front and middle row. They fit perfectly. Not inexpensive but nonetheless worth it. Lightning years above what Hyundai offers (BTW, Hyundai's OEM mats are made by the same company).

    Thanks for the help.
  • Just purchased used 2009 SE AWD. Appreciate info./advice on making the switch.
  • My dividers came with the car and they work great.
  • rmcbainrmcbain Posts: 50
    Hello: Just wondering why you would want to change to 16 inch tires. Your odometer and gearing will all be incorrect for the power train. 18 inch tires give a better ride as well as better ground cleanance.
  • Thanks for response. Only reason is the cost of the 18" tires. Maybe price will go down before I need replacements. My assumption is that the larger tires are just a styling decision by the manufacturers that results in higher costs for the consumer, and even 15" would be adequate.
  • just ordered Weathertech for my recently-purchased used 2009 SE AWD since I had Weathertech for 6 years on SE Pathfinder with no leaks, no scratches and no damage to weatherstripping that I could see.
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