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Volkswagen Golf Care & Maintenance



  • pandessapandessa Posts: 1
    My son is trying to cahnge his own wires and plugs, did you ever get an answer for the firing order of the 2000 Jetta VR6?

  • mikew58mikew58 Posts: 10
    HI, We just got a 1953MG, Volkwagon w/ a 1969 engine, does anyone know the vaul setting for it, or where we could get a mamual on it?
  • toms16vtoms16v Posts: 2
    anyone have answers on getting air out of the cooling system on my 16v? I had to change water pump, thermostat,hoses and cap
  • how do you find the chassis number on a 94 golf. i have not been able to find it and i really need a clutch. if someone could help me that would be great. thanks
  • njusanjusa Posts: 4
    anybody know how much? or how many hours it would take? to pull a manual transmission out of a 1996 golf and put a rebuilt back in thanks
  • The diagnostic reading comes out saying that there is a problem with the catalytic converter. This was seven months ago....the car runs fine but the inspection is due next month. The check engine light has remained on throughout this time however it has never blinked but disappeared from time to time for a short while. Is there a sensor around the catalytic converter, and if so could this be the reason for the check engine light? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and respond...
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    It is the -CODE- which comes out as being a problem with the catalytic converter.

    Have you run the actual "catalytic converter diagnostics" to see what that tells you?

    .... I am assuming since you know what code is causing the CEL, that you are using VAGCOM or somthing simular.

    If you are not using an engine diagnostics tool such as VAGCOM.... I strongly suggest you locate one of the many generous VAGCOM owners who are more than happy to hook up your car and run some of the diagnostics.

    There are several websites that have State-by-State listings of VAGCOM owners.
  • New to the golf and new to the site, uk golf 1.4 16v 2004 . Oil filter where is it and how to get it out . I,m pretty good mechanically but this one is a mystery
  • Everybody must think I,m stupid , am I right in assuming pan under sump has to be removed and lo and behold oil filter will be exposed . Its cold here waiting for a nice day to attack
  • Hi, I put a LOT of miles on my call (all highway). I have a 2003 VW Golf with 109k miles on it. It's timing belt time, right? Dealer said to do it at 105k miles. Question: Do I have to have the dealer do it? My guys at Merlin said they can do it (one of them used to work at VW), but was honest and said he's only done 2 timing belts. Makes me nervous. I live in Palatine, IL. Any suggestions? Going to cost a lot huh? Also, is there any other major stuff I need to do now? I did the spark plugs at 40k miles. I change the oil regularly and that's about it...oh...and did brakes about a year or 2 ago and they are fine. THANK YOU! I'm a girl living in a mans world...just kidding!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You did not mention which of the 3 gasoline VW engines you have in your Gulf but my answer below goes for any of them.

    Along with TimingBelt, there are a number of other things that should be changed at same time. (they may not go another 100K miles and if they fail, you have to do the TB all over again)

    These other items include;
    *)TB tensionor/pully
    *)WaterPump (some folks opt to install METAL IMPELLER wp)
    *)Oil Seals (crankshaft & camshaft)
    *) Serpentine belt

    You should pull out the phonebook and make a bunch of calls to various shops. Look for shops that claim to specialize in European vehicles.

    Ask pertinent questions like;
    *) How many VW TB they changed last month?
    *) What other items do THEY recommend replacing at same time? (if they do not mention the above, be wary)
  • Hi Everyone,

    Just want to thank everyone for all their help in the past!

    Is replacing the spark plugs on my 2003 VW Golf 2.0L engine a big deal? Can I have my parents small town Mechanic do it who doesn't have really any experience with VW's? He's VERY honest and VERY reliable unlike most of the guys I've found around here in Chicago suburbs. Plus he's a TON cheaper. He thinks he can do it no problem. He turned me down when I asked him to do the timing belt, so I think I can trust he won't bite off more then he can chew. He is extremly smart about engines and cars and is known to fix about anything...

    Anyone think this is a really bad idea? Or have any pointers? I haven't had the plugs chanced since my 40k tune up. I got all the belts done (timing belt, some other ones I don't even know what they do but they said they needed to be changed)...

    Just trying to make it last, cause lord knows we can't afford a new car!

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Any competent mechanicaly-minded persons with a swivel-head ratchet extension should have no troubles replacing sparkplugs in a 2.0L VW engine.

    The maint points are;
    *) Do not pull on the sparkplug wires to remove them from the plugs.
    *) Clean area where sparkplugs are BEFORE removing so no crud drops into engine.
    *)Aluminum heads tend to seeze to the sparkplugs... be careful and use some kind of lube while removing.
    *)Use only BOSCH sparkplugs in a VW. (BOSCH invented the sparkplug!!)
    *)Apply antiseze to the new plug threads
  • Thank you so much! I will be sure to relay the message and the good pointers! Much appreciated! Have a great holiday! Isa
  • Okay so i have a 2002 volkswagen golf 2.0L it has 126,000 miles on it and today the blinker decided to start acting weird.
    so here is the issue i turn the blinker on to turn and when i turn and it does the automatic shut off (or even if i turn it off) it will keep making the noise but faster, mind you the blinker is off!! what is going on? i just got the thing like six months ago :mad: :confuse:
  • Hi Flyer!
    I have an issue with my drivers side interior door handle. It works in as much it still activates the door lock. Trouble is it dosn't return to it's "flush position", and flaps about annoyingly....there must be a return spring that has gone or become detatched.

    How do I get at it to have a look? has the entire door panel got to come off?

    Regards Dave
  • How do I drain the Coolant/water from a 1996 VW golf. I can't see a drain plug on the radiator and I cant get the hose off the bottom because there isn't enough room for my hands. I don't have the owner's manuel either so I am stuck. Please help if you can. thanks
  • sfstreetssfstreets Posts: 1

    I had a similar experience with my 200 Golf; it's to alert you that one or more of your turn signal light bulbs needs replacing. Very easy to find those (try Target or similar) and to install :)
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Even if there WAS a drain petcock on the radiator or you get the lower hose off... you may not get all the antifreeze out because the thermostat may hold most of the antifreeze inside the engine. (You will only drain the radiator.)

    Removing the thermostat is the best way to get it all out. Then install new thermostat and refill with new antifreeze.
  • jreilly7jreilly7 Posts: 1
    Just had this problem myself. Had to change the signal light arm assembly. Part about $100 dollars at the dealer, and another $75 labour (1 hour) to change it. Thats it!!

  • herbh1herbh1 Posts: 2
    Didn't realize how old your post was, but I can tell you what the Bentley manual says and a little more. These cars are hard to drain and maybe even harder to re-fill. The manual says to drain by removing connections at the water (coolant) pump. There are three connections at the pump. The lowest is not a hose that clamps onto a bib, but is an o-ring sealed connection to the thermostat cover at the bottom of the pump. There's a wire retaining clip visiblly protruding, and supposedly you can pull that clip out and then break the joint -- after first being sure you have a new o-ring to replace the existing one. Before beginning, you put the heater control on the dashboard to the full heat position and you remove the cover from the plastic globe expansoin chamber where coolant is normally added.

    That's not all. You also disconnect the middle hose connection from the water pump, and that's pretty hard to get to. You may get more of the coolant out, once the connections are broken, by blowing air into that expansion chamber. The thermostat can be removed, but you probably will have to drop the power steering pump down a little after loosening a good number of bolts.

    Refilling the system is possibly harder than draining it. You will probably have to remove the TOP radiator hose connection -- loosen it enough to open a crack that will vent the air from the radiator, before you can get enough coolant into the system. I have one of the special radiator hose clip pliers and would not try to get by without it.
  • Hello everyone, just after a bit of help!!
    I have a T reg vw golf which i am in the process of selling but before i do i need to fix or replace the dial that that changes where the heat is directed eg windscreen,feet or both, i turn the dial but i doesnt do anything seems to just turn around! Now i dont know if its broken or what but what do i do to fix this problem.
    Hope someone understands what i mean!!!
    Any help would be great.
  • hi i was wondering were to find the thermostat in my car its a 98 i can do the work but first vw iv owned i was told by my local parts store its extremely it doesn't scare me i just dont wanna start taking things apart only to find its not there.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The thermostat on VW 4-cyliner water-cooled engines has been in the same place since the 1980s. (That is because the engine has not changed much.. it is basically the same engine-block) When you have a good engine deesign, there is no need to change it much.

    Since this is a "bypass" type of cooling system , the thermostat is where the LOWER radiator hose connects to the engine-side.
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