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Mazda Protege5



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I get what you are saying and calling them is good reassurance. I have a couple years of Special High Intensity Training(smell the acronym) in warranty so I'm pretty confident in my answer.

    I'd never turn down a beer though.
  • toddp_5toddp_5 Posts: 17
    Hey, man, believe me, I'm more full of that acronym than most people :)

    Also, the fact that I was able to get the overseas warranty on the car I had was most likely possible because I bought the overseas coverage when I bought the car, and I was having the car shipped directly from the factory to Europe.

    Bruno - another thing to think about when taking a car overseas. If you have a loan on the car, make sure you check with the finance company that has your loan. In order to get my car registered overseas, I had to provide proof that my finance company approved me taking the car out of the country. I heard some horror stories about folks that got their car over there and didn't have the letter from the finance company, so they had a lot of trouble getting their car registered. Just trying to think of any other headaches.

    And, hey, why are we worrying about warranty coverage? I bought a P5 'cause I felt confident in the quality -- this car ain't going to break down anyway, so don't worry about :)
  • Well, the "specs" on the 2003 P5 are out on Mazda's website. Some interesting observations:

    (1) The ABS/side airbag package now available without having to get a moonroof ($490 option)

    (2) Moonroof now packaged with 6-disc changer ($690 for package)

    (3) Yet the 6-disc changer is still available as stand-alone option ($500 option)

    (4) 16" polished alloys available, but requires moonroof/6-disc package ($500 for alloys + $690 for moonroof/6-disc)

    (5) floormats now standard

    (6) laser blue mica color option (from MP3)

    For more info, go to

  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    That appears to be a completely seperate rack right? You didn't find one that would attache to the factory rack?

    Just wondering.
  • ppk_ppkppk_ppk Posts: 19
    Will a bicycle fit "in" the P5?

    btw, suby, r u in columbus??? im in cleveland... havent seen too many p5s out here... r there many p5s out there? v might plan for an ohio/mid-west meet sometime... :)

    - PPK
  • The one I have is a separate rack. Thule makes an attachment rack. For $140.00 you get the attachment stuff and one bike carrier. Then, other bike carriers are around $80.00 (fork mount). I used the Saris rack because that's what I've had for about 6 years now. I've just transferred it from car to car. If you're interested in the Thule rack, check out their website ( ). Go into the North American English site and then click on "Fitting Guide" on the left. It'll take you through a bunch of steps and then show you what works.

    I am in Columbus. I've seen a few around town, but not alot. Of course, the yellow ones always catch my eye. I was thinking about a P5 meet. I think it'd be kinda cool. There were/are tons of Impreza meets and VW meets.
  • winlet28winlet28 Posts: 19
    HELP. Just got our PR5 in Leather, yep that solved that ol' interior problem with the dogs. Pure white with a nice tint on the windows, moonroof, etc. Sweet car.

    I am just wondering what people pay for yearly insurance....ours seems a bit high. I mean it only has 130 HP and it's not a speed demon. (Unless I am driving of course, hee hee) No accidents or tickets here for hubby and self. We are both over 30.
  • I can tell you that my wife and I pay about $1200/year for both the Outback wagon and P5. We have max liability coverages ($100k/$300k), but low medical payments coverage ($1000).
  • winlet28winlet28 Posts: 19
    Mine is 1482 with a 2000 Proto ES and the 2002 PR5 both with 200 ded. on all and min. medical. They both include gap coverage and the 2000 has rental car on it.
  • mromro Posts: 4
    hey P5ers,
    I've had my P5 for only two weeks now, and i think there is something wrong with the AC. I'm hoping there is, anyway. I'm driving around in 95 degree heat, and i have the AC on full blast and all the way to the cold side of the dial. The air is a bit cooler than when i turn off the AC by pushing the button, but it is no where near as cold as any other vehicle i've driven. this seems a bit ridiculous to me. has anyone experienced this problem? my dealership is an hour away so i'd like to get some feedback before heading up there. thanks.
  • alternatoralternator Posts: 629
    Be sure to use the "recirculate" mode with fan on "high" initially during really hot weather.
  • Is this a constant thing or do you sometimes get good cold A/C? I know some people have reported having A/C "freeze up," where the output temp would rise and the airflow would decrease. They just turned off their A/C for about 15 minutes and then turned it back on.

    Here's the thread from the ProtegeMP3/P5 forums:

  • I am 17 years old and live in LA. When I was looking for my first car, one of the issues was headroom (I'm 6 foot 3), so it got narrowed down to the Mazda Protege5 or a Ford Focus ZTS. I test drove both and my comfort in the Pr5 was much better than in the Focus.
    So I got the Pr5 in black mica with the ABS/airbags/moonroof option. This car is really a lot of fun to drive. Even though some might say that the 130 hp engine isn't powerful enough, I beg to differ. You can easily accelerate and it's got quite a lot of pickup. The handling is amazing too. Even the sound system is really sweet with its 6 speakers, which really deliver excellent quality sound. I also got my Pr5 with the sport automatic transmission, which is a lot of fun to use (it also looks really nice too).
    The best part about the Pr5 are the looks I'm getting from other drivers (the black mica is really a nice color). People just stair in awe because either they don't exactly know what I'm driving, or that they are in love with its design and looks. Speaking of looks, at night, the red illuminated gauges look really sleek.
    Overall, I am really satisfied with my Pr5. I did my research and read auto magazines' articles, which raved about this car, and I can see why. If you are looking for a new car that gets the room of a small wagon, the handling of a sports car, and the looks of a customized car, then consider the Mazda Protege5. Just test drive it and you'll fall in love with it. Also, if you are in the "over 6 feet" catagory, then I suggest looking at this car.
  • bluong1bluong1 Posts: 1,927
    No, I do not finance my car, it's mine!!! So one less thing to worry. Yeah, I'm rather confidence about the quality of the car that will not break down any soon.

    I'm visiting Paris right now (negotiating my salary there ;-). Driven about 400 miles last sunday on my old Citroen ZX which equipped with one of best suspensions design ever. More comfortable, less stiff than P5's, but I beg the handling is superior. They have cool car here: the new Peugeot 307 is awesome. Citroen Sxara Picasso looks really cool. I only saw one 323F (P5) with diesel engine driven by a guy from Geneva. Road surface is very well maintained and french drivers behave much better on the highway (inside Paris is another story.) It's good to be able to drive 90-100mph. I still feel pretty safe at this speed than 80mph in Houston.

  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Comparing insurance is a bit of a shot in teh dark. Insurance rates vary greatly based on about a zillion different factors (age, record, geographic are, etc)

    I am 30, married, wife is 28, we have only the one car, the same insurance company covers our house too. high coverages, low deductables, 2002 P5 = $700/year ±
  • Know you are out enjoying your new p5. Have had mine one year and have around 13,000 miles on it. Enjoyed everyone of those miles too!! Have taken mine several times up on the Blue Ridge Parkway in western NC. The P5 is fun to drive on those twisting curves. And I agree on the power... I find it fine. From a stoplight, it is like a sling shot. Check out the acceleration numbers in the June issue of Car And Driver. Did well against the competition. And I get the looks here on the East Coast too. Don't see many my way... yet. It is one sweet looking and driving car. later
  • toddp_5toddp_5 Posts: 17
    Good luck in Paris, my man. I gotta tell you, a Protege5 would look awesome on the streets of Paris :) But I'll give you a little advice -- you have to be a madman to drive around the Arc de Triumph!!! When I drove to Paris, my insurance company told me I had coverage over my entire trip, except for the roundabout that goes around the Arc de Triumph. They said if I got in an accident there, they wouldn't cover it. For those of you who want to see why, take a look at a picture I have that shows you what the traffic is like there -- there are no traffic lanes in this big circle, so it is every person for them self :) But, as we all know, a Protege5 would stop the traffic, and the cars and trucks and buses would just part and make a path for the great P5 :)

  • toddp_5toddp_5 Posts: 17
    Just curious if anyone has been autocrossing in their P5. I did some autocrossing several years ago in my other car, and it was really fun. And, I will say, it taught me a lot about my car and the limits of my car. The Protege5 really handles well for a stock car, and I'm just wondering if anyone has been autocrossing in their P5, and how it went. If you have been, what other cars (i.e., what types of cars) were in your class?

  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    well at the autox events here in DC area, I have seen several P5 run the course. P5s, as all Proteges, are in the H Stock class. We run against other compacts such as Civic EX, Ford Focus, Mini Cooper(!), and non-turbo VW Jetta/Golf/GTIs.

    here's me in a recent autox event...


  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    you asked how they do. Well for the most part most of the P5 drivers are novices, and since autocross is 90% driver skill, they usually end up at the rear of the pack **shrug**. But based on what I've seen, in the hands of a good driver, the P5 should be very VERY competitive :)

    a set of competition R-compound tires can SIGNIFICANTLY improve lap times....
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    here's the list of cars in their respective stock classes for autocross, courtesy of SCCA.
  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    Here's another Mazda racing team if anyone cares.

  • toddp_5toddp_5 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the great info on autocrossing. I went to the SCCA page and tried to find the classes, but from what I could tell, you had to pay for the full rule book. I know when I did some autox in the past, it seemed like the tires really made a big difference....the first time I went, I went with my stock tires and really found out how bad they were in that situation. I'm thinking about trying to get back into it, and will definitely get some other wheels and better tires. Thanks again for the info.
  • patm317patm317 Posts: 2
    After having looked at the p5 for a while, I decided that I like the front faschia of the "regular" protege better. The deep airdamn , along with the "ground effect sides" makes the car too much of a boy racer to me (okay, I'm 51 but still like a tight responsive car. Seems to be a trend (evidence of an extreme example , the suzuki aerio...
  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    the 'official' rules are listed in the SCCA rule book, but the stock class classification listed on the URL I gave is basically identical to the book's listing.

    I may be installing the MP3 rear sway bar this weekend, one extra toy to use for my autox event on the 18th! :D

    (btw, I've abandoned stock class and is now in STS :) )
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I agree with you - the trend toward attaching "ground effects" plastic nonsense to common grocery-getters has gotten out of hand. It makes me wonder what came first - bad taste among the general public or bad design in the studios. The solution is to go for a Protege ES sedan optioned like a P5, but you are still stuck with the dorky wing on the trunk. It would be great if manufacturers would let you order a car without all the junk attached.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    At least my 2000 ES was.

    But I got the spoiler. I think it makes the car look nicer in the rear without too much overstatement -- as long as you're talking about the regular ES optional spoiler and not the MP3 spoiler, which makes the car look like some high school kid with too much allowance and a penchant for coffee cans and subwoofers has gotten his hands on it.

  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    At least on the current ES, you get the spoiler whether you want it or not. Before I considered the P5, I looked at the ES, and was disappointed when I found out you had to take the spoiler. I even asked the dealer if they would consider swapping trunklids with a matching color LX if he was so sure that "just about everyone wants the spoiler". It seemed like a win-win to me, but they just laughed and said no.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I just visited Mazda USA's website and sure enough, the trunk spoiler is standard on the ES now. Oh well.

    What do you find so wrong with it anyway? It's not a huge "wing," the LED brake lights are cool, and, in my opinion at least, it spices up an otherwise boring rear of the car.

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