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Mazda Protege5



  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Not talking about initial turbo outlay... just the longterm costs. If you were going to keep the P5 for a long time and you had someone you could trust to do a good install (and maintain it), the turbo might be worth it. If you're just looking for a little extra power and don't plan to keep the car for a long time, you'd be better selling the P5 and buying an OEM turbo. You'll never recover the costs when you sell it. I'd love to turbo my Miata, but just can't justify the cost vs. value of the car. Here's an example of a 90 turbo. This seller will never recover the costs of what he's put into this car. It's worth maybe $4500. It would be a lot of fun though.

    If it's worth it to you though, go for it.
  • mp5bibbitzmp5bibbitz Posts: 3
    I just got the car this month. It's the first car I've bought, and I have to make payments on it for the next several years. I doubt I'll be getting rid of it any time soon. I really think that the big chunk of money would be actually buying and installing. Once it's in there, it would be about like maintaining any other part of the engine.
  • flipmackflipmack Posts: 12
    over the past two weeks, my Protege5 (2002.5, 70500 HWY miles, everything stock except for short-shift kit) has developed a pretty noticeable "clunk" in the passenger-side rear end.

    I removed everything from the inside of the car, and it wasn't anything shaking...then, I looked underneath and I noticed that there's a plastic 'shroud' around the trailing link that seems to be open...and it wasn't open on the driver-side rear.

    I looked at the service manual and this 'shroud' is nowhere to be found.

    I jacked the car up, then put the 'shroud' back together, but it didn't fix anything...the clunk still remains.

    I searched the other bulletin boards and this rear-end 'clunk' is only common among Mazdaspeed Proteges and MP3's, mainly due to the bushings used in the rear sway bar.

    I looked at the bushings in my rear sway bar and they looked fine (no noticeable lateral movement).

    any ideas before I take the car to the $tealer (dealer)?


  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    When does the clunk occur most noticeably?
    When you say "service manual" is that the online one? I found that you sometimes have to look through several chapters to get the necessary information.
  • chicagoprochicagopro Posts: 1,009
    When I got my end links replaced, the clunks disappeared.
  • flipmackflipmack Posts: 12
    so I managed to get rid of the clunk that plagued my Protege5 by an unconventional method...

    ...I traded it in for a new 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L.

    yeah. push came to shove and the dealer wanted $800 for new rear struts/towers. my wife wanted a new car...therefore, perfect opportunity.

    got the Odyssey EX-L for $1600 below invoice. it helps that we got a referral and that we bought on May 31st...end of the month and following a major holiday.

    I'm driving my wife's 2000 Maxima now...and I miss the Protege5.

  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    02.5 or 02?

    The smoother rim was from the 02. Easy way to tell is if you have side marker lights or not. The 2002 has no side markers and the 2002.5/2003 do.

    I happen to have 2 cherry rims that have been sitting in my garage since I banged up the other twos and was unable to find replacements. Dang potholes. Of course I do have 4 nice new looking aftermarkets though. (GRIN)

    EDIT: did I mention mine are the 2002? hehe 1077241
    it looks like this one
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • rodholmesrodholmes Posts: 1
    Anyone got a roof rack for a 2003 Protege5 in the Chicago area they'd like to sell?
  • jolsenamijolsenami Posts: 1
    Do you still have those two rims? I happen to be in the market for a couple. Thanks-
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    In the current (Sept. 2006) issue of Consumer Reports there is a comparison of hatchbacks (Mazda3, Caliber, Audi3, Saab 92X). Since I had a copy of CR's earlier hatchback review back in 2002 when the Protege5 came out, I found it interesting to compare the specs for the Mazda3 hatchback against those of the Protege5. As you can imagine in most cases the Mazda3 bested the P5 (horsepower, torque, acceleration, transmission ...). But here are a few places where the P5 scored better: the Protege5's brakes stop you in the dry from a 60mph in 126 ft compared to the Mazda3's 129 ft. The P5 weighs nearly 10% less than the Mazda3 hatchback and likely because of a heavier front end the weight distribution is better on the P5. Finally, it is interesting to note that both the P5 and the Mazda3 hatchback average the same 25 mpg.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    Sounds about right. So how did the 3 and P5 stack up against the competition?
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    In the current crop of hatchbacks the Mazda3 tops CR's list over the Caliber, Audi3, Saab 92X, Matrix, Vibe, Focus, Malibu Maxx, PT Cruiser, Chevrolet HHR, Prius, and Scion XB. Quite an accomplishment considering some of these vehicles cost thousands more.

    The one surprising deficit of all of the hatchbacks tested in the Sept. 2006 issue (i.e. Mazda3, Caliber, Audi3, Saab 92X) is the cargo area! Surprising because that's the one area of a hatchback that one would think that a hatchback would score well.

    In August 2002, Consumer Reports recommended the Protege5 even though it came ninth in the list of hatchbacks. The top choice that year was the VW Jetta Wagon.
  • Hi All:

    I was wondering if someone can please help me out. I have a 2002 Protégé 5 with 5 speed MT, 2.0 L engine, and 52,000 miles. I bought the car used and it has been fun to drive. However, ever since I have owned the car I have noticed that there is an engine vibration that is maximum at about 1200 rpm and decreases at higher or lower. The vibration makes the dome light rattle! The vibration occurs whether the care is moving or not (I can reproduce it in neutral in the driveway) and is not noticeable on the road at high or low speeds (when the car is above 1200 rpm).

    Does anyone have an idea of what is causing this annoying problem? Can it be motor mounts or something else.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • dwryterdwryter Posts: 87
    In my opinion the P5 looks better than the Mazda3 with more subtle, cleaner lines. I also like the smaller size (handy when parallel parking), and the fact it's so much quieter. In fact, the Mazda3's excessive road noise prevents me from considering it as the P5's eventual replacement. I would, however, like to drop a Mazda3 160HP engine into my P5. 8^)
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    I'm partial to the P5 also. I prefer how it looks, and I think it has more rear legroom. There are certain angles from which I think the Mazda3 hatch is really ugly, especially in certain colors that emphasize the clashing lines. Pity, as I have really liked Mazdas (in fact, the only two cars I've ever owned up to now are Mazdas).

    Then again, there's nothing out there now that will tempt me out of my '99 Protege (I would've gotten the P5 had it been available at the time....luckily, my wife got one!). I really like the idea of the Fit, but I am not enamored of its aesthetics also. Out of the 5-dr hatchbacks currently on the US market, I like the Rio5 the best in terms of appearance. But its rear seat and cargo area look too small. Oh well, maybe at Mazda's next model refresh....
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    My wife's P5's tires are finally due for replacement this summer (she seems to hold the record, having surpassed 50,000 miles on original Dunlops).

    She likes them enough to get another set, but the Kumhos are almost half their price!

    I think some folks here got the Kumho Ecsta ASX as replacements and had good initial impressions. I'd like to hear long-term reports, please.
  • isseyvooisseyvoo Posts: 121
    I'm also interested in hearing about the Kumho impressions. Our 1st replacement tires were Toyo Proxes TPTs. Thought they were great at first, but they became problematic as they aged. Had to have 2 of them replaced under (pro rated) warranty because of bubbles forming in the sidewalls. The Toyos were an expensive mistake. If I can find a dealer in my area it may be Kumho next time if the word here is good. (In particular, how are they in winter weather?)
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    I've got the ASX tires. They are okay. I probably won't get them next time.

    They are quieter then the Dunlops, but seem to be wearing faster. They wander more, but seem gripper in the corners. Since I've got a set of studded tires, I think I'll pick up a performance tire next time. Maybe some Toyo's.
  • dwryterdwryter Posts: 87
    Mazdafun, your wife must drive pretty gently to have gone 50K miles on her original Dunlops. And that means she's unlikely to notice the slight performance trade-off I got by going to Pirelli PZeros that are one size up, 205/16 50. After driving 26K miles on them, I still recommend them.

    These tires are MUCH quieter than the Dunlops, ride a little softer due to the higher sidewall, and don't amplify every pebble they traverse. And judging by the minimal wear I see at present, it looks like they'll last twice as long as the Dunlops. They are great on wet, too. My original Dunlops had as much traction on wet roads at 26K as a kid's butt on a slide.

    One of my Dunlops blew out and I paid $126 to replace it -- then replaced all four tires with the Pirellis shortly after that. So that virtually new Dunlop is taking up space in my garage, along one of the other originals with minimal wear. If anyone wants to stick with the Dunlops, lemme know. I'll swing you a deal you can't resist.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Yeah, my wife takes it easy on her tires in the corners. The pedals, on the other hand.....let's say we have a disagreement about how heavy her foot is - she tends to jab at them. :)

    We switched cars the other day (easy to do since I have the sedan and she has the P5) so I could haul some bulky items, and I noticed her odo is almost at 55,000 miles. From my read on her tires' remaining tread, she could easily exceed 60,000 miles on them. However, when I was taking her car around corners (and it corners better than my ProLX), I noticed the tires aren't as grippy as they used to be. The compound must be different after a certain amount has worn off.

    Anyway, I made the mistake of telling my wife that, and she told me to stop abusing her tires. :)
  • dwryterdwryter Posts: 87
    If it ever rains where you live you should probably replace those tires ASAP. One characteristic of the Dunlops, in my experience, was poor handling on wet roads. Mine would sometimes hydroplane on freeway puddles in heavy rain even when the tires were new. By the time they had about 25K miles on them, driving in the rain required a thrill-seeker attitude. That's why I replaced them at 26K. They still had plenty of tread left, it just didn't help the tires grip. Were I you I'd replace her tires very soon.
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  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Out of the 5-dr hatchbacks currently on the US market, I like the Rio5 the best in terms of appearance.

    I agree the Rio5 looks well but it is lacking in several areas (including horsepower). I prefer the Nissan Versa (with its smooth CVT) but not enough to get me out of my Pro5. Something was lost when Mazda improved the Protege5 but on the whole the Mazda3 is a wonderful if imperfect package.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Hi everyone,
    I thought it would be interesting to hear from everyone out there on their experiences with major maintenance, modifications/upgrades and additions. By major, I mean more than a few dollars, let's say $50+.

    Here are mine:

    Model: Protege5 2002 automatic 78,000KM (approx. 48,000 miles)

    4 years of regular maintenance : C$600
    brake calipers serviced twice: C$230
    EGR valve replaced in year 4: C$500
    Rust removed from rear wheel wells: C$280

    Modifications/Upgrades: none

    BF Goodrich Slalom winter tires + rims: C$700
    BF Goodrich Traction T/A 205/50/16 tires: $C600

    After 50 months still a great car! Keeping it for another couple of years although the Mazdaspeed3 is tempting.
  • Newbie to the Mazda Protege5 site.

    I bought a used, red 2002 Protege5 for my 16 year old Daughter in August. It's a sharp looking and performing car.

    It came with the 195/50/16 Kumho ECSTA SPT, not a great tire, especially for the Northeast Ohio winters. Decided to shop for a much better tire for my Daughter's sake.

    Decided on the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S tires.
    Cost me $730.00 for the four plus I'll get an additional $50 off with the Michelin rebate currently for the 4 tires.

    Wow! What a difference, the ride is much softer, tires hug the road especially on the turns, less noisier than the Kumho's. I haven't gotten to drive the Protege yet in the rain or snow but I can't wait to see how they perform. If my Daughter lets me drive.
    Has anyone else put these on their Protege?

    Currently, I drive a mini-van and my wife drives a Honda Pilot. We both like to drive the Protege, Wow! It feels so sporty, zoom, zoom!
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Welcome aboard!

    Michelin generally make excellent tires. Did you get the 195/50/16 V rated ones?

    p.s. I believe these are all season tires so if you're concerned about winter driving you may want to consider buying a separate set of winter tires with rims.
  • Yes, they're the "V" rated 195/50/16. I looked at winter tires but the performance wasn't that great plus I considered the cost of purchasing four sets of tires & steel rims a factor, so I decide on the Pilot Exaltos A/S, especially for the all-season high performance it offers.

    p.s. I added two 60lb sand bags in the trunk for weight in the snow/ice. Has anyone done this or is this overkill for the Protege5?
    I bought the 2002 with 47,500 miles on it and it's very clean inside and out and runs great.
  • erics6erics6 Posts: 684
    I run studded winter tires with steel rims on my 02. I've been in a bit of snow with all season M&S. Handling seemed okay. I wouldn't want to try mountains and ice though.
  • iamziamz Posts: 542
    The sand bags in the trunk will provide you no benefit being it's a front wheel drive car. Worse case, in an accident (rollover) they could come out of the trunk and cause serious trauma to the passengers.
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