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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • got a quote for 35,000 + 2000 cashback on a limited awd w/navi, tow prep, moon roof, auto hvac

    good price or could i go less?
  • jhornjhorn Posts: 18
    This is a good deal. Where did you get the deal at? I am in Pittsburgh. Over here, most dealers wanted at invoice.

  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    There is a used 08 near my home. When I inquired about the vehicle, I found that it was a basic HL without options that I really want. The salesman informed me that he could add leather and a sunroof to the vehicle. He claims that the leather they add is better than Toyota provides and was telling me that their sunroof would have a lifetime warranty from leakage where Toyota only has 3 years warranty. Has anybody went this route having the dealership add the features? I'm a little scared about the prospect of adding them, but I am very thrifty.
  • Typical cost for Toyota Factory Sunroof is about $1000. I think Leather is usually
    available as part of package for Highlander.

    You didn't mention costs for aftermarket versions for 08 Highlander.
    I'd estimate $1200 for sunroof and $1500 for quality leather.
    First thing, this Used 08,what's the mileage, is it a very good deal compare to
    New 08 Highlander? That matters the most IMHO.

    Even if this used 08 is a good deal, I'd think twice before spending close to
    $3000 for aftermarket sunroof and leather. With current economy,you should be
    able to find New 08 Highlander with options you want for not much more than
    this used 08,if you have to spend $3000 on top of its price.

    As far as quality of aftermarket sunroof-It maybe okay,but I doubt they will have
    lifetime warranty on leakage! Some aftermarket leather is very nice-But usually
    cost quite a bit.

    Good luck! :)
  • Has anybody purchased a Highlander Limited Hybrid recently? If so, what price did you pay? I am looking for Hybrid Limited with Navigation, moon roof, front climate control, and auto rear climate.
  • I was quoted 35800 for a 2WD black limited highlander, loaded w/o NAV. Was wondering what other people were paying in the Texas area. Based on some previous posts, this quote seems high. The dealer is refusing to negotiate any further.
  • kkriskkris Posts: 3
    Has anyone recently purchased a Highlander Limited AWD without the Navigation and also without rear entertainment package. Please let me know what price did you pay. I need to purchase this vehicle before this 0% APR offer remains.

    The one dealer I contacted in Des Moines area IA has quoted me the the Vehicle Base Model" price of 34,350. Edmunds quotes the invoice price of 30571. Does this mean that the dealer is asking me 3779 dollars more??

    Please help me out with this.
  • m94m94 Posts: 2

    Is the 26k with or w/o 0 Apr?

    I got a one with exactly same load, the dealer asked for 26.6k with 0 apr. Is this good?
  • It was $36, 800 w/o the toyota financing incentive. I will probably be financing for 60 months, so the best rate I can get would be 2.9% through toyota. They offered to take $1500 more off if I went through another lender, since the the financing / incentive is either or.

    I failed to mention that MSRP on the this particular vehicle was $38, 800. Their invoice claimed to be $35,100.

    Where did you happen to get one for $26.6, or was that a typo? Are you in the Texas / Gulf refgion?
  • m94m94 Posts: 2
    No. I am in MA. This why I replied jh691's post. He has mentioned he got 26K without much haggling.

    Please be noted that we are talking about the base mode, its msrp is only 31k sth. You said yours is 36800, so I guess yu are talkinga about sports or limited?
  • Thanks! Sorry for the confusion.
  • 08 Sport 2WD blizzard pearl with all the typical options (MSRP 34,464) plus leather third row. Taking advantage of 0% for 60 months. Quoted $31,700 (OTD) Haven't talked about trade-in yet. Any opinions?
  • @lawladybug:
    where are you getting 0% for 60 month on a Highlander at?
    I am in TX and here we are only getting 0% for 60 months.
  • Atlanta has 0% financing for 60 months.

    Also, my numbers were faulty above...apparently the dealership and I had a misunderstanding.

    The new numbers on 08 Highlander 2W Sport, MSRP $35,949 has been offered for $33,725 OTD with the 0% financing. We haven't talked trade-in yet. Any ideas on the value I'm getting? The selling price ended up being right at invoice.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
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  • slogslog Posts: 1
    Just bought one tonight. Denver Colorado
    4wd Sport MSRP 33,933 paid $29,429 before TTL. (this was with the $1500 rebate). and my own financing.
  • Hi guys,
    I'm looking at a 2008 Limited Highlander 2WD with both Navi and Rear Entertainment System. The MSRP on this thing is $40,233 (excluding TTL). The dealer is offering me $35,798 (excluding the $1,500 rebate) because I'm financing at 2.9%. What do you think, good deal?
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Are you sure that it's a 2WD and not 4WD that you're being quoted? That's almost the same MSRP for a similarly-equipped vehicle as my '08 HL LTD 4WD. Check to be sure.
  • I'm in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area and after EXTENSIVELY EXTENSIVELY shopping online via email (admittedly with a fake phone number, so the vultures couldn't reach me on the phone), I ended up buying a car in Maryland, (near DC) at a price that more than 5 Philadelphia area dealers couldn't or wouldn't match (only James Toyota matched my best prices but didn't have my color combination).

    Anyway, the only two dealers I visited were the only two that published their bottom line price online, and it was a price they stuck to and beat pretty much everyone else.... CarMax/Laurel Toyota and Fitzmall (Lakeforest Toyota). Look at both of their websites. I got a car that MSRP'd for 37,804 for 31,551--more than $2000 under dealer invoice (though I ended up paying 32801, plus a $99 processing fee--the deal was so good I didn't even bother trying to haggle this one away--to take the 0% over 36 months). I was able to put nothing down on this car.

    The car I bought was identical to 5361901 on CarMax's website except mine had mudguards and based on timing of delivery to the dealer a $745 Destination Charge vs. the $680 on the CarMax vehicle.

    If you're within a few hours of the DC area look at both of their website and visit both places...while neither of them play games with bait and switch on their price if you have a trade in, one will keep the other honest). I ended up buying at Fitz Mall, though that was only because they were my second stop. If anything I'd fault CarMax for NOT playing enough on my trade in, that probably cost them the sale as I was more comfortable with their operation overall.

    Feel free to post any other questions you might have and good luck with the purchase process.

  • Was able to get 35k OTD using $2k rebate.
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    I'm looking at a sport with navi, power rear door, auto dual zone climate front and auto rear, sunroof, leather. The MSRP is 39774. Now that the 09's are out, what offer should I make? Anybody with similar options care to share with me. . . We've been holding out for good deals. Thanks for your help.
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    Our rebate is 1250 here. Where are you? What was your MSRP?
  • Just purchased a Base FWD 2008 Highlander for about $23,150 + 5% Mass. tax + doc fee. This includes the $1500 rebate available in New England. Seems like a pretty good deal. Only had the basic options that most all bases have. MSRP was around $28,500.

    If you don't need third row seats or AWD, both of which are signficantly overrated, a FWD Highlander can be had for some great prices.
  • I'm in Wisconsin. I think the 2000 rebate covered the "chicago land area" which included Wisconsin I guess.

    MSRP was $40,XXX
  • For what it's worth the majority of the dealers I worked with had the same limited models that were down to the low 34,XXX range in the Wisconsin, Chicago area that included the $2000 rebate.
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    Thank you. The MSRP on the one I'm looking at is 39, 774 and their asking 35,5 without taxes, titles, etc. I'm trying to decide what I should offer. I think I should be able to get less than 35k OTD. Your MSRP is very close even though you have a limited. Thank you for your reply.
  • I too am looking to buy in Baton Rouge. Did you buy yet and if so what kind of deal did you get?
  • I gave up on the Highlander. I tried for two weeks to get a lower price. The best that I could get was invoice- rebates. (Sport $29,500 before TTL, Limited $31,500 before TTL) So I bought a Lincoln MKX for $8,000 of MSRP. I got a low interest rate a great price on my trade-in.
  • briegelbriegel Posts: 139 much did your MKX come to before TTL?
  • The Lincoln MKX (Ultimate Package) was $30,255. It was more than the Sport. It does not have the backup camera but it has heated and cooled seats. It has more features then the Highlander Limited. I guess it just depends on what you want. I just could not see myself paying $29,500 for an automobile without leather seats. I have small childern. The Highlander may ride a bit better but I am happy with my choice. I am tall and I felt that I had more room in the MKX

    Total Break Down of Cost
    MSRP $38,005-Rebates $7,750 -Trade $9,000 +TTL $1,844 = Final Price $23,099.

    Financed for 36 months 4.33%
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