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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    For another $1K +/- a little you should be able to get an 09 with no miles.
  • derprofiderprofi Posts: 250
    $1K over which?
  • ANY DATA ON YOUR QUESTION : Does anyone know if there has been any word on model changes for 2010?
  • MSRP is $47,915
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    $1K over which?

    I was commenting on this one.

    MSRP $41.5K, leather, auto rear AC, heated seats, nav, JBL Premium, satellite radio, bluetooth, moonroof, rear spoiler, towing prep

    They thought they were making me a great offer $36K (including the ongoing 2008 $2K promo that ends soon.)

    I believe for around $37+ you should be able to get an 09 with no miles rather than an 08 with 6000 miles
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    MSRP is $47,915

    So at about $42K (your best offer from them thus far) you're getting $5900 off. Since you can get an 09 for a little over $4K off you simply have to decide if it's worth saving another $2K to get an 08. As far as depreciation on used cars, the 09 would probably always be worth the extra $2K but if you're keeping the car till it drops that really doesn't matter.

    If you can get exactly what you want then it may be a consideration, but for just $2K it would have to be what I want since I can find an 09 in the color with all the options I want for a little more.

    If Toyota was hurting as bad as GM they would be pushing the 08's harder. Unfortunately they don't.

    Last time I bought an end of the year deal I decided I wanted to get rid of it in two years. By then it was 3 model years old and I was way upside down on my loan.
  • We just bought a preowned 2007 HL.

    27K miles, 4 cyl, FWD, leather seats, power driver seat, roof rack & cross bars, spoiler, wheel upgrade, 3rd row seat (which probably won't get used much). The price was $14,805. We found others like this for around $17,999. We bought it from a wholesaler - found it on ebay.

    There were a few little quirks. We had to drive 5 hours to get it. There is only one key and no remotes (ordering from ebay). It was missing 2 interior trim pieces (cost us about $35 total). All in all, pretty darn good I think.
  • Please advise the MSRP is $37,659 Invoice at $31,495
    Dealer say take it for $31,795.

    I am thinking it should be not more than $30k. What should be the best price on this considering the rebates and it being a 2008 car.

    I am sure there should be some one out there who got similar car, please share the price

  • Where the rebate was $5000(southeast region) the 08's with a similar msrp were
    going for $28800 or so.
  • bad deal. they should give you 2K under the invoice at least. we are talking about a 2008 here and we are in feb of 2009. there sales where down over 30% last month
  • Thanks, I decided against getting the 2008 and instead asked for a quote on 2009 without the rear dvd. The sales woman quoted me $400 off invoice making the price the same as I would have paid for the 08. They wanted around $900 for a tow hitch installed, but I found one online for $177 and a you tube video on how to install. None of the other dealers in norcal wanted to match. One dealer said I should watch out because the car had been on the lot for 3 months and might be stale. He said I should buy his for $1K more because his was fresher!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,754
    Better squeeze it.. to see if it's ripe! :surprise:


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I am picking up a 2008 sport 4x4, sticker was $35,363.00 I got it for $28,500.00. I had to deal with 6 different dealers to get that price.
  • ljd1019 - Can you provide any more details on your deal? I am in the Philly area and recently started talking to multiple dealers...any suggestion on which is the best to deal with?

  • Team Toyota in Langhorne where the only one willing to go under the invoice price + use the 2K insentive in the philadelphia area for me. It is a bit of a hike but worth it.
  • findmefindme Posts: 36
    We purchased 08 4X4 sport loaded with nav, power rear door, dual air zones, rear air, bluetooth, leather, just about everything for 29,000. The MSRP was 39900. We did purchase it in Southeast when 5000 rebate was being given. We drove 6 hours for the deal. Nobody in my area would budge on prices. We purchased from jim Barkley in NC. You might want to check their 09 prices. I haven't checked. I don't think they have any 08's left, but again, you may want to check.
  • EandOHEandOH Posts: 24
    Just purchased an '08 Highlander Sport 2WD...

    MSRP/Sticker: $38,569 excluding, tax, title etc...
    Invoice: $34,730
    Purchase: $29,900 plus tax, title, accessories

    On '08's, you should be able to get the dealers to take most of the $5,000 marketing support off the invoice price.

    Good Luck to all.
  • After an extensive search for a Honda Pilot ( just off a leased '06) I made a deal today on an new '08 base with pretty well equipped, moon roof, 6 cd, heated mirrors , 3rd row , and winshild grid, 17" wheels Blizzard Pearl ( extra) no leather , no financing , for $26,070, plus tax, Title , inspect ( no dealer fees just $65 for the title inspection )list $32,873 . I feel pretty it was a pretty good deal. Toyota had $3,500 in dealer cash . In the Northeast . Any thoughts?
  • On car just purchased ( '08 Highlander base) wanted to sell me the body side moldings at $495, and the Service agreement 7 years , $0-$50 deductible , $1,000. When I said no they said $1,000 for both . Deal or no Deal?

    No longer Pilot Bound.
  • Hi every one.
    I am looking to buy an 09 highlander. I am looking at fitz automall in gaithersberg, MD. this one is quoted at $34498.

    - dual zone automatic climate control w/steering wheel mounted A/C controls, automatic rear A/C, HomeLink universal transceiver, heated pwr exterior mirrors, windshield wiper de-icer grid, touch screen navigation system w/voice activation, JBL AM/FM stereo w/4-disc in-dash CD changer & (9) speakers, subwoofer, Bluetooth hands-free phone system, XM satellite radio capability, MP3/WMA capability
    - 5000 lb. towing capacity, HD radiator w/engine oil cooler, 200-watt fan coupling, trans oil cooler w/water cooler, 150-amp alternator, prewired harness
    (CT ) CARPETED FLOOR, CARGO & 3RD ROW MAT SET (N/A w/SD 3rd Row Seat Delete) (PPO)

    is it a good price ?
    Would you recommend any other dealer in the NY, NJ, CT area ?

  • Since this forum has been helpful to me, here is some info on my purchase of my new 2009 Highlander Sport. After many weeks of off and on looking and haggling in the old fashioned way, I decided to Email all the dealers I had visited. All responded, some with "come on in and we'll talk", to " here is our invoice price, make us an offer". After about 1 week of back and forth banter, only one was even reasonably close to what I had for an invoice price on my credit union car pricing site. I visited that dealer 1st and here is what I ended up with:

    2009 Magnetic Grey 2WD Sport
    O3 Owner reward pkg Running boards, mats, mud guards , body side molds
    EJ JBL Bluetooth stereo
    PB Power rear door
    QC Front auto AC
    QR Auto rear air
    SR Moon Roof
    P4 Vehicle Shield

    The invoice price I had on this one was $30,992
    MSRP = $ 35,301
    $31,269 + $3082 TT&L= $34,351 OTD

    This price was about $1500, better than my best "walk away" price in late 2008 at several dealers. This is South Louisiana where the economy is still pretty good. Any comments? I'll post more details about my experience later.
  • There is one dealer in Baton Rouge (All Star) that is selling 09's at invoice plus
    $300. Tempting but since I'm in no hurry I will wait and see if better deals are to be had as the economy weakens.
  • MSRP at $37659
    What price should I even consider buying this 2008 highlander with sports package.

    If we add roof mounted DVD, what should be a good deal price

    Thanks all for your inputs
  • MSRP - 37, 590
    Sold Price - 33,850
    Bought the extended warranty/tire care/interior&exterior protection for around 2k.

    Has Premium Sound, bluetooth, 3rd row, 4x4, all weather mats, power gate, homelink, sat. radio ready, passanger climate control.

    I'm very happy. My first brand new car.
  • Today I purchased a 2008 Limited FWD in Blizzard Pearl with the following options:

    EY - Rear DVD
    EJ - Upgraded JBL Audio
    HD - Heated Seats
    PB - Power Rear Door
    PC - Pearl Color
    QR - Auto Rear Air
    RF - Spoiler
    SR - Moonroof
    TO - Tow Package
    Plus Carpet/Cargo Mat, body side molding and mudguards

    MSRP: $39,543
    Edmunds Invoice: $34,255

    Purchase Price: $32,000
    Total, off the lot: $35,385 (TTL only, nothing to the F&I guy)
  • jhornjhorn Posts: 18
    Hello Everyone,

    I am about to close a deal on an 08' hybrid limited (Cypress Pearl without navigation and DVD) at Hartford Toyota in CT. The dealer offers $26,500 and gives me $8,000 for my trade-in (03' FWD V6 HL).

    Is this a good deal. I noticed that on Edmunds, the average is ~$39k for the similar options.


  • That's unheard of. I bought 08 Hybrid with all the options except rear DVD for slightly under $ 42K in Feb 08. Does it have any miles on it? What is the dealer invoice price on it?
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    $26,500 for a HL Limited? Buy 10 of 'em if that's the correct price!!
  • jhornjhorn Posts: 18
    Sorry all for the typo.

    The dealer offers $36,500 (MSRP = $44,250).

  • Benefited a great deal from all the posts here and would like to share my experience.

    MSRP: $32,584 with following options installed:

    CQ roof rails
    CT floor and cargo mats
    DJ AM/FM 6 CD
    EH heated mirrors and wiper deicer
    FE federal emissions
    PR Engine immobilizer
    QM manual rear climate controls
    RL running lights
    SR sunroof
    3T cross bars for roof rack

    Final Price: $25,359
    OTD: $27,033 (TT&L without any extra)

    Might get lower price if waited until end of month, but didn't want to risk running out of 2008.
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