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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jamessuzjamessuz Posts: 2
    I'm looking to finance a limited for 60 months and was told 2.9% is the Toyota rate. I'd like to get 0%. Am I missing something? Thanks
  • ataglanceataglance Posts: 1
    I want to buy 2009 Highlander Sport 4X4 with package #6 + Leather Seat(2 row) + Entertainment Set .Is Edmunds TMV value is the best prices to bargain for?
    I live in Chicago Area.

  • I paid 0% for 60 months with Toyota financing on Saturday.
  • bigtexasbigtexas Posts: 10
    Just purchased a 2009 Highlander Limited with PC, P4, O6, QH, PB for 37100 including TTL. About 3400 below MSRP and 140 below 'stated' invoice. Reasonable deal. Dealership I worked with in Richardson was one of the best dealerships to work with. Toyota network as a whole was extremely difficult to deal with. Interestingly, supply of highlanders (and avalons, same fram and chaise) was very limited. Getting the TO package is almost impossible. Don't understand the limited supply since Highlander is off 49% sales YTD. Toyota dealers in general did not seem hungry or want the business.
  • overeatovereat Posts: 7
    Could you let us know your location? The dealership in MD here, they told me either to get $1000 or 2.9% for 60Month, and there is no 0% for 60Month.

    And I got 2 quotes:
    First one:
    MSRP: $40,975, and sale price: $36,412 (price includes $1,000 rebate from Toyota) before TTL, I think

    Second one:
    MSRP:$41,548 and sale price:$36,174 also before TTL.

    I guess the second one is better than the first one, but is it a good deal?
  • overeatovereat Posts: 7
    So your car is MSRP:40500, and you got sale price around 34500, is that right? So both my quotes (Please see my previous message) are way high than yours.
  • What area in MD was offering these prices?

    Also, Toyota offers different incentives in different parts of the country. For example, last fall, there was a $5,000 rebate on Highlanders in the Southeast region -- it was much lower (I think it was $2,000) in the mid-Atlantic region
  • jamessuzjamessuz Posts: 2
    Closed the deal on a Blizzard Pearl with tan interior including mud guards, wheel locks, spoiler, tow hitch and EVP #8 for $35,771 including $1000 rebate. Got 5% financing from credit union so overall think the deal is pretty good. Any thoughts out there?
  • eeweheeweh Posts: 1
    I am trying to get a price together for my mother to buy a highlander base.

    I need the invoice pricing for these two options, which i don't currently see on Edmunds. Here's the MSRP:
    Carpet/Cargo Mat - 3 Row Seating ........... 275.00
    Mudguards .................................. 99.00

    What should she pay for these items? Thanks,

  • mrabithmrabith Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum, and just stumbled into your question. I also want to buy a 09 highander sport 4x4 with leather seat and package #5. I have an offer for OTD $35571 including $1000 rebate. Price includes: leather seats(2row), power rear door, package #5,slide moonroof, tow prep package,cross bars,floor mats.
    Is this a good price or I can possibly go lower?
    Just wondering if you bought yours and what is the best price you reached?
    I live in Ohio
  • ssanjussanju Posts: 24
    I guess that would be little expensive. In fact i was looking for similar one. 31k to 32K would be good price - i am thinking..

    Go to the following website - and see the quote

    Good luck and do leep us posted.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I did access the site as well as others for internet pricing on a Highlander Limited for a friend of mine that has no internet access...and I am sorry to inform that all the calls I got on his request were from dealers that wanted him to visit the far NOT ONE has discussed availabity of the Limited or I am confused as to how people in this forum even get to discuss vehicles with dealers via the internet ...even when I made believe that I was him (I know exactly what he wants..)..they all insisted in visiting the dealership...maybe in NJ things are different...
    I also believe that maybe no one had the color or request that we put in...but like I said the whole purpose of this was to avoid visiting several dealers and waste his time or the sales people's time...
    enlighten me,,,please!
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Most dealerships have one or two salespeople dedicated to internet sales. If they don't, they're missing an important marketing tool. Given that it is such a buyer's market right now, I'm surprised to hear you're not having much luck.

    It's like anything else in a vehicle transaction - if you're not happy with the service / response / flexibility from one dealer, RUN (don't walk) to the next one.

    Not to rub salt in a wound, but when I bought my '08 HL LTD AWD last year, everything except my trade-in appraisal was done via e-mail ahead of time, and was as we negotiated it when I got surprises. This was at Brian Bemis Toyota in DeKalb, IL.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I understand what you say, which is exactly as most people on this forum expressed their transaction. I think that NJ is different (NY mtro area)..was your Highlander in stock or the dealer did a locate?...did you have 2 colors in mind or only one?...what about options?...anbd one final did you dessiminate your desired Highlander through the internet?...what sites did you use?..
    Thanks and good luck with the do you like it?...
  • kharriskharris Posts: 41
    I live in the NY metro area also, and have two Toyota dealers within 10 miles of my home. Visited both and neither had the color I wanted(Magnetic Gray) in their stock, but easily located one for me. They pointed out that Newark N.J. is the port of entry for Toyota on the east coast, so big stock of vehicles close by. That's where mine came and got to the dealer in 2 1/2 days. Good luck.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    I'll preface by saying I bought mine a little over a year ago when suppy, credit and the general state of affairs was not as it is now, but to answer your questions:

    I visited the dealer's own website and the exact vehicle I wanted was in stock....options, color, everything. I couldn't have factory-ordered it any closer to what I wanted, so that was a bit of luck. This dealer had a "click here to make an offer" button for each vehicle on the lot, so I went that route. I was then contacted via e-mail from the internet sales manager, and after about 30 minutes and some minor back-and-forth, and we had arrived at a price.

    Two days later, when I arrived at the dealer, the sales manager was waiting for me with the vehicle pulled from inventory and ready for me to test drive. My wife and I were sent out alone (no salesman) and they appraised my trade while we were gone.

    After the test drive, we haggled (although I wouldn't really call it that) over my trade allowance for about 5 minutes, and then were at a number we could both live with. He then honored without delay the price for the new car we had agreed upon earlier in the week, and that was about it. Saw the finance guy to do the paperwork, and we were off.

    This is the best vehicle I've owned bar none. My only issues so far are the lack of availability of memory seats (although I knew that when I bought it), and the two extremely poor tire choices in the 19-inch size in winter weather. I live in the Chicago area, so this is a big deal to me. I'll probably upsize to 255/55R19 when I replace them.
  • druid21druid21 Posts: 2
    My 2003 V6 4WD was totaled and all I want to do is replace it, upgrading just a little, possibly to 2004 or 2005 so I can get the 3rd row seat. Woodgrain and leather would be nice. Any idea what I should pay? What's the best way to buy a used car? I haven't done this before. Thanks.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Thanks for your makes perfect sense and it is a s I suspected all alomg...the internet work fine once you see the vehicle you want at the dealers inventory....that way your negotiations are all done about one item that they have and you want...another person in NY indicated what I think is the alternative...vist the dealer see what they got in stock and if not what you want try to get them to do a "find" metro areas it may work fine ( ie:Newrak NJ is a port of entry for the East coast). Generally speaking I will not put a deposit (usually $500) and wait for the dealer to "find" the car I want, by doing this I feel that I am of circulation preventing me to do any other possible deals and also puts me at the mercy of the dealer since I ma on the hook. Trying to get the deposit is not immediate it take time...and they usually take their time doing so...
  • Thanks for your info. I am in Chicago and would like to know which dealership did you go to?
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Brian Bemis Toyota in DeKalb. It's not really a "suburb," but worth the short drive because the net net on my deal was 3K better out there..... Much more flexible on the new car price and more reasonable on my trade. My wife and I each went to college @ NIU so going back to the corn wasn't all bad. In fact, she's looking at a Venza right now and I wouldn't go anywhere else !

    Two, more local, dealers weren't as enjoyable to work with, so they each lost out -- Pauly Toyota in Crystal Lake and Schaumburg Toyota.
  • whomaiwhomai Posts: 7
    May I know where did you buy your highlander?
  • whomaiwhomai Posts: 7
    Is the fleet manager's price reliable?
    We went to a local Toyota dealer and no sale man care about us, so I go into the manager 's office directly and the fleet manager helped us. He give me one and said his price is the best one in the dealership.
    MSRP: 28710.00
    His price:26838.4
    And I do not think his price is the best, since there are plenty of better prices in this forum.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Based on your quoted price it looks like there are not many extras on the vehicle, and for what I hear that nakes the negotiation to be less money...less msrp=less discounts...
    I also read that it is true that the prices offer by the fleet managers is usally the best since he respond only to the delaership owners and makes no commissions..but they are also hard to reach....maybe in your case hesaid that he was the fleet manager and maybe he is not,,,good luck to you
  • whomaiwhomai Posts: 7
    To svofan2,
    Yes, I checked online and he is the fleet manager.
    The price he gave me is the "dealer invoice + $200". And he showed the "invoice" to me. But I did not believe him.
    Based on what I learned from this forum, some people did get the price below the dealer invoice.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ..then the problem may be that that dealer is selling Highlanders with no problems so they are not willing to negotiate lower prices....if I were you I would use this price as comparison price and go shopping around and see what you find..maybe you should see what Fitz Automall is selling that vehicle for and then compare ..and compare again until you find someone with a price that YOU consider fair based on your research..remember conditions not only change from deler to dealer but also in different parts of the country..good luck, let us know how you finally do..
  • chatautochatauto Posts: 7
    Hi, I got an "e-Price" quote from one local MD Toyota dealer for a 4 cylinder base 4x2.

    Invoice: $24,761

    Is there any more room to lower the "e-Price" further ?

  • whomaiwhomai Posts: 7
    Hi chatauto,
    I think this price is almost the best compare to what I got.
    You can ask whether highlander qualify the new graduate discount program if you are graduating/graduate within 2 years. We know definitely not, but they may give you some off by asking this.
    BTW, could you let me know which dealer did you get your quota?
  • jpettibonejpettibone Posts: 51
    Any extra equipment on it, or is it stock? And is that including the $750 rebate? Remember, you can't use that if you take Toyota financing. I'd say thats a pretty good price, overall, but you might have a bit of wiggle room to go lower if it's it has no extra equipment on it.
  • With evp4, moonroof, tow prep, alarm/immobilizer in the Boston area.

    Quoted 30303 before rebate and trade (almost fitzmall's price for a very similar car)- opinions? This is from Copeland in Brockton, MA that I bought my 2007 Sienna from before. I've been very impressed with the way they do business- the Sienna was a painless purchase and a great price. Other dealers, not so much. I had one bad experience lately where we had a deal on a base evp2 moonroof in Waveline Pearl, and they (Boch South in N. Attleboro) backed out at the last minute after hours of setting up the deal. We had the price set, trade set, a few throwins (oil change and a free detail) all nailed down. A new manger got involved at the end and killed it. My wife and I were not happy, my 2 year old was beside herself, and they lost out on selling my in-laws an Avalon at the same time- we went in together for force in numbers. However the salesman was great, and we're not convinced that the price was the issue. They conveniently produced emails with a different quoted price time stamped after we were at the dealership. Needless to say I won't be going back there again, nor will my in-laws.
  • chatautochatauto Posts: 7
    I missed it! :(

    I sent an e-mail to ask what options that 4x2 has and the next day it was gone from their web listing. Just my luck I guess.

    Thanks and will keep searching and keep posting more questions here :)

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