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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jkl99jkl99 Posts: 11
    I feel the same frustration trying to purchase 2009 Highlander limited as well. Per the dealers I have contacted, they all said the number of Highlander I am looking for is very low - only 5 in whole California. If I can wait 2 to 3 weeks, he can order one for me. It looks like I should wait for 2010 Highlander is available or purchase 2010 Honda Pilot now.
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    This message (Failed Attempt To Purchase 2009 Toyota Highlander Limited) has been re-submitted as a separate discussion in the Toyota Highlander forum.

    This was done because it was becoming lost in the huge " Buying & Leasing Experiences" discussion in the same forum that actually has some posts dated a couple of years ago.
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    I tried that "order" route.
    But, apparently, 2009 Highlanders can not be ordered - at least not in the Gulf States Toyota Distributor area.

    In my area, the dealers also claim that shortage. Yet, they still have not sold the Limiteds I saw on their lots over 6 weeks ago.

    Plus, there are still some brand new 2008 Highlanders that have not yet sold.
  • mike1112mike1112 Posts: 9
    I just bought Hilander Limited. Dealer quoted me $1,495 for 7 year 100K warranty. i rejected it. Did anybody bought extended warranty online? from where? any comments?
  • teoteebobteoteebob Posts: 16

    That sounds like a fair price. Does the 3% sales tax suggest that you are in
    North Carolina? I am in Durham, NC and if you are in N.C., would you mind giving me the dealers name and salespersons name?

    I'm leaning toward a Pilot EX-L at this time but the Highlander is my second choice. I presently have a 4Runner which I have been extremely happy with. But I would like to go to something that rides better.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ..are you guys sure about this being a good price?...have you checked in TOYOTA Natiom web site?..there are member getting this extended warranties much cheaper or so I remember seen ...maybe I am wrong but if you have not check aroubd the web please do..maybe you can find the same Toyota waaranties (not 3rd party) cheaper...just trying to help
  • jtsmithjtsmith Posts: 2
    Recently purchased a 2008 Toyota Higlander awd with 37,000 miles in MN two weeks ago. The dealer finance dept. offered 5yr/60k extended warranty for $1800, which I didn't accept. Any ideas on best website, etc to purchase around 5yr/ 75,000 extended warranty or similiar? I plan on keeping the vehicle many years to come and would like some piece of mind, and I am not very mechanically inclined.
  • jtsmithjtsmith Posts: 2
    is that I am looking to purchase a extended warranty for 2008 highlander purchased a couple weeks ago?
  • mike1112mike1112 Posts: 9
    i bought at Scott Clark Toyota in matthews, near charlotte. I worked with Mike Black in sales.

    I was buying Pilot EX-L also, but at the last time i've changed my mind. Pilot has good usability and really ugly exterior while highlander has good look and OK usability. So, I choose highlander. I am so glad that i changed my choice. I love highlander and now, i hate ugly Pilot.

    Hope you can decide what you want.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Yes...try to look there for the forum of those looking for exteneded warranties...I was surprise to see the difference...I was in the VENZA forum...but look around...good luck..I think that even here in Edmunds you got forums about these warranties...
  • walktofastwalktofast Posts: 10
    For a Highlander base model 4X2 no third row seats. Dealer $23,864 less $1200 discount. Is this a decent price for this Highlander? 2009 model.

  • emt27emt27 Posts: 6
    Sounds pretty good to me. What is the MSRP? Which dealership offered this price?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    So, test drove a HiHy. I was expecting to have the ability to down-shift (useful for slowing down or starting up when there's snow) but that's not an option on the HiHy. The sales person indicated the "B" (under drive) was to some sort of means to slow the car without using the breaks. It was hinted that it was a way to save the breaks. Maybe, but I get the feeling it's real value is to slow the car by using wheel revs to gen power to the battery which as an effect slows the car down.

    COuld someone clarify what this "gear" is for and how it's used?

    I'll appoligize for responding here as it upsets some, but this can be posted in another thread for further discussion. It's a little complicated and you need to study up on the hybrid system as well as the Toyota features such as down hill assist and the traction control.

    The saleperson could study up a little as well to give you a little more complete information. The B mode works basically as engine braking so yes you can use it to slow down if you desire. I never used it on my TCH and haven't use it on my HH yet. I have seen though on my 2010 Prius where it has application. It will slow you down, especially on steep slopes. The main time I use it is when I want to slow down without riding my brakes if there is traffic behind me. Riding your brakes in the hybrid system (down to a certain speed) simply reverses the generator to provide charge to the batteries. I try to do it often. It does not use your hydraulic friction brakes. However people behind you may not want to see the brake lights, especially when you are doing it to maintain speed rather than to slow, and especially in heavy traffic where that would cause a safety concern.

    You can use it to slow down, but the brake action is an integral part of the charging system for the hybrid and you really don't want to avoid that. As for starting out, the traction control and other features will not allow you to spin the tires. If you are in snow I would recommend driving with snow tires to have adequate traction, but the 4wdi system will do a lot better than the 2wd hybrids in maintaining traction.
  • Guys, I got a quote from dealer in Omaha area for 2009 Highlander 4 X 4 Base. It has following options:

    Cold Weather Package
    Convenience Page
    8-Way power driver seat
    Daytime Runngin light Package
    Carpet/Cargo Mat - 3 row seating.
    Body side Molding
    Cross Bars

    He quoted me : $28659 (excluding tax/title/Reg)

    Please let me know if it good. I would appreciate any advise!!
  • sbuhlersbuhler Posts: 103
    I was looking at the Highlander's a few weeks back before we purchased a Murano. The Highlander is definitely a great vehicle, but we were just impressed with the features of the Murano.

    In my area there were no rebates on 2009s except hybrids. So the best I was able to do was right at invoice when I was looking. I would say a good deal would be about 90% of the MSRP minus any rebates that are out there. Of course, someone could always beat that deal, but I think it is reasonable.
  • saltysmomsaltysmom Posts: 1
    We just bot an 09 highlander sport 2wd in blizzard pearl with cloth seats (the dogs hate the leather!) with the extra value pkg #5 yesterday. Paid $29,750 before 9.5% tax, license and other random fees. Total of $32,361+ change after $750 rebate. This was a cash deal.

    Did we get a good price on this car??

    (we initially went to one dealership (the largest in the sf bay area) and were given a bottom line price which was approx 1k more and not the special paint color. they would not budge even a tiny bit on the price).
  • I have a 2008 Highlander Sport, blizzard pearl, 4x2, with beige leather, navigation, cold climate package, 3rd row seat, and only 10,600 miles that I'm thinking of selling. If anyone within the North Georgia area is interested, let me know. I bought it in Tennessee, so it's not from the SE Toyota Group, it's all factory accessories except the XM antennae.

    There's nothing wrong with it, I just get car fever every year and a half or so. I bought it February 2008 ... time for something new! :shades:
  • kree79kree79 Posts: 5
    The B mode is used as an engine brake mainly for hilly/mountainous areas. Yes its main purpose is to regenerate battery power but as a side effect it helps save brake pads. By the way, anytime you brake with any Toyota hybrid it does not technically use your brakes anyway, except for emergency situations when you use excessive brake force. What we were told in training classes is that you only usually use the brakes from 3 mph to 0. You can switch from B to D anytime, or you can run it in B the whole time, it doesn't matter. Hope this helps.
  • krd08krd08 Posts: 2
    How can I get in touch with you? Am in ATL.
  • kanseoukanseou Posts: 1
    Toyota Highlander Base 4L (White color)

    MSRP: $27050

    Quotation: $24200 + tax and 3.9 % for 60 month.

    Is this good deal ?
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Anyone have news on what Toyota will offer for 2010?
  • dcteachdcteach Posts: 1
    I am interested in finding out more about your car. Does it have a moonroof, leather seats-color? , V6, power back door, AWD or FWD. Been in any accidents or fender benders? Is it a limited or sport? How can I contact you?
    We will be coming through Atlanta on Tues. If it has these items we are interested.Don't have to buy it that day-have time but want to see it if it has the things we want and price is right.
  • You can email me at I'll be glad to answer any questions about the vehicle. Just put "Highlander" in your subject and let me know what your user name is when you email me. :)

    It's never been wrecked, does have leather seats, doesn't have power rear door.

    dcteach, I'm closer to Chattanooga than Atlanta, but am right off I-75.
  • Hello, I started looking for Highlander in Dallas this weekend. Looking for a 4 cyl, Base 2009 model What is considered a good bottom line out the door price and recommended dealerships you have done business with would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I just picked up a 09 Highlander Base w/ 4 Cyl, Towing Prep Package, Extra Value #2, 8-way Power Driver Seat, and 3rd Row Seat Package for $22K OTD (w/ Clunker trade-in). I think $24,700 before TTT should be a pretty good price.
  • Thanks for the information!
  • Just got a quote for $ 27,800 for a 4cyl, EV package, 3rd row, 8 way pwr..Seems high, we walked. What do you'all think?
  • emt27emt27 Posts: 6
    We just bought a silver 09 4cyl, EV package, 3rd row, 8 way pwr seat, for $26,800 from Fayetteville Autopark in Fayetteville, AR. Was quoted $26,500 from Toyota dealer in Ft. Smith. Went with Fayetteville since their car was in stock. Ours also had a few more options, auto dimming mirror, door guards, mud flaps, stainless exhaust tip. Got our $4500 CARS allowance and ended up paying $22,300. We did everything over the internet and phone. Patrick Madden was the salesman.
  • EMT, good information to have. It looks like about $ 1000 less than deal and wheeling with dealers in the Dallas area. If anyone else had advice, I would appreciate it..Thanks!
  • walktofastwalktofast Posts: 10
    2008 base model 4x2 with 24,000 miles and roof rack. $19800
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