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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Could you explain what Truecar is.
    I assume it is a car buying service?

    Also, please list the city & state & dealer name.

  • is a place where you can get the price of a car with all options like Edmunds. It breaks it down to a bell shape graph that gives you an idea of what most people are paying, sticker price of the car with options, dealer invoice and the bottom of the barrel price with all dealer hold backs.

    I'm from Tampa, FL

    Go through the internet sales department. When I went and tried a saleman, I got 29000 OTD. The internet department was able to get me to 28000. Never be afraid to walk away.
  • Now that the 2010s are entering showrooms, does anybody know when Edmunds/KBB update their listings? I'm mostly curious about when the used 2008 models might drop in value due to the new model year.

    I see certified used 2008 HiHy Limiteds being pushed at $40K which just seems crazy!
  • ny_ny_ Posts: 4
    I negotiated a decent price for a 2009 Base over the phone and ended up giving them a credit card for a $500 deposit. I plan on paying with cash.

    Atter reading this, I wondering if I should have waited until November when there are new it likely that there will be a $ off incentive for 2009 (instead of just financing as there is now)?

    Can I just hold off on picking it up and see what happens? Will I automatically be entitled to the new incentive at the price I negotiated?
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36

    What is the final price you guys agreed on? what model? I guess its NYC, correct?
  • im being offered $28,140 with ny tax OTD at $ that good??
  • xetownxetown Posts: 10
    Sent you an email. Interested in a group buy as well.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36
    I am also interested in group buy, what to do? someone make group and email us?
  • xetownxetown Posts: 10
    email me.. x e t o w n a t h o t m a i l d o t c o m
  • tl_stl_s Posts: 13
    anyone still interested in group buy, please contact me and see if i can put something together.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36

    your email is private, not sure how to contact you, but I am interested, my email is "shy boy@gmail .com" ofcourse remove spaces...
  • edkakedkak Posts: 6
    What is a fair price for a 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited with Extra Package #8(Navigation System), Rear Park Assist.(PP), Overhead DVD Entertainmet System(EN), Color-Keyed Running Boards(R2), Remote Engine Start(RT), Premium Carpet Mat Set(CT), Window Tint(WT), I am in Gulf States area
  • Replying to: ironjeff (Oct 04, 2009 4:29 pm)

    signed papers for 2010 HL:

    Limited FWD
    silver metallic
    QH (package #7), PB (power back door)

    for $33,600 before TTL.

    Not a great deal, but I took it.

    Replies to this message:
    steven1357 (Oct 06, 2009 12:33 pm)
    ruthenium101 (Oct 06, 2009 4:15 pm)
    saleman99 (Oct 07, 2009 8:30 am) and 4 more...

    Picked it up on Saturday. Very satisfied!
  • I am interested in purchasing a New Highlander.
    What kind of group deal are you thinking on doing?
    Let me know
  • Hope this helps Highlander seekers out there.
    Purchased ZIP code 07652 on 11/7/09
    2010 Toyota Highlander Base V6 AWD
    MSRP: $31,100
    Base Price: $28,300
    Total Price (incl. tax, tags, fees) $30,900
  • Anyone know a good Toyota Dealership in 11374 (NYC region) that has 2010 Toyota Highlander. much should at 2010 Highlander Limited 4WD with Navi cost?
  • Good forum. I have more of a general question. Planning to buy HL in couple of weeks. Before that I would like to get rough idea on what is the best deal for HL. How much are these 2010 HLs going for? If we bargain it to the invoice, would it be a good deal. Another question is, different sites show different prices for invoice. How to know the accurate price for the invoice. Can we trust the dealer shown invoice price on the vehicle?
  • Invoice the dealer shows you is a "jacked up" invoice.

    You can find out the "true" cost to the dealer of any vehicle either here on this website (free), in Consumer (for a price), or on numerous other websites (also free).

    I would first go to & spec out the vehicle you want. That way, you can get an idea of the options & packages available & the Total MSRP (sticker price) of the exact vehicle you want. Then, I would go to one of the websites to determine the dealer's cost for the exact vehicle you want.

  • Ok, for LTD model w. extra package option 7, KBB and edmunds show few bucks +/- 32K. So considering 2010 is out just about a month is this a good bargain price?
  • Hi,
    I've received a quote of $34,853 for the '10 limited with the extra value package #7. I'm also asking for the Power back door ($400.00) and the Tow package which you have to get ($220.00). This car also has floor mats ($200.00), which seem to be included in them all. I arrived at a dealer invoice price of $33,196. The price I'm being charged is about 5% over the dealer invoice. I thought this was a good price. Can I get it cheaper?

  • Today I have a received a quote from local dealer. For the 2010 LTD w/ Blizzard Pearl, Package #7, Tint, Window guards for 34K. It doesn't include power rear but that price includes floormats and crossbars.
  • Hi,
    Is your car an AWD car? If so, do you live in the Northeast? I'm having a hard time getting a quote below the $34,853 I mentioned. Actually, I'm having a hard time even locating Limited vehicles with the options I want.
  • No this is only FWD. Your quote makes sense if it is AWD. I live in south west. Mine is also a preorder. Not that many vehicles are available with the options and color I was looking for.

    If your price 34853 includes AWD, that means I should atleast be expecting 1500 less for the FWD w/ the same options. Right?
  • You should be about $1,300 less according to the invoice price on Edmunds.
  • hi,everyone,
    i am in nj. today i got a "final" quote for 2010 highlander v6 4x4 base, $28640 OTD. is this good price? or can i do better? many thanks. happy thanksgiving!!!!
  • You should be able to get it for about 5%+(-) over invoice. I don't know what your invoice price is, but look it up on Edmunds or consumer reports and calculate it. I live in upstate NY and have found that the Toyota dealers are willing to negotiate in the NY, NJ, PA area.
  • Does anyone know if the Highlander Navigator option is worth it. I have a navigator (my teenager LOL), actually a handy Garmin, but my dealer called and told me he can't get my Highlander. He'll give me a Limited with the Navigator at cost. This leads to a price of 3.5% over invoice which is good, if you need a Navigator. Thanks for any help.
  • I am being offered the same. I was looking for limited with Package#7. It is hard to find that. But I found couple of vehicles with Package#8. After a lengthy negotiation, I am being offered $35200+TTL. Other options it had was floor mats, cross bars, rear spoiler, mud guards, spl color.
  • ok, finally took the plunge yesterday. Bought the HL Limited w/ these options:

    FWD, rear spoiler, crossbars, Tint, Mudguards, Package#8, Blizzard Pearl

    Price was 35200 + TTL. Just around the invoice price.
  • Hi,

    I live in North california, I want to buy "2009 Highlander V6 base". But I have no idea about the current "OTD" price, could you someone give me some hints? Thanks
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