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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am in the bay area as well. Would you mind sharing the dealer info? Thanks,
  • edl3edl3 Posts: 2
    Hansel Toyota in Petaluma. I used Edmunds to get quotes from multiple dealers. I liked the guy there and at SF Toyota best. Another guy in Vacaville was responsive and competitive as well; he was on the back burner if I didn't get my deal closer.
  • Was it a Limited? I am looking for a 10 HL limited extra value package number 2 (or aka as package number 8)
  • cain5cain5 Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2010 Higlander Base V6 AWD. It had the following options: EH,PE,DJ,TO,CT,SR, and EVP#2. Bought the car for $ 30,200 this includes the $ 800 destination fee from Penn Toyota on Long Island. I hope this helps.
  • Are you able to see out the rear view mirror with the DVD player down? My dealer will install a 7" or 9" DVD, and I'm not sure which way to go.

    Also, do you have XM radio installed, curious to know what the XM display looks like on the Navigation screen.

    Looks like you got a great price. I'm in the Carolinas, have not purchased yet.
  • bell6bell6 Posts: 2
    Hi friends, Got new Highlander base V6 FWD with following options SR/QB/PE/CT/FE/EH, black in color. Paid $27,100 + tax and fees, This is in Orang county CA.

    Out of the door cost me $30,400. MSRP $30510

    Is this a good deal?

  • $ 3,410 off of MSRP for a base Highlander sounds good to me.

    But, you did pay $ 3,300 of TT&L and "fees"

    Depending on how much those "fees" were, it still might be a good deal.

    Did the dealer / salesman give any indication as to why they gave you that amount off of the MSRP?
  • bell6bell6 Posts: 2
    Here is the exact break up
    27100+ 55(document fees)+ 2399 Taxes (8.75%) + DMV fees+ 30(DMV filing) + 245 (Guardian lock) + 314 (reg) + 88 (title transfer) + 7

    30238 + full tank gass.

    I asked for $26800, dealer came back with $27999, but eventually worked out for $27100.
    The car had about 50 miles on it, may be it was there at their lot for long or either they got it from another dealer.

    I guess the trend is about a couple of hundered $ below invoice.
  • mbclkmbclk Posts: 6
    I think it's a good deal. can you email ( me the name of the salesman and the dealership... I too live in O.C. looking for V6 highlander.

  • Hello All,

    Looking to help my brother-in-law purchase a Highlander Limited with value package #8 in the Houston area. Anyone have any suggestion on a specific dealer to work with or even avoid?


  • fm1fm1 Posts: 20
    The dealer is offering HL limited with OI#8 and O7(customer reward). He dealer is willing to give $3500 off the MSRP. Is this a good deal?

    A couple of other questions, is P4 package is worth while?
    Is it good idea to have towing package?

  • tl_stl_s Posts: 13
    want to find out what is the best price out there that people are getting the 2010 highlander hybrid for so far?
  • amithamith Posts: 5
    I got a quote for a 2009 Toyota Highlander Base version ( 4 cyl and FWD) without 3rd row seating for 24,400 + TTL. Also the dealer is offering 0% APR. This is a special pricing for the red tag event here in Midwest. Do you guys think this is a good deal?

  • Hello friends, I just got a quote for a 2010 HL Base V6 AWD with several options, with a MSRP of $32,030, for $28,500 or $30,500 OTD, including MD 6% tax, TTL, and dealer fee ($100). Is it a good/reasonable deal? any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
  • The $ 28,500 is $ 3,530 less than the MSRP of $ 32,030

    I don't have my figures right in front of me so I may be off by a few dollars either way, but I thought it would be more useful for me to reply more quickly than to be 100% accurate on the amounts.

    I just purchased a 2010 Toyota Highlander Limited FWD for about $ 3,880 less than the MSRP.
    I will post much more detail as soon as I can.
    I am in the Gulf States Toyota Distributor area, so we pay $ 55 more for Delivery and that Distributor adds options to all of the Toyotas it sends to its dealers - so we generally pay a little more than the rest of the country.

    Your's is a Base, but it has AWD which would be a tad more than a 2 Wheel Drive, so if you had bought a 2 Wheel Drive, that $ 3,530 could be better by at least a couple of hundred dollars.

    You didn't say in what part of the country you are, but that would have some bearing on just how good that deal is.

    Bottom line is I think that is (as True Car would call it), a "great deal".

    You are buying at the best time of the year because all of the dealers are trying to increase their total # of sales for the entire year 2009. I don't think you could get that price after 1-1-10. Of course, there is always the chance that Toyota will start offering Cash Rebates on it's Highlanders - so it is always a crap shoot.

    Certainly can't guarantee this, but if you wait until after XMas, their pencil could get a little sharper between 12-26-09 & 12-31-09. But, there is always a chance that they might sell it to someone else since you probably have not put a deposit on it.
    For unrelated reasons that I won't bore you with, I had to purchase mine before 12-31-09 & before XMas was even better for me. Also, there was only 1 Limited within a few hundred miles that could suit what I wanted, so I decided to take the plunge & possibly pay a few dollars extra for something that was there as oppossed to them trying to find one "out of the region" which may have delayed my purchase beyond 12-31-09.

    Another benefit of buying beforethe end of the year is that you can deduct the sales taxes on your federal return even if you do not itemize. Depending on your tax bracket, that would save you a few hundred dollars more.

    Just to satisfy yourself more as to how good a deal this is, I would visit and this website to enter all of the details & options of your proposed purchase. Both of them will give you a price that they think is a good deal.

    I know it is easier to just get some random opinions, but there is no substitute to doing a little research & determining your own answer to your question.
  • Thanks so much for your detailed info. Truly appreciate that. Yes, according to, it was a great deal, but I would like to get more info from this community to improve my negotiating aspects. I plan to buy it before year end to get the tax deductible benefits.

    Again, thanks for your help. Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

    Best Regards.
  • bb222bb222 Posts: 4

    I am looking for a Highlander Sport (in San Francisco bay area) and was told that the Sport model will be replaced by SE model in 2010. However, I can't find any SE model in any dealership. Does anyone know why SE model is so hard to find? Any idea what would be a good price for Highlander SE?

  • fbdfbd Posts: 6
    Looking for deals on 2010 Highlander Limited AWD w/navigation and without. Not sure about extra value package 1 and 2, but I need towing package, blue tooth and satellite radio. Any information would be appreciated.
  • Hi Maddy : did you have any other options besides EV pacakge #8 ? Was the price you quoted above, $35925, include sales tax, Registration and title fees ?
  • what was the price before taxes, TTL ?
  • fbdfbd Posts: 6
    Looks like you are in MD. What dealership are you dealing with? I am ready to buy a Highlander Lmtd AWD before 12/31 too.
  • Hi fbd,

    Email me at datanguyen@hotmaildotcom. I 'll give you more detailed info.
  • ttom1ttom1 Posts: 1
    hello everyone,

    Just got a quote for a 2010 HL Base 2WD V6 (stock#6946) with these option:

    towing package 5000lb
    Leather seat
    6CD disc

    OTD $33000

    Is it a good deal? I try couter offer for $32k but successful, should i jump on this?

    Thanks! happy new yr!
  • Wanted to report our price and experience.

    2010 Highlander Limited
    Extra Value Package #7
    Power Rear Door
    Towing Prep Package
    (plus rear bumper protector and sport-styled rear spoiler, which we didn't want)

    Out the door price was 34,533.60. This included a $499 doc fee, taxes, tags, inspection. "Selling price" before doc fee, taxes, tags, inspection was $32,900. MSRP was $36,589.

    We received e-mail quotes and this was one of them. When we went to purchase at this price, the dealer said he had made a "huge, huge mistake", saying he was looking at 2009 incentives. Therefore, the price was going to go up $1,000 from his quote. We walked and opened a case with Toyota Corporate regarding not honoring their quote. We were contacted by the dealer later that day saying they would honor the quote.

    Signed the papers and wrote the big check. Car is scheduled to arrive Monday, 1/4/10.
  • That is a good price.

    Did you buy it today (12-31-09)?
    What city & state did you buy it in?
  • gmcafeegmcafee Posts: 11
    We bought it 12/30/09 in Raleigh, NC.
  • HI! Would appreciate if anyone can post recent price paid for a AWD Limited with EV8 package in the Washington DC area. Thanks.
  • I ordered a Sport model 2 months ago and was also told that the SE was replacing the Sport. However, I don't think that's true. If you go on the Toyota website, you can still build a Sport or an SE. The SE, does not allow any changes or packages. It has certain things that come standard (ie. leather). I'll post my buying experience soon. I don't have the paperwork in front of me.
  • I am looking for 2010 Highlander LTD AWD with package8 + tow package and spoiler. I live in Twin Cities area (MN). I was given a quote for 36,552+tax+title+license. Is this a good quote?

    If anyone bought a similar model recently in Twin Cities area or in Wisconsin can you let me know the price.

    I was given a quote for package 7 + tow + spoiler for 34,465+tax+license.
  • I am getting a quote for $37,400 plus processing fee, taxes, tag for a LTD with EV8 and Tow and rear spoiler and carpet/cargo mat. Is this a good price? I think its on the high side.

    Also, the dealer does not have the color I want but wants me to put down a deposit. Never been in this situation before always seen the car before putting money down. Appreciate if anyone has advise on how to ensure I get the car I paid the deposit for.

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