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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • draku007draku007 Posts: 2
    SE+bluetooth +crossbars+wheel lock+cargo net = 32,230+TTL
    Dealer from NJ
  • espressooespressoo Posts: 20
    edited March 2010
    I went through the same ordeal a few weeks ago except on the East coast. With the current 0% APR incentive going on right now, it appears that sales were picking up. I spoke to several dealerships that offered $1000+ over invoice and one did $500 over but would not budge. The problem with the last one was it was sitting around since Dec and had the recall fixed at the dealership. I finally found a place that sold for Edmunds invoice so I jumped on it. I don't see an incentive for any dealership to offer a huge discount below invoice for an AWD Limited EVP#8 while having a hard time up keeping inventory. At least this was the case in my area. Maybe $100-200 if you're lucky. I'd ask myself if it's worth missing out on the 0% APR over that amount if you've found the exact car you wanted. Toyota could very well extend the current incentive and add cash rebates or could simply say Highlander sales are good and remove it. Given my options, I didn't want to gamble away $4K in finance savings.
  • tl_stl_s Posts: 13
    going to test driver a highlander hybrid and want to buy one, want to find out from owners of hybrid what driving characteristics or symtoms to expect from owning a hihy. :confuse:
    thanks in advance for the response.
  • dp491dp491 Posts: 4
    2010 Highlander SE Black on Black Leather, $32,500 OTD, Gap insurance $695.

    $33,195 OTD with Gap Insurance.

    Is this a good deal? Should I get the Gap Insurance?
  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    That's a really good price... (unless you live in a state with no tax)... in which case it's still not bad.

    Call you car insurance... ask them what they charge for gap insurance... probably less.
  • $695 for GAP? Yikes, my insurance company charges $20/year.
  • duvaluduvalu Posts: 8
    I"m in the Northen NJ area and I"m looking for a similar price. Where did you get this deal?
  • dp491dp491 Posts: 4
    Duvalu - Kansas/Missouri

    State Farm doesn't offer Gap.

    Farmers does, if you let them do the financing, but they don;t have 0% lol.
  • synch22synch22 Posts: 16
    I would help you out but after signing docs etc on March 8th we wont be getting the car until Monday! what a wait jeez, but i did want one that was on a ship at the time so my fault.Go take a drive and see for yourself.

    I personally like the technology, MPG (even though its not whats stated) and the overall feel of the ride (quiet).

    To me it was worth the $7k or so we paid extra for the hybrid. We wanted an suv type car but not the MPG that go along with them.
  • tim92887tim92887 Posts: 7
    I am in the market for a highlander limited w/ pack 8, rear spoiler, 4x2 without rear entertainment dvd system. From what I read on here I assume I can get somewhere around 34500 before ttl. Does that sound right?

    I test drove one the other day (4x4, w/out nav, pearl white, sunroof) and this suv is awesome. The dealer only had this one in stock and it wasnt exactly what i wanted but I told him I'd still consider if he would give me a good price. I would have considered if it was close to 34500-35000 before ttl but they continued to bring up dealer invoice prices on their computer which showed higher invoice prices than edmunds. After an hour I still couldnt even get them to give me a price and just kept saying 34500 was insane. Can I ask how you guys are going about getting these good prices that I'm reading about? I am a newbie car buyer and just looking for alittle assistance on getting a fair deal. BTW im located in southern cali. Any tips would be helpful.
  • Just bought a new 2010 Highlander SE 4x2 this weekend. Did I negotiate a good price? Here are the specifics:

    SE 4x2 Magnetic Gray with Ash Interior
    Only option added on: 3rd Row Floor Mat

    Walk out the door Price: $30,229. This included everything except taxes.

  • camry1317camry1317 Posts: 16
    Buying a white Highlander with black leather interior, its an SE with mats and third row seating.

    MSRP: $35,225
    Purchase Price: $29,850
    0% Financing for 60 months

    Traded in a 2007 Toyota and got excellent blue book value.

    I think I did pretty well :)
  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    That's an awesome price, where did you get this?
  • theboilermakertheboilermaker Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Just put a deposit down to hold a Highlander AWD Limited without Nav, with Extra Value Package #7, Power Rear Door, Tow Prep, Spoiler.

    Edmunds says MSRP: 37,915.
    Was quoted 35,000 before TTL, and getting 0% financing.

    Is that a good deal? Edmunds says Invoice is 34,121...
  • dp491dp491 Posts: 4
    Drove the car off the lot Saturday.

    A dealer in Missouri had the best deal. We drove 3.5 hours from Oklahoma.

    2010 Highlander SE AWD
    Black on Black Leather

    $32,500 OTD, including Gap insurance
  • camry1317camry1317 Posts: 16
    I just drove my new Highlander home...

    Ended up going with the black on black SE instead of white with black interior.

    MSRP - $35,005
    Sale Price - $29,667
    Fees excluding tax - $350

    Ended up getting the Toyota Platinum 7yr/100k for $800 financed into the 0% loan. Hopefully I will never need it.

    Traded in my car for $100 less than KBB excellent value.

    On a scale of 1-10 how did I do?
  • duvaluduvalu Posts: 8
    That's a great deal that you got. Which dealer in Massachusetts? I"m looking for the same deal.

  • camry1317camry1317 Posts: 16
    edited March 2010
    Copeland Toyota, they were great there, Boch prices without the Boch atmosphere. I also bought a Camry Hybrid from them a couple years ago with a $30k sticker for about $26,5, can't remember exact price.

    Falmouth Toyota told me that invoice on the Highlnder was about $32k and if you you factor in holdbacks and incentives Copeland would be losing a couple hundred dollars. I think Falmouth Toyota would have done the deal for about $1000 more.

    The places seem like they really want to move cars, probably a combination of sluggish sales and end of the month.

    As for the warranty, I read the dealership cost is $780 and I read another message board saying people were getting them for $805 so even though I never buy a extended warranty, I figured the piece of mind until 100k miles was worth it at that price.

    I also got quoted about $4k off MSRP of a base.

    I sent one email to Copeland and they sent me certified e-prices within 6 hours with complete information on the 4 cars I inquired about. I will never buy a car from anywhere except Copeland Toyota or Falmouth Toyota again.
  • are u sure its a 4x4 that sounds like the msrp for a 2wd. msrp for a 4wd se with leather should be around 37,500-38,700
  • camry1317camry1317 Posts: 16
    Yes I am sure. If I was wrong, Toyota would be in big trouble for lying on the window sticker and all paper work I received!

    SE comes standard with leather, I didn't get any options except for floor mats. Go build one on or check out the link below. Same car, same dealership, different color.
  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    Went to a Toyota dealership in Southern California tonight... brought along some of these quotes... we were looking at a SE Black on Black leather with tow prep and convenience package.

    Told them we'd seen prices of $32.5k OTD and $29.6k pre-tax, etc... and I wanted to see where that would get us. Mind you I didn't just bring this up... this was after a test drive and after a few forms, photo copying our IDs, etc... so they knew we were serious to buy on the spot.

    The manager came back to me (skipping over the sales guy), and basically laughed in my face and said that they could only sell it to us tonight at $1k under sticker price! WOW... needless to say we walked away.
  • parker2009parker2009 Posts: 6
    edited April 2010
    i have been having a similar problem with the socal delears. i wanted to get a base model (V6) with nothing extra. invoice from edmunds, kbb and the dealer is around $24K...BUT the dealer adds an additional $3K to the invoice for advertising, maintenence and other misc costs. i got laughed at as well for trying to get $29K OTD. best offer i got was $29.8K but the color was repulsive.

    i thought i would have some luck offering the $29K OTD for a "demo" which had 500+ miles b/c the manager used it as a daily driver. again i got laughed at when i told them i'm not going to pay $31K for a used car. bah! i need to move to the midwest, deals in socal are nowhere to be found.
  • tim92887tim92887 Posts: 7
    I am having the save problem in socal. I have visited, called and emailed several places and have done all my homework and still they will not get close to the prices I see here. I figure they must know once the 0apr expires that sales are gonna fall bc anyone who is in the market is buying right now. I would think that would make them want to do the deal. Looking for a SE for 31k b/f ttl and having no luck. Anyone from southern Cali get a good deal on a HL base or SE? If so, please tell me where you went.
  • nanwar786nanwar786 Posts: 18
    The dealership is asking for exact information like name of the person and when it was bought for your deal? can you please be kind enough to send me an email at

    In general, dealerships are quoting more than $1500 as compared to your deal.
  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    I do already have hard quotes from a few dealerships... thing is... they don't have the cars. Basically, a hundred or two under $27k for base V6 and a hundred or two under $31k for base SE. But I can't find these in stock at the right places (unless I want to settle for an ugly color).
  • I bought my SE AWD 3 weeks ago(right after the incentive started) in NoCal(SF bay area). The only option I got was the floor mat. I paid $32,560+TTL with 0% financing. the dealer who quoted me didn't have the color I liked but promised to get it for me.
  • they should be able to get the car you like from another dealer. My dealer got the car for me with the color I like from San Louis Obispo. I am in No Cal.
  • eugeneyeugeney Posts: 4
    Signed papers two days ago for 2010 Highlander Limmited Blizzard Pearl with QI, TO, RF, 3T, CT at James Toyota of Flemington, NJ + 60 months. My deal was kind of complicated since I had a trade in, but it came down to Invoice - $500. Got the quote through another site (e-mail me at and I'll tell how and where). The best deal there was invoice -500, their offer actually was invoice price, but thy've honored the best internet offer. One of the smoothest car buying exp. I've ever had. Ask for salesmen Colin Lee (great guy) or his manager Lou Hernandez.
  • camry1317camry1317 Posts: 16
    What would you consider "invoice" on a SE with an MSRP of $35,005?

    I don't understand how my dealer in MA can sell me the car for $29.6k but is CA they are trying to get $32k+. If they are that stingy about the price, I have to assume they are going to work you hard on trade values, too. I wonder which dealership is more profitable?

    I was very happy with the car I had but the incentives and price I got were too good to pass up!
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