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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tim92887tim92887 Posts: 7
    Can I ask which dealership(s) is quoting you these prices? I am looking for a SE under 31k and Im not really picky on color.
  • nanwar786nanwar786 Posts: 18
    can you please let me know who did you talk to at Copeland Toyota?
    They quoted me SE price which is over $31K and they are saying that it is impossible to sell at $29.6K (your price).
    They are asking exact information like name of person who bought the care, when did he bought and who was the sale person etc?
    My email is
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    They are asking exact information like name of person who bought the care, when did he bought and who was the sale person etc?

    They ask for that information, because they know you can't get it... and, in the unlikely event that you do get it, they'll have some other reason that they can't sell it to you, for that price...

    Just tell them the price that you want... and, if they won't do it, tell them you are going somewhere else..

    As friendly as we all are, here... no one is likely to give you their personal information..



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  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    Unfortunately, I think some of us waited too long... The stock is so low at these dealerships now they know that they'll have no problems selling through their stock with the incentives at decent profits. I'm now getting quotes for WAY above invoice... and that's if I can find a Highlander at all in stock.
  • nanwar786nanwar786 Posts: 18
    I think the same that we waited too long.
    It is now almost impossible to find a Highlander in stock and even if there is one, it is way way overpriced.
    I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps it not worth at this time to pursue it any further.
  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    Rumors are, that the incentives will be extended... since the buyers this month were most likely just people looking to buy in the near future taking advantage... and not really conversions or new business. And since April is generally a slow month, they probably don't want to kill the momentum.

    The only thing I'm worrying about is that they may keep the incentives on a lot of cars, but since the Highlander has very low stock, they may not continue it on this particular vehicle.

    I found a AWD, we're going to go look at it in the next hour... may have to pull the trigger even though it's not FWD or the exact color we want.
  • This drives me nuts. you are going to spend 25--35K on a car that you will likely drive a long time. and you'll settle for 4wd when you want fwd and a color that is not your first choice. you will look at that car every day for years. be sure that you get what you WANT.

  • It does seem like the inventory is down considerably since I bought my Highlander SE FWD a week ago. Again, I bought mine at Crown Toyota in Lawrence, KS. I got it for $30,229. That included 3rd row seats and the 3rd row carpet and everything else except taxes. They even found the exterior and interior color that I wanted from another dealer in another city. They didn't charge an extra fee to do this. This is the second Toyota we have bought from them (Avalon 06) and they are great to work with. I have found that the big city dealers are less likely to go down on their price, but if you look outside your city and locate smaller city dealerships, they might be more willing to deal with you. Hopefully this helps someone.
  • tim92887tim92887 Posts: 7
    It is hard to say whether its worth it or not right now. I am going to try and get a HL SE tomorrow and its only one of two that I could find in all of Orange County, CA after calling all around. With the first one I saw yesterday the dealer wouldnt work with me at all. I had all the numbers and everything but they knew they had one of the last ones. I am hoping that with the 0% ending soon that the one tomorrow will want to make the sale on the other one. With 5%(best case) interest I would expect to pay about 3835$ for the loan I would need. I figure I will be willing to bump up my offer some bc of the 3835$ saving in interest. MSRP is 34378 total bf ttl. Does this make sense or do you think it would just be wise to wait. I believe sales will dwindle for the next months bc everyone who wanted to buy has bought already. Also 2011 will be coming soon. What do you think?
  • germilgermil Posts: 11
    I drove one home yesterday that I had put a deposit on 3/24 (arrived 4/2). SE AWD that has bluetooth (which I wanted), carpets, mudguards, and wheel locks, silver with ash interior; MSRP $35,484, I paid $32,475 or $125 over invoice with 0% financing for 5 years. I consider this a fair, not a great price considering the market. I started shopping on 3/20, just about the time that these vehicles started flying off of the lots. I know the dealer could have sold it yesterday for much more than I paid, and would have gladly given my deposit back. I also wanted a factory fresh vehicle built in March, which this was so I was willing to pull the trigger. Another factor was the dealer was close to work and home and a shuttle to drop me at work if needed. Vehicle is showing about 21 MPG, I will be pleasantly surprised if this continues. I expect Toyota to have low interest financing on this vehicle after 4/5, but do not expect them to continue 0% for 5 years so I jumped.
  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    So.... We drove one home on Friday night. We may have compromised on a few things, but they were things that we were kinda on the fence on anyway. For color, we were choosing between black, white, and magnetic grey. And as for FWD or AWD.... We were thinking that if we got AWD, it wouldn't be THAT bad since we might visit friends living in snowing areas in the winters anyway. Lastly, we had been hoping for ash grey leather, but when we saw black, we really started to like it. Turned out the one the dealer found for us had the black interior. So here's what we bought:

    2010 Toyota Highlander SE AWD
    Magnetic grey exterior with black leather interior
    Sticker: $35,005
    Price paid: $32,419 + TTL
    0% financing for 60 months

    Thinking about adding mudguards, running boards, and nave system that looks and feels like the factory nav.
  • pkadpkad Posts: 4
    Took me 3 weeks to get the color I wanted. Wanted Magnetic grey with black interior, carpeting and bluetooth. I picked up mine last week Friday. MSRP 35,400 and paid 32,200. I was willing to wait and risk for the 0% offer to expire to get exactly what I wanted. I read the news that most likely incentives are here to stay for April too.
  • duvaluduvalu Posts: 8
    were the 32,200 before or after TTL? I"m getting a deal today for 30,000 for an SE AWD before TTL in Northen, NJ.

    Please let me know.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you bought a new Toyota since Feb or are thinking about it, a reporter wants to hear from you. Email by Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

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  • kd2000kd2000 Posts: 10
    Highlander is Toyota's main bread and butter! This is typical tactics dealers use telling you that they do not have inventory and are asking way over invoice! One dealer told me I am helping you save over $7k in interest! total BS.
    These are times when inventory gets squeezed intentionally, sales people will pressure you to rush you on to your decision. Same thing you see with real estate also. Buy now ! buy now! there is no inventory!
    Dealers have totally forgotten that jury is still out on the accelerator issue and reason behind 0% for 60 months.
    BTW: My current 2003 Hghlander I had also purchased at 0% financing which was good for 36 months.

  • tarpon6tarpon6 Posts: 4
    Blah.. I'm out of the market for a while.. Now up to 2.9 for 60 months.. This is from the Toyota website.

    New 2010 Highlander - 0.0%/36 1.9%/48 2.9%/60 Months APR
  • I had negotiated a lease deal on a base Highlander about a week ago and completed a buyer's order and left a deposit. Dealer did not have one in stock and was currently in process of locating. I didn't have very specific parameters as we were comfortable with multiple color options. Spoke to the dealer mid-week and they were still trying to locate.

    They did not return my call over the weekend and now the lease special has expired. Due to the deposit and signed buyer's order which clearly indicates final monthly payment price, do they need to honor? Or should I say, "should" they honor? Or do I need to get my deposit back and get a Honda Pilot?
  • We took advantage of the 0% offer for 60 months, which Highlanders almost never offer on their vehicles. We conducted our search late so it was extremely difficult finding the vehicle that we wanted. We defintitely wanted Blizzard Pearl, sand beige with EVP#8. The dealership we worked with (North Bakersfield Toyota) could not locate this vehicle, they were all sold or did not have VIN numbers attached to them so he could not sell it.

    Instead, he found us a Blizzard Pearl, with Grey Interior and EVP #8. I don't feel like I got the best deal for this, but considering he had to do a trade and ordered it in freight (we should be receiving it within 2 weeks) we will be driving it off the lot with less than 15 miles on it easily. I figured the price was fair. We literally signed the purchase documents on April 5th which was the last day to take advantage of the offer. This is what I got and paid for this vehicle:

    2010 Highlander Limited 2x4 (NEW)
    EVP#8 (Navigation, Bluetooth, JBL, Multi-Staged Heated Seating, Moonroof)
    Blizzard White
    Rear Spoiler
    Grey Interior
    Tow Package
    Cargo Mats

    MSRP $38,335.00
    Invoice $35,038.04

    Price I paid: $36,335.00 (so just $2k off the MSRP).

    Not the greatest deal, but I had contacted other dealerships in S.Cal and they wanted closer to MSRP for this vehicle, and could probably sell it at a higher price because of the demand. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the purchase though I have not seen the vehicle yet.

    The dealership offered a Platinum package coverage which would extend my new vehicle to 7 years/100k miles, but it adds $2k extra to my payments. Has anyone purchased this particular coverage and gotten a better deal with their Highlander Limited with Nav? We'll probably buy it cause if the Navigation fails, it is a very pricey item for them to fix without the insurance.
  • synch22synch22 Posts: 16
    I got the blizzard pearl with Ash interior and actually think it flows better. The black dashboard ruins the beige interior look to me at least. Wait on the warranty, i was in the same boat but you can get a better deal on purchasing the warranties from other dealers. I have the same ride as you but in the hybrid version, enjoy!
  • Thank you! We really wanted the Hybrid intially, but they weren't offering 0% on them. Figured the Limited Highlander would be perfect. Did you end up buying a warranty from another dealer? And if so, which dealers offer it and at what cost? If you know that is...
  • nacenace Posts: 45
    duvalu, i am curious to know, if there was any glitches in your deal.
    if the deal went through, you made a great buy. please advise.
  • synch22synch22 Posts: 16
    In Seattle we had the 0% on the hybrid so i was fortunate. They wanted $1700 for i think 8yr/100k i passed on it. Consensus seems to be ride it out for a while with the 3 yr 36k and then get the extended before that expires. There were some posts in this thread and other deal sites on the net about dealers in the midwest selling cheap platinum toyota warranties that were legit. Good luck.
  • dp491dp491 Posts: 4
    2010 Highlander SE AWD Black on Black leather
    MSRP $35,234
    Purchase price $32,000 + $500 gap insurance = $32,500 OTD
    Fletcher Toyota, Joplin Missouri - Internet Manager Dan Clark

    I did my homework and I think I got a pretty sweet deal! The best advise I can give anyone is to deal with the internet sales dept. Theres a great article on Edmunds Buying Tips, "Internet vs. Traditional Car Buying".

    First I called the internet department Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson Kansas asking them to email me some info on the car. I recieved specs on the car and the email read.. "I am going to just be right up front with you, this is the only way we do business! I own this Highlander for $32,192, I would sell it to you for $32,692. That is an even $500 over!", additional $795 for gap insurance. I never responded back. I hope an employee can get a better deal, and I bet he doesn't even have the exact car!! Horrible sales pitch.

    Then, I called Dan at Fletcher Toyota, he emailed me the specs along with an offer. $32,642 plus $695 gap ins, $33,337 OTD.

    Last, I called to Molle Toyota in Kansas City MO, and the salesman said $32,000, $500 for gap ins. Great price, but main issue was Kansas City is 5 hours from Oklahoma City.

    I called Dan back and he was able to match the offer. Fortunately, Joplin MO is ony 3.5 hours from OkC.

    It wasn't as simple as it seems. There was alot of phone calls and emails throughout the week, but these are the main points.

    Initially, I contacted the dealers on Sat March 20th and we purchased the car a week later Sat Mar 27th at 0%. I got some great advise from contacts at local dealerships. One sales manager said if I could get the car for under $33k he'd be surprised, since Black/Black leather AWD is rare, and when they're avail, ppl most likely buy at sticker price. Also, most dealers weren't negotiating because there was no money to be made with the 0% offer.

  • im in norcal but do you guys know if i can go to socal and take advantage of the 0% for 36 months in socal? in norcal there's no 0% available anymore...
  • duvaluduvalu Posts: 8
    The deal did not work, after I showed up to, the dealer said that they did not have any more SE in stock.

  • Thank you. I checked another forum (the one about purchasing extended warranties) and luckily I did. I was able to contact the superstore in Kansas and they are selling the same exact warranty as my dealership is trying to sell me at a much much lower price. They quoted me $810, vs. my dealer who swore he was giving me the "employee" discount and it amounted to a little over $2,000 once it was added to my monthly payments. Ridiculous. Never buy from the dealer that is trying to sell you the vehicle it seems like another way they fix in a huge profit margin for their pockets. BTW, you are lucky you had 0% on Hybrids!! Wish we had it in CA. Enjoy your car!
  • camry1317camry1317 Posts: 16
    I've had my black on black Highlander SE for just over a week now and I love it. I've been getting 22.5mpg according to the dashboard reading but I mainly drive on the highway so the number is a little skewed.

    After reading the posts the past few weeks, I am ecstatic that I grabbed the SE for about $5,500 off the sticker. Probably got such a good deal because they will retail my trade on their lot (I got full blue book but they will sell as a certified preowned so it was a win/win for both sides).

    Hope the number of cars in Cali picks up so you guys can get yours soon!
  • Got mine at EL MONTE, CA:

    2010 Highlander SE 4x2 Sandy Beige and Beige interior for 34,500 OTD.
    0% for 60 months.

    Is this a good price?
  • timmychentimmychen Posts: 13
    Got mine from Longo also. Being that these were so hard to find towards the end of the 0% for 60 months deal, you didn't do that bad. But I did have a quote of $30,484 for the 4x2 SE plus TTL.... Ended up with the 4x4 though.

    Also, I'm convinced that there must be some hidden dealer incentives across other parts of the country, because when I brought up prices that others were getting on this forum, i got laughed at... and this is from the salesman who just gives me pretty straight low offers without negotiation because our family and friends buy so many cars from him.
  • How much was your Highlander Out the Door? By the way, who was the salesman?
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