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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    edited May 2010
    I agree.

    The "dealer's" "invoice" amount already has more than enough profit in it. IMHO a good deal for the purchaser would be below that dealer's invoice amount.

    In fact, I start out with the dealer's "true" cost of that vehicle (which is much less than that invoice they will show you) & then settle with them on a "reasonable" profit they will make.

    Also, I do all of my negotiating by EMail with the Internet Manager or his assigned salesman & will not even visit the dealer until we reach a final out of the door price before TT&L. They can allocate the selling price to whatever items they want to as long as I pay the final price I have agreed to.
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    You should have seen the look on a salesman's face once when I said, "I will pay you $1,000,000 for this car" and then paused very briefly. I finished my sentence with, "IF you will agree to a $980,000 trade-in allowance for my trade."
    The cash difference is $20,000, so I don't care what the actual numbers are.
  • 1batman1batman Posts: 4
    Please let me know if you think this is a good deal.

    Toyota Highlander Limited
    Extra value package #1
    36 months
    12k miles/yr
    0 money down, sign and drive.
    $525 a month.
  • domer0105domer0105 Posts: 1
    Hi all -

    I enjoyed reading your posts during my shopping experience, so i figured i would contribute my info in case it may help future shoppers.

    I am in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I was shopping for a Black 2010 Highlander Limited with the following options:

    QI Package aka Extra Value #8 (Nav, Bluetooth, etc.)
    RF(Rear Spoiler)
    CT (Carpets - didn't really want them but couldn't find a dealer that would exclude them)
    TO (Towing prep package - same as the carpets).

    MSRP = $39,560
    Invoice (including Destination charge) = $36,089
    Out the door price paid = Invoice + $75 documentation fee = $36,164 (excluding Tax & DMV fees)

    Things i learned:
    - Negotiate through email... i went to visit one dealership to do a test drive. The salesman was nice enough during the test drive but wouldn't budge on the pricing when i tried to negotiate a few days later via the phone after getting some online bids. His "final" price was $2000 more than the final price i paid.
    - If you were looking for a specific car like i was (colors + options), every dealer will tell you that they are not sure that they have it in inventory. Magically the car will appear once you are ready to put down a deposit. This is just a way for them to up-sell you in to another car with options that you don't want.
    - When you start to get bids and tell one dealer that another dealer has given you a better price and that you are going to buy from them instead, the first play in the sales playbook is to tell you "i hope it is a real price -- you know that they are going to try and add other fee's on top of your price". At best it is a lame scare tactic, at worst you get the feeling that there wouldn't be much to stop the person you are talking to from doing the same if you bought from them.
    - I was a member of some of the auto club buying programs (USAA, Costco). I used their online sites to ballpark where i should be in my price point, but i didn't use them to do my initial negotiations. I viewed this as my backstop but feared that i would get locked in to the price when i thought i could still get better. And i ended up getting better. Most of the auto clubs could get you Invoice +200/+400 pricing.
    - I got in to "final"negotiations with a few dealers where i was ready to put down a deposit, but when i pushed for them to send me a written & signed contract with their offer, the less helpful dealerships would just respond via email with their offer again. The place i received the best price from also followed up with a written/signed offer letter that was scanned and sent to me -- which was a nice layer of confidence when trying to buy over the internet.

    That's all i can recall for now. Happy Shopping.

    - Domer
  • atmben03atmben03 Posts: 1
    Just closed on a vehicle this weekend.
    Vehicle Details:
    -2010 Limited
    -Extra Value Package #7
    -Special Color
    -Vehicle Shield Package

    MSRP: $36974
    Invoice: $33780
    Purchase Price: $33624

    I worked with Justin Elliot at Jim McNatt Toyota in Denton, TX. The only dealer in the DFW area that could get me into 90% of MSRP area. Fantastic car, great buying experience. You really have to get bids from all over to get the best deal.
  • nacenace Posts: 45
    msrp $31420.00 included options, tow package, dr power seat, reat air, engine immoblizer,tonneau cover, running lights, cold weather pkg
    cargo net, roof rack cross rails, $ 28,641 before TTL, doe fee,
    how good of a deal , im not to sure. i know i will enjoy the car.
    my dealer is north west of chicago, suburbs.
  • janeyjanjaneyjan Posts: 6
    hi nace//
    I think you got a good deal.............................
    I too, got the very same package as you just described,, in metallic gray...cloth interior............................ only I traded in a'95 camry, and got 2500.. off....and I happened to get in on the 0% 60 months inentive, so figured I save a few dollars on the intrest..however your numbers were still better than mine
    at any rate.. enjoy the ride.. I know I am.. It's a great vehicle...
  • dd8dd8 Posts: 1
    Anyone purchase a highlander hybrid limited recently? We looked and were quoted a base price of 41000 - before any of the options. Looking at trueprice, the invoice is 38934. Realistically, how close can I expect to get to that? The options I'm hoping for are the navi and the extra value package (dual a/c, rear a/c) - according to the toyota website that's an extra 4305. Should I expect any break on the options? Thanks in advance!
  • synch22synch22 Posts: 16
    Bought a limited at the end of march few posts back. Paid $43,500 for a blizzard Pearl Limited (minus taxes and title) got the navigation and XM, mudguards, rack and a couple other extras and 0% 5 years . We love the car.
  • yaomiyigeyaomiyige Posts: 2
    I got a quote for Base V6 AWD for $27925, which is 3495 below MSRP. Do you think that it is a reasonable deal? thanks.
  • sunnyvalisunnyvali Posts: 32
    How was your experience with the dealer? I am in Frisco and looking for the limited with NAV. Thanks!
  • vahanumvahanum Posts: 1
    I would like to share my recent experience with a Northern Jersey Toyota Dealer.
    On April 3rd, I finalized the deal for a 2010 Highlander/ Green color/0% APR/60 months. Clearly told the dealer that I was there because of 0% APR, went through the credit check and paid around 2000$. Rather, I thought I had a deal. Dealer couldn't get the color but promised to get it within few weeks. After a week, I was told that the dealership has placed the order with Toyota and will get in last week of April. Then I was promised the vehicle in the first week of May. I was calling every week to follow up and visited them even once.

    I was told during one of my calls (May 17th) that we are getting the highlander next week but that there is a small issue. Yes, I can get it only at 2.9% - because Toyota has changed its promotion and it is Toyota's problem.

    I went in person and met a senior manager who had the most ridiculous attitude. He couldn't answer my basic question - Why wasn't I informed about this issue in all these 45 days? He argued that I wouldn't have done anything even if I had known. Sure, I could have chosen my second color of choice and availed Toyota's next promotion - 0% APR for 36 months on Highlander (till May 4th) – worst case at the same dealership.

    As instructed, I called Toyota and spoke to a friendly representative. She heard my story and clearly said that the dealers are responsible for executing the promotion. As per Toyota, I should have driven the car out of the lot before end of promotion to avail the 0% APR. She was surprised that nobody in the dealership told me that – not only on April 3rd but for the next 45 days.

    Toyota gave me a case number and the dealer’s Customer Relationship manager is supposed to respond within next 3 days. Two days gone and I am yet to hear.

    Pondering on my next move. Appreciate some feedback.
  • highl2010highl2010 Posts: 4
    V6 4WD, LIMITED leather moonroof

    $35700 OUT OF DOOR
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    You gave the dealer $2000 for a car that didn't exist. I'm afraid you'll have to finance on whatever terms are in place the day your car finally arrives. It's not right, but it's what will happen.
  • hi all - we are from houston & are about to purchase this vehicle (we go pick it up tomorrow from Champions Toyota dealership), but our drive out price is $28,200... it has 3rd row seating, which automatically comes with the extra value pkg #2 & power driver's seat... it also has the vehicle shield pkg, which i dont really want, but i'll take it... mats (i can buy these cheaper elsewhere too) & window tint... personally, i think $28,200 is a great price, considering all these options & the dealer invoice costs is about $27,546 (i did my research)... everyone else was trying to get me to pay $28,800 and some over $29k.. but it is end of the month, so now is a good time to purchase.
  • apwalshapwalsh Posts: 3
    Pretty good info on this site, thanks everyone.

    I was quoted on a Highlander SE, with leather and Bluetooth today, $32,600 selling price, and $385/mo lease with no money down, ttl costs up front. MSRP was $35k and change. I'm going to check with some other dealers tomorrow, but I think that this was a pretty fair price for the car. I can probably get a little lower, but the hard work is done. Does anyone have an opinion on this price?
  • carolina2carolina2 Posts: 3
    I am in the process of buying a 2010 highlander SE, V6--no other option. A dealer gave me a price something like this: $28,000 + tag, title, etc.

    The dealer took the toyota's $1500 cash back, so the price should be $29,500. He also took my $1,500 Trade-in car. So the final price of the highlander is: 29,500 + 1,500 = $31,000 plus tag, title etc.

    Since he took the toyota's $1500 rebate I must take 2.9% or up interest loan depending upon my credit score.

    Is it a good price? How could I negotiate-- any suggestion on pricing or any discussion would be very much appreciated.

    yolonda, carolinas
  • minileedxrminileedxr Posts: 9
    apwalsh & carolina2: are your prices for the 2WD or AWD? There is about a $1500 difference in MSRP when comparing the two.

    As for me, a dealership called and said that I won. They are going to sell me the car at my price, which was invoice. In the end, I got a 2010 Highlander SE, V6, AWD, with carpets/mats, and crossbars for $32,267. They did however, make their money back in the paint and leather protection that I bought for 1k.

  • carolina2carolina2 Posts: 3

    It was 2 wheel drive.

    The highlander i am talking about is 2010 SE V6. only floor mats come with it.

  • Hello all,

    I am looking to get the Body Side Moldings (to decrease the chances of door dings), and Running Boards (to help people get in, appearance) on my Highlander.

    A question to all: will Running Boards act as Body Side Moldings? Do they stick out enough to prevent door dings?

  • testudotestudo Posts: 1
    Purchased at a dealership in MD.

    MSRP: 46,400
    PLUS tax tags and $100 doc fee

    4 MD dealerships were willing to go more than 5,000 below MSRP while negotiating via internet. Most threw out an offer of 4,800-5,100 below MSRP to start. One dealer offered 5,800 below but had an additional dvd system. Some variance with doc fees (100-250), tag fees (275-500), and mileage (15-215) so make sure you get the total price before committing.

    Dealers in NJ and NY were all 1,500 to 2,500 more. They were willing to sell at invoice but not any lower.

    Happy hunting.
  • apwalshapwalsh Posts: 3
    It was AWD, with all the usual, mudflaps, mats, crossbars. I also had bluetooth added in. Have not purchased, yet, trying to get a little lower before I bite.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter wants to talk with recent buyers of a 6+ seat vehicle in the Detroit area. Please respond to by Friday, June 4, 2010 and be sure to include your phone number and the vehicle model you own.

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  • razduckrazduck Posts: 20
    My friend is near to deciding on a vehicle, and the Highlander Limited V-6 AWD is what she's most interested in. The MSRP is $41,870, what would be a good offer to make to the dealership here in Portland, OR area?
  • I am being given a quote for V6 Limited with QI Package (Nav) for around $ 35,500.
    Please can anyone tell if this is a good deal?

  • carlupicarlupi Posts: 52
    Go to Fitzgerald Toyota's website (Fitz is located in Maryland) for a low, benchmark price. Fitz is a "no haggle" dealer that consistently sells Toyos (and other makes) at a very good price. Use this price to guide your negotiations with other dealers.

    ps. I have no affiliation with Fitzgerald.
  • highl2010highl2010 Posts: 4
    contact me, i just got my vehicle from Gresham dealership, the guy gave me the best quote - i shopped from washington to S Oregon, he beat all the prices.
  • etj0908etj0908 Posts: 3
    Just brought home my new Base 4x4 Highlander with Extra Value Pack #2 (power front seats, cold weather packet, carpet floor mats, mudguards, roof rails and cross bars, rear a/c).

    MSRP 31528
    Price Paid 26500 + 6.25% MA tax + 125 Registration Fee + 299 Doc Fee
    2.9% financing for 60 months

    Got 2500 trade-in for 2002 Explorer with 122k miles.

    Boch Toyota - Norwood, MA
  • cuvangcuvang Posts: 31
    Is that a V6 4x4 base? Thats is a great deal! I am in the market for V6 base or Sport, checking prices here in Southern Califfornia. If any one knows a great deal, let me know. thks
  • I live in Connecticut. Today I test drove a 2010 Black V6 Highlander. The only option I requested was a sunroof. I was given a MSRP of $32676, and sales price of $29995 PLUS taxes and fees. Any thoughts??
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