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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got Base 4cyl with 3rd row package for 25000 Invoice + TTL.
  • bn4bn4 Posts: 1

    Could you tell me the location? Did you get the 0% for 3 years or does 25k include rebate?
  • I am offered the 2011 SE AWD V6 at (Invoice+100). Since it is so new, I am unable to find any lower. Does anyone have any comment when would dealers drop their prices more?
  • hkuhku Posts: 1
    I just signed my papers for 2010 Highlander SE AWD for $31,300 - OUT OF THE DOOR in VA.

    I don't have a break up since I always negotiated only on out of the door price with all dealers.
  • kevin125kevin125 Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    I was quoted SE AWD 31300 + TTL with 0 APR finance
  • Where(location) you getting 0% APR ?
  • adjohnadjohn Posts: 8
    edited October 2010
    Attempted to pickup a 2010 Highlander Limited V6 AWD with EVP #8, but no dice from the dealer.

    Their computer showed there was no special finance rates for non-hybrid Highlanders.

    They did have $750 cash incentive, but dealer wouldn't accept my offer of $34000 (+TTL).

    Guess I'll have to wait til next month and see what my options are...
  • averagepunteraveragepunter Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    South Boston Area - just picked up a 2010 SE AWD w/mats, crossbars and carpets - MSRP 35,343. Settled at 31,000 + TTL with 1.9% finance. They also offered $350 more for my trade than the next best offer.

    Didn't have to negotiate too hard, and think I could have pushed for another $250 in the deal, but I am happy with where I landed.
  • Just bought this today: 2011 Highlander SE AWD V6 with NV (Navigation), TO (tow package) and CT (carpets). MSRP 38595. Paid 35000 + TTL. I wanted the 2011's because of the 50/50 split 3rd row. Otherwise I could have snagged a 2010 limited for below 35k.

    BTW, I'm in SF bay area.
  • asiasfasiasf Posts: 2
    Can you share the dealership name ?

    Did you get it for invoice ?

    I think if you can get a 2011 for invoice then its a good deal.
  • bucsfan1029bucsfan1029 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Just purchased a 2010 FWD v6 Highlander SE today in Tampa, FL. Silver exterior with black leather interior, bluetooth included. $30,500 out the door (so approx 28.5k before Taxes, etc). Like others have said, didn't have to negotiate too hard with them but didn't feel like I could go much lower. The last $500 of negotiating was the hardest part! I am pleased where I ended up as well. MSRP was $34,900. The presence of the 2011 models could tell they wanted to move the 2010s.
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    I live in NJ. I got internet quote $38,708 for "2011 4x4, 3.5L V6 Limited" Exterior=Black,Interior=SAND BEIGE (No any other option)

    $38,708 is Out The Door (OTD) Pricing. (with Tax 7% NJ)

    dealer don't have in inventory & they have to order from Car Factory.

    I will try to get more quote from different dealer (at least 3) & keep posted for everyone.
  • FYI... if you have a Costco membership the Toyota pricing is $300 over invoice on all models. I'm working on picking up a 2011 Highlander Limited myself. AAA and some credit unions also have discounts. Make sure to try those out 1st. If you don't have a Costco membership it pays to pay $40-50 for one Actually I think if you're not satisfied you can request a cancellation and refund.
  • Just checking on any good deals or please tell me what type of deal you were able to get. Thank you.
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    It is good idea. I am AAA member.
    Just ckecked AAA WEB , 2011 highlander is not list (Maybe too new) so I requested 2010 to see what kind of offer.
  • egb1egb1 Posts: 3

    It has been a very long time since I have purchased a new car. I have an offer for a 2010 Highlander Limited FWD V6 for 32333.00 plus title, taxes and fees. Final total $33672.00. Good Deal?
  • No, I do not think that is a good deal.
    That car has already depreciated a full year now that the 2011s are out.
    If you keep it long enough, you might be able to offset that huge up front loss.

    I bought that same car in late December 2009 for $ 32,000 even (before TT&L).

    I don't know what color yours is or if any accessories are on the car.
    But, mine was blizzard pearl & the dealer installed factory body side molding, door edge guards, mud flaps, & a stainless steel exhaust tip - all for the $ 32,000 price.

    Of course prices vary by regions of the country. I am in the Gulf South Distributor Region. Just the Destination Charge on a HL in this Region costs $ 55 more than what every other region pays.

    If you can wait I would purchase after XMas but before the end of the year 2010. That means you will have to time your negotiations so that you can finalize your best offer within that short window.
  • Does it have the navagation, evp #8?
  • egb1egb1 Posts: 3
    Thank you. I appreciate the information. Will wait to see what I can get later this year.
  • egb1egb1 Posts: 3
    no - it does not have any extra packages
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    I live in NJ 07627

    Here is my quote for 2011 Highlander Limited V6 4wd Exterior=Black,Interior=SAND BEIGE (Invoice=$36,345/MSRP=$38,470 )

    3 Dearlers give me price as following & all are below Invoice=$36,345

    Internet Quote $35,353 Plus Fees (Destination Inlcuded)
    Internet Quote $35,563 Plus Fees (Destination Inlcuded)
    Internet Quote $36,000 Plus Fees (Destination Inlcuded) --> Costco Member only
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    Again 2010 & 2011 are different:

    Lots option on 2010 but 2011 become default that's why price up near $2000

    From Base invoice price you can tell.
  • rukmayrukmay Posts: 2
    I am in NJ , looking for 2010 highlander limited, Post if any one get deals from NJ toyota dealers ?
  • I been Quoted two prices for new 2010 Highlander Limited with EVP #8 package,Premium Carpet Mat Set, Window Tint,Color-Keyed Side Molding, not all the options but most of the options.

    1. Out of State $34700 OTD
    2. In state $35000 OTD.

    What you guys think?
  • johnd15johnd15 Posts: 41
    raul76051... impossible to advise w/o more info on your car. But roughly speaking on Limiteds getting $2500 - $3000 off MSRP on 2011 is an excellent buy. On 2010 you are in driver's seat. Subtract another $1000 - $2000 with Toyota incentives. Go to to research. Also check out Fitzgerald Toyota prices. You want to know dealer cost, dealer invoice,& incentives. Good luck.
  • $36,213 +TTL and processing.

    (TO ) TOW PKG
    Exhaust Tip

    Good Deal?
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    This is very good price, but you still have to check:

    1. Trade in Value ?
    2. Out of Door price (some time dealer charge Doc = $300 )
    3. Loan ?

    I can get $35,200 without GPS, All other option like yours.
  • Jiangy-
    1- 10,750 on a HIGH mile volvo xc90
    2- Tax ~1,100 / Tag&Reg ~80/ Proces fee 449
    3- 2.9% loan

    Oh and knock another $500 off the $36,213 due to $500 Military incentive
  • jiangyjiangy Posts: 8
    Sound good. Make sure everything in writing before deposite.
    Everything they say is false until you see it in writing & include your trade in value.

    Always, always remember to walk out if you don't reach a deal you like.
    Ask them Full tank of gas (Most of time give only 1/4 Full)
  • I live in nj got a quote of 39000. If anyone has better quotes let me know and if the dealer is in nj name of dealership would be appreciated.

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