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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oldtimeyankoldtimeyank Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Regarding your 2010 Highlander V6 for $27676 in the Boston area, what dealership did you purchase it from, and do you know whether the $1000 cash back is still being offered?

    Thanks in advance.


    Allentown, PA
  • was that out the door? if so it was a heck of a deal, if not it was still a good one.
  • No. Price was before taxes and fees.
  • Copeland Toyota in Brockton, MA. The $1000 rebate expired.
  • I misspoke earlier. I just confirmed the $1000 rebate is alive and well through Nov. 30.
  • ssr31ssr31 Posts: 2

    I am planning to buy a 2011 Highlander Limited AWD with Rear Entertainment System and Voice Activated Navigation System. I would like to know any recent purchases and deals around Boston Area for this. What would be a good deal ?

    I am also open to 2010 Highlander Ltd AWD with Navigation and DVD entertainment as it currently has $1000 incentive. But the price for 2010 seems to be higher than 2010. Would appreciate any info on recent deals for both 2010 & 2011 versions around Boston Area. Dealer info would be great.

  • I checked into this service a few weeks ago & received a quote for 2011 HL Limited AWD for $500 over invoice. Today I revisited the USAA site & was quoted $500 below invoice! I guess the market is adjusting to lower sales - Toyota did not have a great October. No incentives on 11s yet... lots of 10s still around - too bad. Like the looks of the 2011; wouldn't be happy with 2010 anymore.
  • Were looking for a '10 Highlander for the replacement of wife's minivan for a while and this site was where I frequently checked for pricing info and strategy. Just made a purchase and like to share my experiences and hope it could be of help to others just as I benefited from what you guys shared in here.

    At first I checked websites of local Toyota dealerships and it looked like there were a lot of '10 Highlanders remaining, but later on I found the info was misleading since the dealerships share the same stock database therefore only a few of the vehicles sit in one particular dealer's site though many more might show in its website.

    I got the impression from Edmunds that you could get $500 below invoice for '10 model while $500 above for '11. Talked with the nearest Toyota dealer and the price they gave was almost 2K above what we expected. I knew this might not be the right time in the begining of a month, and they might give a better price at the end of month, but I was tired of playing a game with them.

    So I submit a request in, and soon a salesman of nearby dealer contact me through e-mail and said they had the vehicle I wanted in stock. I asked him to give an honest offer. The price was close to what I wanted, and my counter was accepted. Then last Wednesday morning wife and I went to the dearlership, and the negotiation process was not without a twist, for instance our final offer was not accepted until the salesman called me in home that night. And on Thursday morning we signed the deal and brought home a '10 vehicle from them. In general we were satisfactory with the purchase and we might have achieved $500 below invoice. The following are details of the deal.

    Vehicle: '10 V6 base Highlander (PE, QB, WT, CT and P2), silver color
    MSRP: $30343
    Price after 1k rebate: $26500 with asked-for trade-in value, or $26110 with lower trade-in value they offered. Baseline was we paid 26.5k out-of-door for the vehicle after rebate + trade-in.

    Would like to answer more specific questions if you are intersted.
  • accepted an offer for 2011 Highlander V6 FWD base, with tech pkg, towing pkg, matts.

    $28700 out to door.

    On very limited budget, tried to find one without any package but couldn't. I think Toyota's packages are overpriced.
  • Hi Eastcoastman,
    Thanks for the info. That's a great deal. I am planning to buy the same one. Could you please post the dealer's info and your highlander's model # and MSRP ? Thanks for you help.
  • model 6946, MSRP $31425 VannYorkToyota or FredAndersonToyota
    Good luck!
  • I have a 2010 Highlander Limited without Nav and a Blackberry 9630 Tour model. I originally had the phone paired and working great with the car for about 4 months, but oddly it stopped working properly. The car recognizes the phone when I get in, but it engages in "Talking..." mode and displays "Talking..." on the radio display. It acts as if I am initiating a call when on start up, but I am not. I can hit the cancel button on the steering wheel and the phone will cancel but then not be paired with the phone, yet the blue light on my Blackberry continues to blink. Anyone have this same problem and know of a fix?
  • tried to find one w/out package as well, had a deal worked out on one only to realize at last minute it didn't have 3rd row either...that was the only option we were interested in and i thought from the net it had it.
  • There are now, as of today, new Toyota incentives on 2011s through 11/30 - $500 off or 1.9% financing. Didn't take long... Glad I didn't pull the trigger sooner. Waiting on a Limited AWD (no navigation) due into dealer any day; the new Nautical Blue w/black leather. MSRP $38,045. My cost $35,515 or $500 over invoice - then subtract new $500 incentive, so will purchase at invoice.
  • I called both dealerships today and had no luck of getting a good price. Thanks for the info. The deal you got was great.
  • Just to share my price: 2011 SE AWD, with some small options: bluetooth, cargo mat, cross bar, mrsp: $36***

    $31000 before tax and document fee
  • that's a good price.
    where did u get it?
    name of the dealer plx
  • bnbag1bnbag1 Posts: 5
    edited November 2010
    Seems like you got a good deal.
    Please post the dealership info.
  • caw99caw99 Posts: 2
    Hey, that's that exact configuration I'm looking at. And that's a smoking good deal on the price. Was it hard to find a Limited w/o NAV? Can you also mention what Toyota dealer you dealt with? Are they a small or large volume dealer? Thanks in advance.

    p.s. Thanks for mentioning about the $500 rebate. Last time I checked it was only for available to servicemen.
  • Very few Limiteds seem to be built w/o Nav - sure it has to do with improving Toyota profit margins. Will purchase my own Garmin, thanks anyways. I ordered my Limited from the factory - through Fernelius Toyota in Cheboygan, MI, a small dealer in a small town at the northern tip of MI's lower peninsula. The price is courtesy of USAA buying service, which is for those current or former service members + families. The rebate is for anyone who purchases & takes delivery 11/15 - 11/30 - see the Toyota website.
  • "Waiting on a Limited AWD (no navigation) due into dealer any day; the new Nautical Blue w/black leather. MSRP $38,045. My cost $35,515 or $500 over invoice - then subtract new $500 incentive, so will purchase at invoice. "

    Is the $35,515 out the door with tax and tags?
    If not, your invoice numbers are way off.
    The limited without nav we are pricing has a msrp of $38,025 and invoice is $34,291.
  • Have been browsing this thread for quite a while. Time to share my own experience:

    Considering many factors, finally decided to settle for a 2010 hybrid.

    MSRP about 47k;
    Sale price 40300;
    Plus 0 APR, 0 down and 0 first month from Toyota, saving a total interest of nearly 4k for me, so give up the $2000 cash rebate offer.

    I got similar offer from three different dealerships. Dealers are generally very...motivated... at this time of the year, especially for older models. The highlander is brand new, just not the newest model. The 2011 hybrid has not yet been released in most places as far as I know.
    Yes, as some reviews pointed out, it feels rather weird when riding a 50k vehicle but not even able to play your ipod. The 2011 models are better regarding this…
  • Limited price of $35,515 is $500 over invoice - not out the door. According to the USAA buying service and the dealer, invoice is just over $35,000, although I have not seen the actual invoice yet (have not taken delivery). The dealer said they will show it to me. That's the source info I have, and consistent with what I have seen on a dealer website that lists such info - Fitzgerald Toyota . I expect to pay about $35,000 then with the $500 Toyota incentive + tax & tags. My vehicle will have the JBL system & tow pkg. Does your $34,291 invoice price include destination?

    In the end, I expect others will eventually pay less... that's the way it goes.
  • Please let me know your thoughts. Probably going to see the car tomorrow:

    2010 Highlander Limited AWD
    Extra Value Package 8 (Nav, Heated Seats, Pwr Rear Door, Bluetooth, XM, Sunroof, Auto Rear AC)

    Tow Package

    Asking $35,290. (Or $33,790 if I take the $1,500 cash back instead of the 0.9 Finance Rate. Edmunds Dealer invoice pricing is $35,248.

    What do you think?
  • 2011 Limited 4x4 (TOW PKG / JBL AUDIO)

    Base Price...........$32,817..... $36,345
    Destination..........$810.......... $810
  • I keep seeing where it says you can get the invoice price on any vehicle from the edmunds site. Where can you get this? All I see is where you get quotes from salesmen and I do not want any salesmen calling me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,735
    Towards the top of this page, click on "NEW CARS", then pick "Price w/options".. Then pick your make and model...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • In the NJ area. Do you think that this is a good deal? I think that I can do al little better.

    MSRP: 36,026
    Price (including destination): 32,500
    OTD: 35,626
  • ssr31ssr31 Posts: 2
    I recently got a deal in boston area for 2010 highlander limited with Nav and rear entertainment system for 36,600 . Is this a good deal ?

  • I am now the proud owner of a 2011 HL Limited - took delivery hours ago. Nautical Blue (new color - like a navy blue) w/black interior - hard to find, but great combo! MSRP $38,025 w/JBL system & tow pkg; paid $35,585 or $500 over invoice & took 1.9% Toyota financing deal instead of $500 off. Using Toyota's $$ I am sure I can invest better elsewhere instead of paying cash like I was going to. The dealer showed me the invoice - unless it was doctored, showed $35,085.

    Bnbag1: what you are missing may be Admin/fuel fee, which apparently for us in Midwest is $664 (listed on invoice I was shown) best that I recall. That accounts for most of diff you cite from what I have researched. I noticed when pricing w/Edmunds you must check it or it doesn't show. Could be different fee where you are.
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