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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • satekesateke Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    Hello everybody,

    I live in the Houston (Sugar Land) area and was wondering what price I should buy a 2011 SE Highlander V6 2 Wheel Drive with tow package and wheel locks for.

    According to Yahoo Autos, MSRP is $34,261 and invoice is $30,971.

    Could anyone recommend any dealers in the Houston area and also what price I should aim to get my Highlander for?

  • I'm in Nor Cal and do not want to reinvent the wheel. Any tips on a good dealer in the SF bay area or I'm willing to go to Sacramento for an extra few hundred dollars (i like me a good deal). How much below invoice? Zag or true car shows about $500 below invoice. Can that be stretched further? Looking for a SE V6 fwd with dark interior and no options. Does the car come without the tow option?

    I appreciate any advice from all.
  • mkdorfmkdorf Posts: 10
    My dealership is located in Chesapeake VA.... First Team Toyota. Don't think I'm allowed to post names of the sales staff. Very pleasent experience and can recommend them. If you need additional info, email me..

    Good Luck!!
  • My Bay Area search didn't go as far as Sac, but did reach Petaluma, Novato, San Jose, Antioch, Marin and several in between. Ended up with SF (no place like home Dorthy)

    For the current incentives and rebates, go to - learned about this from a rep at the auto show (i.e. hot model) who was pretty knowledgeable.

    You may want to plug in other states and cities to see what's available elsewhere. This site updates monthly but isn't 100% accurate. Check with a couple of local dealers. For example, in N CA for Dec., it shows the 2010 incentives but not the $750 for 2011 gas valid until Jan 3, 11.

    The site also has a valuable forum of info.

    About a third of the internet dealers in Dec. were willing to deal below invoice but that was after the incentive. Keep in mind that dealer invoice already includes $ that they will get back from the dealer hold back.

    They may be more willing to deal on the SE model than they were on the Limited with black leather since there were very few available at the time.

    The TO, Tow Package seems to come as part of most packages as well as the floor mat package. The TO adds $220 MSRP, $176 invoice. Even if you never tow, it "may" add a little beef if you find yourself in heavy traffic in the mountains (that's a guess to justify it).

    I sent out emails to over a dozen internet dealers, got responses back from about ten, had about half a dozen that would deal, three that got down under invoice and one that got aggressive enough to win the business.

    There are dealers that say they'll get you the car at the price you want but they don't have it in stock and would need to swap with another dealer for it. Due to timing, I didn't go that route. Check if the price they give you is for a car on their lot at the time, if they will try to make a swap or if it's in "S" status which means in shipping and due to arrive which may or may not make it in time for the monthly incentive program. Some were willing to deal for a car in S status that wasn't being shipped to them but another dealer. A bird in the hand may be a cheaper that the bush.

    One last thing, you don't need to buy an extended warranty from the dealer that you buy the car from so you can remove that from the deal and add it at a later time (I think, during the first 3yr, 30Kmiles but you may want to confirm)
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    edited December 2010
    Got this offer on 2011 Highlander SE V6 4WD: 32124 with SE Package, Tow Prep Package, Cross bars and Carpet Cargo mat. MSRP is 36223 and the invoice price is 33124 including destination $810 and some TDA $500. Total OTD is 35052 with 2.9% APR for 60 months.

    Hows this offer? This one is good for today. Shall I pull the trigger?
    Is there any room for negotiation?
  • mosbecmosbec Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    Certainly a good deal ($32124 - $810 DC = $31314 - $31500) better than Ford Flex (5750 Miles) $37000. Go pull the trigger
  • Just purchased a 2011 Highlander SE 4WD with Tow Prep Package, Crossbars, Carpet Cargo Mat, Muffler Tip, and Special Color. MSRP 36469. Final price 31350 (32100 - $750 rebate). OTD price 34875.
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    Congratulations!!!! Did you finance it? I just bought se 4wd same configuration as yours but with navigation and jblspeakers for 37200 with 2.9% for 60 months and it's gray metallic.
  • I finance with 3.59% for 60 months. Deals said that is the best rate they can give me without going thru Toyota. So I took the 750 rebate and get 3.59% 60 months finance.
  • Purchased from NC dealer 2011 HL FWD LTD w/JBL, Towing Prep & Cross Bars, MSRP $36,859

    Deal settled for $33,988 on 2011; dealer through in floor mats, Reese hitch w/hookup, mud guards, rear bumper guard & exhaust tip. I will install myself.

    Dealer gave me $26,850 on '08 HL FWD LTD w/22,400 miles. Payed off owing balance (36 mo left), financed 2011 for 0% 36 mo, no payment for 90 days. Very please w/deal, saved $1,200 interest on old bank loan. Closed deal on 12/23/10.

    2011 has firmer feel, quieter ride, integrated & updated satellite radio, split 3rd row, moon roof & updated body styling, all pluses.
  • hjackhhjackh Posts: 1
    I just want to share my recent experience with this dealership and give warning signs to people when dealing with this dealership. Seriously, I had a very disappointed experience(lots games and lies) for a highlander SE purchase recently. I try to make the story shorter.
    We settled down a deal via phone and email, which looks the lowest comparing to other dealerships. The salesman said the car was available and we could go over for paperwork to secure it, and car will be delivered on the third day. We drove all the way to their office for paperwork.
    When we arrived to the office, they started the game:

    1. the guy said unfortunately the car might not be available(he lied to us in the email that car is available) and he offered another car to consider which will be trade in from another dealership which is 50 miles away. We still want to get the original car we want, so he said he would do his best to get the car and we can first put the deposit in to secure the trade. He said he would call us in the late evening or the first thing on the next day morning to let us know.
    2. We had no message from the guy on that day nor the next day morning. We called back, he said he was at home and we need to wait for another day to get confirmation. I don’t understand why he wants to hold us for such long time. He did not tell us the car was actually already sold.
    3. We called the dealership, trying to talk to their manager regarding to this purchase. The manager said he is at office (the guy lied to us that he was at home) and need to check with him on this issue. The manager told us the car was already sold yesterday! (the guy didn’t even tell us the car is already not available).
    4. Manager said he could get another same car for us and we asked him to email us the car spec detail. No email reply for an hour, and we called back telling them that if there is no news before noon, we will cancel the deal.
    5. No reply till noon, then we called again to manager and asked to cancel the deal as he said car was not available, but the deposit cancelation need to be done by the salesman. We called the salesman to cancel the deposit, but he said this need to be done by the manager. What a joke!
    We spend time and energy dealing with this dealership, with true intention to purchase a car, but their people were just playing games and lying. This is really disappointed experience, and I would never deal with this dealership again in my life!
  • Hi All,

    I have a dealer in Atlanta who gave me a quote for a new Highlander (2011) SE I4 with the following options:

    4-Cyl Tow Prep Package (4 cyl): $220
    Carpet Mats w/cargo mat: $399

    MSRP on the model is : 31,995.00 + 619.00 (options) + 825.00 (Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg)
    Total : 33,439.00.

    The dealer is willing to give at 30660.50 + tax. He said the price includes the doc and trade fee. The reason for the trade fee is because the vehicle I am interested in is not available anywhere in Atlanta region. They have to get (drive not transport) it from North Carolina.

    Let me know if this a good price (30,660.50 + tax).

  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    That's bit expensive. I had a quote for se v6 for 29600 it was 1000 under invoice. I was interested in se v6 leather trim offer price 32124 but ended up buying se v6 with nav for 34324+ttl. Ask him to give 1000 under invoice also there is 1.9% apr scheme is going on. All the best.
  • Can you please give the dealer name and address where you got the best quote. I'll buy from them.

  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    Green Toyota Springfield il
  • satekesateke Posts: 2
    The 2011 comes standard with leather trim.
  • dinu88dinu88 Posts: 10
    My Bad it was base highlander v6. Only major difference is leather trim and moon roof when compared to se
  • got one 2 month ago with Tow Prep Package, Cross bars and Carpet Cargo mat
    msrp 36223 got it for 31088+ttl
  • Hi Everyone, I am in the process of buying a base 2011 Highlander SE, and am planning to pay for it in cash. What's a good price point for it, ie - best deal that I could negotiate too? The model will be an AWD V6.

    Any insight anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

  • jimnjjimnj Posts: 6
    Does that have the moon roof. That was a great price. I am looking for same car in NJ with moon roof.
  • jimnjjimnj Posts: 6
    Looking for a price in NJ on a Se with moonroof. Any suggestions on what I should aim for?
  • Hi Everyone,

    So I finally got a price quote from the dealer, and I was wondering if I could negotiate it for any lower, or if the price is the best I could get.

    The details are as follows:

    A 2011 Highlander V6 SE Model with the following features:
    6 Speaker AM/FM CD
    Wheel Lock

    And the standard features of the SE such as moon roof, leather, and 3.5 screen backup camera.

    The dealer quoted a sticker price of $32,458. I'm not sure if I should continue to negotiate for a lower price, or if that's the lowest price I can get. I did tell the dealer that I would pay for the entire car in cash.

    Any ideas from anyone?

  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    You can ALWAYS offer lower and continue to negotiate...the worst answer you'll hear from a dealer is "no."

    Also, NEVER tell them you're paying cash during negotiations, let them believe you're going to finance it because they earn a portion of that too whether it's in-house or sent to a bank....they deal with that in mind. Then, after you've agreed on a price, inform them that, "hey, I've changed my mind and will pay cash." If they then try to take the deal off the table, RUN, don't walk to the door and keep moving.
  • Greetings-
    Been glued to your excellent purchase responses for two months now, and now needing your advice.
    Sent out 9 internet quote requests to local houston dealers, 3 replying with drive off quotes as low $39K. My problem I cannot find peace of mind to pull the trigger, I'm missing something. Here's my purchase request:
    On a 2011 Toyota Highlander Limited with the following:

    Tow Prep Package
    Bodyside Molding
    Carpet Floor Mats
    Glass Break Sensor
    Running Boards
    Remote Start

    Bluetooth, Leather Interior and Sunroof are Standard Options.

    One quote: Your total drive out price would be $39,205.43 after rebates.

    The True Market says $38,242, yet that includes the options at MSRP, not invoice. Local Tax rate is 6.25. Internet resources show Invoice with options around $37.5K. Subtract out Factory Holdback (guessing $1K), Factory to Dealer incentive ($1K guess), Floor/Ad Fees ($1.3K), and Destination Charge ($810). With TTL I'm thinking the "Drive Out Price" should be closer to $38K???

    Please feel free to advise where necessary. Oh, where does the "buyer's a) special financing, and b) current $750 incentive play in the equation? "Drive-Out Price" is final, right??

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nixonnixon Posts: 11
    i've been shopping for a 2011 Limited 4wd with nothing but mats and am finding it impossible to find in Texas.

    Seems like most of the Limited models get accessorized with 6cd, tow package, etc that push the price up closer to 38k.

    Truecar shows 30 recent sales of the limited 4wd starting at 33k and up.
  • yeah , mine one with moonroof
  • Can you please let me know which dealer you purchased your car from? I am looking for a similar model as yours, and was hoping to use your quote as a stocking horse for some of the dealers I have been in contact with where I am.
  • Is there anyway you can give me the name and address of the dealer you went too? I am currently in the market for the same model Toyota with many of the same features. I'd appreciate any assistance you could provide.

  • lcrimlcrim Posts: 1
    I am in Atlanta and looking for a 2011 Highlander. I have been in touch with a couple dealers but so far not very impressed. Which dealer did you use?
    What price did you end up with?
  • Dealerships with most competitive quotes to date (in order): Fred Haas Toyota World and Fred Haas Toyota Country. The others (roughly 7 local) are $1K-$2K over. Hope this helps. Will update.
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