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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hbk695hbk695 Posts: 7
    judging by last year, Toyota annouced the 2011 model years in Late september so im guessing dealerships should start seeing 2012 models by October-November of this year. Here's the press release from last year. I don't think there will be any notable differences for the 2012 model year. They just updated the highlander for 2011.
  • schmeinyschmeiny Posts: 5
    Interesting, does the $40,375 include:
    *Taxes, Licence, etc
    *DVD rear entertainment?
  • ds_nyds_ny Posts: 8
    Does the $40.9K price include the 1000$ cash-back or is it with the 0% APR financing (for 36months?)
  • hbk695hbk695 Posts: 7
    $1000 cash back.
  • austexaustex Posts: 62
    What do you'll think of 38.5 OTD for a 2011 4WD LTD with the std options .. tow prep, mats, exhaust tip
  • finz2leftfinz2left Posts: 1
    2011 4cyl SE tow prep and carpet mats only. $29,500 plus $500 dealer prep fees and ttl. Is this a decent price or am I get taken for a ride?

    This was the best email offer. I don't know if I can still negotiate, or request financing deals or negotiate a trade-in.

    I can get a Mazda cx9 for much lower and 0%financing, but I'm really a Toyota driver and keep my cars for 8 to 10 years.
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    I currently have two different offers on the plate and wanted some input.

    2011 Highlander Limited AWD, Navigation, Tow Prep, and floor mats

    I can get a Blizzard White for 35,500 or a silver one for 36,000.00
    I prefer the Silver but I'm not sure for 500 dollars more. The odd thing is that even though the white is an extra-cost option, the silver stickers for more (higher sticker price - 41,838 v. 41568).

    What choice would you pick?

  • schmeinyschmeiny Posts: 5
    edited July 2011
    Those are both great deals, guessing you're in the VA area? My .02 is it comes down to personal preference, and if I were in your shoes I'd go with pearl white.

    But if you're in it for the long haul, go with your preference

    Lastly, how did you go about getting those deals? I'm looking at the same exact config
  • ds_nyds_ny Posts: 8
    Under $36K for a limited w/ NAV (I assume this includes the $1000 cash back) is really good. Can you please share details of the dealership. I am looking for exactly the same config (I am looking for a white one too!)
  • i am looking at the same car without nav for that price. where are you buying your vehicle? that sounds like a great price.
  • tricorntricorn Posts: 2
    Sorry, just saw your question - I use Toyota finance, 3.99%.
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    edited July 2011
    I was able to get one dealer below the ZAG/USAA price of 35,600 and the other was pricing at ZAG. Unfortunately, I am purchasing the car in the Southeast, so SET adds the stupid Toyogard package to the price.

    The best interest rate I've found and obtained was through Navy Federal. 1.99 for 60 months.
  • lsyylsyy Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    Thanks for all the valuable information at this forum.

    In the market for a highlander LTD AWD w/Nav. After visiting several dealerships in NY/NJ, the best I got is $37600 (included the $1000 incentive) + TTL. Given the current inventory, should I expect something better (like 2~3% lower) than this?

    I would definitely pull the trigger before November.

    BTW, we drove to Millenium Toyota at LI today since several posts in the past mentioned it. It turns out their offer is not even close to the one above.
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    I just acquired my Highlander this past weekend. I purchased the Toyota in Atlanta. The cheaper white was at Atlanta Toyota in Duluth, and the silver which I ultimately purchased was at Toyota South in Morrow, GA.
  • jenx56jenx56 Posts: 1
    Paid $34,800 OTD for a 2011 SE Highlander V6 AWD (near Portland, OR, factory sticker $37,122), shoreline blue with tow prep, tow hitch (factory-installed), mats, cross bars and mud flaps. Got the five-year 0% loan, plus a 20-year, 200K powertrain warranty. The powertrain warranty was thrown in by the local dealer; it's issued by Fidelity Warranty Services, which doesn't have great reviews, but, hey, it was free). We didn't want the Limited, as we didn't have a taste for the wood grain interior.
  • I am not a sophisticated buyer, so don't know if this is a dumb question...

    Looking for best gas mileage and test-drove a 4cyl 2wd in Atlanta today; wife wants/needs nav package and we have two toddlers so we want/need leather...offered total cash price of $37,000 (would be $36,000 but we are going to finance). Enviro $789, Nav $2075, Leather $1800, their offered price of $28,335, plus "service fee" of $600.

    I assume the nav and leather is not negotiable, so is the "offered price" of $28,335 for a 4cyl 2WD 2011 Highlander fair? I don't mind them making a living but I don't want them to clean up on me and dealer incentives, etc. and I assume they're doing OK on the options.
  • jsctjsct Posts: 10
    Got a great deal, and a pleasant experience overall, at Sunrise Toyota in Long Island. Best experience I have ever had getting full disclosure on all components of the price up front by email. And I never even had to pick up the phone.

    We bought a 2011 Highlander Limited with no Nav w/ an MSRP of 39,121. Their offer: $34,870 +DMV (NO doc/admin fees). That is $3311 off of MSRP from the dealer plus $1000 cash back from Toyota.

    Their quote on the same car with nav (MSRP $41,449) was $36,864.

    I did not bother to obtain invoice. Because each in-stock vehicle is equipped with some small difference in options, I found it easiest to just look for the discount off of MSRP when comparing offers.

    I started the process by getting a very low quote on the vehicle from a couple of dealers in MA and RI, but they both lacked inventory, and we would have had to wait for the car (and drive). We emailed dealers all over southern NY, northern NJ, CT and parts of Massachusetts. We provided the truecar quote, and stated that we wanted to buy before month end, and asked for best offers (one shot, because I didn't want to spend all day on the phone back/forth with dealers). I've had the best luck w/ pricing from big dealers in large metro areas.

    Last year, on a different car, we got our lowest quote from Boch in MA. In our experience, they are usually a great discounter, but not for this vehicle right now...

    Sunrise came at about $200 more than the Truecar dealers, and over $1000 less than any other dealers quote.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • vjrh21vjrh21 Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy a Highlander and live in Atlanta. How was your buying experience at Atlanta Toyota and Toyota South. Did you get a good deal?
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    They were both equally fine. I live in Gwinnett so Atlanta Toyota was more convenient for me, however, Toyota South was able to get the color I wanted which happened to be located at Sandy Springs Toyota.

    Atlanta Toyota did not want to deal on cars that was not in stock. You might have an easier time than I did because I wanted AWD. I also shopped at a Toyota dealership in Kennesaw, MOG, and St. Mtn -- all of them would not match the ZAG price. Only ATL Toyota was willing to beat the ZAG deal.

    The ZAG price is very competitive and you can access it through BOA (Toyota Morrow is the lowest price participating dealer). Just google BOA ZAG and there is no requirement of actually being a BOA member.
  • vjrh21vjrh21 Posts: 3
    I also live in Gwinnett (Snellville) so I will take a test drive in the area. Either St. Mtn. Toyota or Atlanta Toyota. I will google the Zag info. Thanks for that. Let me ask you. With the Zag price, you weren't able to get the Toyota financing were you?
  • vjrh21vjrh21 Posts: 3
    I researched ZAG through BOA. I'm still not 100% sure how it all works though. How does it work?
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    I didn't bother with trying to get the Toyota financing as I was already had a loan approved through Navy FCU for 1.99 - 60mos. Toyota of Morrow was able to beat that rate at 1.89 for 60mos through Capital One.
  • vaguy79vaguy79 Posts: 13
    Pick the type of car and options you want and it should give you a price. Then you get a pricing certificate. Dealers will start calling and harassing you to come into the dealer.

    I didn't use ZAG at Atlanta Toyota as they don't participate. I just showed them the deal I was able to get at Toyota Morrow and they beat it. I was also able to negotiate a little more off of the Zag price even though the dealer act like they were losing money.
  • Finally pulled the trigger on a limited 4wd w/ nav, mats, crossbars,tow and paint protectant for 37,500, with 0% financing. Used the truecar price and emailed every dealer in the sf bay area. In the end only had 2 that would match, worked with Toyota of Vacaville to bring it to $1000 below invoice with 0%. Love it so far, and feels like we got a great deal considering how popular the highlander is in the bay area.
  • I was offered $34,128+tax&doc.fee for highlander2011SE,AWD w/navigation .Is this good deal? Should I go for it or is there better price? Please let me know your thought.
  • I got in 38253 HL 2011 4wd Limited.
    However I was told that some dealers sell at lower price if the car is sitting on the lot for good long amount of time i.e. they could be mfgd in 2010. Thats why i checked the VIN series before buying and though it sound on slightly higher side than those other deals I feel its a better buy, since I was more than impatient to take it home.. :)
    Overall so far pleased with HL, its my first SUV (upgrade from CAR to SUV), the power and feel and ease of handling is awesome...
  • Just closed the deal on a 2011 Highlander SE v4 at Longo in El Monte.

    Sandy Beach exterior
    Black interior

    Cargo Net
    Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set w/3rd Row Mat
    Cross Bar

    $33,548 MSRP (though TrueCar and Edmunds listed the MSRP at $34,908)

    Got it for:
    $31,500 (not including tax, lic + reg, etc)
    $34,658 (after tax, lic + reg, etc)
    1.9% APR for 60 months (so no $1000 cash back)

    According to USnews/TrueCar, I got it at a 'great price': oyota-FWD-4dr-L4-SE-%28Natl%29-327113/

    Hope this helps someone!

    BTW, my salesperson was awesome. I told him I didn't want to haggle, as I had just bought a car from Longo the year before and had a bad experience haggling. He told me he'd make it easy for me, and I thought he pretty much carried through on his promise.
  • adam27adam27 Posts: 5

    I just received a 2011 Highlander (v6 SE AWD Automatic, tow package, running boards, carpet, cargo net, wheel locks) with MSRP of $37,424 for $32,424 before taxes and doc fees. What do you all think of this price? What should be a reasonable doc fee? I'd like to make a decision by tomorrow. Please give me your comments. Thanks.
  • ds_nyds_ny Posts: 8
    is this with the 1000$ cash back or with the apr offer?
  • I was offered a Deal at a Toyota dealership in phoenix. It is a base model crimson in color with carpet/cargo mat and cold weather package for $25,998 this includes the rebate(doc,title,reg not included). Is this a good deal?
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