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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am not sure if that is the best deal they can offer. It depends on the state you are in. I am in North Carolina, and I find the best rates in South Carolina. I did a search for my area on a 2011 new 4WD V6 Limited (no options added), and I can get a dealer here to give me at least 33,209. That price would probably be negotiated further if I tried. The things that really bring up your price are the DVD and Tow hitch. I figure those bring it up about 1000 to 2000 more. Since it is pretty much used (11,000 miles), then I would still think they should go below 33,000. Make sure you get a Carfax or similar report for accident history. I would be careful since it is probably one that they used for the dealership with many people driving it. You have no idea how they treated the vehicle since it is not their own. If it was me, I would see how much all the extras are worth. If it is something you love, it may not be there next week.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • Looks like I'm looking at a potential problem if I bite their offer. Thank you very much.
  • gms111gms111 Posts: 3
    Thinking about closing on this deal. Got quoted $32,510 for a 2012 FWD Highlander Basic V6, with technology package, leather seats, cross bars, and aluminum boards. The price is $500 under invoice price. Wanted to know general feedback. This dealer is the only one who has offered to negotiate on invoice price. Location is Houston, TX !
  • sista2sista2 Posts: 1
    I have a quote for 2012 V6 Base with the Tech pkg, Tow pkg, leather seats for $33,877.00. I will keep shopping. I think this is too much. Any feedback? Louisiana.
  • bigljbbigljb Posts: 1
    that's a good deal got mine for about the same price
  • sudkumsudkum Posts: 2
    We fell in Love with 2012 Highlander Limited and so decided we need to go for the same...however not sure if the deal that we are getting is good.

    It is coming to OTD for $43k with all it a Good price?

    Model Name: 2012 Highlander 4WD 4dr V6 Limited Model 6956
    Exterior Color: Magnetic Gray Metallic
    Interior Color: Black Leather Seat trim

    Accessories Included are...

    Factory Installed Accessories: FE EY NV TO
    Port Installed Accessories ..: 3T WL RB CT

    The price $43K is OTD this a good price for CA? Pls let me know. I do not know however if the price is below or above invoice for this model.

  • I'm not sure what all those accessories are, but I recently purchased a limited with nav and DVD for a little over $38k. Go to and build your vehicle. Then you can request a quote and they will tell you which dealerships closest to you will honor which price. Print That out and bring it to the dealership and they should honor the price. The sticker on my car was $43k and I got it for the exact price that true quoted with no negotiating. Sounds too good to be true, but it wasn't! Good luck!
  • donnaz1donnaz1 Posts: 8
    edited October 2011
    I also used other addresses for my search that were within 200 miles. I live in NC, and I had a dealer in SC give me a deal that was about 1400 less than invoice on my SE model for a 2012. The local dealers off of were only going 500 less than invoice. Since they knew I could drive to the other dealer in SC, they matched that price. Just FYI.
    I still got the deal when I got them to snag one that recently made it to port, and I was able to get exact colors I wanted and accessories. Also, the accessories are jacked up about 30 percent on sticker tag as to what the dealer paid. I do not believe in paying extra for things that you do not want on your vehicle. You can do your own searches on most of the toyota distributors pages to see what will be available in the next few months on the exact models and features. I am in the southeast toyota region, so yours may vary.

    My cost for a Toyota Highlander 2012 SE V6 2WD with Floor Mats and Toyota Guard was 31944 before my state taxes, tag, etc.
  • 2012 highlander 4 wd limited w/ nav with msrp for 41.3k and the invoice is around 36k. i add a remote starter and runding board, so it comes up 42.5k. i got a quote from the dealer in tx for 40k+ttl. does anyone know what's going to be the appropriate price for this vehicle. thanks so much
  • Most of Texas, doesn't have a very good haggling market. I can get the vehicle equipped like that for about 38,000 to 38,500 in NC. I looked it up for a few cities in TX, and it was running about 39,800 with your options. Unless you are looking at going out of state, 40,000 sounds right.
  • I bought my FWD V6 Toyota Highlander SE with the tow package (need for V6) floormat/cargo mat and Toyota Guard for a final price of 31,940. This includes all dealer fees, but not TTL (this can vary per state). I am in NC, and I was able to get my dealer to match a SC price off of I love silver, but no dealership near me had any in stock. I was able to have my dealer arrange to get my Highlander with pretty much the options I want, and I got exactly the exterior and interior colors I wanted. They were able to secure one from the stock that had arrived at port, but had not been sent to any dealers. There were no extra fees to do this (no matter what someone may say). Look at Toyota's website and build what you want, then make someone match it for you. It took an extra week or two for me to get it, but it was well worth it. Why pay 30,000 dollars or more for something you do not love.
    Your regional area prices may vary. I have learned that my area is much cheaper than most on Toyotas. Some people have had luck in going to other states, but that also depends on the laws in those states about taxes in buying the vehicle.
    The price may change next month, but you never know.
  • Thanks, I think you are right. From what I am seeing, TX doesn't have these kinds of deals.
  • No problem. Hope it helps your decision.
  • Hi, I am about to lease a new 2012 Toyota Highlander SE. Could you please help and let me know if this is a good deal?


    Money factor: .00105 (2.5%)
    Residual: 22,592 (62%)
    MSRP: 36,330

    33747 is invoice; the cap cost is $500 above invoice.

    $416 + tax
    $445.12 TOTAL MONTHLY PAYMENT (with $1000 up front/out of pocket)
  • mws3mws3 Posts: 3
    I have an offer for a '12 Highlander, V6,4dr;4x4; Model 6948. Pricing: MSRP-$32047
    Options include tow pkg; 50 state emissions; and carpet mats for total cost of options of 542. Dealer Processing Fee=200. Taxes=1114 and 5 yr Tag=403. Final OTD costs is $31323
    Is this a good deal in the Mid-Atlantic states region (md,va, d.c., pa?)
  • gms111gms111 Posts: 3
    Closing on this deal today. $32,410 final price for FWD Highlander base V6 with Technology package, Leather seats, Cross bars, running boards, window tint, vechicle shield package. Approximately $700 under invoice price.
  • mws3mws3 Posts: 3
    Does that include all fees; tax; tags; destination and dealer fee (usually 200). Thanks and good luck
    p.s what region?
  • No tax, paper fee, dealer fee is in addition....
  • Nav, Tow, Tint - $35,300 - What do you think?
  • Hmmm. This sounds really good, but is this a fwd or awd?
  • noswnosw Posts: 1
    I'm in Colorado. The deal for Highlander right now is 1.9% finance (60 months) which ends on Dec 5. I can wait 2-3 months so should I take this deal or wait for the better one? Do you guys have history about Toyota finance offer in the past 3-6 months? Thanks!!
  • Illinois - Purchased my new Toyota limited 4wd, tech package, heated leather seats, nav w/ JBL for 37.1K

    Do you think its a good deal? hope this info helps.
  • Alright, just came across this thread and somewhat new to Edmunds as a 'member'.

    Just recently bought a 2012 Mag Grey/Grey V6 Highlander, Tech Pack, dimming mirror, hood film wrap, door edges protection, door handle protection, tow prep, window tint.

    Shopped around but always came back to the dealer in my town with the research/offers I had gotten from all over the state. Must have been four different visits to test drive and talk the talk. In the end I walked in with a VIN of the exact vehicle I wanted which was at another dealer. We negotiated a price off of that MSRP on that car $32,510 down to $29,000. Come back a few days later to pick up car (had to be shipped) and turns out we got a different vehicle/VIN!! Good thing is we made out because we got some additional options not on the other VIN. $33,108 MSRP for $29,000. Heck I'm happy and so is the wife since it's the new family crew vehicle! Total with dealer fee $29,199.00.

    Do your research, use online sites specializing in price quoting/recent sales of vehicles in your area. If a member of USAA, use their service too as a comparison point. In all I came out below anything sold/quoted in this area. I'd recommend this dealer for sure.

    I'm in Toyota's Gulf States Region.
  • leem2leem2 Posts: 6
    I have an offer for the 2012 base v6 awd for $27,500. Don't know if this is a good deal or not because I can't find a good site listing prices and don't trust

    I have not seen this vehicle and would like to know if the stereo system is the same as the one included with "tech package". I don't care for sirius and bluetooth, I just care for radio with mp3 cd player and a USB connection for mp3 would be HUGE PLUS.

    Also, it looks like the base model doesn't have outside temperature?? Is that true?
  • Tech Package includes USB/iPod/AUX connection with controls from the factory head unit.

    If the stereo isn't an upgraded JBL system then it will be the same head unit/speakers.

    To my wife and I the Tech Package was worth it for us on the 'base' Highlander.
  • leem2leem2 Posts: 6
    edited November 2011
    If it is the same audio system, I wonder how easy it'd be to add usb support to it. Where is the USB connector located?

    How good is BT in the tech package? I checked BT on other toyota models and found it not that great, particularly when road noise is present (>60mph)

    What is "Driver seat with five 10-way power"? Can you adjust the height in the base model?

    what is 2nd Row Seat One-Touch Fold Flat Levers?

    Was it really $1800 extra for this package?

  • Paid $33,517 including everything but taxes and registration. Price includes processing fees and freight, with towing prep and roof rails (no floor mats). Could have saved another $500, but decided to take the 1.9% financing. Was offered a similar price from another dealer.
  • I must acknowledge "True Car" for helping me out with the price for my new 2012 Highlander Limited.

    Purchased this car (in Illinois) for $37,370, after foregoing 500$ manufacturer rebate in lieu of 1.9% financing. I agreed for the maintenance / breakdown insurance which was about $2600 extra. I also had the Viper remote start, lo-jack and a rust prevention, paint and leather protection treatment installed - for approximately an additional $1800. Not sure how good the paint, rust and leather protection treatment will prove to be, but the remote start has started to pay itself back this winter!
  • I also bought the extended warranty for $1,895 for 7 years, 75K miles, but then my insurance company (GEICO) offered a similar plan for 7 years/100K for only $840 with $250 deductible. I called to cancel my warranty, but was offered a different option for $955, with 100K/7years of coverage with a $50 deductible. I had to redo the paperwork, but it was worth the effort to save almost $1K.
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