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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • deep22deep22 Posts: 18
    Thanks. Freedom Toyota quote is about $300 better then what I have... will continue shopping. thanks again.
  • nick_funnick_fun Posts: 6
    edited October 2012
    Hi Just wanted to get the opinions of the fellow ppl.

    I am purchasing a Certified 2011 Toyota Highlander Base V6 with 6 speed (od), with Technology package and 17k miles on it. Its being offered for 27k OTD.

    do you think its a good deal?

    Please let me know ur opinion.

  • finnerfinner Posts: 10
    I also live in Maryland, looking to purchase the limited. Can you tell me what dealers gave you this price? Thanks :)
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    edited October 2012
    get quote for HL Plus V6 FWD , white/beige color + 3T (Cross bars)+CT (Carpets) for $30,000 + Tax+DMV in Orange County, CA. 0% APR for 48 months. MSRP is $33,449. Is it a good price?, The car is ready in 2 months (no trade-in involved)
  • Minnesota- bought 2013 Highlander Limited w/ carpet mats for $36250.
  • thank you if you can share your purchase information of buying a highlander recently in salt lake city.
  • deep22deep22 Posts: 18
    Thanks .I think you got a good deal. I ended up getting Higlander SE with navigation + cross bar + carpet mat for 34,882 + sales tax + tag. I bought it from Freedom toyota in Hamburg
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    Got a new quote for HL Plus V6 FWD , white/beige color + 3T (Cross bars)+CT (Carpets) for $29,700 + Tax+DMV in Orange County, CA. 0% APR for 60 months. MSRP is $33,449.

    Will pick up the car next week, hope this is good deal as I don't see any reply to compare
  • mbclkmbclk Posts: 6
    edited November 2012
    Hi Kvn1, can you share which dealer you got the quote from in Orange County, ca ? I think it's a good deal.

  • Just got a quote on a Pearl White, blk leather 4wd auto 2013 SE.
    Comes with Bluetooth, navigation, remote keyless OTD 38,700.
    Is that a fair price?
  • Basically it is almost fully loaded, only extra it doesn't have is the DVD player
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    Hi mbclk, it is Miller Toyota in Anaheim
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am interested in the 2013 Limited AWD V6. The lowest quoted that I received is $35,699 plus tax & fees. The MSRP is $40,685. Would you mind tell me the paid price before the trade?
  • jillskyjillsky Posts: 8
    edited November 2012
    Well I went with a top of the line, fully loaded CX 9. It felt very luxe, compared to the Highlander SE. Price was a little lower than the Highlander but the CX 9 had so much more for the money! Not to mention I felt like the CX 9 would be a better transition from my smaller car (outback subaru wagon). The Highlander was just too bulky, and not as many options. I tried hard to bring down the prices but sales people wouldn't budge.

    Husband did prefer the Highlander but in the end it was primarily me driving it so the cx 9 made sense..
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I agree with the features on Highlander. Maybe this is the last year model before the all-new design comes out in fall 2013 as 2014 model. The Smart Key is only available for Limited and it is $2000 more than the SE with 17" wheels only. And there is no HID headlamps on the top of the line model.
  • I believe HL has 7 years life cycle. New model will come out in a spring of 2014.
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 52
    Purchased the car today, HL Plus V6 FWD , white ext/beige int, 3T (Cross bars)+CT (Carpets) for $29,600 + Tax, DMV at Buena Park, Orange County, CA. 0% APR for 60 months. MSRP is $33,449, no trade, no down payment, out the door is $32,298 , $538.3 / month. Declined all extended warranty and all junks that finance guy tried to sell us....All negotiation thru emails, came in and test drove and out in 2 hours.
  • Just bought a Pearl White 2012 Limited 2WD with Nav (Dealer Demo with 7400 miles) in Maryland for $32,995 +810 shipping, +200 processing, Tax, Tags, Title......On the road for $35,878.

    There were some other addons like Cross Bars & Floor Mats MSRP was supposedly $41,832

    I took the $1000 rebate over the 0% to get to the 32,995.
  • sgovsgov Posts: 4
    edited November 2012
    2013 Limited 4WD, magnetic gray metallic, DVD, Nav, Entune in SF Bay area for $37,300 + Tax & Fees -> 41200 On the road. I went to dealer after a series of email when he agreed to 37000 but when I went there he cheated me saying 37000 for cash only, then I was fedup and offered 250 more and finally settled at 300 more to 37300. Declined all other offers for extended warranty - 2200+, gap insurance 800+, maintenance plan 1500+

    There was an option added for Cross Bars & Floor Mats & DVD, MSRP was supposedly $42,000+, Entune is free for 3 yrs from Toyota after that 5$ per month (as of now).

    Got 0% APR, monthly 683$ without any downpmt.

    This forum has been very helpful in nailing a decent deal, I would like to thank everyone & edmunds.
  • sgov,

    What dealership in the SF Bay area did you do this deal with?

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Here are the price quotes from a local dealer in MA. Please tell me if there is any room for a better deal.

    * 2013 Highlander SE, AWD, V6, cross bars, mudguards but without Navigation - $33,167 (after rebate).

    * 2013 Highlander Limited, AWD, V6, cross bars, mudguards but without DVD player - $36,308 (after rebate).

    All prices included destination charge. The dealer fee is $299.... just to wash & clean the car, fill up the tank and some paperworks?

    I am still thinking between the SE and Limited. The SE has everything I want but the Limited is better but it costs $3000 more with toys like navgiation, 19" wheels & tires and Smart Key. I thought the Sport model has the standard 19" wheels prior to the 2011 model year.
  • finnerfinner Posts: 10
    Just picked up my new 2013 Highlander Limited V6 with cross bars and 6 pc mats from Jones in Belair,MD. $37246 + Tax & Tags. Ask For Adam. Great Salesperson. In & out of the dealership in 2 1/2 hours.
  • sgovsgov Posts: 4
    Dublin Toyota.
  • sgovsgov Posts: 4
    Does this include DVD as well? I got a similar one 37300+tax & fees in CA (dublin Toyota). You can see my post above for details.
  • We bought a 2008 highlander brand new right off the lot no KM at all 53,000.
    It was a great SUV til we got over our milage for warrenty!
    WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK!!! :mad:
    We have only 223,000 km on it the oil pan has busted,and the shroud , the tailgate no longer works, the windwo clunks when you open it, one of the camshafts has went we had to replace that, now the water pump is going in it. and the fact that I have had to buy 4 sets of wonky sized tires at 1000.00 a set I am not happy!!
    We have been paying 841.00 a month for this and our lease is up and now we have to either pay 16,000 to keep the POS or pay 10,000 cause we are over our KM >>>
    I would NEVER EVER EVER lease another toyota exp a 2008 Highlander what a waste of money!! Now we are stuck with a 53,000 POJ:( :sick:
  • so these last only quarter million kilometers before starting having problems. toyota's quality is going down to the drain...
  • lildukelilduke Posts: 16
    edited December 2012
    Got a 2013 Limited AWD in Blizzard Pearl/Black with carpet floor and cargo mats and remote start in Western Chicago suburbs for $36,222 (without $500 rebate) +TTL. MSRP was $40,770. Had a good amount of equity in my trade, got a good price on that and also took advantage of the 0% financing through TFS.

    Spent considerable time researching and getting online quotes - some quotes were really low others high and went with mid-range quote at a dealer that didn't play games and worked a good deal from there - they ended up beating another lower quote :) . They had to find the Blizzard Pearl/Black combo for me since it wasn't as readily available around here as the beige or grey interiors.

    2014 Accord Touring

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    It seems like a great price and it's smiliar to my dealer's quote ($36.3K with cross bars & mudguards). I am interested in the remote starter too. Several dealers here will through in the remote starter with the quoted prices. I was wondering how does the remote starter work with the push start.
  • Mine is a separate one button remote that works like a regular remote start (I've had them on all my cars). The difference is you can't get in, put the key in the ignition and shift into drive. It will shut off if you touch the brake or try to shift and you will have to start again because there is no key. It's a safety thing. Seems like a pain but made sense. I talked to my mechanic about it earlier this week and he said it was standard with a lot of keyless these days.

    Fine with me as long as I can start the car and warm it up/cool it down.

    2014 Accord Touring

  • Hi, I'm looking to get a 2013 Highlander Plus or SE. Wondering if anyone recently had a good experience with a dealer in Maryland (Balt/Wash area)? Maybe someone who isn't afraid to quote "out the door" pricing.

    It's amazing how one dealer can have so many different prices for the same vehicle (Edmunds price, BJ's price, Internet price, etc). Thanks.
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