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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Highlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • "crack head" or not - you basically stole that car from that person.
    coming on here a bragging about it? good luck with your Carma
  • amo5amo5 Posts: 1

    Got a quote for $36,200 for the 2013 Highlander Limited (including the destination fee) + TTL in NJ. Is this the best or have anybody got it for around $35K.
  • Purchased my 2013 Highlander Plus V6 with carpet mats for $29697 + TTL & 0% financing in SoCal. MSRP of $32825.
  • doudadouda Posts: 3
    Hi Jlittle78,

    I have been to over 10 dealers and no one would match your price. The best i have received thus far is $32,225 OTD for a V6 Highlander Plus with $32,925 MSRP. Can you share any additional info on how you got such a great deal. Taxes in Illinois are at 8.25% which means that the Highlander price has to be around $27,500 to get a $30,000 OTD. Thanks!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I got a quote for $35699 for 2013 Limited AWD (includes dest. charge) with cross bars and mudguards + TTL in MA a few months ago.
  • Got this offer recently with 0% at Toyota South Austin, think it's a pretty good price but not really sure. The car is basically fully loaded, the following are some of the highlights:

    - Limited AWD V6
    - Blizzard Pearl/Ash (special color)
    - Rear Seat Entertainment
    - Carpet Floor and Cargo Mats
    - Cargo Net - Spider
    - Body Side Moldings
    - Running Boards
    - Mudguards
    - Tow Receiver Hitch and Wire Harness
    - Cargo Cross Bar
    - Paint Protector Film
    - Exhaust Tip
    - Protection Package

    There's some stuff in there I didn't care about, but the stuff on the lot is only configured certain ways. Interested in any thoughts.

  • I bought a limited 2011 new in 2011 using They priced out the car with options and I got the best deal around, with no haggling. Check out that website before committing to that price. You can do better. I think I pad $39k
  • Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I checked a bunch of calculators, including

    TrueCar lists the Limited V6 AWD with the options above at MSRP $46,744, a "deal" price of $42,215, and an unusually low price of $41,086. They have dealers who will give me $42,151, so this beats that by about $400, and TrueCar is including the $1000 cash rebate (which you can't get with 0% financing, which I would take instead).

    I think it's a pretty good price, I'm pretty sure it's actually at or below invoice on the car, not sure though...

  • andynycandynyc Posts: 7
    Looking to buy a new 13 Highlander in NYC metro area. Lolooking for SE with leather nav, moonroof, or limited. Any recent experience? Not getting great results from different reputed buying services (e.g. Truecar, USAA, Costco). Any suggestons?

  • andrewst01andrewst01 Posts: 2
    Recently bought a new Blizzard Pearl '13 Highlander SE with mudguards, side body moldings, protective film on hood, carpet floor & cargo mats, cargo net, exhaust tip, remote engine start for $32,949 + sales tax, docs fee & registration at Toyota of Cool Springs, Franklin, TN. Includes free car washes and Toyota Care 24 mos. program.

    Excellent experience with salesperson (Barry White) and the dealership. Both seem very customer-oriented.
  • tlynn421tlynn421 Posts: 2

    My wife and I are deciding between a 2013 SE w/ Entune and a 2013 Limited model. Dealership is eating a couple of thousand of dollars we are upside down on a lease.

    Standard 12K lease. Any feedback on what you would recommend?

    SE w/ Entune - $422 w/ $0 down
    Limited - $450 w/ $1200 down

  • ben123456ben123456 Posts: 6
    Hello Andrewst01

    SE AWD or FWD ?

    I just bought mine

    SE AWD + Carpet Mats + Wheel Locks+ Cargo Bars : 33600 + TTL
  • andrewst01andrewst01 Posts: 2
    Its the FWD model. sorry, I forgot to include that info.

    You got a great deal, too!
  • roublerouble Posts: 1
    highlander aficionados,

    Does anyone see good reasons to wait for the 2014s? Any ideas on when they'll be out?
  • deep22deep22 Posts: 18
    Yes, I read an article that said Highlander will be redesigned for 2014 model. From the picture, 2014 model looks much better. If I would have known before, I wouldn't have gone for 2013. All the Best!
  • andynycandynyc Posts: 7
    I am buying a Highlander SE AWD for $36,650 out the door in NYC on Saturday. Thought I would pass it along as an observation for any NY metro area buyers. The selling price of the car is $33,375.
  • famwaldfamwald Posts: 114
    The '14 model will have more safety features that the Lexus RX currently has. We would have waited if we could have, but had to replace a car immediately.
  • ppkeappkea Posts: 3
    Hello - Does your price include the $1000 rebate or you went with 0% financing?
  • ppkeappkea Posts: 3
    Getting a price of $32.6 with 0% APR or $31.6K with 1000 rebate. Only option is Carpet floor and cargo mat. Whats a good price for this?

    Excluding the state tax - how much have you paid for title/registration/fees etc?

    What APR do you generally get with excellent credit (770+)
  • whocares8whocares8 Posts: 1
    Just purchased one today from Jim Coleman in Bethesda, MD:
    V6, Plus, 4WD + Carpet and Cargo mats

    MSRP 34425, freight included

    OTD: 32339.68, with 0 apr for 60 months.

    0 APR (so not qualified for the Toyota discount of 750 in this region) for 60 months,
    Sales price: 29978
    Doc fee: 200
    Title/Registration: 351
    Tax: 6%
    OTD: 32339.68

    Many thanks to this forum. The previous discussions gave me a good baseline to negotiate with the dealer.

    Also, highly recommend this dealership. Though it took a while to finish everything, they did not push hard to sell me those "packages."
  • iwahliwahl Posts: 1
    Looking at a demo with 7000 miles on it. Knowing that I can get a new 2013 for 34,500 plus dealer fees and TTL what would be a fair price on the demo?

    Thanks for your help!
  • 911seeker911seeker Posts: 16
    Please let me know what you think about the below deal in CT

    Limited 2013 Highlander
    First aid kit
    Mud gaurds
    Floor mats, cargo mat
    Hood protector
    Remote engine start
    Running boards
    Exhaust tip
    Door edge gaurds
    Rear entertainment system

    38000 MSRP + title + taxes
  • jaugatjaugat Posts: 3
    Folks -

    Shopping for a 2013 Highlander AWD Limited in Massachusetts. Truecar (if you don't know what this is you should check it out!) has quoted me a price of $35,113. This is based on 2 dealers in my area that would sell me the car at this price - at almost $5,000 off MSRP

    1) Has anyone used Truecar? Any experiences?
    2) For July 2013, does anyone know what the lease factor is for 36 months and $12k miles a year? I know the residual value of this car is approximately $24,500.

    I have seen as low as .0003 (three zeros) but the dealer recently quoted me .00109
  • 911seeker911seeker Posts: 16
    I used Truecar for my recent 2013 Highlander Ltd purchase. you can use it as a guideline. anywhere from 1000-2000$ below invoice price of the car is a good deal or 10.5-12% off MSRP. I got a 11% off MSRP roughly 1300$ off invoice price.

    Month end always helps put the pressure. Till tomorrow is the program for lease and finance of 2013 highlanders as the 2014 are all coming not sure what lease/finance programs they have on them.

    Good Luck.
  • afarsidafarsid Posts: 5
    Hi Ben,
    What city and state did you buy yours in? That's a great deal!
  • goblue15goblue15 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to trade in my 05 Highlander limited. Anyone want to help a rookie..... I have been looking online and would like to purchase a SE (with leather, 4WD) I am not even sure where to start at the dealer. I walked away from a gently used 2012, and looking at the zero percent rates I think it was probably a good idea to walk away. How much should I expect to come down from the MSRP? The 13 Highlanders that I have found have some options that I do not actually want or need but I would like the leather seats. Do I tell the dealer what I want and they can find me one? Then I negotiate? Or do I tell them my bottom line price. Hopefully someone will guide me in the right direction, I've only bought 1 new car and it's been over 15 years! (My current highlander was by a private seller) Thank you!
  • tical1tical1 Posts: 1
    that sounds like an okay offer. i was just at a dealership in NM yesterday who was offering me $39,500 before taxes, fees, and warranties for a 4wd limited highlander. They wouldn't budge for anything lower.
  • afarsidafarsid Posts: 5
    Just bought a Blizzard Pearl SE AWD with cargo rack, mats, and mud guards for $32,000+TTL. This includes the 750 cash incentive and is in Massachusetts
    I think I got a steal?
  • carlupicarlupi Posts: 52
    You sure got a great price. Congrats!
  • Any word on when the 2014 will hit the dealers?
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