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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    Lexol and Meguiar's make reputable leather cleaners. I bought Meguiar's wipes which are basically to clean the leather. But an actual leather condition (which costs more) from either of those manufacturers should be able to restore the leather. I think if/when you have your car's interior detailed, they pretty much use the same thing.
  • Hi all. Just thought you'd like to know that I asked Mobil1 (through email) when they were coming out with a 5W-20 SuperSyn. Here is their response:

    "Mobil1 0W20 motor oil will be available in March 2003 which will be approved for all the 5W20 vehicles."

    Wonder why they would make a 0W20 and not a 5W20... any ideas anybody?
  • I drove a loaner RSX (not Type S) last week due to my MDX was in service and I like the RSX. The only complain I have is the noise came out from the back (exhaust pipe?) and it seems to be coming from the engine. The noise sounds like the jet engine. Is this normal?
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    If it sounded like a jet engine I wouldn't worry about it. Now if it sounded more like a turbo-prop - you may have a problem there :)
  • Hey, I'm 18 and my parent are going to buy me a new car under $30,000. Help me choose a car that is reliable, dependable, and has good resale value. I am thinking of getting an 2003 accord coupe EX V6 auto or 2003 acura RSX auto with leather. I am getting auto because I can share that car with people in my family. What car do you think is better and what car is good for a 18year old guy. Please reply!
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    jamesw7, yes, the first time I drove my RSX (I have the Type-S :), it sounded just like a jet engine! And when you hit VTEC at 6 krpm, wooohooo!!!! :D

    rscallove, if you can't tell from my above paragraph yet, I'd definitely recommend the RSX, even the auto that you're considering. If you don't need to transport a lot of people, the RSX is a sportier car and will have a better resale value.

    It's also smaller, lighter, and a better handler. The Accord will be able to fit 4 adults (3 plus driver) more comfortably and might be cheaper to insure. Good luck!
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    While the RSX would be fun, and is frugle on gas, for up to $30K, you might want to also look at:
    Infinity G35 coupe (base with auto can be had for under $30K
    Nissan 350Z (same comment as above)
    Acura CL-S (with the way they are selling, should not have a problem gettin one for under $30K.
    Lexus IS300 (same comment as above).
    Infinity G35 sedan (can get one with one or two options for under $30K)
    Loaded Nissan Maxima SE - clearing them out for the 2004s. Not selling well due to the less expensive Altima.
    With $30K and wanting an Auto, have a ton of choices.
    $25K or less, and want an auto, different story though.
  • acbeacbe Posts: 16
    I couldn't agree with you more beowulf7! Yes, my type S sounds like a jet engine too, and I love revving it up even more's just SO MUCH FUN!!! ;o))

    rascallove, I would definitely recommend that you look at insurance prices before you decide on a car. When I was 18, a little Ford Escort cost me over $1000/6 months...yes, with a clean record...although, I had never been insured before.
  • Hey, The car that my parent are gettin me is my own car because they got theres but if a car break down we can alway share cuz it auto. i want a coupe cuz ill get more girls and it look better. I want a sedan cuz i heard that u get bored of a coupe after a while cuz there no space and the insurance is high. My sister just got the altima 3.5SE v6 and it a sedan now i want a coupe cuz me and her could switch cars. I'm not going 2 hook up my car all imma do is get foglight and 17inch rims and mayb a spoiler. I might pick the accord coupe 03 EXV6 auto over the RSX auto leather v6 because i think accord has better resale value and it easier 2 sell an accord.
  • i guess im a little late on this, but, isnt the TSX supposed to be replacement for the Integra 4 door, an is based on the Accord, BUT, the RSX is still based on the civic. Why is this if they wanted to enhance the RSX? I forget, but didnt the Prelude have its own platform? Why didnt they use it, instead of the civic platform to make it more sports car like, and plus, Honda stopped selling the Prelude anyway?
  • rascal love... 30k for firs car?!??!? Dang!!! dats mad $$ for first car, i got my site on a 6k car or the ol family car
  • 30k is too much for a first car unless money is no object for you and your family.

    I love cars but I also keep in mind that they are horrible investments that depreciate faster than just about anything except laptop computers.

    If I were you I would take a 15k car like a VW Golf or Civic SI and invest the other 15k in the stock market, a college education, a downpayment on a house, etc.

    Or better yet a used Mazda Miata for around 10k and then have 20k left over.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Money, plain and simple. Honda went cheap on the Small Car Global Platform (Civic, RSX, Element, CR-V), and the Prelude chassis (based on the Accord platform, actually) had too many expensive suspension pieces to justify it being the foundation for an Integra replacement.
  • why does honda need to save money? There is alot of integra enthusiasts who actually want power. But, they keep the civic platform? At least Prelude wasnt ALL accord, it had some differences from the accord base. The were getting rid of the Prelude anyway, why just junk a true sports car, when you can keep it for another vehicle, and replace it at the same time. NO Itegra enthusiast would complain if they went with the Prelude platform, they would've been happy, even tho it mite cost a little more. Honda took a big junk of their teen group away from them when they stopped Prelude, so why not keep it alive, maybe it will get some Prelude fans into buying an RSX
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    You've just summed-up most of the reasons why I bought a '01 Prelude (instead of the RSX-S) after owning a '96 Integra LS and a '98 GS-R. I was really psyched about the RSX until I learned it would be built off the dumbed-down Civic platform.

    Actually, I would've been okay with the K20A engine (it's not a B-series, but it's probably just as robust), but wasn't willing to sacrifice on the chassis/suspension.
  • than whats the integra(rsx) for?
  • rk922rk922 Posts: 22
    the rsx just replaces the integra.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    that the Accord coupe is supposed to replace both the outgoing model as well as the Prelude.
  • ...a suspension with the Civic. In fact, the RSX-S doesn't share a suspension with the RSX. Granted, they run off the same chassis, but it's chassis that's enormously adaptable, and the stiffer spring rates and bigger anti-roll bar in the RSX-S give it wholly different handling characteristics than the civic. As for the powertrain, the 200 HP i-VTEC in the RSX-S is widely considered to be one of the most advanced four-bangers on the planet, being one of the few N-A fours that scrapes out 100 HP per liter. Other than the Celica, I'm not aware of another similarly priced FWD sporty coupe that can hang with the RSX-S in a speed/handling battle. Past comparisons on this very site would seem to bear out that assertion. Buy what suits you, but don't rule out the RSX -- without test-driving it -- because of some ridiculous prejudice against the platform. It's not one of Car and Driver's 10 best, Sport Compact Car's 8 Great Rides, and Edmunds reigning champ of sport compacts (in a test that included the 'lude) because it sucks.
  • I never wsaid i didnt like the RSX bcause of its platform, actually, its one of my fav cars. The only reason the Lude was so far back in that test BTW, was bcause Honda stopped producing them, thats the only reason, they had a lot of good stuff to say about it, too. What im sayin is that the Lude was a great car, so the should keep the spirit alive, after all, if they can make the civic's chasis so different and sporty in the RSX, why cant they do it with Prelude's? Theres my question. Really the only reason the Lude didnt sell is bcause Honda didnt car enough for it and put a 1990s interior in it, only reason. Noone has beef bout how it looks on the outside, NO ONE, or, its driving characteristics
  • beowulf7beowulf7 Posts: 290
    Yes, it's definitely a ton of fun to go north of 6 krpm. :D

    A couple friends and many others I know on-line have installed aftermarket exhausts on their RSX/RSX-S, and they claim it makes the sound even sweeter!

    For me, right now, the stock exhaust's sound and performance is plenty good.
  • It's a fine car, and in a way, I prefer the looks of the 'lude to the RSX, but I think all the harping on the Civic chassis is unnecessary. The upside for Honda in building one chassis from which they can build a bunch of models is obviously cost efficiency. It's the reason why a top-of-the-line RSX-S is considerably cheaper than a top-of-the-line Celica GTS, for which Toyota built a purpose-made chassis. The problem for Honda with the lude is all of the competition right now in the grand tourer market. Their own CL-S and Accord coupe, the Infiniti G35 coupe and of course the Euro offerings, make it a tough sell to build yet another touring coupe to throw into the mix. The lude just occupies a tough segment
  • snaphooksnaphook Posts: 130
    Would RWD have helped Prelude sales? I personally believe it would have. A RWD coupe priced below 25k with a reputation for quality would have almost zero competition. I don't consider the Mustang serious competition because there is such a large segment of the population that would never even consider this car. In recent history the only thing that comes close was Nissan's 240sx. I would be very interested in the re-introduction of this type of car with maybe a little more power and slightly fewer amenities. If there ever is another Prelude I think it could fill this niche.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I think they tried to compensate for a lack of RWD by offering 4-wheel steering. Apparently that didn't work.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Rest assured that I did test-drive a RSX-S for about an hour, and while it was spirited, the car didn't do much more for me than the GS-R I was already driving every day.

    It was on the way home from the Acura store that I decided -- on a whim -- to stop and try a Prelude. Game over for the RSX-S.

    You're splitting hairs by claiming the Civic and RSX don't share suspensions: they use the same components and design, regardless of an individual model's tuning. That was Honda's intent when they adopted the single Global Small Car Platform. Sharing parts saves lots of $$. Just ask Nissan.
  • dsm6dsm6 Posts: 813
    Hello folks. I just picked up a new RSX-S. Other than what little is stated in the owner's manual, do any experts out there have any comments about break-in? I'm wondering if I should avoid my usual mountain driving since it will necessitate some engine braking. Any general comments?

    Thanks in advance,
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Congrats on your new RSX-S! I'm no expert on the RSX, but as a rule, I've always been told that you want to avoid any kind of extreme driving during the break in period. That would include: quick starts, sudden braking, driving at full throttle, or driving at contants speeds for extended periods of time.

    Since the break-in period is so important, mountain driving may not be such a good idea during this time, imo. Of course I always tend to take a more conservative approach when it comes to this sort of stuff. You may want to refer to your Acura service manager for a final opinion. Others here may have more to add.

    Btw, weekends are a little slower around here, so you may want to give it a few days for additional feedback. In the meantime, here's another discussion from our Maintenance & Repair board that you may want to check out: How to properly break-in your new engine.

    Good luck, and keep us posted on your RSX-S experience. ;-)


    Hatchbacks & Wagons Host
  • I am new to this post and would appreciate information on snow tires. My daughter purchased a 2003 RSX Premium with V rated tires. Has anyone experienced these tires on snow & ice on the RSX.
    Any help will be appreciated.
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