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Acura RSX (All years/types)



  • sorry all. 2005 rsx s type, not an 06. my bad. sincerely, john h.
  • Hey this is zach i am actually looking for an rxs type s what year is it and how much does she want for it?thanx
  • uhh, zack, didn't you already buy this car from my sister?? LOL i sold the car a month or so ago, to a guy named zack, here in michigan. sorry i forgot about this posting, i should have stated that the RSX was moved.
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  • pf, i am sure if you looked very closely at post 2573, my title was "where to list" my car online, as i was not aware if there was a better site than say craigslist or ebay out there to target potential buyers for the car. i knew full well these forums are not buy/sell places..... i read that when i signed on. what was the harm in asking that on your precious forum? i am glad the retarded pocket "rocket" is gone, personally. funny you said nothing about my post when i originally put it up a few months ago.
  • Where is the best place/forum to get repair information on the RSX. I am having an intermittent blower motor problem and need information/schematics etc.
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    edited October 2010
    Hey nitromax, just wondering if you still have your RSX? You were at 106K two years ago, so I'm thinking it might finally have been replaced.

    My own has been gone a while, sacrificed to offroad truck fever, which truck has now been replaced by my second Subaru Outback Sport. The OBS is a fun car to drive, faster off the line than my RSX was due mainly to the AWD, but without the RSX's superlative handling. Good for the snow though.

    Almost six years ago I mentioned here that my sister had leased a base 5-speed on my recommendation, and that as soon as she had been driving it for a few days, she had begun to wonder if she would turn it in at the end of the 3-year lease as planned.

    Well I'm happy to report she is finishing up year six of her RSX ownership as we speak, and has enjoyed the car immensely. She is facing that same problem so many owners of small sport coupes do: the RSX doesn't fit a growing family very well, so it may very well be gone before year seven is up.

    She has never had any of the problems the earlier RSXs came to be infamous for - the strut problems and the transmission problems; in fact hers has never needed any repair.

    I was just reading back through a few of the early posts in this thread back in '01-'02, and was viewing with a grin the many posters saying they would keep theirs ten years for sure. In the end, car fever got me and I traded it (a decision I now regret) - how many of you "ten year" folks kept yours?

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