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Ford Focus ZX5



  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    next time, put it in 2nd gear and feather the throttle
  • I've had my 2003 Focus PZEV ZX5 5-speed for a little over a week now, and bonded with the beauty on a long road trip this weekend. I agree with all of micweb's observations posted above. Lots of quiet, refined power at low revs. This car is a born cruiser and "wants" to go 85 on the highway. It's so quiet that I have to be vigilant to prevent this.
    Nevertheless, I drove close to 80 for much of 300 miles on Intersates 83 and 81 from Baltimore, MD to Ithaca, NY yesterday, I got 32.5 mpg out the PZEV. AC was on for about half the time on this drive which includes many ups and downs. On a flatter highway with no AC at 65 mph it would no doubt do better yet.
    3000 rpm in 5th puts keeps you at 80 mph in my car.
  • kbseattle9kbseattle9 Posts: 2
    Hello everyone,
    thanks for all the great hints about the ZX5. now i wanted to know if anyone would be willing to share what they think is a good price for the standard ZX5? I feel like i have been getting the run around from the dealers. I read one person got one for 13200?? how about others. Thanks so much! kb
  • jpsullivanjpsullivan Posts: 11
    The best way to determine a fair price for a ZX5 or any car is to do some research. I think I am the one you mentioned who purchased a ZX5 for $13,200 about 3 weeks ago. When I went to the dealership I knew the exact wholesale value of the car with the options included. This is not equivalent to the "dealer invoice" of the car: dealers get additional "holdbacks" and other incentives from the manufacturer. I used Consumer Reports' price report on the Focus to get this info. I knew when I bought the car that the dealer was making a 6% profit over the wholesale value, which is fair (a fair deal will be 4-8% profit for the dealer). The CR price reports cost $12.00 on their web site, a worthwhile investment IMHO. They continuously update these reports with the latest rebates and dealer holdbacks.

    Foci may be even cheaper now than they were 3 weeks ago. I guess Ford has extended the rebates and may have increased dealer holdbacks. I noted that advertised prices at a local dealer have gone down since I bought mine. Looks like I could now get a ZX5 comfort 5-speed PZEV with ABS and sunroof for only $12,600 (Simmons-Rockwell, Hornell, NY). That is a great deal and make me wish I had waited. But that's the way things go...
  • kbseattle9kbseattle9 Posts: 2
    jpsullivan, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I took your advice and purchased the CR price report. Now, one more silly question for you. It gives me the wholesale value of the car ( something like $14,600 for standard and 15,000 for comfort) I am assuming that includes no tax/tags correct? I am thinking maybe prices in Seattle are higher then Hornell,NY

    when reading the CR report on Focus ZX5, it did not get the best satisfaction survey. How are you liking the new car.Thanks again.. i know lots of questions but trying to do this right! thanks again!
  • jpsullivanjpsullivan Posts: 11
    Those wholesale values sound high. Is this before the $3000 rebate? The wholesale value of a ZX5 comfort plus ABS and 16" alloys three weeks ago was something like $12,600 (including rebate). Perhaps you are taking the financing in lieu of the rebate (?) CR gives good guidelines on how to negotiate the price of the car UP from the wholesale value (never down from MSRP!) You should calculate the wholesale price of the exact car on the lot (with whatever options it has including the destination charge), then add 4% and 8% for dealer profit. If you can get the car between the 4 and 6% range, you've done well. This price will not include tax, title and tag charges. Tax is the big one and varies from state to state. On my $13,200 car, I paid an additional $1600 for these combined. Don't include the the tax & tags in your negotiation, but keep in mind that you do have to pay them.

    Check out some current prices on ZX5s that I posted in the ZX3 forum. Those prices reflect the $3000 rebate that I assume is also available in WA.

    I am loving my Focus and have had no problems in the first 1700 miles (as I shouldn't). However look the car over well on the lot and during your test drive. Mine had a faulty radio and a cracked visor mirror that were replaced before I purchased.

    Good luck!
  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    just a headache
  • silverzx5silverzx5 Posts: 2
    Whats the deal with that?

    Anyway, My ZX5 (Zetec and 5-speed) and I have been accumulating miles since purchase in April. It's been flawless so far. Getting about 32 MPG (70% city/30% highway)so no complaints there. Not a big fan of the stock Goodyear tires though. Has anybody out there replaced the Goodyear's with anything else they would care to recommend?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for your update! Glad to hear your ZX5 has been serving you well. Hopefully someone will be along soon to address your question on tires. You may also want to check out some of the Tire discussions on our Aftermarket & Accessories message board. Happy motoring! ;-)

    Hatchbacks & Wagons Boards
  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    i had my zx5 a year this past may, and its still going strong. no major problems, just had to get the radio replaced after about 3 months, had the center console lid replaced after the button would no longer catch, and replaced a lost chrome center wheel cap. all covered under warranty!!!gotta love it. but its a great little car, which i had known with the focus se i previously had.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    I have a 2000 LX with the SE wheels, and Firehawks. While I've had no trouble with these (even in about 6" of snow), at 40K+ miles they are out of tread and starting to squeal on take-offs and turns. I'm looking at Yokohama Avid Touring tires (about $90 each from DTW, complete) or maybe Aquatred 3's (about $12 more each from a local shop - my wife just got these on the front of her Mystique and likes them). Both are highly recommended by the Tirerack survey respondants.
  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    yea, i love my firehawks, had em on my se sedan and now on my zx5, theyre good tires, i like em a lot. i have also had to use them in 6"+ snow, and they did the job, and braking was good as well in the snow, good traction. yea, those tires sound good, wont hurt to try something new. side note, i took my focus in today cuz my radio isnt workin again, it wont play cds or eject em at all. this is the second time, it happened to me last summer as well....looks like i'll be gettin me a brand new radio again. i'm still pissed about it. the service tech said he didnt want to say its a common problem, but he said he sees it often. oh well
  • jb18tjb18t Posts: 25
    We have a 1998 CRV that re-treaded with Yokohama Avid Touring. We have been very happy with traction(wet&Snow) and reduced road noise. We have noticed they are wearing quickly though!
  • jsfocusjsfocus Posts: 16
    Two days ago, when I test drove the 2003 ZX5 hatchback, the sound from the turn signal caught me off guard. It was way toooo loud. So much so, that I dreaded having to use it. In comparison, my 2000 Ford Focus ZTS sedan turn signal had a nice sound and perfect volume.

    Nevertheless, I bought the ZX5. The mechanic at my BC ford dealership told my sales agent that he's never tried modifying the turn signal to decrease the volume, and wouldn't really know how.

    I intend to investigate further. I've sent an e-mail to Ford and will post their reply here when it comes in about 3 days from now.

    Does anyone know how the turn signal can be modified?

    I can't stand this loud turn signal and refuse to live with it. I find myself avoiding using the turn signal whenever possible. Not even the radio drowns out the sound.

    I wish FORD would offer its customers the choice of taking their vehicle in to have this loud and irritating tick-tock turn signal modified AT NO CHARGE. IT'S WAY TOOOOOOOO LOUD!!!!!
  • retiredguyretiredguy Posts: 67
    I test drove a 2003 Focus last December, it too had a turn signal that was unbelievably loud, one of the reasons I terminated the test. A second test drive a month later had a quieter one. I bought a ZTW in May, it's turn signal is not too intrusive. I don't know how involved it would be to "simply" try several modules.
  • retiredguyretiredguy Posts: 67
    Try out the turn signals in other cars on the dealer's lot, if you find a quiet one, ask if the dealer will swap it out..
  • jsfocusjsfocus Posts: 16
    I called the 1-800 number for the Ford Customer Relationship Centre to ask about modifying the turn signal in the 2003 ZX5 to make it more quiet. The 1-800 # doesn't deal with technical questions, so I was referred to my dealership where a mechanic could call the Ford Engineer Hotline.

    The Service Dept. at my dealership explained that the loudness is caused by the RELAY. They had tried changing the relay in a Ford truck of a customer who had also complained about the loud turn signal, but it met with no improvement.

    The dealership offered to try changing my relay at no cost to me...'cause they'll do it under warranty. But they're pretty sure it won't make a difference.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    it's loud by design.
    the 2000 models have a silent one.
    Customers complained that they can't hear it.
    Ford responded by installing a "speaker" - there are no mechanical relays in the unit.
    There is a good how-to somewhere on the net (might be on how to silence that speaker.
    Or just find the 2000 model unit.
  • jsfocusjsfocus Posts: 16
    If it interests you, I can lead you to the following message #'s to read of others who don't care for the loud turn signal:

  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    had to terminate the test drive because of a loud turn signal eh? hmm, did it have dirt on the tires too? if you're that fired up over a little noise youve got issues. but yea, it is indeed loud,i also had a 2000 focus and it was so soft and quiet it was nice, but when i got my zx5 in 02 i was like, what the?!?!? after over a year now, you're used to it, except when someone new is riding with you and goes, "whats THAT noise?"
  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    you guys watch those 6 disc changers, i've just had my second one replaced. both times it jammed up, wouldnt change or eject cds. dealer took it out and put new one in the same day, so no big deal. so, heads up. its not from anything i did, just mechanical, so theres no sure fire signs of iminent doom.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Yep, I had a hard time getting use to the turn signals in mine when I first got it...even asked about it in this forum...I guess I have grown accustomed to the noise as its not a problem anymore....guess I am just use to it. I will say I do get a comment from a passenger now and then about how "annoying" the tone is.

    I simply LOVE my ZX5. No problems, no complaints, except for the cheesy cup holders or should I say "can holders" and the lack of bright interior and cargo lighting. Its a blast to drive...wouldn't think twice about buying another one..cept I want the SVT next time. :-)
  • We've had two Foci in the past 3 years, the newer is a manual Zetec ZX5 with GR8 sounding turn signals. On our old ZX3 we were saddened when the "amplifier" slowly deadened on the clickers - but when the ZX5 came off the lot, lo and behold the click was back. We couldn't be more happy with our distinctive sounding signals. My wife calls the car "Kermit" because of them (coupled with its no-longer-available bright green paint). Call us crazy but why settle for any old, weak signal sounds? The ZX Foci are unique and so should their signals sound it!
  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    i dont mind the signal now, at least u know its on, or you can hear it over music, so thats a good thing. i'm sure that was their intent.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Better than driving down the street behind the guy who is constantly signaling for a right turn!
  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    lol, no doubt.
  • I have a 2002 ZX5 with 19000 miles. the front rotors are worn and have a lip all the way around each. I drive it gently. Can anyone suggest after market pads and rotors that have worked for them?. And is this covered under warranty ? thanx
  • focus090focus090 Posts: 85
    thats your wear and tear, meaning they dont cover brakes and whatnot under warranty. you can swear up and down that you are the most cautious and best driver on the road, but it still wont be covered.
  • so, made a quick left turn today, lost control and my front right wheel came face to face with the concrete curb. i hit it flush wheel to flush curb, so the force of my car bent the wheel assembly under, to where the wheeld and tire were now a part of the inside fender wall, completely tore up and literally tor the wheel, shredded the hell out of the tire, and bent the lower control arm, and basically messed up the entire right suspension. i havt to get upper and lower tie rods, wheel hub assembly, wheel, tire, probably new shock/strut, new right front fender, they are fixing the right door cuz some of the fender got pushed into the door, front end alignment, new wheel well shield, the front lower part of the bumper also got scraped and they are fixin that as well. basically the whole area is busted up. he estimated it around $1500 worth of damage, so thank god for insurance. i'm fine, no injuries or anything. they'll have it possibly for a week at the dealer
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    I read that the 05 seats are not changed. This was an internet post supposedly from an insider who thought that the seats would be a better place to make a change then the "Chevy Cavalier" styling revision. I believe the ZX3 and ZX5 seats do have a bit more side bolster then the seats in the sedan and wagon. There is a guy at Focusfanatics who put ZX3 seats in his Focus wagon.
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