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Ford Focus ZX5



  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Here's an update, now that the Focus ZX5 auto has passed 6000mls. It's mileage is now much more reasonable, hovering between 25 and 26MPG in my commute. A welcome improvement from 22 to 24MPG initially.

    I guess that, unlike my other cars, which reached EPA mileage withing 1000mls, Ford engines seem to take longer to break in, about 5000mls.

    Now all I have to put up with is driving a compact car... :blush:
  • My 2005 Ford Focus was just totalled in a front end collision. The main point of impact was to the front end just to the left of center. The passenger fender is basically not there anymore, engine dropped, passenger headlamp missing etc. The hood buckled and broke the windshield. Yet, neither airbag deployed.

    Has anyone else had this happen? I'm trying to reconcile a car that's totalled in a front end collision yet had no airbag deployment and am wondering if I understand how this all works.
  • tom_otom_o Posts: 1
    When I open the door to my 2005 Focus ZX5, I get a beeping sound as if the key were left in the ingition or the lights were left on. Is this normal?
  • This is just some first hand advise on replacing the timing belt. I have a 2002 Ford Focus ZX5 (NON SVT) I recomend that you take this to a dealer, or the local shop that has connections with a ford dealer, or bring your own parts. I was advised there is no aftermarket timing belt for my car. In fact all the after market companies were unaware of the different timing belt. Good news, I got 133000 miles and there was minor cracking on the edges. But the Water pump serpentine belt and idler had to be replaced as well.
    Gas miliage 29-32 miles per gallon (And I drive it hard)
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,012
    i have read this post a few times and i finally figured out what was bothering me about it.
    car hit LEFT of center, but RIGHT fender smashed? :confuse:
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • yanks3yanks3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 focus zx3 w/ the Zetec engine but i get less then 200 miles on a full tank. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
  • tmp4tmp4 Posts: 1
    I wondered too. But perhaps the person meant the "left" side if one were facing the front of the car. The reference to the passenger side can only mean one side no matter which way you are looking at the car. Anyway, I had a similar experience recently (passenger side crumbled - no airbag deployed) and would be interested in knowinf if anyone had a thought as to why that happened (or didn't).
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national news magazine is looking to interview college students who has “pimped” out his/her ride Have you tricked out your car with big rims, outrageous stereos, wild paint jobs, spoilers, ground effects, neon lights, nitrous, the works . Please send an e-mail to [email protected] no later than Friday, June 9, 2006 by 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET containing your daytime contact information and the make and model of the car you’ve “pimped” out.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications
  • loolalaloolala Posts: 19
    I have the same car with 5 speeds, and my lowest mileage was 28MPG when it was new. It improved quite quickly after it got broken in. Now it has at least 30, but average 32mpg. Driving in the city is worst on mileage (my driving is 80% highway), but I can't see it being 200/tank. My EMPTY tank light came on about 280 when it's new, and for the last three/four years, it comes on when I hit 360 or even 370. The farthest I let it go on one tank was 425 miles on a road trip!

    I do have my rear wiper stop working, and it's not the circuit breaker, but I don't want to spend time/money to fix it.
  • v_dv_d Posts: 89
    Guys do you know if Ford is going to ever bring the European Focus ever here?

  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    It can be found over here under the skin of the Mazda 3. And thankfully not under the ugly skin of the new European Focus.
  • v_dv_d Posts: 89
    yeah i know, still i like the 4-Door Euro Focus more than everything Mazda and US Ford has... and come on the E-Focus is ugly?
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    The 4-door Focus is OK (it looks like its stable-mate, the Volvo S40), but the 3 and 5-door ones are, IMHO, hideous.

    Those curious about it can check the several body versions at
  • evadoevado Posts: 2
    Your foot falling asleep is caused by a lumbar disc issue at Lumbar disc at L4/L5 in your low back. Simply purchase a back support from any drug store or "relax the back" store which puts a curve in your low back, and your foot will no longer go to sleep. You may want to check out whether you have a bulging or herniated disc in your low back.
  • ford finally made an attractice focus zx5 wagon in 2007,with the handsome body package and sunroof.really sharp. should ford continue to sell that vehicle in 2008-2009 until the euro focus they did with the 2 door escort,when the focus arrived.?
  • Since I want a ZX5 SES I will be scouring the certified used listings for a 2007 when I get ready to buy late next summer. Thank you Ford (NOT) for dropping the hatchback from the line so that I have no choice but to buy used. I would much prefer to buy at end of year clearance prices with a fat factory rebate piled on. Anyway, I'd like to ask buyers rather than sellers what was the cost for extended warranties actually purchased on these, and how much extended warranty they got for their money. Thanks in advance for any comments.
  • I realize that a live fitting will be the real indicator, but I'm looking for general info right now since my buying window will be open late next summer. So, who knows how well the ZX5(SES) adapts to two drivers when one is 5-10 and the other is just 5 feet. Will the seat adjustment accommodate the smaller driver and how tiresome is it to adjust back and forth between the two driving positions. Forward and back is no biggie, but if there's a height adjustment necessary to switch between the short female and average male then how much of a pain is that?
  • My 2002 Focus ZX5 adapts very well. Although all the seat adjustments of mine are manual, the seat goes up and down as well as forward and back. (the up and down on mine is a crank that turns easy under the seat that you can operate while sitting down Im not sure how the new ones have changed. Mine has 167,000 miles on it, and im still on the original clutch. The only maintenance done has been wheel bearings on the front and front sway bar bushings. I have done timing belt and with that serpentine belt and water pump.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience. That's a pretty good rec. I'm driving a '97 Escort LX Wagon, very similar ancestor but several inches longer, and also pretty reliable. Timing belt and water pump at 120k miles just because it was time (better already at the shop than on the road), and no other major repairs except for a couple of emission system sensors. Biggest nuisance with this design is the too short brake service interval, because the front rotors build up too much hear and warp, causing shudder at freeway speed slowing. Now it has almost 150k miles and I'm looking to replace it next summer. Also still on original clutch. Sigh, next one will be AT because the wife won't learn stick.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I've had mine for over 2 years and 24000mls and I have to say that I haven't taken it to the dealer for any repair whatsoever so far (knock on wood). So, it seems that the Focus is a pretty mature design and it shouldn't hit one hard in repairs.

    Thus, although I can't say how it's going to be in the long run, I'd say to skip warranty extensions.

    But if you're really set on buying it, keep in mind that it's quite negotiable. For example, I got one for another car for about 1.5% of its price ($500) with a $100 deductible for 72000mls or 6 years.

  • Thanks for your input. I wouldn't consider an extended warranty if I were able to buy new, but since [mean old] Ford has dropped the ZX5 and I'm not quite ready to put out the money I will be compelled to buy used. My perspective on extended warranties changes with the number of miles already logged by unknown drivers under unknown conditions. Nevertheless if I get the right price on the right vehicle (inspected of course) the extended warranty will be secondary if not expendable.
  • I have a 2002 Ford Focus ZX5 which I purchased after my 2000 Focus SLE was totalled. I loved the first one, but am having problems with the window regulators on this ZX5. I've replaced all of the regulators once, and two of them twice! One of the switches (the button you press to make the window go up and down) was also replaced this last time. Overall I love the focus but am seriously annoyed with these window issues. My mechanic told me that Ford decided to "update" the regulators, which I assume is because they had so many complaints about the old ones failing. I'm wondering how many people out there have had this problem?
  • I have the same issue! My two rear windows just make this grinding noise when i press the button, then the window just dropped into the door, and the guy at the ford dealership wanted to charge me $600 to fix it! His terrible attitude didnt help sway me into paying it either
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,444
    Power windows are usually a pretty expensive fix. Motors and regulators aren't cheap and I bet you're looking at 2+ hours of labor as well. A number like $600 for repairing two windows (without knowing exactly what the problem is) is not all that surprising

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  • rapidrickrapidrick Posts: 70
    My '03 ZTW with not quite 50k has had zero window issues. Lucky so far, I guess.
  • Well, Ford has brought back the "ZX5" for 2012. Has anyone moved from an older ZX5 to new hatch?
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