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Dealer showed me 2002 1500 Silverado Specs today. Big changes coming!



  • whatsachevywhatsachevy Posts: 136
    and I'm in a slide, which way do I turn to correct? If I turn into the slide (like you would normally do) will my rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels causing me to continue in a straight line with the truck running sideways or will the rear wheels turn the opposite of the front wheels and spin me around in a circle? Maybe it was a good idea that I bought a 2001 model. I'm not sure I've got enough smarts to drive with 4-wheel steering!
  • revkerrevker Posts: 33
    regarding 4wheel steering, where'd or whom did you get that news from? 325hp? which dealer showed you the specs for the 2002 silverado. you have a number for the dealership, i'll call and ask them myself. i asked 5 dealerships here in NW indiana about the 4wheel steering, no one has any idea. all were baffled. thinking of buying a 2001 5.3, ext. cab, SB, Z71 4x4 by june. i might wait for the 2002 if they've got new verifiable features coming up. any comments?
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    Today, checking on my order when I asked about the 2002. No news, no specs, no prices, alot of administrative mail, nothing to confirm as of yet.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Your in NW indiana? Which dealerships did you talk to? I am also from NW indiana. Bought my truck out in angola though. Carroll chevy in crown point would have been my second choice.
  • dch0300dch0300 Posts: 472
    Anymore, I don't believe much of what a dealer says.
    A few years ago a salesboy at a local dealer told me I could get a new Z-71 in 2WD.
    I actually laughed out loud when he told me that and asked him if he was serious....he was!

  • revkerrevker Posts: 33
    Yep, i'm in NW Indiana, sometimes staying in Portage or Hobart. Angola is a long way. How'd you come about with hooking w/ a dealer there? Regarding the new features for the 2002 silverado/sierra 1500 ext. cab, 4x4 z71 SB. I talked to the dealers from Carroll, Smith, Christenson, Schepel, Team Chevrolet(formerly Hal Heuring Chev), Shaver off 61st and I65 and Ridgeway in Lansing. Not one from any dealerships have heard of the 4 wheel steering for the '02.
    I'm planning on buying a truck by June. Gonna get a silverado for sure since I've got 2 98s-10 blazer(black LS and Pewter LT) parents have a 99 Venture. Neither of us has had any problems except me when i had to replace the wheel bearing. Don't want a tundra cause it's "wimpy" not enought towing power, small engine/hp/torque, sm. room, smaller rear door, heck, everything's small!!! Not a dodge cause of reliability and the recalls, not a Ford cause it's a Ford.

    Looking at getting a 1500 4x4 Z71 SB 5.3liter 4dr silverado. just can't decide on getting a 01 with the incentives or the 02 w/out the incentives but may have new features. it's a dilemma. i'm still thinking about it. If a 02, Protec is a must. Talked to dealer at shaver and he said that it's a good idea for the 02 cause i can order them with a protec for sure. about an extra $800 but worth it. won't rust or anything meaning i don't have to spend an xtra $400-500 for bedliner. plus dealer said protecs don't ding. even showed one to me himself. Camaros. Camaro body are protecs except for the panel directly to the rear of the door. protecs have the normal chips and gouges but no dings, the sheetmetal also have the chips and gouges but with door dings. he told me protecs won't get dings, just like the saturns. but sturdier. i even bang on the camaro's door myself to try it out. hey, that's why i said Pro-tec is a must.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Im from hammond.

    Well dealerships in this area SUCKED. I started talking to a guy didnt know where from after i emailed a bunch of dealerships and he replied. We talked a few nights a wk. My uncle lived out in fort wayne so i figure why not go out there and buy and then visit you know. Took a trip in march and ordered it. Then went to pick it up in april only bad thing my uncle moved to ohio. Im glad i traveled out there. The dealership was very nice its like night and day from around here. Much nicer and friendlier.

    I have an uncle that works at christenson in highland.

    My truck goes to smith chevy in hammond for repairs (a few times for minor things) Their service dept is great their body shop sucks.

    The only dealership i liked in the area was carroll. Would have bought from them except with the supplier deal i would have had to take it off the lot and i wanted to order mine.

    Also you may want to try gibson in lansing right off 159th. My parents bought their blazer from a guy named george (big guy). He was cool but all the stuff i wanted added (bedliner, nerf bars, tires) he wouldnt price what i wanted and tell me about some cheap brand ticked me off. If he would have done what i wanted he might have got a sale.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    wow i talked to bobby bonilla from smith way back about 2 yrs ago when the 99's first came out. He seemed like a nice guy. Kinda pushy though. Me and my mom went in looking at the new tahoes and he tried and tried to sell her one on the spot (even though 1 month prior she bought a new blazer)

    I know ken at christienson (not real good). He was a girls assistant bball coach at my old hs.
    Pretty nice guy.

    Did you try the place out off 80/94 (the place with all the makes like dodge) Totally forget the name. Its out kinda close to chesterton.

  • revkerrevker Posts: 33
    Talked to a gal from Smith named Jennifer Nellings. She offered me 35100.00 for an Avalanche 4x4 and fully loaded. she said that it comes with all the options i can get, (leather seats, sunroof, roof rack, etc.) What do you guys think? she said i can order one now. i'm still wondering about what new stuff the '02 silverado will have before i make my final decision. '02 silverado's aren't due out 'till august/september. Jen said the Avalanche will be on the floor in about 3 weeks. I said i'm not dealing with bobby bonilla. pushy little guy!
    haven't talked to Ken yet on when they'll have the Avalanche on the floor. if christenson's selling price weren't that high, i would get vehicles from him and recommend people but it wasn't the case. otherwise, he's a good guy, easy to talk to.
    Will try Arnell, off 94 at burns harbor sometime this week and see what they've got to say.
    talked to Ron at Shaver chevy, he'll just call me once they get the pricing in for the '02 silverados. we talked for quite a while. he showed me the pro-tecs on the camaros. pretty cool stuff! he even hit the camaro, i mean hard enough to cause a dent on a sheet metal. no dents. he said the camaro's been using the composite plastics since '92. all of camaro's body except the panel directly rear of the door is composite plastic (pro-tec). if i'm gonna get a silverado, it must have the pro-tec!
    I definately won't be getting any toyota's for a truck. they're weak when it comes to towing capacity. will head to the other posts and have some fun.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    35K for an avalanche?

    Me and my salesman up in angola are pretty good friends. Talk all the time. Well they have 1 avalanche being built in 2 wks. Guy traded in his 00 for it. I can tell you this he didnt pay as nearly as much as $35K. More like 32-33K. You can do better for an av. At first they are gonna be very high priced especially the big city (chicagoland area) dealerships. If your gonna get an AV id wait for a few months dont get one right off the bat.

  • revkerrevker Posts: 33
    That's what i thought too. I went thru priceline to get the invoice price calculated for it. fully loadeed, invoice came out to mid 33,000.00. I still have to talk to the guy i deal with at team chevrolet on valpo to see what kinda deal he can give me.
    i still haven't decided between a '01 silverado, '02 silverado and the '02 avalanche. i like the features on the avalanche. on the other hand, it's too new and the silverado's already proven. either way, i'll be outfitting it with a snow plow.
  • dsemmendsemmen Posts: 12
    Will the O2 Silverado have a crew cab similar to the Ford 150 Screw? If so, does anyone know how much room will be in the back seat? The Ford has done a pretty good job of making a roomy back seat in their super crew, but the seats should have been made with a slight recline, similar to an SUV's back seat. Any comments on the 02 Silverado version of a supercrew?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    They already have a CC for 2001

    called the 1500HD

    Its basically a 2500LD (8600 gvwr)

    6.0 V-8
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