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  • rbrownsbrbrownsb Posts: 1
    One thing everyone has to keep in mind with the Tahoe's, is the stock OEM tires are terrible. They rate average at best. Goto and check for any tires you might seek, they have a huge selection, and thier reviews are very helpful. I just used their reviews and choose a set of Firestone Destination LE's from my local Firestone dealer for my 02 Tahoe LT, and so far have been very happy with them.
  • Hi Owners,

    Just thought I would share my tahoe experience with the form for any comments (helpful). I purchased my first Tahoe in July of 2004. It was a 2001 LT with 53K miles. I work out of town so the vehicle is driven by my wife mostly bringing the our 4 children here and there. About two or three weeks after owning the vehicle my wife noticed that the material on the backs of the second and third row seat was beginning to deteriorate. I mean there was no tear it was just disappearing... A really strange thing as if the material was just not durable. Anyway after six months we did not have backs on our seats.

    I showed it to my salesman but he was like - your problem man... After that I started looking for alternative for getting the seats repaired..

    I finally decided that I would trade the vehicle in for a new Tahoe. I purchased the new Tahoe Feb 25 2005.

    Two week after my wife drove the vehicle around guess what problem reappeared?? Yes the seat starting deteriorating again. I showed it to the dealer and this time because the car is less than 30 days old they are going to repair it. Anyone else with this problem?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Welcome to the Forums, and sorry to hear about your problem with the Tahoe seats. You might have a look in our Chevy Tahoe/Z71: Problems & Solutions discussion to find others who may have resolved this problem.

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  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Cloth or leather seats?
    Are you putting something on them to clean or attempt to protect them?

    We haven't had any issues with our 2003. Seats have held up well with 3 kids climbing over them daily.

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    To be honest, it sounds as though one of your kids continues to rub their feet against the seat backs. I always have to tell my 3 yr old to not kick the seat backs. Could that be the problem?
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Hmmm. kid's kicking them? anything else rub against them? Have you put a conditioner on them?

    The seat backs might be vinyl and just the seating surfaces leather. I don't know if the Tahoe does this but some manufacturer's do this.

    Don't know. Ours (cloth with a carpet like back) have held up really well.
  • I don't know what is causing this. Knowing this dealership, If they had any evidence that it was even remotely possible this was my (or my children's) doing they would not volunteer repairing them. To my knowledge, we are not touching the back of the seats outside of when the seats are folded down to get access to the rear.

    I guess judging from the response this is an isolated incident???

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • wpekrulwpekrul Posts: 2
    i have the same grinding noise but it only happens at 26 and 40 miles a hour then it stops if anyone has any ideas please help i have a 87 chev wrangler 305 thought it was u-joints but it was not replaced all not the problem any ideas
  • wpekrulwpekrul Posts: 2
    my chevy 87 wrangler makes a load noise at 26 and then at 40 miles per hour then quits but when its cold out its loud but when it is nice out you can hear it just a little bit any ideas?
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    ...when seats are folded down to get access to the rear.

    That's your answer. Your second row seat head rest rubs on the back of your front seat when you fold it down. This is really a 'not so good design' as there is no limiter or something to prevent seat folding if front seat is set too far back.

    The fix for this is to remember to move front seats forward enough to allow middle row seat folding. This is quite annoying. Another way to try to help it is to keep passenger's seat in enough forward position to allow middle row seat folding on that side. In this case just remember to have rear row passengers enter and exit through passenger's side door.

  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    I must take my earlier suggestion back. It can not be headrest rubbing on seat back.

    Then, I'm not sure if I understand what side of the seat back is experiencing this dissappearance of material. Is it on the side where passenger sits or on the backside of the seat back, i.e. is your seat back leather dissappearing or is it the carpet on the backside that has the problem?

  • I have a 2004 Tahoe, and the rear air condition control that is overhead between the driver and passenger up front rattles whenever my stereo is on. I have an idea of how to stabalize it, but I cannot figure out how to take the cover to the control panel off. Any suggestions?
  • wgwebelwgwebel Posts: 1
    I recently purchased my Suburban used and it has been displaying the service ride control message, is there any way to clear this message without going to the dealer? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!!
  • fwhitefwhite Posts: 2
    Just bought a ' 02 Tahoe LT with 20k on it. Only one complaint so far (posted in the problems section) so I hope someone can help with some insight. Other than that I really like the truck. This is a great site and look forward to getting ideas and hints for the truck.
  • jfarleyjfarley Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Z71 suburban with only 25K miles. Last summer on the way to Yosemite I got a "Transmission Fluid Hot" light that came on. After the light went off, I proceeded and the truck wouldn't shift out of 2nd gear. I had it towed and the chevy dealer replaced the clutch in the tranny. My wife drives the car and all seemed to be working ok. Last week, we were on the same trip to Yosemite and the very same thing happened. I got the hot light then the light went off, but I couldn't get it out of second gear. It's in the shop now. It has the 5.3 liter V8 engine. Any ideas about what could be going wrong? Last year I had no trailer, this year I was towing about a 1000 pound trailer, with the tow button depressed, and in D3 on the uphill grade. What happened?

  • mwh98mwh98 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 4WD LT Suburban and the drivers seat has worn thru on the bottom edge (where you drag you butt across to get in). Does anyone know (other than ebay or the dealer) a place to get a replacement leather cover (I have found a few "take-offs" on ebay, but not the right color). Or even better, do the newer 2001 + seats with the integral seatbelt fit the older body style? I can find the whole seat, frame and all for 2001 +. Thanks, Mark
  • Bought it last saturday. Love it! The wife and I had a 1989 Suburban/2500/454 two years ago and sold it after owning it for 4 years. That was a love hate relationship (lol). I hope this one is better :)
  • What about the trans cooler? I had my Jeep Grand trans go out from heat (I live in the desert) and the failure came from the trans cooler got clogged. Maybe the trans cooler with your is getting glogged too? Just a thought.
  • Just bought an 05 LS. Will I live to regret it?
  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    We have 3 chevys, a 2000 3/4 ton suburban, a 2002 3/4 ton 4x4, and a 2003
    Tahoe. Believe it or not all 3 have been good. The 2000 has 70k on it and has
    not been in for repair in 3 years. The 2002 has never been in for repair, it only
    has 19k miles, but I use it mostly off road, drive a car most of the time. The
    2003 Tahoe my daughter drives, has 24k and has only been in the shop once.
    She got rear ended some time back, and had to get a new bumper, the car
    that hit her, did much much worse, that is why she drives this.

    I think the 2000 does so well because it is made to tow trailers, and never has.
    But I do tow trailers with my 2002, and it pulls them so easy. One trailer I have
    weighs 9000 lbs, and my suburban pulls it without breaking a sweat.

    We are waiting on the new suburbans to come out, and will trade in the 2000
    for one.

    Any one seen what they look like. I have heard mixed messages, but have
    not seen a picture.
  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    Find a shop such as leather menders, and they can fix the bad piece, or
    replace the whole seat cover, for cheaper than dealer, or ebay.
  • I do not know of any way to clear this message. My 2001 Suburban displayed the same message and I took it to the dealer. I had to get a rear shock replaced because it was bad and the cost was $350. You may also have an airleak, which the dealer can spot and repair at a lesser price then a new shock. You can drive the vehicle with this message on and it will not hurt your Suburban is what the dealer told me. It will just drive like it does not have shocks and the air shock feature will not work to elevate the truck and make it ride smooth if you haul a large load or boat.
  • A couple of questions about my 99 Tahoe.
    1) I purchased a Tekonsha trailer brake controller that apparently plugs into the wiring harness under the dash. Does anybody know where? My Tahoe did come with the optional trailer package so it is supposed to be there.
    2) I really dislike the location of my spare tire. In my small part of Canada (as with many other areas) they use salt and gravel very liberally during winter. The spare tire and wheel are a mess! Has anyone ever tried to use the inside attachment (used on the older 2 door models) on a 4 door model? It looks to be in the same spot as the Jack is mounted now?
    Any help appreciated.
  • I am the Purchasing Agent for a large mining company. The Mine I work for is located in Northern British Columbia. We utilize several types of vehicles to move personnel, among which are 8 Suburbans.
    We have had a rash transmission failures due to the transmission cooling lines coming off. Apparently they are held in place with a small plastic clip that can break. Has anyone else had similar problems? :sick:
  • It took two weeks for '99 Suburban LT I just purchased to let me know something weird would happen: the right-turn turn signal seems to have shorted out to the hazard blinker cicuit; when right turn signal is activated, all the hazard lights flash; if the headlights are on when the right turn signal is activated, all the dash panel lights flash also! Tried replacing the flasher module, no effect. Anybody heard of anything similar and where the short might be? I hope I don't have to hire a witch hunt at the dealer's!!

  • Hello;
    My name is James (74marine) hobbies are hunting, fishing and spending time with my family. I currently have a used 2003 Tahoe Z71 5.3 engine with leather (not to fond of) but a good deal. I have had a few minor problems with the vehicle nothing major. It is a pleasure to drive, avg mpg 17-19. I am always curious of any problems / cures other owners have had with their Tahoes / Surburbans. Thanks.
  • Just purchased our first Chevy Tahoe last week. 2005 Z71,5.3L V8, Silver Birch, every option except navigation, 7000 miles, list was $49,090.00, scooped it for $29,000 and change. Extended the warranty to 75,000 miles. Just ordered K & N cold air induction kit to replace stock filter system. Anything I should know before installing this system?
  • Hello First-timer,

    I too am a first-time Tahoe owner and love it, but I am struggling with a couple of things. The most important one is a noise coming from the air conditioner. If you are sitting in the front seats, and the a/c is on Low fan, no entertainment running, we can hear the refrigerant rushing through the system. Does anyone understand what I am talking about, and have you found a resolution (besides turning on the radio)? Thanks.
  • There's a recent post in the Tahoe forum about K&N filters v. the filter you get with the towing package. I, too, recently bought my first Tahoe, a new 2005 LS. A friend recommended I get the K&N filter. Said it would improve performance and gas mileage. Is the filter different from the induction kit? What do people generally think about replacing with the K&N filter? Thanks.
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