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Kia Spectra Sedan



  • kwinnkwinn Posts: 11
    the drivers seat goes as far back as the passenger seat however that is still not back enough for a 5' 8" person like me.. i will play with it today to find out if its broken or not.. but it seems as if it dont go any farther as i have played with it before. mine is a US spec automatic. my knees are aching even after a short drive.. i hope i can move it back further will update the forum if i can...
  • spectramanspectraman Posts: 255

    I just had a thought about your leg room situation.

    The Spectra comes with a six-way adjustable driver's seat. The seat bottom goes up and down, in addition to back and forth. There's an additional lever on the left-hand side with an arrow design on it. It's basically a ratcheting lever that lifts the seat bottom up first in the back and then in the front, etc. when the lever is lifted up.

    Is it possible that this lever has the seat bottom tilted up more in the back vs. the front, thus making it uncomfortable for you?

    If you haven't played with this particular adjustment, be sure to check it out.

    Anecdotally, I recently had a 5' 11" friend drive my car, and when he sat down in the driver's seat, he actually had to move the seat forward (from my setting) to feel comfortable leg and arm-reach wise.

    So... if you're only 5'8", I'm finding it hard to believe that you can't get comfortable in the new Spectra. Do you have an exceptionally long inseam, and thus legs?

    Let us know about the whether you've been using the additional lever to adjust the seat.

  • kwinnkwinn Posts: 11

    thanks for the suggestion, the seat was sitting higher and the lever maxed out in the up position making the seat forward but not by much. I did try lowering the lever and it made it somewhat tolerable driving position. However now i have to sit very low where as i liked the old position of sitting higher was better. i still could use a lil more leg room. If i havent praised enough about the sound proofing then this cars got one of the best sound proofing of all cars i have ever owned. My other car is an 01 acura MDX. This car is a lot quieter than my mdx on the road. Kia sure took a page from toyotas book. Cars should be shielded from road noise and vibrations... kia is on the right page on this
  • I have had this new Spectra for 500 miles now. This car drives like a dream. I bought it fully loaded for 13 grand. The 2 liter engine has enough oomph to keep the tach below 2500 for almost all but quick starts and occasional acceleration. Even then it hasn't had to go much past 3300. Plenty of power for me. I drive 80% highway and have averaged betwee 31 and 35 mpg. I will still test so my numbers get more accurate. First 3 days was at 60 mph. I got 31.1 mpg. The next 3 days was at 65 mph. I got 35.2 mpg. The next 3 days wil be at 55 mph. Then I will do it again 3 days at 55, 60, and 65 mph. Since I don't drive faster than 65, I won't test for it. I noticed that at 65mph the tach sat on 2500. At 60mph it was 2250. At 55 it was a hair over 2000. All tests are with the A/C on as I use it both summer and winter. In winter it keeps the windows from frosting up on the inside. I try to plan my passing on ramps and other cars so I don't have to touch the throttle. It downshifts to crest one hill at 3000rpm. Steeper hills and higher speeds will affect the RPMs and MPG.
    This car rides as smooth as glass. I hardly feel it when being passed by a semi at 65mph. Also there are several spots on my commute that go through cuts in the rock so that you get crosswinds when you come out from the gaps. I feel hardly any instability in stiff crosswinds, unlike my SUV. It may be different at higher speeds. I feel a slight roll when entering on and off ramps at 40mph but it flattens at 35 and lower.
    The fit and finish is excellent. I am impressed with the extras. The A/C has a filter the operator can clean. Auto shutoff of the passenger airbag if the seat is unoccupied. Fog lamps.
    OK, it would be nice if the CD player worked with MP3s, but for 13 grand I'll burn my MP3s into WAVs that I can take with me.
    So far this is a great car. :)
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,920
    what's more-the Kia Long-Haul Warranty really works-Kia does stand behind it. Not in my opinion, it is a fact. I know-I'm on my 2nd Kia in a row, a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4. I loved my 1999 Kia Sephia sedan so much I decided to trade in early-at only 82,000 miles. Our Sportage 4x4 has treated us well.

    Kia vehicles aren't perfect, so you may need your Wanrranty. I have found my Kia retialers to be very fair if a repair or Warranty-item is needed.

    Oh, your Kia Spectra sedan is also better looking than all the rest, of that you can rest assured. Even better looking than the Mazda 3. Enjoy your Spectra and come on back and share your Spectra experience with us! :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Gleaned from an anti-KIA forum online:

    ok i got a 2004 kia spectra
    14000 miles and the air bag light turns on I bring it to the dealer to fix it they took hours....
    finaly thay ask me if its ok to pull the center console "were coffie cups are put "
    apparently the drink holders leaked
    and what is under the Leaky coffie holders ?
    the advanced air bag computer !!
    my coffie was sloshing and the liquids were pooling around the electronic device causing it to rust..
    this air bag computer part cost 800$ At first they were saying its not covered under the warranty
    When they said "not covered" I fliped out causing a huge scene in the dealership. At whitch point they agreed to replace the part .
    So dont drink liquids in your kia or it might cost you big time
    this is no joke real


    I email the poster of this complaint to see how the liquid *actually* got under the console, since the cup holders appear (to me) to be leak-free, even if a drink is sloshed into them.

    The verdict? The poster's drink cup was dropped and spilled down around the much more vulnerable emergency break handle slot right next to the driver.

    So..... be VERY careful with any drinks or other liquids in the front seat area of your new Spectra, and don't allow them to spill onto the emergency brake handle area OR the auto trans shifter slot for that matter!

    Else you may have some 'splainin to do to the KIA Service Manager! :-)

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    That's good to know. My DW isn't too careful with the beverages she totes in her Elantra, and its design is similar.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,920
    now that's news that Kia Spectra owners can really use! Watch that coffee sloshin' now!

    That's effective use of the Internet tool, huh?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • 2006 Spectra EX Spec Changes (from previous post):

    Delete fog lights on EX 4-door model
    Delete 15-inch factory-installed alloy wheel option on EX 4-door model
    (available as dealer installed option)

    Delete sunroof option on EX 4-door mode

    Road and Track just confirmed these changes in their recent issue.

    I agree with Shawn's statement:

    "I really think they made a mistake removing the fog lights and moonroof option from the EX version if this is true. And hopefully the dealers will add on the alloys. Anyway, I think this makes the EX very much less competitive with the competition and the Elantra GLS especially with the removal of the moonroof."

    I would definitely regret not having these options on my Spectra EX, and would not like being forced into buying the more "boy-racer" SX to get them. It's these options that help push the Spectra EX into a more upscale experience.

    New 4-speed A/T (except SULEV models in CA, MA, ME, NY, VT)
    New-generation transmission is lighter in weight, more durable and provides improved operation

    This was definitely news to me. R&T didn't mention this one. I'm not surprised, since erratic shifting was the only problem I've seen mentioned on another KIA-centric Spectra message forum. Most of the problems were solved with some reprogramming of the transmission software. I've experienced no transmission problems at all after 13k miles. I'm really hoping that the new transmission was implemented primarily for the weight savings (thus MPG) and NOT the "more durable" adjective above!!!! :surprise:

    I know that KIA's probably trying to improve the profitability of the now "standard" Spectra, but the sunroof, alloy wheels, and fog lights should still be be available at least as an extra-cost feature package on the EX.

    I'm the type of guy that likes those features, but doesn't like his front spoiler being scraped off every time I pull into a parking spot. ;)

  • Spectraman,

    I agree I don't like having to choose a Spectra SX to get the options they dropped for 2006. Though I like the Spectra SX because of the 16" rims and sportier suspension I don't like the lower ground effects package - especially on the sedan.

    Happy motoring,

  • Hi all,

    I just did the first oil change on my girlfriend's 05 Spectra EX at 2600 miles. I was expecting the job to be as easy on the Spectra as the Elantra. Anyway, everything was similiar except for removing the oil filter. The oil filter is in the exact same location (duh since they use the same engine) as the Elantra but the oil filter is cover by a splash guard that runs under the entire front bumper. I had to remove almost all the screws to be able to get at the oil filter. I wish they had made it similiar to Elantra where they had a small access panel (three bolts) to get to the oil filter. Hopefully they design this in when they do the mild refresh in a few years from now.

    Happy motoring,

  • I have a 2005 Spectra EX. Is anyone else having a problem with the passenger air bag sensor. I know the Sorrento has this problem. When my wife sits in the passenger seat the Passenger Air Bag Off light usually is on indicating the air bag is not active. The car has been to the dealer a few times where the seat cushion and sensor was replaced and last time a field tech from KIA came out to the dealer to reprogram the sensor computer. Still have the problem. I do like the car
    but unless KIA can fix the problem I will be forced to use the lemon law. Would appreciate any feedback.
  • Hello Group..I want to thank you guys for all the info, that you have brought forth. I went browsing for a new or even a used car and came to a kia dealer and was impressed. I never would of even looked at a foreign car but this time I did..I live in an area, where, if you need work done on a car it better be an american car or ur going to be out of luck getting it repaired or parts for. it..but the 100,000 - 10 years got my attention...I bought this very nice 2005 kia spectra and love it. I havent had any disapointments yet but It's only got 600 miles on it so far. I have noticed something thats got me bothered and was wanting to see if someone could help me....Does this car run hotter than most cause it seems like no time for the indicater moves to the middle of the guage in just a few minutes of running. and stayes there...I was just curious cause I didn't want to find out my guage was broken till it was to late. I see alot of you are happy with it...I also hear a thud type noise in the back when I am taking off from a stop light at times..thanks
  • Well, the Kia Spectra has a engine cover that may trap more heat than if there was none, so that may be why it heats up so dang fast. I did notice that too. But hey, it just means the car heats up faster. No more cold rides for my girlfriend. As for the thud? Uh, lol, I don't know, I never noticed a thud before. The only thing I can think of is the spare in the back. I'll have to go for a drive to see.

  • Hey there. I read your post about the options of the new Spectra, and the MPG results you've attained. I also have a 2005 Spectra SX, and my tach reads 3000 rpm precisely when I'm cruising at 66. I've been trying to find the best speed on the highway so as to save gas in this quickly raising fuel-price world. It is hard to tell, since i drive quite a bit in the city as well. Thank you.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The temp gauge is in the correct position for this car. My two Elantras, which have the same engine, have the same behavior. I love how fast they warm up in the winter time. By the time I drive a little over a mile to the freeway entrance in the morning, the heat starts to flow! :)
  • - My 2004.5 Spectra EX's passenger seat airbag sensor works fine. It disables the airbag when my 11 and 13 year old girls take turns in the front, and it enables (light off) when I or my wife sit in the seat.

    - My car warms up fast too... it is a treat in the winter as the others were claiming. The interesting thing I've noticed is that the temp reading is *very* consistent. Whether it's below freezing out or 95 degrees, the needle goes up to one notch below the middle and stays there regardless of whether I'm driving on the highway or in stop-and-go traffic in the city.

    - Hey Blaketendo: Is your car a 5-speed manual? My automatic turns a lot less RPM's than 3000 at 66 mph.

    - No thuds in my trunk. As mentioned, I'd check the spare tire well for any loose objects. Also make sure that the fold down rear seatbacks are securely latched. If the noise persists, you may have to fold the seatbacks down, and have someone crouch in the rear with their head semi-stuck into the trunk area to see if the source of the noise can be pinpointed better. They may be able to tell if it sounds like a suspension issue, or something loose rolling around in the rear inner fenders, etc. This would best be done in a parking lot somewhere. :-)

  • After I had thought about it, I remembered that my car was not an automatic, and yes it is manual transmission. I still want to know however what the best speed is to get 35+ miles to a gallon.

  • Something I've been wanting to get for my Spectra ever since I bought it, is remote start. Does anyone know of a good (and most importantly, reliable) way to get a remote start system, and have it installed? My major concern is the problems that may occur. Since I have good warranties with my car, I don't want anything to screw it up, otherwise they are voided.

  • KIA's International Spectra/Cerato website

    Broadband recommended, and Macromedia Flash required

    Well worth a tour... it has many interactive screens showing just why our Spectras/Ceratos feel so substantial and are so quiet. Be sure to check out the NVH tab.

    It's a sort of a bummer that the North American market doesn't have access to the leather seats and the automatically controlled climate control system!

  • It's a sort of a bummer that the North American market doesn't have access to the leather seats and the automatically controlled climate control system!

    ...or the Solar Panel Glass. It could also be that North American market doesn't have all of the sound insulation features either as featured in your link.

    But so far my experience has been that my 05 Spectra has a really solid feeling and is a very quiet car. It's quieter than my wife's 05 Acura MDX which is also quiet but her's has slightly more wind noise at higher speeds.
  • I was somewhat concerned about the temp reading..It didn't come to me that this cars heater may come in handy in the cold months, thanks alot..guys.I will do some more looking around for that thud sound ...I'll relook at the spare tire to see if thats the problem
  • My wife weighs 130 so it should work. After a few trips to dealer the light still stays on when she sits in passerger seat, sometimes. The seat cushion and sensor has been repalced once and a KIA engineer came out and reprogrammed computer and still have problem. Car is going back to dealer next week again and the engineer is coming again with what better be the last fix. If they can't fix it will have to consider lemon law and that would be a shame because I do like the car.
    I read that the Sorrento had this problem but reprogramming computer seemed to fix problem. If anyone has this problem would like to hear about it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Hyundai has just announced the recall of 240,000 2004 and 2005 Elantras to fix a problem with the Occupant Classification System (OCS) on the front passenger seat. It is likely the Spectra uses a similar system, so maybe there will be a recall soon for the Spectra.
  • Seems kinda like a bogus recall to me. Who would leave their child seats on the front anyways? That's illegal in the states from what I know. I might be wrong, but it seems like a stupid ultra-nitpicky reason for a recall.
  • I was needing to put a cruise control on this 2005 spectra . Anyone know where I could find one..and would it be easy enough to put it on myself..I have been looking over the net and I can't seem to find one...Any info would be great..thx
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The recall has nothing to do with people putting child seats on the front seat. It has to do with the OCS not functioning as designed.
  • If the recall is for same problem I am having then not bogus because the problem is that the air bag is disabled when an adult is sitting in the passenger seat.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Most likely Hyundai and Kia are using the same seat sensor and/or computer, as the 2006 Sonata GLS my wife recently rented had the same problem. With an adult sitting in the front passenger seat, the passenger airbag was disabled - this occured on an intermittent basis.
  • I have a 2005 Spectra EX Sedan with almost 6,000 miles. It is a great little car but I noticed something odd recently.

    The rear window defrost button never shuts off. In other cars I've owned, if you turn the rear window defrost on, after 10 minutes or so the defrost will automatically shut itself off. This does not appear to be the case with the Spectra. I've let it go around 15 minutes and shut it off myself. In the grand scheme of things, this is no big deal--just curious.

    Anyone notice this?
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