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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • darrylmdarrylm Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I am thinking of just buying a new player... it's frustrating. :cry:
  • tornadanotornadano Posts: 2
    I am new to the forum, so please excuse me if this has been covered before...

    We are having problems with a 1995 c220...The power windows will not operate...We figure it is a wiring problem, since the fuses in the trunk were blown out not once but twice...Can anyone help me track this problem, or give me a direction on where to start looking...

    Dan B.
  • gusk7gusk7 Posts: 1
    has anyone had a problem where the driver side seat does not go all the way back. seems to stop about 1 inch from the end :shades:
  • lipplipp Posts: 58
    Had a 2005 C240 with terrible vibration problems. I was all over this message board from Jan thru April of 2005. Research my old messages and you will learn a lot. Bottom line, I filed for arbitration with the state of Connecticut Lemon Law and before we went to hearing MBUSA settled with a 100% refund. I moved to a BMW.

    Good Luck
  • hi i am new to this forum
    ive been having LOTS of problems with my 2003 C240
    omg u will never believe how many times i have go to a garage and go back to the mercedes workshop
    and the money ive spend on this almost allow me to buy a new car!!!....
    engine lights
    weird sound when breaking....etc

    i dont know if anyone could help me on this one
    this is the second time i am having this problem
    the car is having this tatatata sound when accelerating
    have anyone had the same problem???

    plz help!!!
  • tmuller2tmuller2 Posts: 2
    I have the same vehicle- '01 c320. 3-4 times over several months, I would get in my to go to work and the battery would be dead. I took cabs to work, and had road side come to my house and swap out the battery. First time, thought nothing of it, 2nd time thought bad luck. The road side guy started to learn the drill. Knew my address by heart, knew where I left the keys, etc. He finally said this is pointless there must be a defect in the electrical system, I will have it towed in, doesn't make any sense to keep on replacing the battery. In the shop three weeks, they never figured out where the problem was, but its electrical system - with all the high tech modules that talk to each other - is a total failure. Its a design issue. They didn't tell me that, but the WSJ and other newspapers have reported all the trouble and how that technology was pulled for the new models - I think 05 and later. Since the technology was abandoned for future models, I believe that is reason MB did not work to redesign the current tech, thus finding a new solution. I have had 20+ bulbs replaced in 5 years. I may remember replacing one bulb before on a previous vehicle I owned (tahoe, explorer) Service's answer - we make a great car but a cheap bulb. The bulbs are fine, its the whole electric system that is the source, but they act like its just the bulb and its unusual, but it does happen. Many owners of 2001 C Class have had similar issues. It was cheaper for them to just replace the bulbs over and over, than to engineer a true solution. I am pretty sure that road side tech knew the first time my battery was dead, what the problem really was. Certaintly the 2nd and 3rd time he knew exactly what the issue was. But he played along, replacing batteries with hopes the battery wouldn't go out again. I am pissed that the numerous problems with the electrical system and suspension, I was never told a straight answer. We pay enough money so that when I come in the first time with a problem I expect the service manager to say "I know whats causing your problem, we get to the source" If I knew I was going to have spend all this money on rentals, taxis, post warrany repairs, I should have just have gone ahead and bought the S.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    We had rear bulbs burning out in my wife's 2002 C240. After a year or two of that, they replaced part of the wiring harness in response to a TSB from Mercedes. No problems since then.

    Have you asked your service advisor if there is a TSB about the bulbs burning out?
  • cc46cc46 Posts: 1
    my wife just purchased a used 03 c240 with 31,000 mi on it. after the car warms up and we come to a stop such as at a traffic light, it sounds as if a lifter is getting hung up or something, its a tick tick tick tick kinda seems to only happen at idle and i can't notice it when iam accelerating. is this normal? i listened to it also outside the car with the hood up its noticable there to, it seems to becoming from drivers side of the motor. does anyone have any input. should i book a service appointment while i have 8 mo's left on warranty.
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    There is a purge valve on the evaporative canister system and I am pretty positive that is the source of this noise. This is a know issue and the service department should either replace the valve or change the mount to eliminate that problem.

    You will have to bring it in for this and I am surprised that the previous owner did not get the fix.

  • tizertizer Posts: 23
    It is probably a fuse. I know where the cars three fuse boxes are but does anyone know which specific fuse this is? Which fuse box, which color, "third from the top etc" Thanks for any help, I use the outlet for a radar detector on trips up the NY Thruway!
  • I have a 2003 C240, 4matic with 39000 miles. Just took it in for oil change and asked the dealer to check why brakes squeak? Dealer said brake pad is fine, no problem. I also see metal dust on the wheels. What gives? I thought the brakes squeak only when the brake pad is worn out and metal is grinding against metal, in this case the rotor. Other than this the car drove nicely with no mechanical problem.Expert opinions please?!
  • schulhofschulhof Posts: 71
    Lots of gripes here. I leased a '06 C230 about four months ago. I have about 2000 miles on it and no problems, no gripes, very satisfied.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    Good to hear.

    Keep us posted, particularly as you pass 50K, 75K & 100K miles.
  • dfc3dfc3 Posts: 87
    I bought a 2006 C280 6 weeks ago; luxury model. Great ride, handling, no vibrations, very smooth. So far its great.
  • prlprl Posts: 10
    I pick up my 2005 C240 4Matic on Wednesday. I'm really excited, I just have one question for everyone out there. i noticed when I test drove the 2006 models some of them made a beeping noise when you locked and unlock the car, and some did not. I asked the sales person if they could do that to my 2005 before I take delivery and he thinks that they can just plug in a computer and set it to do that. Does anyone know about this. Another dealership I called said that this is possible on any post 2000 Mercedes-Benz. I think its pretty dumb that Mercedes makes only the dealer capable of programming this sound. On most cars its in the settings menu.
  • kwhytekwhyte Posts: 4
    My CLK 200 2001 outside temperature gauge shows only half the digits. When I went to the garage the informed me it would require a complete new electronic console/computer etc. approx 500 euros. However, when i loaded the rear with suit cases, until everything was squashed tightly. It worked again. This is a fluke I though but no. The next day I loaded it again. Sure enough it worked. Does anyone know what relationship the rear electronics have with a outside meter on the front to the drivers console?
  • bbdcbbdc Posts: 1
    Thank you for letting me know that this is such a common problem. I have the same car '01 C320 with the same problems. In fact, I just replaced the battery yesterday after having roadside come out and jump my battery over and over again. In December of last year, the dealership claimed that a faulty seat control module was the cause of the amp draw on the battery. I had it replaced according to their recommendation and of course that doesn't seem to have been the issue b/c I'm still having this same problem. The car is telling me to check the right side marker lamp. My question is, will changing the lamp temporarily fix this problem then?
  • kwhytekwhyte Posts: 4
    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not sure if changing the lamp will fix the problem. the computer on the car doesn't recognize the problem. I don't plan visiting the garage as they seem to be fitters rather than mechanics. However, I may just ask an electrical engineer to check the power from the battery to the clock.
  • bebepbebep Posts: 1
    hey all, i am thinking buying a MB C230 sport coupe, however the warrantary will expire in Mar.2007. current mileage: 50K km. is this model relatively reliable, or does it have troublesome electric problems often?

    I am in toronto Canada, and the price of this car is not cheap at all: CAN$22000! if i have to buy extend warrantary to cover those electric problems, i just feel it may be not a good buy...

    appreciated any advice you could have!

    confused MB buyer :confuse:
  • I have a follow up on this posting.
    I took the car to the dealer and they inspected the brake pads. The service manager said the brake pads are fine, and the dust I saw on the wheel rim is brake pad dust. Squeals on disc brakes when applied is normal especially because we drive carefully and do not brake hard often enough that the brake did not get hot enough to burn off the surface coating (or something like that?). In order to reduce or remove the squeal noise, I can try drive with brake on for a couple of blocks at slow speed to burn off the surface of the brakes. I guess i have to take the service manager's words for it and as long as the brake pad and rotors are OK, I can perhaps roll up the window and I won't hear the brake squeals.I mean, the car is under warranty, so I don't see any reason why the dealer won't jump into replacing stuffs and getting paid for doing it, right? By the way, I noticed there are a lot of gripes of C-class in this forum. but I guess I am lucky because, (knock on wodd), my 2003 C-240 4matic drove beautifully in snow and off, and had no mechanical or electrical problem until the brake squeals recently and one rear brake light bulb burnt out at 39K miles. The dealer replaced the bulb free promptly with a free car wash. I am happy with my MB--so far!!!! :D
  • benzino5benzino5 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem on my 05 c230 as well. I have the harmon kardon upgrade and my speakers go out anywhere between 1 to 2 days. The dealer can find what's wrong with it either. I'm also having trouble with the airbag light that has come on 3 times. Each time they fix it, it only stays out for about a week and then comes back on. Mercedes service leaves you wishing for something better. I have a lot of other electrical related windows going up and outdoor thermometer gives insane readings and bulbs appearing to be burnt out and working later on in the day. It seems as if electronics work only when they want to... My friend has the same car and his only has the radio messing up like mine...he has the harmon kardon?? is it only with the upgraded audio??
  • jackel142jackel142 Posts: 47
    The main switch pack usually fails. Simple 5 minute replacement of the pack should fix it.
  • jackel142jackel142 Posts: 47
    MB brake squeel is a "normal operating condition", the brake pad material used will cause squeeks & squeels. The brake dust on the front wheels is normal, just have to keep them washed.
    Average life on MB pads is anywhere from 15-20k, rotors are usually shot by 30k. If these are orignal at 39k, you are very lucky.
  • jackel142jackel142 Posts: 47
    You can turn the chirp feature on or off yourself, just read the owners manual, it will walk you thru the steps.
  • jackel142jackel142 Posts: 47
    Brake pads & rotors are normal wear items, and NOT covered under warranty. You might get a dealer to DSA them if the car was under 12/12. MB brakes have squeeled for year, and will contunue to squeel, just the nature of the beast.
  • tornadanotornadano Posts: 2
    By switch do you mean the Motor for the front door or the control module? Or is there another switch I am not aware of?

  • majretmajret Posts: 1
    Help. Thinking about buying a CPO '05 or '06, but after reading the messages on this site, I'm really reconsidering. My basic question is; has M-B improved the reliability of the electrical system, radio problems and all the other pain in the butt problems in the '05 and '06 models. Also looked like there were some transmission problems in there as well. Love the car, but not sure it's worth all the headaches. I live in New England so thinking the 4Matic would be good. Thanks for any comments.
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    I LOVE my C350 2006. Only 600miles so I'll know more about electrical or maintenance problems later. But no complaints thus far.
    AND I was rear ended after about 10min (yes believe it, 10min of rain in AZ is not good for bad drivers) and there were only 2 scratches barely noticeable in the bumper while the other car had the front hood caved in.

    The brakes do make occasional screeches only when you brake and then gently pull off of the break, no big deal for me.

    As for radio, it works fine EXCEPT for SIRIUS if you get it. SIRIUS is having problems with sending signal to the new cars.

    here's my 2 cents from someone who's satisfied and happy with everything thus far. I was comparing the lexus IS 350 (which is sportier but not as smooth of a ride which was what i was looking for)
  • ronblumeronblume Posts: 1
    My power antenna has a mind of it's own. Goes up and down indescriminantly turning the radio off and on. Can this be fixed? Or can I somehow run the antenna to the up position manually and leave it that way?
  • Hi! i am new to this forum. I just bought a 2000 c230 compressor and I love riding it. It really goes! The only thing about it is the digital displays(speed, temp, mileage)the numbers don't go out just maybe the bottem or the top or the middle parts! What is wrong with it?
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