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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Hello, do you mind me asking how much your '03 FX45 trade in was and also how much was the new hybrid '07 camry? I am thinking about doing the same for the last three weeks. I bought my FX35 in January of 2005, but it was a '04 model and I did get $8500 off of MSRP at 2.9% financing. I live in California and this state has one of the highest gas price in the nation. Damn, those greedy gasoline companies and crooked politicians. Sorry, I just had to vent it out. Thank you in advance.
  • lll1lll1 Posts: 1
    Hi guys. I just got a 2003 FX35 on 18" rims. I'm looking to upgrade to the OEM 20" rims and wheels. I know many of you are adding after market rims and may have the OEM 20"s available for sell. Let me know. I am interested
  • fvj48fvj48 Posts: 2
    I have a new '06FX45. 180 miles as of this morning. Driving into work I got a warning sound similar to what the old '03FX45 had when a tire was low. It lasted approximately 2 to 3 minutes and then stopped. No tires are low. I called the dealer and they couldn't explain it. Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone tell me what it might be?
  • fvj48fvj48 Posts: 2
    Can anyone describe how the '06 FX 45 Cargo net is supposed to work?
  • jimityjimity Posts: 10
    I purchased an FX35 about 3 months ago - my first Infiniti purchase. It has had a very dangerous problem of the intelligent cruise control failing, and the dealer has not been able to correct it with repeated attempts. I'm looking for others who may have had a similar problem. The Cruise control will work fine for almost 30 minutes, then it starts seeing cars which really are not there and goes into a panic and tries to stop the car on the freeway (cars have to change lanes to avoid hitting me). Sometimes it just doesn't see cars which are there and attempts to run into them until I manually slow the car down. I've documented this on video on numerous occasions and provided the video to the dealer to help in fixing it. The last repair attempt took 3 days, and even though the dealer put 168 miles on the car, it is still failing. Yesterday it started failing and now it knocks out the Lane Departure Warning System when it goes haywire - the Lane Departure light stays on and the system no longer beeps if I change lanes without a signal.

    Any others have this problem, or any dealers have any suggestions on what may be causing this? My concerns are that this is very dangerous and after several attempts it has not been fixed. I'm worried that the problem is more then just the cruise control/lane departure system and could impact my safety features like the computer which controls the airbags. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Southern California :sick:
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218

    Thanks for sharing this problem with all of us and I am sorry that this is happening to your car. Unfortunately, I do not use the lazer guided cruise control past 30 minutes to have any input in this matter, other than to say it works on my car for now. I hope the dealership can figure something out for you and perhaps you can share it with us. So please keep us updated on this. Thank you.
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    I have an '04 FX35 RWD with tech pkg. While I have not had laser cruise control problems to the extent that you have, I have experienced sporadic problems. My unit will sometimes apply the brakes when there is no car in front of me. Although there is no set pattern, it has happened on the same location of a particular highway several times, which makes me think it may be picking up a stray signal of some sort. At other times it just seems to be a random event. Occasionally the unit will get tricked by upcoming overpasses (or signs?), but this has not been a real problem. The unit has never failed to recognize a car in front of me and maintain the correct distance. I have noticed that once the unit has acquired a vehicle target ahead and drops speed to maintain distance then you cannot lower the speed set point and have the car slow. The vehicle just keeps tracking the car ahead at its speed and maintains distance even though the set point may be 5 mph lower. Not sure this helps, but good luck with your problem.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I had experienced a bit of this, but to me it seemed that it was picking up the cars *next* to me out of it's periphery vision.

    I have also had the LDW light stay on and not beep when veering out of the lane.. It has not done it in a few weeks, but it had been driving me crazy for a while.

    Please keep us updated!
  • subystisubysti Posts: 2
    I'm looking at purchasing an 03 FX35 for the purpose of towing 2 snowmobiles. I've heard people say that the Fx's are not very good for towing. What are your experiences with this. I'm also looking at RX300 which I'm told are a little better for towing. Any info would be great. thanks
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    What are you comparing to, AWD RX300 or RX330 to a FX35 AWD? Or are you comparing 2WD on both models? If it is a 2WD and if I remember it correctly, the RX300 is a front wheel drive similiar to a Toyota Highlander, then it can't be better than a RWD on the FX35. I believe they have the same towing capacity, 3500-lb. :)
  • stubeestubee Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 FX 35 with the sport package. How can I tell if I have a microfilter? I looked up under the passenger side dash where I expected to find it but nada I could see.

    TIA -- Stubee
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    You have an in-cabin microfilter. It is located behind the glove box. To replace the filter, requires the the glove box be unfastened from the dash and lowered out and the air bag sensor moved to allow room to take the old filter out and replace it. I have seen the instructions the web a couple of times, but the process looked more complicated than I wanted to tackle considering you are messing with the airbag sensor. The bad news is the dealer (Houston) price for R/R is about $70. Not very good design engineering in my opinion.
  • ayenewayenew Posts: 11
    I have an 05 FX 35 with the Intelligent Cruise Control. I have used it once only on a 3 hour drive (just to see if it works). I had other more "preference" issues with it but no problem with it regarding function as designed.
  • ayenewayenew Posts: 11
    Sorry...long note. I bought a used 2005 FX 35 (+touring+sport+tech) with a bit short of 4000 miles ($38K) in June 05. I just went over 15K miles. So, I have driven it about one year. So, far except for normal Chicago issues all is well. To me, normal "Chicago" issues are stuff like you get a dashboard warning for low tire pressure when cold weather kicks in. I get the car serviced when the dash says so. I go to Fields Infiniti where I find myself there LONGER that I planned quite often but I am still happy with them. Why longer? goofball reasons...once they ran out of oil and had to go buy more to do the change...stuff like that. But, I TRUST them. I once had a puncture on tire identified during a routine oil change. After they initially informed me it is on the wall of tire and need to replace it, they came back and told me the nail can stay there because that is not causing any leaks on the tire. Sure issues and that was at 6K miles.

    MPG wise, I put only premium in it and I do easily 20+ on highways (and I drive on the I-94/Eden) but horrible in city (average around 14). In my combined driving, I average 18-19...ok I guess. I LOVE THE car. My major feeling of loss is no MP3 playing. Anyone with good advice is that is most welcome including suggestions on external device such as iPod.
  • ayenewayenew Posts: 11
    If you all know of this, please disregard. I got a letter from them that says your touring+sport came with note the sport shocks but the standard shocks. I have an 05 FX 35. So I called and it seems, some exec at Infiniti felt things were a bit bumpy and installed the standard shocks on these cars. Not sure if all 05 got them. The two options are get the standard sport shocks installed free OR $500 check. I think my car is a comfortable ride as is. I called my dealership and they say unless you demand a stiff drive, take the money. Any suggestions? Did you guys get the same letter?
  • bes23bes23 Posts: 1
    planning on buying an 06 FX 35 w/sport and touring from Willow Grove Infiniti in PA. I got an inital internet quote of $41,500. When do the '07s come out? Would it be worth the wait in terms of price reduction?
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I am not sure about the '07s, but I do know that when I was dealing with the internet manager at Willow Grove I felt like I was trying to buy a used Ugo. ("Only for today", "you must act quickly", etc. etc.)

    IMHO you may want to talk to West Chester as well, I felt much more at-ease with them.

    If you do your homework and indicate to them that you know your stuff you will get a very fair deal. (about a month ago I got $42K for an 06 tech, touring, handsfree, roof rails, cargo mat, spashguards & all weather mats)

  • jleffjleff Posts: 1
    I got the letter and I am going to get the shocks. I commute a long way to work and my 2005 FX now has 26,000 miles. A question you need to ask your self is how long are you planning on owning your vehicle? The FX is a heavy vehicle, and in my opinion the standard shocks will be fairly worn out in 75k miles. To replace the shocks at a later time for parts and labor plan on spending at least one thousand dollars. I feel Infiniti wants to bait people with the 500 dollars, so they can save money in the long run. Your engine and transmission will most likely last well over 100,000 miles, but your shocks will need replacement. In my opinion take the shocks, you bought the sport package for performance didn't you?

    Regards, Jeff
  • wallys67wallys67 Posts: 4
    I bought an used FX35 2005 and I need to buy some parts. But it's a problem in Europe. Help me, pls, where can I buy used parts in U.S.A./ driver's and passenger's front airbags, seat belts, instrument panel /?
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    Hi All:
    We're out of an 05 Avalon XLS and are considering the 06 FX35 AWD model with no options - has much more standard equipment than I ever dreamed.

    Also looking at Odyssey EX w/leather/DVD (I'll wager few have cross-shopped these two!). Thought about Murano but didn't like its IIHS/NHTSB crash ratings.

    Lexus/Mercedes/BMW do not interest us and if we can get within $500 of invoice, it might get the wife's okay. How likley is it to find a no-optioned FX 35? Most seem to have at least sunroof w/keyless options which to us (along with all the other significant options) are uneccessary and make the car less of a value - it's already at the top of our range without any options.

    Any comments? I live in Montgomery County, Maryland near a Bethesda dealership but would travel to other dealerships (Ellicott city or White Marsh).
  • ayenewayenew Posts: 11

    Thanks for input. I was not sold on either option but wanted to hear what others had to say. In the mean time, I did some research. It seems, if I were to pay for the shocks that they want to give me, costs are $900 for a set of 4 (taxes included put it at $1,000) and service is close to $300. Hence, Infiniti wants to give $500 for something that would cost you or I $1,300! Got to love their accounting department.

    I agree. And I am getting my shocks put in. Do not know the deadline but have to contact them and get that addressed.
  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    I've bought a 2005 FX35 with 19,000 miles on it, one owner. I have brought it in 3 times for a rattle which sounds like it is coming from the passenger side under the car inbetween the front and rear tires. The dealership has heard it, sometimes it goes away, but currently it is back at the 'shop' trying to get fixed again...any ideas what this rattle may be?
  • jimityjimity Posts: 10
    Here is an update for everyone. My cars problems continue to get worse - and I'm doing my part to document it on video. I contacted Infiniti about a Buy Back and they called me back this afternoon to tell me they would not (even though the car does meet California Lemon Law requirements and they have videos showing the problem). Infiniti said I need to take my vehicle in for repair and allow them to keep it for 3 weeks. I asked for a comparable loaner vehicle and Infiniti Consumer Affairs indicated that is not provided by the warranty. The Infiniti Rep indicated I could drive my BMW Z4 while the Infiniti was being repaired. Not a good alternative when I would still be paying for a new Infiniti SUV.

    I'm now forced to give up my 4 month old new Infiniti FX35 for 3 weeks. I just spoke with the dealer service manager and he said he understands my frustration and would do everything he could to get me a comparable vehicle for the 3 weeks.

    The dealer is doing a good job to help the situation, but Infiniti itself is not seeing this as an important safety issue. Any advice on getting Infiniti to make consumer safety a high priority?

    Southern California
  • sweeedesweeede Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a used FX35 over here in Sweden. Trouble is the ones you can find are imported, as Infiniti won't launch here 'till 2008 :cry: Those available are few and far between. The AWD over here is way expensive, but I've found a RWD in good condition. As it snows a tad over here, I'm looking for anyone with REAL experience of the RWD in snow
  • wallys67wallys67 Posts: 4
    Should I use front airbags and seatbelts from Murano in FX35?
  • rizmaniarizmania Posts: 2
    My 2004 FX 35 with tech had cruise control for 1 day, hasn't worked since. Dealer wants the car for days to try and fix. Now I find out tire pressure system is all out of wack. Tires are all close to bald down center due to overinflation. 15K miles on car. When I manually check each tire then look at system it shows 4 different #'s some 4-5 PSI below what it should read. Anyone else experiencing problems with Tire Pressure System.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Please visit one of these discussions and report on your mpg. Thanks!

    Infiniti FX45: Real World MPG

    Infiniti FX35: Real World MPG

    Steve, Host
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Yes, mine is two to three psi below the actual hand held tire gage that I have, but mine pressure monitor system is consistence with all four tires.
  • atfryaratfryar Posts: 30
    Could've sworn I saw a post about this before but I can't find it anywhere. My apologies if this has already been covered but...

    Any idea the correct way to hook up the cargo net in the rear of an FX35???

  • krodrenkrodren Posts: 31
    My dealer has been recommending an "engine flush" (appears to be a super oil change) since a year after buying my '03 fx. Obviously not a manufacturer required service, but I've never even heard of it? Anyone else know about it?
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