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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • thebunkthebunk Posts: 6
    Don't do it !! it's not worth it nor is it even good for the engine. It can affect seals that can lead to other problems. The "Flush" gimmick has been around for years but it's just a
    needless gimmick to generate added cost to you.
  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    I've just been informed by my Infinity dealership that there is a design flaw with the 2005 fx35's. The flaw is that the parking brake cables always come loose and make rattling noises on the car. My dealership contacted the manufacturer and they said nothing could be done about it. Has anyone experienced this same problem?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Just wanted to share my story. I bought the FX35 Loaded sans satellite radio and roof rails in April of 03 just a couple months after it's release. I got an excellent deal from Grubb's Infiniti in Dallas and Leased the car for 39 months.

    I have to say this was the best Car/SUV whatever you want to call it I have ever owned. It had some glitches which I have posted about here but anyone who spent time in my car misses it as much as I do. Well my lease was for 39 months and 49.5 thousand miles my car which I drove daily had 68k thousand miles on it in month 38. So of course not wanting to write infiniti a big check I looked to trade it in.

    My car being such high mileage was hard to put a good price on cause most available in my area had about 2/3 the miles but were priced around 10k higher then "book" value for my car. I first tried to work a deal on a 2007 camry.. However Toyota dealerships are an arrogant bunch. They offered me 20k for the car (while they had a 03 touring only on the lot with 40k for 34k) politely told them no and walked out. Next day went to carmax. Got a quote on the car for 22k (residual was 21.7k payoff one payment left was 22.3) A week later I went in and sold them the car. Gave them basically half my last payment and walked away..

    I know many people have lease horror stories but if you pick a good car and get a good deal I see no problems with it. Enjoy your FX's I know I enjoyed mine.
  • ttummyttummy Posts: 6
    1) those options, except the door mounted seat memory, were availble on the older FXs as part of the tech package, 2003, 2004, 2005

    4) Part of tech package on previous models, 2003, 2004, 2005

    6) Part of tech package on previous models, 2003, 2004, 2005
  • A good morning everyone:

    From Toronto, Canada. Seriously considering an FX35.

    It seems to me that Infiniti is not terribly interested in pushing sales of the FX - the incentives for July onwards is O for the FX.

    Am I missing something? Are sales that good (gee, down -38% over this time last year)???????

    I wish to purchase for cash and the 3 dealers I have spoken to are not terribly motivated.

    Is CASH too old fashioned?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    When you finance, the paper is usually carried by someone other than the dealer (unless you are buying used from a "mouse" house, where the owner does financing for buyers). The financing company or bank will pay the dealer off and the dealer won't appear on the title as a lienholder at all.

    So the dealer is going to get cash for the deal either way. They may make a few points more for referring you to their partnered financing company in fact.

    You could try a blast email to the internet managers of some local dealers or solicit quotes from them (we don't have a quote link for Canadian dealers, but most dealers have some sort of web presence now). Or call them for their fax number and blast a fax. (link)

    See the Infiniti FX45 / FX35: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion for more tips and pricing ideas.

    You may like the Why don't dealers want to make money? discussion too. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • Dear Steve:

    Thank you very much for your kind post and the links to the "why dealers...". Very interesting.

    I am obviously a "old fashioned" person - paying cash for a vehicle - yikes!

    I will do precisely what you suggest - I like "tendering" for specific items - I tender alot at work - so it is a format I am comfortable with.

    Kindest Regards Steve

  • NascarQueen24,

    Excellent post. I have been in the market for a sporty SUV, crossover. The FX35 (Sport, Touring) is my first choice.

    I am VERY surprised that Infiniti has not offered any better incentives. I am looking to purchase the car, and was hoping for a good APR special by now.

    Last year, they offered 1.9% (24, 36 months) and 2.9% (48, 60 mths) financing.

    I have been in touch with my dealership since April. No APR deals in April, May, June, and now July. This is despite the "Limited Engagement Sales Event" promotion that is going on until July 31st. I was shocked there was no APR special this month.

    As you stated, Infiniti sales have really fallen off. Yet my dealer acts like Sales are still good. The best I could negotiate in Dallas was $750 over invoice.

    Here are the Sales numbers from Nissan's website. Comparing Calendar Year to Date 2006 to Calendar Year to Date 2005. Basically, Jan thru June. All models have fallen off, except for the M:

    I35 -- Down 99.9%
    G35 Sedan -- Down 18.6%
    G35 Coupe -- Down 19.5%
    M -- Up 38.1%
    Q45 -- Down 53.6%
    QX56 -- Down 17.1%
    FX -- Down 22.4%

    If Infiniti doesn't offer an APR special soon, then I have to at least consider some other crossovers. Like the upcoming Acura RDX, due for nationwide release on August 10. The longer Infiniti waits, the more time I have to look at competitors. They are blowing it, and don't have the strong sales to back up their decision.

  • sphere99sphere99 Posts: 36
    Do Infiniti dealers offer a mod to make it so you can plug in your ipod through your radio?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I also have been somewhat baffled by the lack
    of good deals on the FX. I mean, it's not
    like you see a whole lot of them on the road,
    particularly in my home town in the Tampa Bay
    area. But I am getting ready to read that
    column about "Why don't the dealers want to
    make money?" Maybe it will shed some light
    on this for me.
  • A good morning everyone and Vanhalenabe and Maximafan:

    I too am bewildered by the lack of agressive promotion by Infiniti. Lexus and Acura are beating them handsdown on sales.

    Using the supply/demand curve - the lack of promotions is likely linked to limited supply - Infiniti does not need to sell much more - there is a low supply out there - Does this make sense???? - Sales happen when there is an oversupply of product!

    I live in Toronto and there are a million yuppies here that drive all manner of high end vehicles - only a few are Infiniti's and the Lexus RX330 is THE vehicle of choice. I spend lots of time looking for FX's on the road, so I have a good idea on what % of vehicles are Bimmers, Audi's etc.

    I did read that Infiniti keeps very tight inventory control - so perhaps they are not too interested in selling because they keep limited inventory on the lots.

    Infiniti products are top quality - but the management of this company seems disinterested in growing market share.

    I got a quote from a dealer last Wednesday and they have NOT called back to follow up - I said I would buy cash and put a deposit on my VISA - nothing! I presume the sales rep is either stupid or the dealership does not care. They only have 3 FX's on the lot - I guess that influences them, but they can get product from elsewhere.

    Amazing, a potential $63,000 CDN sale, and they do not follow up - they have my fax, office and home phone!

    I am really not impressed with Infiniti so far, but, I will likely get an FX anyway.

    Gee, what ever happened to competitiveness?

  • NascarQueen24 and Maximafan,

    Thanks for the replies. I agree with all of your points, except for the marketing. It seems to me that Infiniti IS picking up the marketing for the FX this year. Have you seen all of the ads about the "320 hp FX45"? I subscribe to both Car & Driver and Motor Trend, and they have Infiniti FX full page ads every month.

    The FX is still a clear leader in terms of style and performance. But it is way behind Acura and Lexus in terms of technology.

    The car has aged well, but I do have a little reservation about buying a car that is already 3-4 years old and at the end of its cycle. While the styling still blows me away, it is no longer fresh to most people. And I keep wondering what the next FX will be like and how much better it will be.

    The Acura RDX does not have the same sense of style, IMHO. But the performance will be comparable and they will have much better technology. They will have an iPod jack as standard equipment, which I don't think you can buy from Infiniti at any price.

    If Infiniti would just offer an attractive APR, I would be ready to buy NOW. What's the point of the "Limited Engagement Summer Event", if you are only offering Lease Specials. It seems like the smart thing would be to cater to both Leases and Purchases.

    Unlike your experience NascarQueen24, I have at least had an excellent dealership response from Sewell Infiniti in Dallas. I first contacted them last year, but had to delay my purchase until this year. I have had the same salesperson and good, consistent contact. Unfortunately, Sewell Infiniti has no influence on any factory APR specials.

  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I'll tell you what: Maybe I'm getting older
    and just more patient or mature, but my last
    four purchases over the last ten years were
    usually based on emotion; i.e, loved the car
    or had to have the car. I didn't bother to
    even cross-shop other similar cars. I always
    seemed to buy "the" car that I wanted and
    could afford at the time. And I'm sure the
    deals I got were probably not very good, but
    the terms were liveable.

    Now, it's a different story. I have been
    researching probably over eight different
    model of vehicles. But none of them brings
    out that emotion or excitement that I used
    to get. I don't know. Maybe because they're
    quite a bit more expensive too. I've
    usually heard positive things about
    Infiniti's treatment of its customers in the
    service department, so I've been trying to
    keep Infiniti in my sights; also, due to my
    positive experience in the four years of
    driving my Maxima.
    But, actually, the only car right now that
    keeps coming back to the top of my list when
    you combine all the necessary qualities I
    guess most people are looking for, including
    price, is the Acura TL.

    Getting back to FX sales, in my area, when I
    look through the Saturday Tribune ads for
    the lease deals, it's just ridiculous.
    All of the Infiniti ads want you to put down
    4 or 5,000 down on a lease! Preposterous!
    To be fair, a lot of the other lease ads for
    other manufacturers are just as bad.

    Although I think the FX is a really cool
    vehicle and gives me a little more
    flexibility, being that it's a cross-over
    SUV, I could easily walk away from this car
    if I think I can find a better deal on
    a different car.
    I guess I'm all grown up now and can use my
    head more than my heart. That's a good
    thing, right?
    On the other hand, for those of you who are driving an FX right now, you get to drive a cool vehicle that you don't have to worry about seeing a lot of these cars on the road. A little bit of exclusivity!
  • Great posts folks.

    Love the FX, but sure there are other vehicles which have an equal or better bundle of attributes. I am happy to know the FX has an excellent reliability record (I am a daughter of a mechanic).

    I will get the FX because I totally adore the style and the fact it is different from the herd (all emotional)- this is important to me - I currently drive a mini-wagon (bought in my previous conservative and best value mindset).

    I just do not see many of them here in TO - and there is 6 million people in the Toronto area.

    Also, I checked the dealer inventory for FX's across the entire Canada - less than 50 FX units in total - obviously why the dealers don't seem too hungry - maybe different in the US.

    Thanks to all for posting.

  • bfrdodgerbfrdodger Posts: 1
    I am prepared to purchase a 2006 FX 45, does anyone have any input on next years model? My dealer claims Infinity is about to start their yearend model sale, would hate to save a few percent just to find out the '07s had more to offer.
  • martin54martin54 Posts: 2
    See Nissan-Infiniti News site.
    MP3 capable and new seat belt warning.
    Tat is about it.
  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    Enhancements to the 2007 FX45/FX35 include:
    · Standard pre-wiring for iPod accessory
    · 18-inch wheel paint color changed from silver to titanium
    · New seat belt reminder system
    · Power folding sideview mirrors now standard on FX45
  • I am starting the search for a mid sized but luxury SUV and the FX has always been at the top of my list, bu the clincher for me was driving one as a rental car in Denver last year for 3 days. What a joy it was to drive, comformable and the tight steering made it a joy to drive.

    I stopped into the local dealer yesterday to get some info and check over the current models features and was glad to hear about the ipod integration coming next year with the 2007's. The rep mentioned next year would be an exterior refresh and 2008's would be all new. I like the current styel and would rather get the look and feel I have driven rather than take on a new look and feel. One good thing is our Toyota wants our trades (well serviced) and my wife wants another Solara before they kill it off for a new coupe in 2008 so it will be easy to get rid of our matching set.
  • ttummyttummy Posts: 6
    Unofficially the folks on the other Infiniti FX Org forum have found a way to use the Nissan iPod Gateway. We've tested it on a 2003, my 2004 FX45, and a few 2006 FXs and they work for the most part. There are a few issues such as the steeringwheel controls and the FF/RWD buttons. You can read about it on the other forum.
  • ttummyttummy Posts: 6
    If you drove a 2005 model, then you will be surprised with the 2006. Infiniti heavily revised the shock absorbers and other suspension parts. Also the interior and exterior have changed. The changes for 2007 are minimal though. There is also an iPod solution for older model FXs now too.
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218

    What kind of solutions for the ipod does Infiniti has for the older models FX, I have an '04. Thanks!
  • sphere99sphere99 Posts: 36
    I am looking to replace this myself has anyone done this?
  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    I was just wondering if anyone was less concerned about the 'updates' to the newer models and were concerned about the current design flaws.....??
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    What kind of design flaws are you talking about? The only one I can think of right now is the stupid fresh air from the outside is year round hot when I use the fan not the AC, and a huge blind spot. :mad:
  • I am replacing a dodge minivan, and I wondered if others have made the transition to this (or a Lexus RX). The test drive was excellent, but I have not tested it with my two kids.

    I liked the way this drives more than the RX, and could no doubt be happy with either one (or maybe a Highlander)

    Obviously a lot less room than a minivan, and I still question if we're ready for the switch, but we rarely have more than 4 or 5 people in the car so number of seats is not too big a concern. I could see the need to put a pod on top for vacations but for day to day hauling the cargo area looks big enough. I was wondering if other parents have had any regrets about switching to an FX (or RX), and also if the kids are comfortable on long trips with the partially reclining back seats.
  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    I was told by the Infinity Dealership who I bought the car from, that they contacted the manufacturer and they admitted to a design flaw with the parking brake cable. I had to take my car in numerous times after buying it for a loud rattle under the car when going over bumps. The service manager actually drove another FX on their lot and the same thing happened, which is why he called the manufacturer. So when I get my oil changed they have to tighten up the parking cable as well. Not a safety issue just a huge annoyance after purchasing a new luxury car. Haven't had a problem with warm air and the fan....yet.

    The only way to hear the rattle is with your your passenger window down, no radio etc...
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    You did not tell us your how old your kids are so I can only assume they are old enough to be out of booster or infant car seats. I am trying to do the opposite of what you are thinking of doing. I have a four-year-old and another one on the way so I am looking into selling my 2004 FX35, which I bought brand new at the begining of 2005, and possibly purchase a Honda Odyssey. I think with four adults in the FX is fine, five might be a little squeeze and then again it all depends how tall they are. However, in my case to have two children car seats in the back plus my wife and that would not work. Just to be sure, I think you need to take the normal occupants that would be riding in the FX on the test drive as well. As far as handling and the fun drive factor, the FX would beat the Highlander and RX350 any day. I know this because I have drove all three of these SUV already, but that is just my opinion. I hope that helps. :D
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    We've had our FX since 2003 when it was initially released. My twins were around 18 months then. Now, they are 5 and are both in Britax Parkway booster seats. With the 2 childseats and both my wife and I in the front, there is plenty of passenger space. With another adult in the back, it is a tight fit and would likely be a bit uncomfortable for the adult sitting there on long trips, but is OK on short trips. My wife hasn't sat with the twins since they became toddlers, and frankly, never really felt the need to. If the kids really need some parental attention during a trip, we prefer to stop and address it then. On short trips, this has never really become an issue.

    We've talked about shifting to a minivan, but with only 4 people to sit 99% of the time, we felt it wasn't really a necessity. We felt that gaining more passenger space by sacrificing the awesome ride and handling the characteristics of the FX was not worth it, to us, anyway.

    On long trips, I do have a Thule Evolution 1600 that I use and it gobbles up most of what we would need.
  • The hot fresh air aggrevates me to no end. My dealer thought something was wrong and spent many hours. Their writeup of test said: outside air 58 degrees, vent air inside 108 degrees. Corporate told them it was working as designed. Has your dealer specifically said it's a design flaw?

    Mandeville, LA
  • I have a 04 FX35. It has the same problem, which has been reported several times on this board. It is a design flaw, IMO.
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