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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • noknok Posts: 13
    I'm deciding between the FX35, the Acura RDX, and the Mercedes R350. Has anyone tried to put 2 car seats in the FX35? I'm concerned the car just won't be big enough and have enough cargo space. I know the obvious answer is to go with a bigger SUV, but my wife doesn't feel comfortable driving bigger SUVs. She doesn't like being high up.
  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    Hi, I drive an Fx35 and have very easily put 2 car seats in, three doesn't work at all but 2 is safe and easy.
  • noknok Posts: 13
    I pretty much narrowed down my choices to the FX35 and the RDX. I test drove the FX today and I have to say I came away disappointed. I was really expecting to love it, and I just didn't. I can't say it was any one thing I didn't like, I just found it kind of boring. The ride is a little stiff and the engine is louder than I expected. The main problem my wife had was visibility. That back window is pretty small and tough for her to see out of. I'm testing the RDX tomorrow. If I don't like that one either I have no idea what I'll end up doing.
  • Can anyone out there tell me if 2 car seats and a booster (one w/o a back) fit in the back seat?? The FX would not be the primary vehicle but we'd like it to fit all the kids if possible.

  • dittoditto Posts: 6
    Hi, I have an FX and can only 'safely' carry 2 car seats. You may be able to 'squeeze' another in, however I don't beleive it would be safe, there's too much of a middle 'hump'. Hope it helps.
  • when i was installing my car seat, the manual said specifically not to install a car seat in the middle seat - not sure if that would apply to the booster too, but better to be safe.
  • jumpinjumpin Posts: 3
    Dear all, I found my fx35 is not performing the auto re-lock, I tried every thing manual said with vehicle electronically system, but it is still not locking itself.

    Any idea what to do?

  • aveghteaveghte Posts: 68
    Does the AWD system provide significant performance and/or safety improvements for drivers in warm-weather climates where there is significant rain in the summertime but no snow or ice?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    What functionality were you expecting with auto relock? Is it having the vehicle lock itself after driving off?

    The auto relock feature, that I know of, is the vehicle relocking itself if it was unlocked using the remote control fob and no doors were opened within a certain period of time. The vehicle relocks itself after that.
  • snsnsnsn Posts: 56
    Although I was told differently by sales, I was informed by the Infiniti service advisor that the FX has never had the drive away locking feature. It only has the auto re-locking feature as described above (if you unlock the doors with the fob; but, don't open them within a certain amount of time, it will re-lock).
  • deaniedeanie Posts: 172
    As a general rule, AWD is useless on ice, somewhat helpful in snow, and very helpful in the rain. In the rain, the tires have actual contact with the road so the AWD helps, but in the snow there is little to no contact with the road. The AWD can take advantage of what little traction is available in the snow. On ice, AWD, FWD and RWD are pretty much useless.

    Where you are, if you do not drive beyond 7/10ths of the car's capabilities, the RWD is fine b/c the stability control'll kick in. If you get adventurous w/your driving and go beyond 7/10ths, AWD is an additional safety net beyond stability control. To me, the fuel econ lost (1-2 mpg) to the added weight of the AWD is meaningless in the AWD's added safety in the wet and snow.
    P.S. I've invoked my FX35AWD stability control once, and I felt the car recovered more quickly from the avoided spin than it would have had I had a RWD FX.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I disagree with the above in terms of the benefits of AWD on ice and snow. Usually at least where I live (Minnesota) you have some combination of the two and I find that AWD combined with a set of winter tires offers HUGE benefits in handling, braking and acceleration away from a dead stop or being able to go up just about any incline. In really tough conditions I engage the AWD lock button (I have an '03) and the traction then is unbelievable. What kind of tires you have makes the biggest difference, but having AWD plus winter tires is for sure the safest bet. Then it's just the other guys you have to worry about.
  • maxim49maxim49 Posts: 41
    Hi, does anyone know if the '07 FX Navigation system is voice activated or voice recognition? I hope it still doesn't have the old toggle button to enter addresses.
  • mrsricksmrsricks Posts: 7
    Hello - I am leasing a 2005 FX 35 and I was told about a year ago from my Service Tech that ALL infinify's have a design flaw in the Condenser system that does not allow the water to drain, so bacteria is growing in the condenser when A/C or heat is on and does not evaporate .This is where the odor comes from. I was told to turn my condenser off 5 minutes before I stopped. WHATEVER. I did not pay $45,ooo to turn it off. They also attempted to put deodorizer in my condenser to help the terrible smell. We decided to get the car Air tested by Envirotech. My FX 35 has Legionella (legionairres diseae) and Cladosporium that causes respiratory disease and is an OSHA mold. Get your car air tested inside by a Mold, or air detecting Company. We are in the legal process of getting out of our leased since the car is a health hazzard. Infinity told us this is an issue with all FX and most all infinity since 2004. ASK your service Tech about this and get test results .It cost me $100 but my car is a danger to my family!!
  • mrsricksmrsricks Posts: 7
    My FX35 2005 was air cabin tested and my car has Legionell (legionaries disese) and Cladosprium that causes Influenz and other respiratory diseases. My Service Tech told me there is a design flaw in Infinity vehicles and the condenser does not allow water to get out and it causes bacteria and the odor. There is no way to fix this issue and it is a health danger. Get your car tested by an air quality company and let Infinity know your results. We are in the process of getting out of our lease!
  • sphere99sphere99 Posts: 36
    Yikes! let us know what happens, I am scared, where do we get them tested?
  • mrsricksmrsricks Posts: 7
    We had a colorado company Environtech do the test. You can contact any air testing company (not sure what state you are in) we had to do this on our own and cost. Any company that tests for Radon or Mold can do the test. They usually come to you. Our Family Dr suggested we not drive the car. The Dealership is the one who told us this is a "design Flaw" We are supposed to get a response tomorrow. If not we have a Lawyer we are going to get involved. I would talk to your dealer about this issue. I do not know if every car would have this issue, but I am seeing this alot on this site. I will keep this site posted as we hear
  • Hi I am looking at buying a used fx35 or fx45 with a tan interior and after looking at different options i noticed that the tan interiors differed. When you get the black leather, the top of the dash, control panel, and top of the doors is all black. When you get the tan, those pieces become a dark tan color that i dont exactly like. Here is an example: Then i saw an fx that had the tan interior, but the dash, controls, and door tops were black, and this looked much nicer imo. Here is an example of that: d=10 I just wanted to know if this color combination had to do with the option choices
    (no-nav: tan/tan, with nav: tan/black) or the exterior color, or just an induvidual interior color choice option. Thanks for the help!
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    The tan/black interior is usually found on FXs that have the Sport Package.
  • tolaxtolax Posts: 4
    Just picked up an 07 FX35 AWD. Only thing that concerns me is that I frequently leave my laptop in the car. While the car has 'privacy glass' I would be happier if there was some cargo area cover that I could use. A retractable one would be ideal but worse case a solid cover would be better than nothing.

    The infiniti web site did not list any such option. Anyone know of any third party products that will solve this?

  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Until you find something you could put it on the floor in front of one of the rear seats, and then fold that seat down. Just a thought.
  • kichuskichus Posts: 4
    I have the same problem. I was surprised that tha FX35 comes without the cover. I know few people that bough the same car 2 years ago and the cover came with the car. You can but it. It cost $475.00 + $105 labor. :mad:
  • maxmirmaxmir Posts: 4
    .... if I hit breaks momentarily. The manual states that the car must be in Parked mode to use your Navigation system. It appears that a passenger can input the new driving directions WHILE you are driving if you slightly depress the brake pedal and hit the Destination button for your Navi. It is far from an ideal solution, but it is better than to having parked your car on a highway :cry:
  • cajun_mikecajun_mike Posts: 37
    I'm going to be in the market for a new midsize or crossover SUV in the next year or two and I have been unable to find any morsels of information on any makeovers for the Infiniti FX35 for 2008 or 2009?

    Have I missed something? The current vehicle is on my list but if I had to buy today, it would get culled quickly because the competitors have released brand new vehicles.

    Anything for 2008 or 2009?
  • lirpa007lirpa007 Posts: 14
    Does anybody know where to buy the retractable tonneau cover? Cost?
  • srr3306srr3306 Posts: 12
    I know most of you think you are too smart to let this happen (I did too.) These guys can take you for quite a ride if you are not careful. Here is a letter I wrote my dealership in protest. Do not let them do this to you!

    General Manager & Service Manager
    Infiniti of Gwinnett
    3090 Satellite Blvd.
    Duluth, GA 30096

    I want to inform you of my intense dissatisfaction with our recent visit to your service department.

    On April 25, my wife brought our FX35 in to respond to the exterior lighting recall notice. We also requested an oil change and new wiper blades. No other service was planned or needed at the time, based on prior services and the maintenance schedule we follow in the owner’s manual.

    We had generally had good experiences since we started using your dealership for service in 2005, and service advisors who were cooperative and helpful.

    This time, it was our misfortune to encounter Bryce Busby. He used my wife's lack of knowledge and preparation as a way to sell her over $700 worth of unnecessary services. These include:
    Fuel Induction Service for $147
    Power Steering flush for $147
    Brake Fluid flush for $118
    Auto Transmission flush for $309

    Mr. Busby called me between meetings at work at my wife's request to get my permission to perform these additional services. He advised me that these were recommended my Infiniti and necessary for a 2004 FX35 at 30k miles. I did not have any reference materials (computer or owners manual) with me at the time and I was forced to make a snap decision as I was busy at work and (as Mr. Busby no doubt realized) did not have time to verify his claims.

    As it turns out, only one of these services, is recommended in any service schedule from the manual, and none was necessary. The transmission flush is only recommended under the premium schedule.

    And, to add insult to injury, they did not even replace the wiper blades!

    Needless to say, I will not consider your dealership when it is time to replace this vehicle next year and never use it again for service. I know that, in the end, I should have refused the service and this thievery is the result of my mistake, but the one positive thing I can do is get the word out about this service advisor and inform you, as well as other Infiniti customers that my future business is lost due to your new policy of gauging your service customers.
  • vdragonvdragon Posts: 12
    Was it 2006?

  • marvin3marvin3 Posts: 3
    Hi, haven't posted in a while but now that my oem tires are wearing out at 35k I am wondering if anyone has tried the Nitto NT420S tire on their FX? It gets good on line reviews is economical and I am leary of getting goodyear again after all the negative comments. Thanks
  • bwr92196bwr92196 Posts: 1
    Not sure if you ever found this item, but its called a Tonneau Cover. I had the same problem when I just picked up my new 07 FX35 AWD. My 05 FX35 came with the cover and the 07 its optional...poor choice by Infiniti. :mad:

    So, I got the dealer to give me my 05 cover which fits the 07.

    I also found one here:

    Hope this helps.
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