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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    I'm 6'3", with longer-than-average legs. I always put the seat all the way back, but stay comfortable by periodically changing the tilt of the seat bottom cushion and back rest. The back seats are kind of hard to get into - the door opening in front of the seat is very small. Once you're in, there's a surprising amount of knee- and foot room due to the notched front seat backs. Should be no problem for kids until they start getting close to your height.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    well,i just got to fla. after 2 days on the road.
    traffic moving at minimun of 80mph.
    through some states 95 t0 105 sustained for the length of the state. but mostly 78 to 86 mph.

    i am not sayimg i did this .only traffic.

    anyhow my mpg for the entire trip was 20.4

    and,regarding tire inflation you are right. i have more wear in the center groove than sides.
    took press. down to 36 for the trip.
    but think will go down to 32.

    in europe you usually increase tire press. according to load and,or speed.and it works.
    i got 62,000 miles out of michelin xmm using 42 psi versus recommended 28 to 30.

    i guess this does not apply to the fx35,or to these tires.

    by the way,anyone out there knows how much these tires,20 inch go for ?????
  • fxfanfxfan Posts: 30
    I keep my pressure at about 34lbs cold and after 18,000 miles and rotation every 6,000 I have no uneven wear. I have RWDFX35 sport. Tirerack has the OEM 20" tires for $189ea.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    thank you fxfan.
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438

    I'm trying to decide between a PilotEXLeather (my 7 yr. old daughter wants it) and an FX35Touring (I want - my wife doesn't care which one we get). I know they are 2 completely different animals (with a $6K spread), but given everything and what you know about each, which would you buy again??

    The practical guy on my right shoulder says get the Pilot, the value guy on my left shoulder says you get much more with the FX. I've test driven many SUVs, but never liked them because of the corner lean...until I test drove the FX. The Pilot is softer, but has that lean.


  • petewat3petewat3 Posts: 83
    "I have the same issue - I'm 6'3", she's 5'4". I don't have the manual in front of me, but I believe the memory settings can be tied to each key transmitter - if you unlock the door with yours, it will automatically go to your presets."

    I too remember reading this (I'm the only driver of mine so I've not tested it)....the memory settings for #1 or #2 are keyed to the individual fob. Just don't use the same fob as your wife.

    Tire pressure: I have 33K on my FX45 and have experimented at three levels.

    1. the recommended 32 cold/34 hot - no abnormal wear but didn't feel as good as higher pressures.
    2. 37-38 cold / 40 hot - great road feel but after a couple of K I was getting uneven center wear.
    3. for the last few K, I've run 35-36 cold / 38 hot and I'm not getting any abnormal wear and I have better feel than the lower pressures. This is where I keep it now.

    When the FX first came out a lot of them required sunroof repair to fix leaks. There never was a recall but the dealers should be well aware of the issues and fixes. Mine has never leaked & I take through an automatic no-touch (high-pressure) wash at least once a week. Don't let the dealer tell you that it is normal to leak under high pressure - they know better.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    That is a tough question two very different vehicles. I guess the question is what would the new vehicle be used for. Primary family hauler or commuter vehicle or a little of both. Do you have any need to carry more than 5 people on occasion.

    If you have a small family (1-2 kids or dogs) and don't need to seat more than 5 get the FX. It was our primary vehicle for 6 months and we took a 2300 mile trip with the family of 4 and it worked wonderfully. We actually traded in a Honda Oddysey on the FX and have not looked back.

    However we on occasion need to carry more than 4-5 people (reason we bough the oddysey). So when it came time to trade in my sedan the Pilot was a no brainer. It is a terrific bang for the buck. It can seat up to 8 in a pinch. My daughter is 4'10 at 8 yrs old and sits very comfortablly in the back row with room to spare. It has a huge cargo area and at about 30k for one with leather and dvd is a screaming vehicle. It also has awd while my FX is 2wd. So it is my "up north" vehicle.

    If I could by only one again for my needs I would by the FX. The compliments, style, power, handling, bose system and gadgets (if you opt for the tech packagae) cannot be beat. I have still to find a vehicle that offers everything the fx does and is fun to drive under 50k. the lexus is nice but has no keyless go and is too feminine and soft for my wife even. The touareg while nice doesn't have the dvd nav, camera, in dash bose system etc. The X3 handles as well but is low on features and content for the price.

    So I would get the FX if I could only pick one. However if utility and space are high up on the needs list the Honda is a very good vehicle. I think it is the best midsize 7+ seater out there for the price. The volvo and mdx are up there but they are both significantly more expensive while not much more fun to drive and offering less space.
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    Thanks for the response! Just as I thought. We don't need the space. It's just the 3 of us, so it seems the FX is the way to go. The only negative I've found is the hard ride... but if I want no lean then I can't have a soft ride, too. It's really one or the other. Other negative is I'll be ObsessiveCompulsive with the FX (parking far from other cars, etc.) but less so with the Pilot.

    Do you get tired of the FX's harder ride in comparison to the softer Pilot.... or does the awesome handling and grin overcome the harshness?? The Pilot handles well, but has the lean I'm trying to avoid.

    Our other car is a LLBean 6cyl. Outback, so that will be our utility car. I think the mid-life crisis is going to win out here. We live a frugal life so I guess we deserve to splurge on a nice car...

    Now the bargaining stage begins. Do we drive to Boston for $5K off MSRP or find a willing dealer in the NY area. Golden sand or black (w/ willow interior).

    Thanks again!

  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    For those interested there are going to be two new exterior colours for 2005. One is a blue called Sapphire and another a silver called Platinum. The Platinum will only be available on the FX45.
    The DVD option will also include the lane departure warning system too.
  • aas5aas5 Posts: 50
    where did you find this out? Any way to see the actual colors online?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    The ride doesn't bother me at all I keep my tires at 32 psi and unless I am on cobblestone or really bad pavement it is totally bearable. The pilot is softer but I much rather ride in the FX. Get the FX youwill surely enjoy it. Just don't let the subie nuts know or they will try and talk you into an XT :)
  • huma2huma2 Posts: 24
    why would you ever let a 7 yo decide what car you are going to buy? just wondering
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    The info is from the Infiniti 2005 model guide. Unfortunately no colour chips yet though :(
  • socalbobsocalbob Posts: 23
    The last two cars we narrowed it down to were the FX35 and the Acura MDX (essentially the same as the Honda Pilot). We figured our daughter and her friends would outgrow the third row seats pretty quickly. We bought the FX with tech and touring and our daughter loves to watch the navigator maps and adjust the rear seats. My advice: get the FX... much more fun to drive - whether your daughter is in the car or not.
  • socalbobsocalbob Posts: 23
    Some FX35 owners with XM satellite radio are experiencing problems with lost signals, requiring the owner to turn the car off and reset the radio or call 1-800-XMRADIO and refresh their units.

    The problem seems to be that part of the satellite unit is installed behind the rear seat, and the unit overheats, causing it to lose the signal (poor airflow?). They're working on a fix, but right now the fix is to replace the unit - altho some replacement units experience the same problem (which is why they think the problem could be the location of the units).

    My dealer didn't have any experience with Sirius units as they haven't installed that many.

    Anybody else with a similar problem?
  • rhcp66rhcp66 Posts: 2
    I'm so excited - my husband & I are picking up our new FX-35 tonight. We test drove over the weekend and were both totally impressed with the handling. We're both looking forward to the 2 hour ride home from the dealership. Our salesman offered to drop the car off to us, but we want to drive it!!
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    LOL! Yes, I'm very familiar with the Subie crew. Very helpful group - learned a lot over the past few years after buying an LLBean 6 cyl. Outback and joining in the discussions. But, to be quite honest, I think they need to get lives...

    At 60K miles, the LLBean has been flawless, but we want a wider car that doesn't lean when cornering. I'd consider the Subaru SUV...but is it ever coming??

    My 7 year-old is not choosing our car - just voicing her opinion. :-)


  • petew4petew4 Posts: 71
    LOL! Yes, I'm very familiar with the Subie crew. Very helpful group - learned a lot over the past few years after buying an LLBean 6 cyl. Outback and joining in the discussions. But, to be quite honest, I think they need to get lives...

    haha..... ya think?... they are a rabid bunch. I traded a 2001 Outback VDC for my FX45 & spent a lot of time on the Subie boards. You'll love the FX if you choose to go that way. Compared to the Outback.....well, there is no comparison. The Pilot wasn't on my short list when I bought the FX (X5, Cay, MDX, & RX330) but it's core competence is very different. They aren't really comparable.
  • fxsportfxsport Posts: 13
    OK, am I the only one who thinks the back seat rides incredibly rough? I have a one year old who wakes up at every bump, and when one of us sits back there we get nasueas form the ride. Is this an every SUV thing or just mine?? I'm thinking of taking the hit and trading my 5 month old FX in!
  • fzara2003fzara2003 Posts: 12
    My mom just got the FX35 and she's not very happy with the car. The entire family went one day to our local church 35 minutes away and my dad and aunt hated the ride in the back.

    The back is VERY rough. Do not buy this crossover if you have children. Instead, consider a Lexus.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Do you have the Sport Package? If so, try to make sure that the tire pressure is at 32 psi. If it is and the ride is still unacceptable, the other alternative is to try and get 18" wheels/tires instead and see if that alleviates the stiff ride somewhat. That would be a bit cheaper than taking the depreciatio hit on a 5-month old FX.

    I wanted the 20" rims on the FX but it meant having to get the Sport Package. Since our FX is the babymobile, I chose the regular suspension with the 18" rims. The ride is perfect for my family and I.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Do not buy this crossover if you have children. Instead, consider a Lexus.

    A Lexus, it is not. To me, that is a good thing. You can still buy the FX even if you have children. We did and we're very happy with it. The best advice I can give to prospective buyers with kids, try to testdrive the FX with your usual backseat passengers available. And you might want to forego the sport package if a comfy ride is what you're looking for. The regular suspension with 18" rims are perfect for us. And it still handles better than the RX330.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    my dealer ,infinity is 20 miles away and i read here that someone has to drive 2 hours to get to their infinity dealer.

    well,remember that this is a nissan engine easily serviced by nisaa dealers ,and therefore ,i took my fx35 to a nissan dealer ,5 miles away. great service bays with a/c here in miami.
    and, cost of the full 3750 miles service $ 21.80.

    only thing that a nissaN DEALER CANNOT DO is warrranty work on the infinity.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    The fx also served as our primary family transport and my daughter and son were never awakened and never complained. Try lowering your tire pressure the ride is firm but with correct pressure it is not rough unless you are on coblestone or just terrible pavement.

    the lexus has a ni...... zzzzzz...... snore.... oops I fell asleep just thinking about the lexus lol. One drive was enough to tell me this was not the car for me. If you are looking real closely at the rx330 then the FX is not for you. Also the suspension for the 04's were softened and I like the ride in my 03. Like crikey suggests if it is really that much of a pain stick to the touring package. I'm sure you will have no problem trading your 20" rims for someones 18's
  • cppcpp Posts: 36
    A matter of personal opinion, of course. If the goal was a soft, cushy ride, the FX purchase was a rather uninformed decision. The whole premise of the vehicle is to have sporty on-road capabilities while retaining some utility. That being said, my 4 year old and 6 month old ride in our FX 45 daily. Although the infant isn't too articulate about her preferences, she has no trouble sleeping. The older one adamantly prefers the FX to either our Durango or M3. Even the mother in law has ridden in the back, and has since considered getting one of her own. All depends on what you want from a vehicle.
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    I have had some problems similar to those you describe. The worst incidence was in late Feb when the XM unit suddenly lost the signal and then attempted to download for two hours. As we were driving through the Florida Everglades, I did not stop during this time. As soon as I stopped the car at the destination, turned the ignition off and then restarted the engine, the problem went away immediately. Since then I have had sporadic recurrences(maybe a dozen) where the unit just seems to lose the signal and then spends 20-60 seconds "downloading" and then it just fixes itself. This latter situation seems to happen most frequently when I change channels. The "Florida incident" was at night so I don't think temp played a role. The others have been in daytime and nighttime. I have not asked the Houston dealer about the situation, since so far it is not reproducible.
  • socalbobsocalbob Posts: 23
    .I have had some problems similar to those you describe. The worst incidence was in late Feb when the XM unit suddenly lost the signal and then attempted to download for two hours.

    Yes, that's exactly the problem. I haven't tried the restarting-the-car trick, but my dealer recommended it and I willnext time it happens.
  • mwitt3mwitt3 Posts: 15
    Have a new 04 FX35 and have to agree with earlier posts that there is a design flaw on the fresh air inlet. In fact there is no option to get fresh outside air thru the vents. If the outside temp is 70 and you set for outside air circulation without ac you get heated air. You can dial down to 60 F and still end up with heated air. All of this is no problem in the winter or stifling heat of summer as you will be on heat or ac but if the weather is nice outside this is a problem. Definite design flaw, I plan on letting infiniti know. Otherwise car is perfect.
  • nickanicka Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy a FX soon. Anyone, have any idea when the 2005 is coming out ? Also usually when you a new model comes out, how much % does the older model price drop by ?
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    September looks like the best bet. 2004 FXs can be had for close to invoice at the moment and there a rumours of a "significant" price increase on 2005 models.
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