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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • On the Nav thing, we have been doing some research and came up with a website that provides Infiniti and Nissan with disks. But in Europe they're not DVD, they're CD and 152 Euro a pop per country, OUCH! Don't know if it will work, but they have Nav systems in the 350z and other Nissan products so I'm hoping that it will. Since I'm an American living and working overseas the DVD entertainment won't be a problem, 20 will! I will get all parts shipped from the states, it'll be a hell of lot cheaper, and I'm wondering will they do warranty work on the Veh at Nissan overseas? If anyone else has any info about the use of the Nav system overseas and whether or not disk from overseas works in this system, I would love to hear from you. Thanks. Why Infiniti is not overseas yet is a mystery to me!
  • Does anyone know if the 2003 FX45, loaded to the gills have the snow mode? I'm so excited about getting this vehicle, can't wait to get it on the Autobahn! Then I will let you know how it truly handles and performs, nothing brings out the true performance of a Vehicle like German Highways!
  • drcsfdrcsf Posts: 36
    I have a fully loaded 2003 FX45. FYI I bought it about 6 months ago, also slightly used. Had 9000 miles on it,sticker was 53,000 and I paid 41,500 from a dealer in Maryland. So the 37,500 seems really fair since 2005's are hitting the market. The local dealer here still has a couple of leftover 2003 FX45's, brand new but no tech, nav or DVD, and they want 39,800 for them. As far as the snow mode, I think the 2003's have the same exact traction system, with the same switch on the dash, but the switch is not labeled "snow mode". Enjoy the autobahn - the 4.5 liter V8 has amazing power above 70mph.

  • I have a 2003 FX 35, just reached 4000 miles and there is this noise as you drive off (pinging or clang best descibes it) I had an Audi A4 ('03) and that car had a loud noise due to the ABS system self check. Boy was that annoying, one of the reasons I gave the A4 up !!

    The dealer here in Hartford, CT is about to tell me the same thing. They want the 'tech' to drive it on Tuesday to confirm.

    Being an engineer myself I can't help but think there's a better way for the ABS system to slef check quieter!! It's as if the ABS pump is pushing way too much pressure into the brake lines. Perhaps if the lines were secured better this 'clang' wouldn't happen.

    Long winded discussion I know but has anyone else been able to have Infiniti fix theirs???

  • I had one response to this, but I'm looking to see if anyone else has any info about Nav use overseas. I know that the U.S. disk won't work overseas, but does anyone know whether I can purchase Nav disks from Nissan that will work with the Infiniti system? Anyone? Also any of you know whether Nissan (Europe) will perform warranty work on Infiniti vehicles? Don't want to get the vehicle overseas and can't get help with it.
  • My '04 FX35 has the same problem. The Houston Infiniti dealer checked with Infiniti technical service. It is indeed the ABS self-check making the noise. Infiniti TS advised to not try to fix it unless it became objectionably loud because in their experience installation of new parts sometimes exacerbated the problem. May just be their way of avoiding warranty costs. ?? I agree that there should be better engineering than this, but the FX has a number of engineering/design flaws that a high end vehicle should not.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    The 2003 FX45 has an AWD lock button instead of snow mde. It works fine in snow.
    Navigation CDs will not work in the DVD navigition system, in the U.S. at least.
    I tried an I35 navigation CD in the FX and it doesn't read the disk at all.
    The FX is a U.S. model only (although it is available as a grey import elsewhere) and as far as I know there is no warranty support outside of the U.S. I think you'll either need to talk to your Nissan dealer in Germany or call Infiniti in Gardena for a definitive answer.
    Infiniti was created as a U.S. brand only for Nissan. There have been rumours of a G25 model for the European market but it may be marketed as a Nissan rather than an Infiniti. As for the FX45, Nissan will probably feel there is a limited market for a vehicle that does 4 miles per litre in a region where gas costs $4-$5 per gallon!
  • Well I'm truly sick with this! I have gone from totally excited, to totally disgusted! Infiniti USA also verified that warranty work has to be performed by Infiniti. My only hope is that Nissan of Europe will feel pity for me, otherwise I'll have to sell the CAR! As far as the Nav system is concerned. There is a company that makes NAV disk for Nissan overseas and I'm hoping that the disk will work in the Infinity system. I'm sure that Nissan does not make totally different systems for each car, at least that is my hope! Thanks for the info, has sickened me, but what the hell. Did your I35 have the birds eye Nav? Because there are two different Nav systems from Nissan. The one that this company makes is the birds eye view Nav, so maybe, just maybe it'll work. But the warranty work is the big problem, because I know that SOMETHING will go wrong in the next few years. What do you think, should I sell?
  • Thanks, I agree on the avoidance of warranty costs and the fact that a high end vehicle shouldn't have fundamental flaws such as noises when driving off !!!
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    It was a 2004 I35 that I tried. It's the same software (Birds View) as the DVD based system.
    Personally, I would sell. I think in the long term it will just be more trouble than it's worth.
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "but the FX has a number of engineering/design flaws that a high end vehicle should not."

    Care to expound on this?
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    I noticed that "clink" noise as well, usually happens after you've backed out of the driveway and start moving forward, if you have the radio on you'll miss it. I never gave much thought to it, but definitely noticed it.
  • Now that you've noticed it I'll be interested in seeing if it starts to annoy you !! Take a look at the A4 forum, it's loaded with the same complaints about the ABS. Having said that as long as it stays as a small annoyance I can live with it. But the A4 I had gradually it became worse, plus I started to feel it in the car. Audi kept telling me it was 'normal', hopefully Infiniti won't blow us all off as Audi has.

    Sounds like I have a hate for Audi. I don't the car was great but the FX is streets ahead, even with this pesky clunk !!!
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    It won't bother me, Infiniti is buying it back as a lemon (unrelated problem with the engine).
  • Don't misunderstand, I love my FX. It is one heck of a ride, and I wouldn't think of getting rid of it. But a $40-50K+ car, IMO, shouldn't:

    - have an ABS system that clunks on start-up

    - have a popping noise coming from the front upon backing out a driveway that this forum and attributed to cold struts - Infiniti doesn't know what it is

    - a laser-assisted cruise that occasionally picks up random signals in the middle of nowhere and applies the brakes momentarily

    - a satellite radio system that will not display all of the programming information available

    - a satellite radio antenna location that is off to the side and not in the center to provide some symmetry

    - a ventilation system that will pipe hot engine compartment air into the cabin if the A/C is not on and the outside air button is pushed

    - seat controls that have caused a number of complaints on this forum

    - an in-cabin air filter so hidden that a dealer charges $75 to replace it.

    Nothing major, but still not a perfected model in my opinion.
  • Really, what problems have you had with the engine???
  • That's a fair list of flaws you've described there! I have to say the ride is excellent. Handling on this vehicle is one of the best I've experienced in years. Having just moved to CT I'm not that familiar with the area. Last month I exited the freeway at 70 ish, pulled off on the gas, didn't apply the brakes only to find the exit had a sharp curve at the bottom. By that time I'd slowed to 60 ish, the car just pulled me around the corner as if it wasn't there. Nearly had my wife's heart in her mouth!! her smart alec comment "didn't see that coming did you?"

    All in all I'm pleased, just hope things stay that way !!
  • ncvolncvol Posts: 196
    Just driving down the highway, and car started sputtering and shaking, sticking when I tried to accelerate, and at stop lights it shuddered like it was going to stall out. Took it straight into the dealer on 8/2 and haven't gotten it back since. They've tried replacing all kinds of things, as of last week they were going to try the engine harness, but by now it's well past being a presumptive lemon, so they're buying it back. It was a 2004 and I had 14k on it, with service at 5k and 8k. I don't know of anyone else who's had a similar problem, just a fluke for me I guess, but it soured me on Infiniti.
  • I'm getting sort of upset with them myself! It's not there fault I guess, but how can you have dealers sell vehicles to Soldiers (I did ask by the way), knowing that they'll go to Europe and then not have a way to get warranty help? Or disks for the Nav to work? I know that it's a North American car only, but there should be a way to have Nissan cover warranty charges or at least bill Infinity USA, I mean they are the parent company! I know a few other officers with this vehicle overseas and they have the same problem! Infiniti and Nissan if you are listening, get this fixed or you will lose a few folks! Great,GREAT VEHICLE, don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone to think that I don't love the car! It's just this problem that needs to be addressed and no warranty service is a HUGE problem. Anyone else overseas with this problem? Please let us know if there is a fix for both the warranty problem and the nav. Thanks
  • huma2huma2 Posts: 24
    if you are having any pain due to the seat control location please call infiniti and make a complaint. call the roadside assist number and follow directions. thanks
  • I understand the FX has the same motor as the Murano (Nissan 3.5litre). The Murano accepts 87 octane fuel. Does the manual in the FX reflect this info? Or does it REQUIRE premium fuel? If it take premium only, is there an explanation?
  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    "If it take premium only, is there an explanation?"

    280hp instead of 245hp. Actually, according to the manual you can use standard unleaded.
  • Thanks. A lot of the literature I have read said it requires premium, but i hadn't yet gone to the dealership and looked in the manual.

  • wibblewibble Posts: 569
    You're welcome. You can always view or download the owners manual at
  • huma2...what directions are we to follow? I'm having trouble getting anything when I call Infiniti. I do experience a discomfort due to the seat controls. Do you mean there is some sort of "fix"? Even something to just help a bit would be good.

  • Hi All -

    2003 FX45 here. Anyone have any experience with seat covers or a fabric covering that looks good and will protect the leather if you want to put a dog in your FX rather than just the back?

    Any links to what you bought? thx!
  • I have a pair of sheepskins ordered from here:
  • huma2huma2 Posts: 24
    i guess i wasn't clear, i meant to follow the prompts for the right extension. i think its the last one for other problems. i got an operator who filed my complaint. if infiniti gets enough compaints they will propbably take some sort of action. i was just without my car for 2 weeks trying to get a door fixed and my back felt great, within 30 min. of driving it i felt the pressure and pain return. i love the car but not being comfortable in it sucks. good luck let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Good advice re. calling Infiniti. For a quick fix on the seat controls pressing on the right thigh, I got a good quality (about $70) sturdy flexible backrest with a seat/ works for me. Good luck.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Posted this also in another prominent FX forum, but no replies yet:

    I recently came back from a 3-week holiday and just used the FX yesterday. After a bit of driving, maybe 20 miles or so, the 'Service Engine Soon' lamp came on steady. Hmmm...that didn't look good and the engine was pegging about 1000 to 1200 rpm at idle. I seem to remember that the engine stayed around 600 or 700 rpm at idle. Anyway, I glanced at the manual regarding the 'Service Engine Soon' and it says that it may be the gas cap not being closed correctly:

    If the malfunction indicator lamp comes on steady or blinks while the engine is running, it may indicate a potential emission control malfunction. The malfunction indicator lamp may also come on steady if the fuel filler cap is loose or missing, or if the vehicle runs out of fuel. Check to make sure the fuel filler cap is installed and closed tightly, and that the vehicle has at least three gallons of fuel in the fuel tank. After a few driving trips, the lamp should turn off if no other potential emission control system malfunction exists.

    The malfunction indicator lamp will come on in one of two ways:
    - Malfunction indicator lamp on steady
    An emission control system malfunction has been detected. Check the fuel filler cap. If the fuel filler cap is loose or missing, tighten or install the cap and continue to drive the vehicle. The lamp should turn off after a few driving trips. If the lamp does not turn off after a few driving trips, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized INFINITI dealer. You do not need to have your vehicle towed to the dealer.

    So, I opened the gas cap and placed it back properly. It seemed that nothing was wrong with the way it was initially placed, anyway. Drove a bit but the lamp stayed on until I got home. I drove it to work this morning for observation, and it still has the same behavior. Nothing wrong with acceleration and engine response, BTW.

    A week before I left for vacation, I had the FX serviced at my buddy's shop where I saw all the work done. The only thing that was done differently was the change to Amsoil synthetic oil plus an off-the-shelf aftermarket air filter, nothing special.

    I have less than 17K miles on it and always use premium fuel. What do you guys think? Should I just have Infiniti look at it? Would they hassle me with the Amsoil synthetic oil?
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