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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • kd270kd270 Posts: 23
    iam looking to lease the FX35 for 3 or 2 years now I would want to know which would be better move for me a 3 or 2 year i know that with the 2 year the car depreciates much more, but then again i dont want to be stuck with a 3 year for some reason.. another question is my dealer in ny is willing to go between $450 to $500 on the 3 year with the sports and the touring package, and 499 on the 2 year and that is with 12K per year. now what numbers should I look for meaning.. I think iam getting a good deal but what could be the hidden charges or the "hidden" things that I should look for? plus if I want to buy the car when the lease is over what should I do? this dealer wants me to pay first months payment plus the security dep and the dmv fees and the bank fee which should equal to about $2000. Any feedback would be appreciated. thanks
  • cuecue Posts: 13
    any news on whats new for the 2006 model? redisign in the works yet?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There's nothing under the Future Vehicles tab except the Skyline.


    Steve, Host
  • djf500djf500 Posts: 3
    :confuse: Does anyone know if the Sirius radio kit sold on is the same as the kit sold by Infiniti parts? It's considerably cheaper & I have friend who can install it (since my FX doesn't have Sirius from the factory - the dealer wants to charge me $750 - and I can get the parts online & installed for $460)

    Anyone who knows about this stuff or has uses Grubbs before - let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
  • fx_rocfx_roc Posts: 2
    just want to topic talking about FX35's AWD mode and it's affect on the ABS..any comments are welcome.. would be nice to find out about it..
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    I have a 2004 FX35 AWD with, among other things, the NAV System. I don't use it like a yellow pages, only to take me to a specific address and, until last weekend, it worked just fine.

    This past weekend, however, the NAV system was totally messed up. The NAV did not match up with the location of my car, consequently, its instructions were all wrong. I noticed that at times the satellite icon, instead of being bright green, was a pasty yellow and sometimes gray. This happened for hours such that in order to get where I was going I had to (gulp) pull out the old fashioned road map. And since I am lousy at following maps as I am driving, that was very annoying.

    Is it my NAV or was the satellite out of orbit this weekend? Do I need to re-set the NAV? How do you do that?

    Thanks, Jon B.
  • lovemyfx35lovemyfx35 Posts: 1
    My FX35 got flat tire from company parking lot :cry: . We need to replace the flat tire. But costco tire service people meatured the tires are already 10% left. They have to replace all 4 tires :surprise: . I am not sure because the miledge is one 27,745 on my SUV. They told me that they are high performance tire and worn faster. Is this true?

  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    You seem to be about average as far as wear goes. I have seen a few people get into the 30's with their OEM tires, but not sure how. I will need new tires by thw itme I hit you mielage or soon after.

    I picked up a set of OEM Goodyears with 500 miles on them and have them sitting in my garage ready to be mounted. Someone bought a new FX and wanted 22 inch tires and wheels, so he unloaded them for a great price.
  • stevefx45stevefx45 Posts: 17
    I have an FX 45 with the 20" wheels and got about 27,000 miles on the original tires -the wear bars were clearly telling me it was time. A friend at a tire store told me any tire for that size wheel will be speed and performance oriented so forget about getting over 30,000 miles.

    I bought Toyo Proxes ST becasue they had the msot aggressive looking tread of the only 4 choices for that size wheel -hoping it helps in the snow. Alos, service ammager at Infinit told me Pirelli ahd announced a very aggressive (almost a true snow tire) pattern due out and then pulled it.
  • mickey77mickey77 Posts: 10
    Electronic key lost in car. Help! I parked the car in a parking lot and the attendant lost the key, however, the doors open and the car starts and drives. The key must be lost inside the car. I have spent over an hour looking all over the interior under and over the seats and every other crevice. Unfortuneatly anyone can open and drive off with the car. Any suggestions -- I am at my wits end!
  • texasfx35texasfx35 Posts: 65
    I don't have much insight here, but I do know that I have dropped objects down the crack between the driver's seat and the console. They are virtually impossible to see or retrieve without moving the seat as far as you can forward and backwards and then look near the seat mounting frame. Also, there is a ledge that protrudes from the edge of the seat bottom by the console that can keep objects from falling all the way through. The passenger seat has the same "Bermuda Triangle" so check both seats.
  • fxatedfxated Posts: 2
    Hello all, long time reader - first time poster. As you are all aware, the nav system on m '04 FX45 has the goofy "legal disclaimer" that I am forced to accept every time I start up. Is there any way around this? Getting kind of tired of hitting that darn button.

    Also, put new tires on for winter driving .... Bridgeston Dueler HP's - absolutely AWESOME.

    Thanks, Jeff
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    after 1 year and 14,000 miles my gps is down .

    getting ---dvd rom incorrect-----

    and also ------disc error-----

    anyone with these. gps not working at all.

    started doing this about 4 months ago but only every now and then. now ,all the time.
  • steven123steven123 Posts: 5
    hi, I am a new proud owner of a fx35,
    I think I have a problem with the trunk.
    When I press the buttom to open the trunk I hear a sort of heavy *thunk sound, in the hindges.
    I don't seem to remeber this when I got it couple days ago,
    is this normal? or is it just my fx : (
    thank you
  • stevefx45stevefx45 Posts: 17
    Did you put those on the original 20" rims? Their website doesn't show anything for the 265mm rims? I just bought Toyo Porxes ST's to hopefully help in the winter - - the OEM tires were awful in the snow.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Congratulations, awesome car, i love it more and more every time i drive and have gotten used to the harsher ride of the 20s after all. Just drove to Indianapolis and back to Chicago and it was a thrill to drive.

    I went and opened my hatch and i do hear a thunk when i press to open it, but more of a "release" thunk. It does not sound "wrong." don't know if it is the same sound you are hearing. I have, however, developed a new problem. when I CLOSE the trunk, and the automatic "closing mechanism" takes over, i now hear a loud crinkling sound like something is loose. in fact, i now hear crinkling from the back even when I drive. Most annoying and will be bringing to the dealer to check it out...

    Jon B.
  • stevefx45stevefx45 Posts: 17
    You can go to the dealer and have your other key fob reproframmed along with the valet key which has an embedded chip. This will make the "lost" key fob inoperative but it only leaves you with one even the car came w/2 + the valet key.

    Only problem is the dealer charges $75-100 to reprogram. PLUS if you want to replace the lost key fob it is well over $100 so tif you want to end up with 2 key fobs and 1 working valet key it will probably run over $200.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    Exact symptoms of failing main DVD unit.

    Mine failed at 11,00 miles and the repair parts alone was ~$2,000.

    Fortunately, covered by warranty.
  • fxatedfxated Posts: 2
    Yes I did. Couldn't find an 18" rim I liked - and really didn't want to spend the extra $$. These tires are a little taller and wider 275/45 (not what you would traditionally want in a snow tire) but the tread pattern and O/A construction is awesome. They had another smaller/ thinner size 275/55 as well that I did not opt for. Go on the Bridgestone website and look it up. Here is what they say:

    Bridgestone Dueler H/P with UNI-T AQ
     Category: Light/Medium Truck
       •  The Dueler H/P delivers sports car-like handling that allows you to unleash the performance potential of your light truck or SUV. With UNI-T technology applied to the two 20" sizes, the Dueler H/P offers you exceptional handling in wet or dry driving conditions. UNI-T AQ technology in all other sizes lets you count on wet performance excellence even as the tires wears. Wet braking, wet handling, and noise minimization are all exceptional features of our Dueler H/P, engineered to please drivers with an active lifestyle.

    Totally agree with you on the OEM Goodyears .... horrible in the snow and such a soft compound they wore down with in 20K.

  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    will start documenting dvd nav with dealer.

    i am away from the car now but the last 4 trips i made the nav worked fine.

    this ,after i posted above.

    will return to the fx in about 5 weeks and will see.

    than k you again
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Looking at leasing the Fx-35 model. Drove both standard 18" tire model and the 20" w/sport package. The 20" seemed to be a bit stiffer over the bumps and cornered better. Any experience with winter on the 20"'s and tread longevity?
  • hahaha!!! I just replaced my rear brakes (2004 FX35) Sunday at 7800 miles, that's right 7800 miles. I think that a little strange too!!! Keep me posted.
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Wow!!! That is a little low and already you have to replace the brake pads. I sure hope that is under warrantee. One of my friends just had the brake pads replaced on his Acura TSX at 34k miles and that seems fishy to me already. Anyway, so the dealer found out that it was his two rear shocks that went bad so they replaced his shocks for free and he got a discount on his break job. You should get some kind deal if not free from the dealer. Please keep me posted.
  • ayenewayenew Posts: 11
    Sorry if this item was discussed before but I have an FX35 and I was looking for suggestions on how to incorporate an MP3 player into my stereo - today my MP3 are on a CD. Did anyone do this before? Is the solution an IPOD or something similar? If so, how did you connect it to the car? Need an adapter? Thanks in advance.
  • subienewbie2subienewbie2 Posts: 458
    Unfortunately NO

    I have a Q45 and have cursed that for 3 years.

    As a matter of fact I decided to by an 06 Tribeca just to get away from that idiotic thing.
  • kd270kd270 Posts: 23
    3 simple words I LOVE IT. this is one of the best cars I have ever had Its handeling, Power and everything else is unreal... I have just had it for a week and I already am thinking about buying a radar detector.. Its a THRILL everytime I press on the gas pedal.... Iam paying high for insurance but Ok for my area,... I BARGAINED so hard to get a good price but let me tell u the 5 or 10 bucks a month difference will Not make a diffrence to U after U Drive this CAr.....If u are in your 20's or even 30's this is the ultimate car to get... Good luck to all u guys... btw any good ideas on which radar detec to get? thanks
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Did you trade your FX 35? What version is this Mini, is it the S type or Type S?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Sinced you asked, I thought you might be interested in Radar/Lidar Detectors which I just reopened.

    tidester, host
  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    The 20s will definitely ride stiffer, but I think are worth it in terms of looks and performance.

    Most poeple seem to get 25-30k out of the OEM Goodyears. A few have gone above that, but they are the true exceptions.

    The Goodyears suck in snow. Buy a set of second set of wheels and snow tires if you have to deal with it much. I bought a set of 18 inch Nissan Murano wheels and will be mounting snow tires this year after using the OEM tires on them last winter.
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