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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • Has any researched the difference in power loss through the driveline parts for the RWD vs. the AWD FX35 and/or know what those losses might be? I assume the AWD loss will be more but I was hoping for specific numbers.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    This would likely depend on how much 2005 FX inventory is left at the time the 2006 models are released. More 2005 inventory would likely equal to even more discounts on 2005 models. The monthly lease payment would depend on how much of a discount one would get on the 2005 model. Chances are the payments would be less, but I wouldn't have an idea on the numbers since I normally buy cars, not lease.
  • We just took delivery of a FX35 with the TPMS system.

    Has anyone found a way around the $100 per wheel dealer charge for an additional set of tire pressure monitors? Is there a source other than the local dealer?

    I'm getting ready for winter with a set of 18" Blizzaks on new wheels and the extra $400 turns me off a bit!
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    According to New Infiniti G35 to Debut at New York Auto Show, 2006 FX will go on sale in January 2006.
  • cmdpmcmdpm Posts: 9
    I just got this lease in the Philadelphia area:

    FX35 Black/Brick, Touring, Tech, a few accessories
    $0 cap reduction, $1402 oop(includes 1st mo payment)
    39 mo, 12k
    $500/mo including 9% local tax.

    Took me some time but i think it was worth it.

    Good Luck to all.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Hi! On our hunt for a nicely equipped mid-sized SUV, we added the FX to our list and test drove it for the first time today. WOW! Since I have never been a fan of Nissan interiors, I was not expecting to walk out impressed - but boy did I ever :)

    My question is this, I have heard a reference on an earlier post that the FX45 w/ DVD has an aux input that can be used for an MP3 player. Can anyone confirm this? Would a 35 w/ DVD have the same port?

    If not, we would look into an after-market solution like the "PAC AAI-NIS" that hooks up where they would install the XM receiver but I wanted to know what might work without taking the dash apart. I think we will be waiting for an '06, maybe there will be a better way to do this by then. ;)
  • Yes, the factory installed dvd has an aux input that will allow you play an mp3 player through the car's sound system. Just connect an iPod monster cable that you would use for your home stereo system, set the tuner to DVD, and the DVD to "aux". This provides MUCH better sound than the radio-frequency or cassette tape transfers for mp3 players. We have an FX45 and I wouldn't imagine it being any different for a 35.
  • Where do u live- I'm on Long Island- New York ands just signed a lease deal- down was tax and first payment and bank fee only and payments are $425 month
  • AWD with Touring Package [plus some extras-
    I'm in NY- 2700 OOP (includes first month, tax, bank) and 39 month at $425/month- very hapopy with price
  • I'm in metro Detroit. From doing research, it looks like I should be able to get a 2005 FX35 AWD w/touring, 39 months @15k miles for $450/month at the most come March of '06.
  • Does the technology package really make it safer to back up? I am not sure how I can simultaneously look over my shoulder to see what is visible to me through the rear window and mirrors and look at the rear view monitor. Maybe this works for stationary objects behind me but what happens if you are in a parking lot with moving cars and pedestrians?

    How is the rest of the technology package? How does the navigation package compare to the ones offered by Acura and Lexus? Is it DVD-based? Is it up-to-date or do I have to get replacement DVDs?

    I might decide just to save money and get the RWD with just the touring package (I live in South Florida so AWD is probably unnecessary)
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    I own an FX 35 AWD 2004 with everything but the DVD entertainment option. I love the Tech Package and find the rear camera critical due to blind spots. You have to do a bit of both, use your mirrors, look over your shoulders, and use the camera, when backing up. The camera is awesome if you live in the burbs with children and pets that might get in the way, for backing up into tight spots, and even for pulling out of tight spots as the camera does not look straight down but gives you a pretty good view of what is behind you. I swear by it.

    The NAV is also very good and I love the bird's eye view that it offers. Much better than the typical flat NAV system. I have heard that as far as using the NAV system as a "yellow pages", it is not so good but I never use the NAV in that manner, only to find a known address. Good luck. Jon B.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    I have noticed that many other cars have a dedicated "Problems & Solutions" forum, but the FX does not have one. Does this vehicle realistically have fewer problems than others, or is it simply that no one ever started a new forum?

    Just interested if there is a relation there.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    It's hard to say why some models wind up with problems discussions and others don't. We're pretty much member driven and haven't discouraged anyone from starting one.

    No one ever made an issue over separating the 45 from the 35 either.

    In any event, it's safe to say that all cars enjoy their fair share of problems. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • Sales ploy, own a Lexus and got the same thing, actually there was someone else's piggybacked to my letter, so looks like they are computer generated.
  • cuecue Posts: 13
    Hello room! I have a ? I purchased my fx45 in august, the dealer told me when it comes time and it snows, shut off the VDC, and then put snow mode on. Did anyone else get this tip? Also, how many people have tried the Toyo proxes? I think its Toyo tires? And used them in the snow? thanks
  • My dealer didn't even tell me about the new retro-fit? He just said its something you have to sacrifice for, that they are high performance brakes and that's a bug.
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    just leased an 03fx35. salesman told me to use regular fuel and high test is only recommended not required. has anyone been using regular consistently? will i see a difference in mpg and/or performance? by the way, car is way better than my previous 5 series bmw. handling is amazing, power is fine and everything else is just great.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I'm sure it will work well on regular grade fuel, albeit a performance and mileage penalty (I always get less mileage on my Acura daily driver when I use regular, instead of premium, although YMMV). Having said that, I only use premium grade on our FX.

    And percentage-wise, the difference in price between premium grade fuel and regular grade fuel has actually shrunk with the rise in gas prices, i.e. when regular gas was about $1.50 and premium gas was $1.70, the $0.20 difference was about 13.3%. But now, with regular gas about $2.30 and premium at $2.50, the $0.20 difference is only about 8.7%. I actually don't understand why gas stations insist on this fixed $0.20 interval rather than using percentages.

    I guess that 8.7% still makes a huge difference if yearly costs are taken into account assuming a high yearly mileage on the vehicle.

    BTW, is it still a NEW 2003 FX35?
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    my mistake, it is an 05 and it is new with 10 miles on it. thanks for the tip regarding the fuel!
  • I have an FX45 and use 91 octane. Where I buy gas it costs only 3 cents more a gallon than either 87 or 90 - strange but true. This morning on the way to work 87 and 90 were priced at $1.989 which means the 91 is at $2.019. It's been this way for 3-4 years. This indicates to me that most stations make a much larger profit selling premium than regular.

    P.S. On my car I do notice a performance improvement when using higher octane gas. I have never tried to measure the difference in mileage, but I suspect it's minimal at best.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    On the contrary, I have noticed performance degradation even using different gas stations. i find that my FX45 has more kick when using chevron gas compared to shell or arco. I push my FX alot with hard driving so I noticed this right away. Much more sluggish with the other gas stations. it may be the techron but the difference is there. Also, I use manumatic quite extensively and you can feel the difference much more in this mode compared to full auto. But then again I have modded my FX with a nismo catback exhaust and upgraded reflashed performance ECU so it is very noticeable. Just my .02 cents.
  • I just got my '05 FX35 with 17K miles on the odometer. It has OEM tires - 260/60/18" Bridgestone Potenza RE92A. I went to the and read the reviews and they are just horrible! People say it's one of the worst tires. No snow traction, poor hydroplanning protection, good only on dry roads.

    Since we live in PA, I am scared going into the winter with these tires on. I am thinking about either winter tires or better all-seasons with good reviews.

    I am not planning to go off-road, but would like to be safe driving this beauty in the winter.

    I would like to hear what people here have experienced with Potenza RE92A? How bad are they in the snow? What about heavy rain? How fast do they wear (I think the treadlife warranty is only 40K)? :( Did anyone run out and change them right away?

    Otherwise, LOVE this car! :shades:
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    No problem. Enjoy your ride.
  • I'd go with the owners' reviews on TireRack - if the consensus is that the traction in snow is poor, it probably is...if you get lots of snow in PA where you live, I'd go with a good set of winter tires. You could then put the RE92A's back on in the spring, and use them until the tread wears out.
  • just leased an 03fx35. salesman told me to use regular fuel and high test is only recommended not required. has anyone been using regular consistently? will i see a difference in mpg and/or performance?

    I ran Regular 87 octane in my '04 FX35 for about half its 15,000 miles (I recently traded the FX for an M35). In my case the mileage on 87 Regular was a little better than when on 93 Premium.

    Infiniti RECOMMENDS 91 octane - it is NOT required as per the manual. In my case with about 7500 miles on 93 and about 7500 miles on 87; I saw no change in performance and a slight increase in mpg.

    BTW: The ONLY way the FX35 will see a redued performance with Regular vs. Premium is at WOT (wide-open-throttle_, and I do not drive that way.
  • cuecue Posts: 13
    I just took my 45 out in the snow for the first time since it was purchased. I will try to make this quick. When stopping the antilock made a horrible loud crunch noise, mostly seemed like the front left tire, or under the hood for sure. I tried shutting off the VDC, put on snow mode, hit the gas hard and somehting still made a a loud noise, and still when braking, shut those snow off and VDC back on, and hit the gas and still I heard this noise, I am wondering if maybe isthe transfer case, or the wheel being activated by the AWD system. Anyone else hear this or have this problem I do not want brake anything driving it, though it it is under war.
  • I just leased a 2005 fx 35 with spot package. I live in nyc so not tons of snow but still some. Also I drive upstate on highways to go x-country sking when it snows. How concerned should I be? I still have my old subaru ,should i keep it for snow driving?
  • 2003 FX35 had an AWD LOCK button on the left side of dash (next to VDC button). My 2005 FX35 has SNOW button where AWD LOCK was in 03 model. Do they do the same? How do you lock AWD on 2005 model? The manual does not say how. It says SNOW mode reduces engine output.

  • Can't help you with your question on the '05, but I find that with my '03 the "lock mode" is GREAT fun in deep, freshly fallen snow - provided you have winter tires installed!
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