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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • This is normal. My FX does this when the antilock brakes are working on ice. It can be annoying-you know you are pressing on the brake pedal trying to stop, you know the car is sliding and at the same time you have this loud noise and the skid light on.
  • Have to take some of the reviews toungue in cheek. Notice many times the new tires are SO MUCH better than the old ones!

    Aren't most new tires better than the old?

    Regards winter driving, some people are very new to All wheel drive and think its the cure all for bad weather. THis makes driving in the cold wet stuff even more dangerous as the cavalier attitudes makes one think they are better than they are. Kinda like drinking at the holiday party!

    These sport tires, even all season tires can start breaking down at under 20k miles. all wheel drive can eat tires even if your moderatly aggresive. I have been eating tires with my Audi and came to the conclusion that I am a bit more aggresive than I think and my milage and tire tread have been happier. Taking an all season tire that is 3/4 done will not yield great result.

    So I don't really listen all too well to all critiques of tires. As mainly suggested, the 20's are not going to do as well as the 18's. IF the all seasons on the 18 are very thick, you should be fine. If not, seek new tires earlier just to be sure and confident.

    And take it easy! Remember all brakes are all wheel drive and they still can't stop on ice! Good luck to all this winter.
  • Hi,

    Looking at picking up a used FX35 (2003/4). What's the information display show when there's no nav? Pictures seem to show a monochromatic, orange on black text... is that right? What can you do with it, if anything? Is the displayed information useful?


  • Screen is used for all trip computer, general settings/preferences & maintenance info (service reminders, etc) and HVAC settings; plus CD/radio volume, channel/disk/track numbers and RDS info if station supports it. Bland to look at but very useful, I would say.
  • Climate control info; Audio controls; Outside temp; Trip information (time, mileage, avg speed); Tire pressure in all 4 tires; Avg fuel economy and distance to empty; Personalized setting menu - you can customize lots of things, like auto lights off feature, if you want the seat and wheel to move out of the way when you get out, what doors to open when you press unlock, etc.

    Overall very useful display. I like it much better than in 2002 RX300. It's less bright at night (which is good) and less distracting than RX300's.
  • I am looking for FX35 with Tech and Touring Pkg. Is it true that we can get better deal on this using internet. I still feel that going direct to the dealer will get me better price. I may be wrong. Any experience on this?

    Thanks in advance
  • fxesqfxesq Posts: 2
    Good suggestion - also works well with XM radio - much improved reception and fidelity over FM link . . .
  • Hello all..
    I must say thanks already for all the information that is provided here..It's truly exceptional !

    2 quick questions..
    1) Is it better to wait for the 06's in January, or buy an 05 now (I'm not in a rush, but cant find anything about improvements expected in the next model)
    2) Anyone have real life experiences with any dealers in NJ.. Purchase not lease if that makes a difference..

    Thanks and Happy Holidays
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    The major reason we are waiting for an 06 is that from the pictures, it looks like they moved the seat controls from ON the seat back down to where most other cars have them.

    I realize this sounds petty, but I already have problems with my back and I have seen posts that some other people have experienced discomfort with the seat controls in the current position. Sounds like a majority of the specs are the same.

    If you don't care about this, I suspect you will be able to get some good prices on an 05 since there was a very minor face lift for 06 - they will probably want to clear the lots of the older variety.

  • dantedante Posts: 92
    what a coincidence, just happened to me and had logged on to write about it. I was visiting Minnesota and we got three inches of snow. I was driving in the city, drove into a deeper pile of snow, stepped on the brakes and the ABS kicked in with a loud, scary thumping noise as the brake pedal pulsated big time. Freaked me out, thought i broke something. Are you sure this is normal? Jon.
  • you can get an loaded fx45 for $1000 under invoice if you purchase. 36 month lease (15k, nothing out of pocket) is $650

    or you can order a 06, but pricing is not yet finalized.
  • snipe1snipe1 Posts: 14
    Bought my '05 FX45 new this Aug. Had it out in the first snow of the year here on Long Island, and as I expected, the Goodyear RS-A's leave much to be desired. (Went to some empty, unplowed parking fields.) Goodyear considers this an "all-season" tire and gives it a rating of 8 for snow traction. ?????
    I don't want a set of dedicated winter tires (although I realize they are absolutely the best in snow).
    So, after looking at all the 265/50-20's I could find; I've decided to put on Falken Ziex S/TZ-04's. $165 ea. from Discount Tire. The tread blocks seem better suited for biting into snow and releasing it as well. (The 60 series Bridgstones on the 35 don't look particularly suited to snow either, IMHO.) The Disc. Tire sales guy felt the Falken would be much superior the RS-A.
    Please understand, I've yet to actually drive on the Falkens so, this is speculative. As soon as I have some actual snow time on them I'll post my findings.

    The ABS on the FX is quite evident and really gets your attention. I induced plenty making some hard stops in the snow covered parking field. Much more intrusive than any other car I've had.

    I would much prefer having the differential lock mode of the earlier models over the "snow" mode of my '05
  • "I would much prefer having the differential lock mode of the earlier models over the "snow" mode of my '05."

    Anyone know why they changed it? I've never driven an '05 so I haven't tried one with snow mode, but in snow I really like the lock mode on my '03. Got my winter tires on last week, just before we got a 3" snow fall, so I'm good to go. It's below 0 as I'm typing this!
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Interesting, as the owner of an FX35 with the Sport package (20 inch wheels), i am very curious to know what you think about the Falkens. Please report back. Jon.
  • I have a strange experience with '05FX35. When I fill up (untill the pump clicks out once) the fuel gauge does not go up all the way to FULL. It's almost there, but not quite.

    Then I drove 60 miles and the fuel gauge indicated slightly less than 3/4 tank. I could not believe it was that thirsty!!! Something is off. I use 91 octane.

    I get on average (according to the monitor) 15.7 mpg with mostly highway driving. Is this normal? What do people get with their FX35's?

    Also, when you fill up, what is the DTE(distance to empty) says? Mine is like 280 miles. Strange.

    Any similar experiences? Is something broken?
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    on my 2004 FX 35 I get about 20 mpg on the highway and between 9 and 14 in the city...
  • I have a '04 FX35 RWD. I drive fairly conservatively. I regularly get 17-18 mpg around town. On the highway driving 70-75 mph I average 22-23. If I drive 65, which is the posted limited in the Houston metro area, I can get 25-26. Most posters getting lower than EPA mileage, I believe, are tending to enjoy the performance of the car on a more regular basis than I do.
  • Most of my driving is in the suburbs with stoplights and local freeways, usually with traffic. My trip computer consistently indicates from 16.2 - 16.8 MPG. I've never tested in on a long trip but suspect it might get 20-22 or so. Much of the time when I have taken a long trip I've been towing my boat, in which case I do not want to know my mileage!
  • snipe1snipe1 Posts: 14
    Will do Jon.
    I hope to have the Falkens on early next week.
  • I just had by FX35 in for its 26,000 mile service. The dealer called and recommended that I replace the tires-they are getting to the wear indicators. I have been looking at the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza. From what I could find online, they got very good ratings from the Tire Rack. Is anyone familiar with this tire or doing business with the Tire Rack? Also, they gave me a G35X to drive while my car was being serivced. The traction was amazing-I could take turns at normal speed on snow covered roads and the back end didn't slide out. I mentioned this to my salesman. He said that the G35X and the FX35 are really the same vehicles underneath. The biggest difference is the wide tires on the FX. I would have thought they would have designed the FX to have at least the same or better traction as the G.
  • I have an '04 FX 45 and the origianl tires made the car terrible in anything over an inch! Now I have Toyo Proxes but have not had them in snow yet. :surprise: I'll see what happens if the snow hits the NYC area this weekend as predicted. If so, I'll post.

    Bottom line = wide tires act like snowshoes, the best solution is 17" wheels w/Blizzaks but why have a second set of tires for a vehicle they keep showing runnng through snowdrifts on TV? :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • "Bottom line = wide tires act like snowshoes, the best solution is 17" wheels w/Blizzaks but why have a second set of tires for a vehicle they keep showing runnng through snowdrifts on TV?"

    Very likely, the one they keep showing running through snowdrifts on TV has winter tires on. My last 5 cars have all had AWD, and I've used winter tires on all of them, but I'm in Minnesota so they get good use. You can run a more aggressive summer tire in the other months, plus they last longer.
  • fxesqfxesq Posts: 2
    I put 20" Toyo Proxies on my FX35 10 days ago, and we've had two moderate snowfalls since (in S/W Connecticut). So far I'm very happy with them - good ride and handling on dry roads, and good grip in snow. Of course they're very wide, and thus take a little more time and distance to stop. They're definitely an improvement over the OEM Goodyear RS-As.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Thank you, I may look into those. I am very disappointed in my 2004 FX35, AWD, Tech, Sport and Premium Package, when it comes to snow handling. We have had two snow storms here in the Midwest during the past two weeks. My FX floats on snow with its 20 inch OEM Goodyears, gives me zero confidence in snow. I am better off with a front drive rental sedan for pete's sake.
    So much for buying an AWD vehicle.

    My wife's Volvo XC70, on the other hand, with its Pirelli Scorpion OEMs is a tank in snow, it grips the road like a talon. It is actually a blast to drive in snow storms with the Volvo, an amazing car.

    I feel that Infiniti has misrepresented, via its commercials and dealerships, what the FX can do for those of us who live in the snowbelt. After spending $40K plus on a "winter" car, it is extremely annoying to have to spend another $1,000 plus for winter tires and wheels. Jon.
  • cuecue Posts: 13
    Ok I have heard enough about individuals writing in about how bad this truck is in snow. First thing no car/suv out there is made to perform as if it was on dry pavement, when it is in snow. I was told to turn off the VDC control, then place the snow mode on. I have a FX45 05. I just drove through 8-10 inchs of untouched snow with no problems. Whether turning or at a full stop. I live in RI, and went into a parking lot on purpose to see how it handled. Another does anyone know how to actually drive in snow? Just because you have a SUV AWD/4WD doesn't mean you can go flying up and down streets, or the highway. No vechile no matter what it has stops on a dime in snow. People should be doing 5-10mph! So take your time the next time it snows and see what happens. Oh yes I do have the stock tires on right now. I'm not saying better tires wont help but I am saying my FX went through 8-10 inchs no problem. So if those of you wanting performance in the snow, learn to drive and wait till summer for the dry pavement.
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Trust me, I know how to drive in snow. 17 years in the Midwest. And I am a very careful driver. It is just disappointing when a Volvo station wagon kicks [non-permissible content removed] in snow and the FX with the 20 inch wheels does not have the same grip. You have an '05? What are your OEM tires, same as the 04's? Jon.
  • cuecue Posts: 13
    I have the 20" Goodyear tires that came with the FX45. I'm not saying a different tire would act better in snow. Again I had no problem going through 8-10" of snow. It's funny to hear your volvo "kicked [non-permissible content removed] in snow" buy a snow mobile instead. Try driving 5-10mph do not jam on the breaks, any car/truck antilock or not would float in the snow if driving to fast in it. Second if one does not not to be out in the snow then dont, wait till the plows come through, or worst case if one has to, you drive home from where ever you are, and take your time. Talk to any old timer who drove in the snow before anitlock AWD/4WD and they drove slow, and made it where they head to. Oh yes easy on the throttle the more horsepower/torque more those wheels will spin. I am done with this topic.
  • You said you turn off VDC and turn on SNOW mode, right? Why do you turn off VDC? Wouldn't that give you better grip when turning, when it corrects for the sliding? Who told you to turn VDC off?
  • mick3mick3 Posts: 7
    You can get a good deal going to certain dealers internet sales managers directly. Especially in areas where there is competition between dealerships. My understanding is that inventory is still pretty high on '05's and '06's are not yet available until inventory drops. Bottom line is now is the time to get a great deal on an '05.
  • mick3mick3 Posts: 7
    Interesting comments on snow performance. My experience with the 18'' Potenzas in snow mode has been excellent in about 6" of snow, even on hills. Light years ahead of my BMW 528 with 4 new Blizzaks. The key is to avoid any sudden starts and stops like you would with ANY other car in the snow.
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