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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • mburmbur Posts: 1
    I also leased my wife an 05 FX35. Today at 4k miles I took it in for service. I mentioned the squealing breaks. Dealer said it was a common problem and they replaced the front brake pads free with an upgraded pad. You should call dealer for the upgrade.
  • The Toyos ride about the same as the OEM's
  • nak026nak026 Posts: 3
    I dont think it is so much that the FX is getting a price hike, but the base model is coming with more standard features that were previously in the touring package. This is making the base model more expensive but if you add the touring package to the car, you will be paying the same ($40,600) in 2006 as in 2005.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    My initial reaction is that Infiniti is being too aggressive in raising its price so much, and will lose some potential customers who otherwise would have been attracted to a more competitive entry price. On the other hand, I would think the price hike will be good for current owners, in terms of resale, as the higher price should result in fewer new ones being produced (especially the FX45 version).
  • Thanks for the link to Fresh Alloy. I'm sorry to read similiar stories, all of which happened in NJ ( mine in Whippany NJ ). I don't think we can do anything in the future to prevent this. If we disable the windows down will the Bad guys know not to try, they will still damage the door and lock. I'm having my Nissan dealer fix my car, he has not received the parts yet. This seems similiar to the good old 1980's when car radios were getting stolen...People would put up a sign that said "No radio in car". Maybe I will put a sign that says "Windows will not go down???"
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Why is it that nearly all of the break-ins and car thefts that I read about in these forums seem to happen in New Jersey and New York? What is it with people out there?

    If it were me I would have an old junker to use whenever I knew my vehicle could not be parked safely inside a locked garage. My "good car" would be reserved for special occasions like going over to a friend's house or drives out into the country.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Why is it that nearly all of the break-ins and car thefts that I read about in these forums seem to happen in New Jersey and New York?

    That reminds me of the question asked of Willie Sutton (famed 30's bank robber): "Why do you rob banks?" to which he replied "Because that's where the money is."

    Break-ins and car thefts happen where the cars are and most of them are in California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and NY/NJ. :)

    tidester, host
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Yes but that doesn't explain the RATE at which cars are broken into...sorry, back to FX discussion!
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Why-oh-why is the run-flat package only available if you have the Sport Package on the '06s???? Probably the *only* thing I am not happy about with for the new model year.

    Do you think they can be retro-fitted with run-flats after I wear out the OEMs? Because in all reality, I would probably call road-side before I would change a tire myself. I know I am feeding into the chauvinistic persona, but I am just being honest.
  • fxdudefxdude Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 2006 FX-35. I pick it up on Tuesday. The dealer just received 4 in on Thursday last week. I have been waiting for the 2006 for 6 months now. I could not deal with the seat adustment location on the 2005. The back of the 2006 FX35 is more different than the 2005 than I first thought. :)
  • fxdudefxdude Posts: 4
    To order the run-flats you also need to order the technology package and the sport package.
  • merlinmerlin Posts: 10
    fxdude, I've got an '03 FX 35. Like everything about it except the location of the driver's seat adjustment controls, a design gaffe. Where are they located on your '06? Thanks.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Congrads fxdude! If you don't mind my asking, could you post here or in the "Prices Paid" forum how close/far from MSRP you ended up. I am looking to purchase in the next 6 weeks or so..

    I also couldn't deal with the seat adjustments, and I am glad I waited. I like the nav system UI much better on the '06 too!
  • I have had the vehicle for about two weeks. Here are some thoughts:

    1. Much nicer that the 2005 - Rear view camera, color screen, seat adjustments on the door, are all worth it.
    2. The color I chose (Serengetti Sand) is awesome- it is a new color for 2006 and it is a light gold with a silver undertone. The best color in my opinion. I also have the new "wheat" interior which is great. The leather details,Infiniti Logo, aluminum accents, are all great in the 2006.
    3. The Bluetooth works flawlessly. Great feature.
    4. The color screen and all the electronics are great.
    5. The 18" rims are redesigned for 2006. They look cooler than the 2005 design. I think they look even better than the 20".
    6. There is a built-in pressure monitor display of all tires that is great. This has nothing to do with the run flat package. Was this available in the 2005 model year? A great feature that surprised me when I stumbled on it on the display.
    7. Negative: I am a little disappointed in the Bose stereo. I am an audio buff and the stereo in my Chrysler Town and Country sounds better than this stereo. Also, no MP3 connection. The 6 disk changer and MP3 off of CD worked fine. However, they should have built in MP3 off of DVD capability too. Oh well...

    All in all, I am so glad I waited for the 2006 model before I bought. The differences are not minor in my opinion from the 2005 model year. Infiniti made the electronics top notch, and improved on all the minor "misses" in the previous design.
  • guedoguedo Posts: 32
    Does anyone here know if the bluetooth module in the FX35/45 is made by Xanavi (like the one in the less then wonderful M35/45)?
  • I have a re-occurring problem with my 2003 FX35 which the dealer can't solve:
    3 times now, when I have tried to start the engine the key won't turn in the ignition switch -- nor can I get the key BACK OUT of the ignition switch !
    After several minutes of wobbling the steering wheel and the gear shift, clicking the door lock & unlock , and stepping on the brake pedal --- the key suddenly turns and the engine starts !
    Since I am about to drive across the country, I'm paranoid that this will happen again on a dark & stormy night somewhere in the boondocks.
    Can anybody tell me what to do WHEN this happens again ?
  • I have the tech option, so I don't use the key very often. However, when I use it, sometimes it is hard to get the key in the ignition, and when it is in it does not always turn. When the car was about 2 weeks old, it was a Sat. nite. We went to a restaurant with valet parking. When we were done and went out to get the car, my wife said, oh look, your car is right in front. I said, that's probably because it is new! NO-the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. The valet couldn't get it to move and neither could I. I had to call Infiniti to have it towed in. While we were in the cab, the tow truck driver called to say he had taken it to the dealer (which of course on a Sat. nite was closed) and decided to try the sequence his Chevy owner's manual has for this type of problem. It worked. The cab took us to pick up the car. Monday I called the dealer. No one had any idea what I was talking about. Last time it was in, I gave them one of the keys to use. They had problems getting the key in and the ignition to turn. They said that was a common problem. That's as much as I know.
  • Ditto with me, had forgotten my electronic key fob, car was brand new, had freinds with me, and the key would not turn. At all. Did I mention it was snowing and below 20 degrees? I NEVER drive without the electronic fob, dont trust the keys anymore... Jon.
  • I noticed this weekend ( 2 feet of white stuff here) that braking in the snow was quite unusual. At first depressing the brake pedal all was well but as the car slowed I noticed a grinding/crunching noise that I also felt transmitted thru the break pedal. This is the second time I have noticed this. Any Ideas? Have 15 K check up coming I will bring this up with service. Have fx 35 with sports package.
  • audreymaudreym Posts: 103
    Have you ever had ABS before? It vibrates the pedal very quickly, almost like you are going over rumble strips. I don't have my FX yet, but this is that the ABS feels like in my Subaru. Just a thought..
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Happened to me too. According to others on this forum it is the ABS breaks that do this when breaking on slippery surfaces like snow or ice (sounded awful, like something was broken).

    Nonetheless, have it checked out by the dealer. Jon.
  • Yes it does feel like rumble strips. My previous vehicle was an xterra no such problem but I think it had abs on only one set of wheels. Very disconcerting, I will take it in and let the board know what they come up with. Thanks
  • sptrr2sptrr2 Posts: 12
    You've confused me, the AWD switch on the left next to the VDS switch, turns the AWD system on and off. When you turn it on a green AWD light comes up on the dash...when it's off it's off. I guess you're saying, correctly, that when it's on the system is automatic. What I should have said was that the smell only comes in when the AWD switch is in the 'on' position. Moot point now as the smell drove me nuts and I've traded it in !!
  • sptrr2sptrr2 Posts: 12
    Oh and by the way I wasn't suggsting you were trying it on, only the dealer !!! These discussion threads are great for helping share problems and fixes.
  • snipe1snipe1 Posts: 14
    Same here. The ABS in the FX seems more sensitive than other vehicles I've owned. Quite noisy with lots of pedal feedback. I'm not concerned.
  • snipe1snipe1 Posts: 14
    Falken Ziex ST/Z04's ---- Thumbs-up in Snow.

    We got hit with snow pretty hard on Long Island last weekend so, I finally got to give the Falken Ziex ST/Z04's a good workout.
    Drove home from work (30 miles) the night of the storm. All roads had snow on them and were quite slippery. I took it slow and kept the FX in snow mode. The Falkens, with their aggressive tread did nicely and the trip was without incident. I'm glad I made the switch.

    Both the Falkens and the OEM Goodyears are considered all-season tires. I do feel the RS-A's offer superior dry performance but, the Falken's superiority in snow, rain and ride comfort, IMO, justify the trade-off.

    Still, as many have stated here, cautious driving is the key. Certainly the FX with wide tires, powerful engine, and P/T AWD is not the ideal snow vehicle.
    I see a trend to over-promotion by Mfg's of their AWD vehicles' capabilities. A recent Volvo commercial for the XC-90 and their AWD wagons depicted them as seemingly invincible in the snow. Unfortunately some will take this as fact.
  • Hi,guys, I have been thinking about FX for awhile, but after all my expenses, I only have $2000 left every month, of course some time is less than that....but payment of a FX will be around $400-500. I just felt it would be too tie if something happened, you know, like no income or something..
    I know it is a stupid question, but I just want to know what do you guys think.
  • Hi Jumpin, I am certainly no financial advisor but, unless you have about six months worth of living expenses socked away in short term investments just in case something happens, I would not jumpo into a luxury car lease. Bad stuff can happen, when you least expect it. Happened to my family recently, but fortunately I have been working for 17 years so have security socked away (my wife got sick). I am assuming you are young, starting up and eager to jump into an FX. My advice? Build up your nest egg for a year or two and maybe look at a used vehicle or something a bit less costly like the new Toyota RAV4 which has gotten great reviews and can be had around $27K.

    Just my humble opinion. Best wishes, Jon.
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