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Kia Sedona problems



  • Thanks, now I can tell my wife that I'm not imagining things. We'll have the service department take a look at it the next time we're up there. This will be my first time dealing with the KIA service department, hope they are as friendly and cooperative as the sales staff was. Anyone had any experience with either Spokane KIA or Coeur d` alene Honda/Kia service departments?
  • We have the same problem with the fuel gauge (2002 EX). Our clock is okay - haven't been fired for being late to work. Oh yeah, I drive my Honda to work :P . However living in the "Valley of the Sun", Phoenix, AZ who really wants to know how hot it is. Luckily, our Temp gauge is off by 7-10 degrees.

    I have a 2002 EX loaded which is now 3 yrs old and has only 30k. Here is what
    has happened:
    winshield developed a stress crack and was replaced by MY ins.

    rear tailgate started to rust and was replaced.

    winshield developedANOTHER stress crack in EXACT same spot. Took dealer 3 days
    to look at it and determine that is was astone chip. I was leaving for a road
    trip in 2 days and needed it replaced so I had their rep come and replace it..
    He takes 1 look at it and says"STRESS CRACK!

    Rear seat broke- in shop 3 days for parts
    rear tailgate rusted again needed kia rep to look at it. Rep says it is rusted
    and now I have to get an estimate. I complain if it is covered, why is estimate
    Car has been going dead several times over the past 3 years. Mention to service
    rep and he says if it goes dead while driving- alternator if not battery.

    Before I can take it for estimate for body work, car goes dead WHILE DRIVING.
    Jump car, bring it home loaded with kids and as they close door, locking
    mechanism breaks. Dealer looks it over and says battery needed!
    Parts on order for door may take up to 2 weeks.

    fyi- gas mileage is great - on need 10 for themonth--IT SPENDS MOST OF THE TIME
  • I am handicapped and and needed a van to haul my powerchair around ,dealer ASSURED me the Kia was the one. Boy, did they see me coming !!!!! I have had the van 4 months now, and will be going into the the shop for the 4th time on Monday !!
    The van drives okay but the AC is very very loud, has had 2 recalls already and the damn thing gets only 11 MPG. The window sticker said 16-18 in the city, was "assured" this would happen also by the dealer.
    WAs thinking of trading the KIa in for another van, but in 4 months has lost almost $11,000.00 in value. I feel I was a handicapped person being taken advantage of by the dealer - pushing this car off as a good deal.
  • I just stumbled onto this site looking for answers to my 2003 Sedona's power issues. Thanks to all of you I am properly armed to take on the dealer Monday morning and get things resolved once and for all-- this will be the 4th new battery in the last 15k. My concern is- Where is Wonderful KIATECH??? I certainly hope that some of the unpleasantness I have read in the last 15 pages of postings has not driven KIATECH away-- we are all better for this kind of inside information and help.
    I have been very happy with my van except for this battery death situation, which I now understand. I am alarmed with the fire business of course, so I will be watching this carefully. Have a great weekend Folks! Nanny :D
  • pramospramos Posts: 1
    Welp, I own a 2002, serviced for drained battery two days after purpose, got it back, when back in for drained battery 'radio would go on and off and change stations for no reason' remedy, replaced radio and battery- 210 miles on it.
    Serviced for idle problem - solution, timing was off. 12,000 miles.
    Airbag light went on- 4 times and reset. A/C serviced twice for hot air. Recharged was the remedy. The last two summers.
    59,000 miles, idling problem, looses power while driving, A/C not working properly- remedy over haul needed- $1800.00 in front and rear brakes, complete tune-up with belts fluids, plugs, wires.- A/C repaired again. Again A/C recharged two days after serviced total twice this summer.
    65,000- 90 degrees, car sitting idle for 4 minutes, car jerked foward in park, battery light, break light went on, hazards flashed, locks locked and unlocked- BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM I SEE FOR A DEATH- when the lock is in the unlocked position as this is happening- the DOORS ARE NOT REALLY UNLOCKED,radio went on and changed channels, wipers went on, both front and back, A/C was on and blew extremely hot air, reversed the car to pull it out of the spot I was in, drove to the KIA dealership and the alternator and battery went on fire and started filling the car with smoke. I have an 18 month old requires assistance of course undoing carseat, a 5 year old, and a handicapped 6 year old who requires help in and out of the vehicle. Two adults were in this car along with the 3 children- I called KIA and they claim no notice of ever hearing of this problem- they were only concerned how we would like OUR van taken care of, they didn't like it when I said it is a known problem and we got lucky, reminding him the locks aren't really unlocked while this is going on and the potential for the next person or us might not get out in time. The smoke is of rubber, wires and sulfur smell and over takes your lungs quickly. I pray they resolve this before ANY ONE gets killed by the smoke or worse. The potential is definately there. :sick: :lemon: Don't run your A/C in high temps. There is some kind of problem ralting to the voltage and the battery and this A/C is somehow attached to the problem. No dealer won't replace at no charge- 65,000 miles your out of warrenty. So I eat the repair and hope while its there we didn't lose anything else when they replace the battery and alternator and do a diagnostic check on Monday. We needs the A/C the handicapped 6 year old is a cancer patient, opening windows in 90 degrees or more is not the salution for us to keep him hydrated.
  • I posted the one about the 2002. If I was stupid enough to buy another 2004, I would probably be posting about that one as well. Believe me or not.
    Re-read mine closer and I spell out approx when each item happened including recent problems. Van is STILL in shop, now over 1 week. Will update on when it comes out.
  • carlvcarlv Posts: 2
    My A/C has been bad since last year. Actually, it never blew very cold air(ever) since the day I bought it. Unfortunately, I got the 60K service at 57K and that was in March. The first time I had to use the A/c in June it was blowing warm/hot air again. Of course that was at 61.3K miles and the dealership said I had to pay their labor but there was no charge for the parts. After the repair was done, I picked up my vehicle and turned on the air in their parking lot. It blew warmer air so I pulled it around into the service bay again. They then kept it another day and replaced something else. I finally picked it up and the A/C worked for about a month. In the meantime, I had to replace the alternator and Battery at 63K miles when I was on vacation 600 miles away. When I got back the A/c started blowing hot air again. I just took it back and they had it another day and then they said it was another part(which would not be in for a week) and it's hot in the 90's here. It is my wife's van and she is not a happy camper when she gets home from working. Anyway, I guess I will wait the week until the new part gets in. I don't know if I will be charged for that yet. I am now dealing with the service manager(the first one was fired) so I have another one and the district rep for KIA. After reading the many horror stories on this website, I'm not optimistic about a successful conclusion. I also have the 2002 sedona. If you are interested in what parts have and will be replaced, just let me know and I will get the worksheets.
  • I would love to know what parts have been replaced if it isn't too much trouble for you. I just received a phone call from the dealership this morning and they said all of the hoses for the compressor need to be replaced. Does this sound like your problem? Like I said before, I have never had a problem with the van before and hope I am not cursing myself by saying that. Thanks for your response.
  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    It's been awhile since I logged on and posted. Unfortunately, the reason for doing so is that the weather has been hot, and our 2002 EX developed the dreaded lower right corner windshield "stress" fracture last month. Not sure why it took 3.5 years, but it did and it's done.

    There was clearly no sign of external damage in the vicinity of the crack. I dropped it off at the dealer and it is all fixed. N/C. Almost 30,000 miles... and counting slowly. We continue to love the van as much as the first day we brought it home.

    Navy, Blue - good to read up on you guys.

    All for now. :shades:
  • imb1963imb1963 Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2003 a couple of months ago and all of a sudden the air bag light is on, the check engine light is on, there is a terrible smell from the exhaust, the high beams are gone, the lights get brighter and dimmer with accel/decel. Kia is still investigating what's wrong - doesn't know when they'll have an answer, but has said the headlight bulbs are blown and we'll have to pay for those because they're not covered by warranty. My husband thinks whatever is majorly wrong caused the bulbs to blow and doesn't want to pay for the replacements. Does anyone have similar issues?
  • nhgirlnhgirl Posts: 9
    All I can say is read the past messages in this forum for the 2002 Kia Sedona and you may find some of the answers to your questions for your 2003, but if you expect Kia to find the problem good luck!!!!! Don't call the Kia Customer Service number, because they can't help you either and if you didn't have a scheduled appt. your even in a worse state. When I first purchased my van new 3 years ago, I loved it, but with cracked windshields (which I refused to put under my insurance), lumbar switch drain, steering wheel locking up when driving to send me across the yellow line without control of my vehicle, a few other issues, to my latest issue of fading radio, blower, check engine light and battery light coming on at idle speed and then dead battery just a few days after having a 60K maint. done and the alternator replaced, I've had it with Kia. You know the worse part of the whole thing is.......can't trade, no dealership wants it and they won't give you anything for a trade in allowance. So I'm up the creek without a paddle, just have to pay it off and run it into the ground and hope that nothing more happens to it!!!!! :lemon:
  • KIA customers? Although most of the complaints I see here are justified, and a 'few' have had more than their fair share of problems, what I notice is a really sour ( :lemon: ) and strongly negative attitude with KIA when the other van owners of the $30,000 Ody and Quest, having failures and some major issues 'just off the lot', do not. Just go read the problem threads for other vans. Do you see the owners who spent 30K calling their vans a "HUGE PIECE OF CRAP"? Do you see the posts peppered with :lemon: lemons? Do you see "Don't ever buy an Ody"? And look at the volume of complaints and issues!

    Granted, KIA may have had some issues in the beginning. They all do. I somewhat expect any new design to have bugs to be worked out. That is one reason why I opted for the 05 and not the 06 (besides, I think the 05 looks much nicer). Look at how some well-established vans have a high number of issues on late models! But other owners of other vans pay more and whine less when they encounter problems. Why is that? Could it be the KIA service? I read about Ody owners being without their vans for more than a couple of weeks and none of them react so negatively. Then I read here some problems about old batteries being obviously dead, but the owners are too cheap to replace them and bash KIA for it and make a big stink. Why is that? Or the turn signal switch is a little soft on the click for the right turn (yes...I noticed...very minor) and people go back for service, but the Ody side doors won't open , or the windows start going down BY THEMSELVES, and it's not a big deal. What gives?

    I can understand being unsatisfied with dealer service. I have been ripped off in the past by Ford service, but you do have the option to go to an independent service shop. Perhaps it's the service on warranty items that is disappointing. But again, reading the threads for the other manufacture's vans reveals a different attitude over some absurd and chronic problems on even NEW vans.

    What I have noticed is that Kia has improved. Late models don't have many (any?) complaints. The track record is getting better (not so for the Ody or Quest). Sitting in the dealer for 3 hours on a Saturday waiting for a tow hitch to be installed (nice hitch...good job) showed me a little about how the dealer service operates and what the customers are like. I did not see ANY service being done for warranty issues. Most all were maintenance. Only one woman who claimed some electrical device (forgot which) did not work and was too stupid to check fuses. The dealer was going to charge her for the check. She did not have the money. Most people were happy with their vehicles and were talking about it openly. I saw things like the service manager offering all of the customers FREE detailing. kidding! Only one customer took him up on it because the others were in a hurry and did not want to wait 20 more minutes. I just washed mine, so it was pointless. The job they did looked great! It takes me hours to do that myself. True...I had my problems with the sales people on getting them to deliver on the tow hitch, but I did not see those sales people around on the usual BUSY Saturday (fired?..maybe!).

    I think Kia may be getting a bad rap from a different type of customer. My 05 Sedona is a superb mini-van. It's built much better than my Caravan. It's heavy duty with a strong engine. The milaege I get (21 MPG on first tank with 30/70 mix) is about the same as the others...even the Ody with the 3 cylinder shut down thingy. Features, comfort, quiet ride, and power are real good...and that PRICE! What can you say? You could spend much more and have it worse...Just take a look at the others!
  • Finally got my 2002 Sedona EX back after it was in the shop for a week. Thank God we bought the extended warranty -- it paid for itself with the air conditioning problem. The bill was over $700 and all of the A/C hoses needed to be replaced. Most of the charge of course was labor. The van was in the shop for a week because the parts were on back order. Shouldn't that tell us something? I love my van, but I wonder when or if a recall will be made since this seems to be a widespread problem.
  • Hi,
    I have had the 05 Sedona for about 5 months now. I have been back to the shop 4 times so far for different things, recalls, AC, noise in the rear end and overhead computer. Lots of parts have been replaced and a lot more are on order, I have 2039 miles on it. Also, getting 12 MPG so have to keep MORE records for the dealership (even though I have every gas reciept/miles since day one) so they can check for themselves. I THOUGHT this was going to be an ok car,but nowknow this was a very very bad choice. I wish I had paid the $30.000 for a decent van that I could have traded in in 3 years. The Kia is already worth LESS than half of what is was 4 months ago. These car have NO resale value at all. :lemon: :lemon:
  • nhgirlnhgirl Posts: 9
    I hate to say this but, I was told that my battery is WORKING JUST FINE by the Kia Dealership, when I asked if they thought I should replace it after 3 years after having the issues with the fading radio, blower fan dying out and the battery/check engine lights coming on, especially since they had just replaced the alternator. I might have had a dead cell in my battery, I was willing to purchase a new one. So I don't think that purchasing a new battery may be the obvious solution!!! Although I do intend to get a new one prior to winter coming. You may be correct in the fact that the newer Kia models have had the bugs worked out and are much better than what was put out in the 2002, but unfortunately for those of us who do own a 2002 we don't have any trade-in value, I already tried that route. I just don't want to invest any more money into this vehicle if it's not going to be dependable.

    What upsets me more than anything about Kia is the fact that they can't find the problems and have to keep your vehicle for an unreasonable amount of time to only return it without finding the problem while I'm making the rental car company rich. I'm not speaking about one dealership, I've been to several, but it's not worth switching since the most recent dealership knows my car the best. I've kept up with all scheduled maintenance, and oil changes because I was informed that if I didn't Kia would not honor their 10 yr./100,000 mile warranty. To be quite honest, I don't really know how Kia could work out all the bugs if they can't figure out what is wrong when we are bringing in the 2002 Sedona with problems which the dealership doesn't know what to do about them and calls KIA who hasn't heard of any such problems, but this forum says they are out there.

    I don't know how much mileage you have on your 2005, and as I said prior, I was totally satisfied with my purchase other than having the windshield crack start from the center bottom and work it's way up within a matter of a couple of weeks as a defect and the lumbar seat drain which took 2 dealerships a total of 2 1/2 years to figure out. I also agree about the strong engine as I do a lot of highway driving between MA and NH on the weekends, but as the mileage creeps up there the problems seem to begin. When I purchased my van I was told by my sales person that the Kia would out last any Toyota or Honda out there for mileage and wear and tear. So far I haven't seen that to be true. I couldn't ask for a better ride, I'm the only driver and I have to say my driver's seat feels like sitting in a comfortable chair in my livingroom which I have adjusted just for me. I also like how I sit up high in the van without a big front end sticking out. So as you can see I'm not totally against my Sedona, and the price was right, it's the after purchase I have the issues with and the tires I replaced after the 1st year, they were horrible in our New England winter weather.

    I do believe the issue in the steering column should be reported and will be by me as a driving hazard and Sedona owners need to be aware of this issue, because as one forum writer wrote his wife had an accident with their van and I was very lucky not to, the steering pulled it's self out as I crossed the yellow line into on coming traffic without my control. I drove immediately to the dealership where they kept the van for 3 days until they replaced the part and I had to rent a car even though this was a safety issue. There wasn't any previous warning and I'm the only driver as I've said of this van so I would have known if there was something going in the steering. I know my van and I know when there is something wrong, money is not the issue in having things fixed as I transport children as a Nanny and need to have a dependable, safe vehicle.

    I've been offered free detailing as well, but usually it never gets done because they've had my van for so long to fix a problem that they don't want to deal with it anymore and I just want it back. I will have to say, the last time they kept the van they did do a nice job inside and out in detailing, but I can do that myself, I just want the van to run properly and not be sitting on the lot for repairs for a week or more, while I'm driving a rental car.

    Ironically, I saw a Kia Sedona on the back of a flat bed today, couldn't tell you what year van it was, just felt sorry for the owners. I wish you all the best of luck with your 2005, come back to the forum in three years and let us know what you think then, no telling not knowing what's ahead. :)
  • flinter,

    I saw your posts. It's hard to believe you only get 12 MPG. How do you drive? How did you break-in the van? Did you "take it easy" on it for the first 500 miles? Did you ever take it for a long drive at highway speeds? I will say that I noticed one EX that I test drove that was 'sluggish'. I did not get a good feeling about that, so I tried a couple of others. My final choice was the one that drove best. Perhaps that made the difference. Maybe they can reprogram your computer and you can get another shot on the break-in. ???

    I hope they iron out your few issues and it gives you good service. I have spoken with more than a few Kia owners and they had no issues. But really...before you buy that $30,000 van, check out some of the problems those owners are having. You might be surprised!
  • nhgirl,

    I like New Hampshire! Nice country and nice people.

    I was not pointing towards you as the battery problem. I read way back where someone had to keep jump starting their old battery to get it to start and kept blaming Kia for the problems that resulted. If you are at 3 years with that battery, it would be a good idea to change it. One work truck I drove had an extra auxiliary battery in it that almost blew up (very bad!). I did not even know there was a problem because the main battery worked OK. The other battery was producing a smell like rotten eggs. I didn't know what it was until I checked everything under the hood and noticed it was HOT. I disconnected it and got both batteries replaced. These were 3 years old. Not uncommon at all. My original Caravan battery went for four years before I had to change it.

    As far as windshield cracks, the Ody has the same problem. I couldn't believe it when I read it. They also have a whistling noise that people dislike, but no one gets too upset over it. Really...for the amount of problems they have, no one gets too upset. I would at $30K !!!

    Maybe you are right about dealer service. I NEVER liked ANY dealer service. Every time I took a car of mine, or a work vehicle to dealer service, it came out with more problems. My Caravan came with FREE oil changes for as long as I owned the car and I never once took it to them for an oil change. I just don't trust them. The mechanics I use are through word of mouth and I develop a trust relationship with them. So far I have had good service and minimal problems. I like it that way!

    I also take what dealers say as total $#!+. When they start to hardsell, I stop them dead and tell them I did my homework, so save it. Thanks to Edmunds that is true. Thanks to all for sharing their experiences. I might have bought another Caravan, but the dealers really rubbed me the wrong way. I wanted my Caravan with the options I liked and nothing else. No point in spending on stupid features I don't need. I couldn't even get the colors I wanted! They just couldn't accommodate me, so I moved on. The Sedona was simple and perfect!

    Tires? Every factory tire I have ever had was garbage. My 82 Mustang was the worst with those Firestone 721 'blowout specials'. I did have a blowout! I expected these Hankook tires to handle bad and hydroplane in rain. I'm surprised they handle very well in both. I shocked myself when I was ripping around an entrance ramp to I-95 at 60 MPH. It didn't feel like 60 at all! Front wheel drive is so much better...especially in snow. If I were back up north I would also buy good winter tires. The Toyo Ultra 800s I have on my Caravan are such good tires. Great in rain and even got me 'over the hills' during a few 5+ inch snow storms in the Catskills of NY. I have over 100K miles on two of them. The other two were replaced after being damaged by road debris. Love em'.

    About the steering...was it just loss of power assist? It sounds like your electrical problems may have caused this. That is the one thing I will be VERY sensitive about...electrical issues. My model is an LX and does not have as much electrical stuff to go wrong. The more 'gadgets' you have, the more to go wrong. I believe in the KISS method. (keep it simple). The only features I miss are the electric vent windows and the fog lamps. I'm working on installing the fog lamps now (easy). Vent windows? Most likely not. Oh well.

    Good luck with your Sedona. I hope you get everything working again and it gives you good life. :shades:
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    I do believe the issue in the steering column should be reported and will be by me as a driving hazard and Sedona owners need to be aware of this issue, because as one forum writer wrote his wife had an accident with their van and I was very lucky not to, the steering pulled it's self out as I crossed the yellow line into on coming traffic without my control.

    nhgirl, it would be a good idea for you to report the issue to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You can file a report here:

    NHTSA: FIle a Complaint


    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Help! Got van back from dealer yesterday. Oil light was on. Ours is a 2002 EX with 54k miles. Never had oil light come on before, so I'm assuming something they did or something that happened to the van while at the dealer, caused the light to go on. Here is what they did on this visit:

    * Replaced driver's seat cover (done by trim shop, not dealer)
    * Installed replacement alternator
    * Throttle cable recall work performed
    * Wheel bearing recall work performed
    * Cigarette lighter fixed (fuse blown due to some sort of rubbing and wires damaged-- not sure why I didn't think to check the fuse).

    Two questions:
    1) Is there any way any of the aforementioned fixes could cause the Oil light to come on? It sure doesn't seem like it.
    2) If everything seems fine with van-- driving performance, oil level and color on dipstick, etc etc -- is it safe to keep driving it? I need to make a 300-mile round trip tomorrow.

    Advisor actually noticed the light on earlier in day when pulling vehicle around dealer's lot. They did nothing (probably didn't have time to look at it before I got there-- who knows). He said oil showed on dipstick but it looked pretty dirty. He said they didn't show any oil change history at their dealer (not sure where he was looking -- probably half our oil changes have been done at their dealership). He recommended changing the oil more often. Well, when I got home I noticed: plenty of oil on dipstick. Oil looked newer in color - not even dark brown yet, still medium brown. Oil change reminder sticker on our windshield indicating we were due for an oil change 1500 miles from now!

    We had the oil changed a month ago at the dealership, and drove about 1500 miles since then.

    If we do end up having an oil- or engine-related problem, I will have no problem documenting proper oil changes. That doesn't worry me. But I don't want the hassle of a major engine problem.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Our dealer is above average in friendliness and willingness to fix or attempt to fix our problems. They are the only Kia dealer we've used for service. Bought van new from their sister dealership 30 minutes further from home. We give them most of our maintenance business, with some oil changes done elsewhere and tires done elsewhere. I am always polite with them even when they have screwed something up or failed to do something they were supposed to do. Overall, we have had almost all our concerns resolved, and within 1-2 visits. Sadly, this seems to be above average dealer service-- not just Kia dealers, but USA new vehicle dealers in general.

    Well, our most recent visit has gotten me really frustrated and I'm going to complain about it. The inconvenience of having to return to the dealer is starting to get very annoying. I haven't decided yet how to approach the dealer, but I am not going to be so polite this time.

    Pick up van with family, arrived just after service dept closed. Send wife and kids on their way in other vehicle. No charge -- all warranty work today. Wish I had looked at the van before sending my wife on her merry way, because I'd have left it there. The problems:

    1. Replace seat cover-- paperwork says they did it, but they didn't! Leather was wearing and cracking on driver's seat cushion. Dealership agreed and ordered a new one. I thought this was great, since van is 3.5 years old and has 54k miles. Was half-expecting them to say it is normal amount of wear. Supposedly, van was sent to a trim shop for replacement but the seat has no new pieces that I can tell.

    2. Rear badges-- they've had the van 4-5 times and still we do not have the Kia, Sedona, and EX rear badges on the van. They repainted the rear tailgate a year or two ago. Of course, the badges were removed and they didn't think to order/install new ones (WTF?!). Badges ordered. We wait several months until we have a concern important enough to bring van in for service. Take van back for badge and other work. Oops-- badges were returned to warehouse since they had sat at dealer so long. There was another attempt in there somewhere to get the badges put on. At some point we end up with Sedona and EX badges on van but Kia badge still missing. Last month they repaint the rear liftgate a 2nd time (rust around license plate chrome strip again). Pick up van, don't look at van rear end til we get home. Kia badge is there, but the Sedona and EX badges have disappeared! How can they not get this right. Pick up van last night. Advisor already warned me on the phone they didn't get the badges put on. He thought they were at the body shop or something, but turns out they weren't. So they had to special-order them again. Are they doing this on purpose to get me to keep coming back? I don't think they are that tricky, but my wife is suspicious.

    3. Oil light came on-- nice that advisor told me he noticed the light, but it was downhill from there. He noticed the light but they didnt' do anything to troubleshoot or resolve it. Maybe they didn't have time, maybe they didn't want to bother since I hadn't mentioned it as a concern (the light has never come on for us before). He noticed the light while moving the van to a different parking spot. Was this before or after the van came back from the trim shop with the supposedly replaced driver's seat cover?! He tells me the oil looks pretty dirty and I should change it more often. Granted, this was said in a polite, non-accusatory, non-condescending manner. But the oil doesn't look dirty when I check dipstick at home. I know the difference. He tells me, politely, he doesn't see any service history for oil changes. Not sure how he could miss it, since we've been there several times for oil changes. No threats about denying warranty work or anything like that-- these guys don't try to push me around or scare me. They are nice guys, just not always on the ball. Well, we had oil changed there last month--- only 1500 miles ago. I guess he didn't notice the oil change reminder sticker in the front corner of windshield when he moved the vehicle to a different parking spot?!
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202

    If you had wires chaffed that blew a fuse on the lighter, couldn't the same chaffing have caused the oil light? Took a quick look at the manual on-line. Light is a pressure switch which either means the oil pump or switch is bad. I've heard of a filter getting clogged and that causing an oil light on other vehicles.

    Personal opinion is that this is nothing to mess with. I'd get an early oil change with new filter and make them check for additional wiring problems to the switch. I'm surprised the dealership sent you out on the street with a known oil light without offering to investigate further. JC
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I suppose the chafed wire could have caused the oil light. I'll have to look at the paperwork and maybe ask the advisor for more details.

    My wife just spoke politely with the service manager who was very apologetic about our frustrations. She specifically asked if he thought the vehicle was safe to drive. He said yes. He seemed to think it was probably NOT an actual oil pressure problem (oil pump etc), but some sort of a wiring or sensor (pressure switch?) issue.

    I don't want to be stranded 100 miles from home with a dead vehicle, but I'm probably gonna roll the dice and make my trip. May stop for an oil change today, but not at the dealer-- to far away.

    Not knowing how vehicles work, I have no clue if a oil pressure or oil pump problem would likely make the van not run right? It drove just fine today in spite of the oil light. Not sure if that's a false sense of security, though.
  • wonyoonwonyoon Posts: 1
    I also have an A/C problem with my 2003 Sedona. My dealer told me the compress was in back order. I have been waiting for three weeks so far. Every time I call the dealer, I get the same reply - "the part is in back order" This is not acceptable to wait this long for a part. Do you know what else I can do besides calling the dealer for the status?
  • i don't get it, if the oil pussure light came on at the dealer, the dealer should have preformed a manuel oil pussure test at once !! on a hot engine !
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    BD, Pretty much an either, or....

    If is is a bad switch, no problem. Engine runs just fine. If it is a blocked passage, or bad pump/low pressure, you can fry your engine. That is why they should have checked it.
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    4 visits for pass. window stopping midway position (1 lube, 2motors, 1 pass. window sw.) 2 visits for bubbling paint under side windows and rust under rear logo( repainted), 1 visit for no start/slow turning over (new alternator and new battery) , 1 tow back to dealer after overheating due to loss of coolant ( upper hose came loose when clamp worked itself loose, reinstalled hose and clamp). Mooing noise cannot find in spite of referenced articles from this forum. Front seat has squeaked on and off for 2 year, forgot about that visit. All this after 2 yrs 3mos and 28,000 mis. On the positive side the roadside assist. people are much better than AAA and hopefully warranty will help for the next 3yrs 9mos.
    2003 Sedona EX is not worth it I should have gone with the Caravan for the same price. Oh well, live and learn :lemon: :lemon: :
  • BD,

    I think you are TOO polite. You should not have accepted the vehicle in that condition and should have insisted they FIX IT on the spot. If the oil pressure is low, the engine could blow. I had it happen once when I was 17 and driving my mom's car to work one day. The light was on and the oil was clean and full. This is nothing to mess with, but how could you accept the van from them in that condition?

    With all of the work you have had done, do you inspect the van before driving it out of the service shop? If you know there is an issue with badges missing, do you call them and confirm they have the parts (make them actually touch them) BEFORE you drive it in to have the work done?

    Hey, even I had a headache with the dealer when I went in to have a tow hitch installed, so I understand the frustration. What I did to keep them "on the case" was to ask them when they could have the parts and make appointments on the nearest Saturday after that date. I drove down TWO times and was turned away. I could have called to confirm in effort to save a trip, but the "in your face" "you messed up!" routine works! Yes, they were nice, but I insisted they get their act together and kept the pressure on them. I would not let up. That is how you get results. Be relentless! Finally it was done and I inspected the job before I drove off. Sure enough, there was one good-sized grease smudge on the driver's side door. Before I even started the car I pointed it out and made them clean it (they did). I don't let them get away with anything! I'm polite but very business like and firm. (Must be the New Yorker in me...haha)

    I agree that there is some malfunction going on with Kia service, but I have seen that from other company dealer service centers' as well. Looks like a low budget outfit to me and may be more of a company management problem than anything else. I hope I never have to deal with them again. You have your oil changed right there and they tell you it's dirty after 1,500 miles? You're going to continue to give them business??? Are you crazy!? :lol:

    In my view, all dealer service centers are suspect. I always take my business to a trusted independent shop that I have received good references on. If I were getting such headaches from bringing it back repeatedly for warranty issues, I would probably pay someone else to fix the small stuff. On a major issue, I would have to "document and control" (pictures and dated notes...or video) the situation and be firm with any problems that result. They would have to provide the rental car too! Sometimes being nice can get you burned. Business is business! Stick to your guns!!!

    Good luck!

    Phil ~
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    Yes, I *am* too polite. I guess it's the Midwesterner in me, or because I grew up watching my dad be too polite. My approach does not get results, but I have a hard time being firm with these guys. Actually, the advisor I work with seems so clueless, yet friendly, that I don't think I could really whip him into shape. It seems hopeless.

    With the oil light, I definitely should have made them look at it before I arrived or while I was there. However, I had the family with me and didn't want to take more time there. Still, it wasn't a smart choice since an oil light can indicate a serious problem.

    We have not spent a lot on maintenance yet for our van. Most of the stuff at the dealer has been warranty work. Their prices on various 'typical' maintenance things are reasonable, so we've done some oil changes and other stuff there since it was maybe 10-20% more than another shop and that's not a major difference. Plus, I've never found a good independent shop that I'm comfortable with, so I don't really have a solid non-dealer option.

    No, I don't make the advisor tell me he has physically handled the parts. That might prevent issues, but I find it to be rude or pushy or something. If they can't do the job right doing their normal thing, then I am not really interested in being their watchdog.

    In spite of my complaints, I hear a lot of things from other folks that convince me our shop still does an above-average job overall. There are so many dealers out there that are totally clueless and don't even TRY to resolve problems.

    My wife called the service manager the next day and politely told him that we will not be coming back if they do not resolve our issues on the next visit. Actually, we might not be back even if they do resolve our issues.
  • Well I'm glad there are polite people in the world. I just came back from Nebraska where people were very nice and normal. I like it that way but sometimes people take advantage of you. At least I always try to be civil and nice until the first time they fail me. Then it's a different side of me. ;)

    When I say "touch the parts", I really mean to confirm that they are really there. Sometimes people make assumptions and things get mixed up. One good example of that is when I called the dealer and asked him if he had a Sedona in white / gray with the value package and tow hitch. He said he thought so. I made him go check. He called me back and said yes. Too bad it was a lie...or maybe they sold it two hours earlier, but I doubt it. I think he just wanted me to come in. That is yet another reason why I do not like dealers.

    I hope you get it all straightened out.

    Phil ~
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