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Kia Sedona problems



  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I don't know about it being "all the grounds in the world". Lemon laws usually cite a major defect as cause for invoking the law. A simple thing like a door rattle or intermittent buzzer would probably not suffice. However your check engine light may indicate something serious and you could argue that it needs to be fixed so that you know when something major is wrong. Some laws can be invoked if the vehicle is off the road for a specified amount of time due to various defects. You might investigate this aspect of your states lemon law. You might also get an opinion from your attorney general's office as to what kind of defects they consider lemon-law worthy. In any case, start logging all phone calls and keep good records of the amount time your car is off the road. Get your ducks in a row so to speak :lemon:
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    does your state have lemon law?
  • Yes, we have a Lemon Law.

    One nagging problem or returning problem that isn't cured can be used. Also a series of problems left un-repaired can qualify. Like others, and fair enough, there is an amount of lost time and number of incidents. It's actually about the same as most states with such a law.

    Yes - we are documenting any repairs, but I do that with any vehicle.

    Look - EVERY manufacturer has some issue or issues right now. (Anyone care to talk about the Mazda M5?) Cars are VERY complicated machines. So I know there will be little annoyances. As long as the ARE fixed by a dealer, properly and timely, that isn't any problem for me until they have the car more than I do. (Had a Jeep like that once!) Or it lets me down at a time when I really need it.

    My problem here was the dealer handing over this car, after all we had to go through to get the paperwork correct and get the dealer-prep done, with that indicator light on. Some dolt somewhere during the process should have seen that as he drove it up to the door, running? But then, "Lot Boys" are generally not way up on the skills ladder.

    We will see. It gets a fair chance now, as fair as we can give it, but it is "on the block" and probably will be trade-bait even at a pretty big loss.

    On some manufacturers' cars, a loose or leaking gas-filler cap CAN cause the trouble light to come on, and tightening the cap and driving a while CAN reset the code. Not a defect - just the way the system was designed. It could be that the cure was in the 50 or so miles they put on the car while they had it, waiting for a part. But they should at least state that verbally AND on the service receipt. Nothing in the owner's manual indicates the loose cap would cause the warning light or that topping up the tank will cause it. Nothing there states it might go away in a while of driving. Of course, on the side of safety, they advise taking it into a dealer for a checkup.
  • I can honestly say I feel your pain!! We bought a 2003 Sedona and it has been in the shop EIGHT times in 27 months. It just got out Friday 9/16 and will be going in again within the next week. I have read the messages on this board with interest as they address the same issues we have had...Radio/CD player that for no reason goes up and down in volume, brake problems that KIA service states is not a problem but was identified by a certified mechanic as warped rotors (from the day we drove it off the lot), loose molding pieces, undiagnosed steering problem (knocking, binding, etc) broken motor mounts and not to be outdone a blown engine at 30,000 miles!!

    We do all required service on our van and the blown engine was 110 miles into a family vacation. When we had it towed to a dealer to replace the engine they stated this was the third '03 Sedona they had seen with a thrown rod and all the issues accompanying that event.

    We fought with the dealer to service the vehicle correctly all this time and we still were denied the claim the brakes were bad from the factory.

    I have talked to a few mechanics and warped rotors and stuck pins are two known problems with Kia Sedona brake systems. Keep fighting the dealer to repair the brakes until they are to your satisfaction. Also, document ALL your complaints with names, dates, etc. Our dealer here in Portland, OR only seems to document half of what we bring the van in for.

    Good luck on the brake issue. I would suggest calling the Kia Motors factory rep at 800-333-4542. Brian is at ext 45782 and he is good to work with. Every time you have an issue with the dealer call him or his co-workers and have them "babysit" the repair before and after you take it into the dealer.
  • I have used synthetic oil since we got our '03 Sedona and the MPG still sucks. 12 in the city and maybe 18-20 on the highway.
  • I JUST went through the same problem last week!! I have an '03 Sedona and from day 1 the passenger side front brakes would vibrate and "wobble" when braking and the harder you pushed the worse it got. I took it to the dealer 8 times for different things and 3 of those times I indentifed the brake symptoms. Every time they said it was normal. Right. I have been driving for 20 years and it's not "normal" At 29,000 I had the pads replaced but nothing else needed done in regards to the brakes. At 38,000 the pads needed replaced again which was unusual for ceramic pads. This time the rotor was replaced and low and behold no more wobble!! The KIA tech stated the driver side rotor was warped and the other one probably was too from the factory.

    Definetely stay on the dealer and document everything. The Sedona's definetely have a rotor problem.
  • Synthetic oil will protect the engine better, and longer than organic. The Tornado does NOTHING!! My recent issue of Popular Mechanics reviews a number of those "mpg improvers". Some did nothing, others decreaced the mpg, and one caught fire!! If you do a 40 mile highway drive every 1-2 wks, or use fuel with cleaning additives to keep the combustion chambers carbon-free, you'll be fine. ;)
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Picked up our Sedona today. Finally, after more than a year of putzing around with repainting the rear liftgate, our dealership has managed to get all 3 of the badges - 'Kia,' 'Sedona,' and 'EX' - affixed to our van.

    We also ended up with a new seatback cover and new seat cushion cover on the driver's seat. The seat cushion - the part you sit on - had been cracking and wearing, which was somewhat acceptable at 3.5 years old. At first I was upset that the dealer accidentally replaced the seatback cover (the part your back rests up against) instead. But now that they replaced the seat cushion cover on the next visit, it's nice to know we've got a driver's seat with all-new leather on a van that has 55k miles on it.

    We also had an Oil Pressure Warning light for a while. Dealer replaced a sending unit sensor or something like that. No more oil light.

    As usual with our dealer, they are polite and willing to fix just about any issue we mention under warranty. But they are somewhat incompetent and many of our concerns require multiple trips for final resolution.

    Because of the most recent snafus, they threw in a free oil change/lube/filter.
  • My posts about Kiatech being possibly asked not to post have been deleted by our host. Claires, If you did in fact ban Kiatech please tell us. We are all adults here...this is your message board...that is your prerogative. Instead of deleting my posts...why not just tell us? :D
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I second that motion. Looking forward to an update from our host(s)...
  • I think that it is time to get rid of my Kumho's. The front tires failed inspection and the rear sidewalls are starting to crack at 24k. I am leaning towards the Firestone Affinity LH 30's but have not totally decided yet.

    I ended up putting on new disc pads on the front of the Sedona the other day. I used the Autozone pads that I had spoken about earlier. I had failed inspection for that and the tires...and it was also recommended to adjust the rear shoes. I popped the rear drums and...lo and behold...I needed new brake shoes in the back also. :cry: I just purchased them and will be installing shortly.

    Someone had asked whether the rear brakes are self-adjusting or not...the answer is that there is, in fact a self-adjuster (although in my case it did not seem to work that well)!
  • Frank,

    It seems a litle early to replace Brake Pads at 24K. And the rear brakes usually last twice as long as front pads. This doesn't say much for the Kia braking system. My '04 EX has ABS, and I'm wondering how long the pads will last. They feel as good as when I first drove it. No warped, or shimmi, or pedal pulsing. Just passed 17K and the Kuhmo's look like at least another 10K left.
    I was the one that was wondering about the rear brake self-adjusters. My dealer said I should have the brakes adjusted at 7.5K. My question is why, if it has self adjusters!

  • Boxwrench,
    After pulling off the pads and looking at them...I probably could have squeezed another year out of them. But then I would have to argue with the mechanic who said that they were a bit more worn down than they actually were. He had written up (1/32" left) ...they were not as bad as that. Quite easy to change out so no problem there.
    As to the rear shoes...the drivers side front was worn down more than the passenger side front and needed to be replaced...actually the passenger side was still within spec.

    The tires probably could have lasted a bit longer if I had been more vigilant with the rotation. My fronts were ready for the trash and, although the rear tires still have a decent amount of tread on them, I did not like the look of the cracks on the sidewalls. :surprise:

    By the way, this month in Consumer Report there is a section on tires and the Hanook Mileage Plus II H725 gets a #3 recommended rating of those tested in the All Season category. :D
  • We found the same thing with our 2005 EX. I am not certain why this happens but sure seems dumb to me. My husband thinks it is kinds cute, not sure about his thinking either. So what if I open the van door put my purse inside, open the back door to put in packages, then all side doors lock...............sooooooooooo the only way I can get in is to crawl through the back, what sense does this make. Would love to know their thinking with this feature.
  • Frank;
    We have a 04 EX, the rear brakes really seem tight. Did you have any problem adjusting your rear brakes thru that little slot in the back? All I can see is a spring. I tried taking the drums off, but they are too tight. We have a Toyota Rav4. That has the adjusting slot on the drum. One of the easiest cars I've worked on. Jim
  • Jim,
    There are actually two slots in the back. The lower one (which you normally think you would be using to adjust the brakes with) is for the inspection of the brake shoe.

    The upper access slot (near the wheel cylinder) is the one required to adjust the star wheel with. Pop off the dust cap and look a bit forward of the slot and you will see the star wheel.

    To tighten the shoes:
    - drivers side: star wheel turns in a CCW direction looking fwd
    - passenger side: star wheel turns in a CW direction looking fwd

    Hope this helps :D
  • Thanks for the info Frank, I will give it another try. Jim
  • I forgot to mention that in order to take the rear drums off you must first remove the (2) each phillips head machine screws that hold the drum to the axle flange. I needed to use my impact screwdriver on these to get them started.

    When you look at these drums you will see that they are also tapped out in (2) other places in order to accept the same size screws.

    You first remove the screws from their original location and then screw both back into the other holes evenly...this pushes the drum off of the axle. :D
  • I have this same issue. Kia tech told me he had never heard those type of noises before and that he has no clue on how to stop them. He took off the drum and cleaned it, but the noise is still occurring. It does not happen until I've been driving the van at least 30 min.

    Have you had any luck getting it stopped?
  • Frank;
    Thanks a lot for that information. I had gone out and bought two bolts to fit into the empty drum holes. I tried to get the drums off, but of course it didn't work.
    What a change. They used to have a couple of metal clips to keep the drums from falling off. Jim
  • jdfjdf Posts: 7
    Well its getting cold again here in CT especially in the AM and its time for my 2002 Sedona to refuse to shift out of park in the mornings. Sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes of idling before it allows my to leave my driveway. We've found a little access port next to the shift lever (referred to as the shift override i the owners manual). We put a screwdriver in and push and VOILA, the car shifts out of park. It sat for two nights & three days last year in below freezing temps at the dealer and "they couldnt duplicate the problem". Ive started video taping the problem and plan to bring this with me on my next appointment, soon.
    Any thoughts on what this may be and if the override is doing any damage? This only happens when the temps start to change dramatically in fall & spring. Nothing in summer or dead of winter.
    John :mad:
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I don't have much to offer except to ask if you've had your transmission fluid drained/filled or power-flushed/exchanged? I have no idea if old and/or worn-out trans fluid could contribute to the problem you are experiencing.

    Our 2002 EX lives through Michigan winters and has never had any trouble shifting in or out of Park. We did have the trans fluid 'replaced' at the dealer about a year ago as a preventive maintenance item.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    While this problem is happening put your foot on the brake and check that the brake lights are lit.

    Using the shift override should not cause any damage.
  • jdfjdf Posts: 7
    We have not had the fluid changed. The problem began around 20K. We may try that.
  • jdfjdf Posts: 7
    The brake lights do light. We've had to use the override at least a dozen times over the past few days.
  • The tire ratings are in the November issue of consumer reports.
  • worleyworley Posts: 1
    we bought our 2005 kia sedona van july19,2005 and it has been in the shop for 7 days with brake problems.the problem i am having is vibration when you apply the has already had 2 new sets of rotors and pads on the front and 1 new set on the back,still not told me today there is only so many times that they will let them put rotors and brakes on a van so they were going to get ahold of the he could come and drive it and see if he couldn't get them to look futher into the problem but the service deptment tells us there is nothing else they can do and calls it fixed.i live in nc and the vechile can go 3 times into service and not be fixed and it is called a lemon.i have contacted a lemon law ;awyer and she told me i am almost there one more time.i took it in on sept.22,thay said it was fixed i took it back on sept 23 and they kept it 6 days and it still isn't fixed.the gm told me today that the noise i am hearing is probably because my rotors were crstalized and something is causing them to get hot and warping them but come on even after 2 new sets on the front.if any suggestions let me know,they should have to replace these vans with van has 4,600 miles on it by the way. :sick:
  • sudsy1sudsy1 Posts: 1
    I have the same slide whistle/motorcycle type noise but it comes from the from the FRONT passenger seat. It too happens mostly on hot days when the AC is running a lot. It's pretty freaky. If anyone knows what this is, please include me in any response. Thanks! Mine is a 2003 KIA Sedona EX with about 28,000 miles.
  • John,

    You deffinitely have a problem with the transmission shifter. I just went out to my van and didn't even start the car, just turned on the key, and when you push down on the brake pedal, you can move the shifter. I have a '04 Sedona EX with ABS. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the transmission fluid, or even the transmission. There is either a mechanical or electrical link to the shift lever and is is not functioning properly. Older cars never had the interlock with the brake/trans shift lever. You could put the shifter in any gear as soon as you turned on the key without stepping on the brake.
    Make them fix it!!

  • I have also experienced the odd noise coming from the right rear of the van. We have had the wheel barrings replaced in the wheel. Then we thought the noise was from the AC and had new lines installed on it also. The AC is even louder now than before. It doesn't matter when I am driving for the noise to appear. I did experience the noise when I was pulling into our drive way and as I stopped the van the noise started and then went away. It was like a spring over stretched and going back into place. The service department can't hear the noise either.
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