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Kia Sedona problems



  • I have just had my 2005 Sedona towed to dealer. I shifted into drive but nothing happened. Dealer tells transmission has to be replaced. I have only had van 5 weeks and have less than 800 miles on it. Has anybody else had this problem? I would like to feel I am not alone.
  • Hello, When you use your remote transmitter to unlock your van's door, you have 30 seconds to put your key in the ignition. This is a safety feature that most newer cars have in case you unlock your doors on accident. I would put the key in the ignition when you put your purse inside or keep the the key on you until you are ready to drive.
  • I'm interested to see what you were told about the lurching problem with your Sedona. I have the same problems with my '03 and have had my van in twice to two different dealerships and both said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Of course! I'd like to take a tech with me when I'm in busy downtown traffic and I step on the gas, pressing the pedal to the floor, and nothing happens!
  • Here you go boys and girls!

    Kia Motors Corp. is recalling 74,276 Sedona minivans from 2002 to 2004 model years equipped with power seats because a problem with the wiring under the front seats could cause a fire.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Hello, You mean to say this minivan is designed so that you can't unlock it with the remote, lift the rear hatch and load groceries? Other vans take care of accidental unlocking by allowing thirty second to open one of the doors before the auto re-lock kicks in (No need to put the key in the ignition). This means you can open your van with the remote and load the groceries and the kids. Sorry, but this is one DUMB Kia design. You may be able to have it reprogrammed to function intelligently though.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Fancee, Despite what some people might say your right: this is one DUMB feature. Intelligently designed cars take care of accidental unlocking by allowing thirty second to open one of the doors before the auto re-lock kicks in (No need to put the key in the ignition). This means you can open your van with the remote and load the groceries and the kids. You may be able to have it reprogrammed to function intelligently though. What on Earth were they thinking :confuse:
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Your not alone: just read back through this forum. Heck, one lucky Kia owner had three engines and two transmissions replaced or was it three transmissions and two engines. Lonely? You are never going to feel like the Maytag repairman around here. Seriously though, I would suggest you start familiarizing yourself with your state's :lemon: law and get out from under.
  • mcase2, darren2, et al,

    I just did a test on my '04 EX and this is the result: If you use the remote to unlock all doors (two times on UNLOCK) all doors unlock, and if you only open the rear Hatch, they will relock in 30 sec. If, on the other hand, you open any 1 of 4 side doors first, then open the rear hatch, all doors stay unlocked. It is not necessary to put keys in the Ignition to keep the doors from relocking!

    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? MEN PUT KEYS IN THEIR POCKET, WOMEN PUT KEYS IN THEIR POCKETBOOK (purse) and put that in the car first. Listen and Learn!

  • Hi,
    I have a '05 sedona which has an extremely noisy air conditioning unit. The head mechanic told me that it needed to have some parts updated,hose and some type of valve and then to be recharged. After the parts came in, I again left the unit at the shop. When I returned,7 1/2 hours later, nothing had been done. The service advisor advised me that Kia Tech has to approve or disapprove any and all repairs.My replacement parts that was SUGGESTED to be done by their own top mechanic were not approved and Kia Tech told the advisor to advise me that "everything was normal". I have 3,000 miles on it,it has been in the shop 9 times since I bought it April 29 2005. No problem has ,air,breaks,noisy rear end,Homelink center was replaced and still not working. Anyways, bottom line is the service advisor advised me that there is NOTHING wrong and not to bring the vehicle back there for the same problems.He said that he can only do what Kia Tech tells him to do and if I didn't like it I should get a lawyer !!!
    Guess what I did ----- I got a Lemon law lawyer :)
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Boxwrench, I was responding to two posts that claimed you had to put the key in the ignition. I am relieved to hear its not that crazy. However, this is a vehicle people load from the hatch all the time. Nobody would want the inconvenience of running around opening doors and then running back to the hatch. Nobody wants the inconvenience of digging their keys out twice. It really becomes bad in any parking lot that is not perfectly level and the shopping cart goes rolling away while your doing all this door opening and key fumbling. The people who should "Listen and Learn!" are the KIA engineers.
  • mcase2

    I guess I'm old-fashioned. I have "fumbled" with keys all my life regarding cars. This Sedona is the first vehicle that I've owned that had a remote lock/unlock feature. I don't have a problem with hitting the unlock button more than once. Besides you still have to get your keys out to put in the ignition to start the car anyway, so where is the problem? If you had a sedan you would have to hit 2 buttons - one for the trunk and one for the doors.
    Society in general is getting too dependant on "remotes" and automatic features. I guess it is a good time to be getting Old!

    On anther note, I feel that any buisness with shopping carts should have a brake device on the carts, that when you take your hands off the cart the brake is applied. Kinda like the lawn mowers that won't run unless you hold down the bar to keep the engine running. That would solve the problim of runaway carts. Maybe I should patent that Idea!

    Just MHO
  • kiaalkiaal Posts: 2
    WOW! I should have looked here before I purchased my first KIA Sedona. It would have most likely deterred me from my decision. It sometimes seems like the best teacher is experience. In my case that is what I am learning. Have been in a battle with the dealer as well as with KIA themselves. KIA is producing a product that looks great from the outside but does not function well. At least in my case. Have found many with great things to say and many with not so great things to say. It almost seems like taking a chance when you purchase this vehicle. Miles Per Gallon on my vehicle is terrible. KIA and the dealer tell me that it may improve. I do not believe this. After owning over 15 vehicles in my life, I do not think that it will improve. So far NO GOOD! Am getting between 10 & 13 MPG mix Hwy & City. KIA rates it at 18MPG. Oh it's stated by them as average and oh yes this is only average. This means that it can vary. How much they do not know. Not much they can do. Was told by the KIA Rep that unless they find a problem that it is not a problem. At least not theirs'. Have asked about a week ago that they do a consumption test and have not heard back. What a surprise! I asked them to do this test because then they will find out that I am correct. They will not exchange the vehicle either. Cars usually run within the stated MPG listed but KIA's are an exception. Was told that it can vary substantially if you are running the AC. I guess it will vary due to driving the vehicle as well.
    My second problem that I am experiencing is the brake rotors. They are starting to warp. Realize that it has been noted on the Net that KIA uses materials for their rotors that are highly susceptible to warping. This means that the materials used cannot withstand the high temp during braking. If a metal reaches a temperature that is at, close to or beyond where it starts to break down, it will start to warp. I guess that this is my next issue. Would appreciate any and all feedback because I believe that it is the only way that we will be able to assure that the vehicles sold n the US are of GOOD QUALITY.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Boxwrench, your right, we are getting too dependant on remotes. Someone once told me they were approached by a women who was frantic because the battery in her remote had died and she was locked out of her car. The remote was next to her key on her key ring. Maybe it just an urban legend, but it is the way our minds work. Think how many people have been killed trying to get stalled cars to start at rail road crossings rather than simpley getting out and walking away. Anyway, I like your brake idea.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    No manufacturer will guarantee mileage. I bought my wife a 04' Toyota Corolla that got horrendous city miles, but got great highway miles. Toyota would not touch it. The lemon would not touch it either. Toyota claimed (as will all other manufactures) that the EPA assigns the mileage. i.e. the mileage rating is the result of government tests. Some vehicles get their highway miles, but few make their city miles. There is a growing demand for more realistic testing. But for what its worth, the ECU was reflashed on my wife's Corrola as part of another issue and this improved the mileage. What was happening was the code was not quite right and the car would flood slightly when going from gas to brake. Test the Sedona's highway miles and see what you get. You may have a similar problem, and may be able to get a similar fix.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    This is my first post. I've been reading the forum and was surprised no one posted about the recall related to the Kia fires. I did mine for 2002 because I have a 2002 EX, but I think it affects at least 2002-2005.

    Here it is:
    Make : KIA Model : SEDONA EX Year : 2002
    Manufacturer : KIA MOTORS AMERICA, INC.
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number : 05V463000 Mfg's Report Date : OCT 04, 2005
    Component: SEATS
    Potential Number Of Units Affected : 74276
  • Thanks for the info. Spectraman had also posted about this on post # 980 :)
  • Hi,
    My 2005 Sedona is getting 11.5 to 12.5 mpg driving about 40% hwy and 60% city. The best I got on a short trip (150 miles) was 14.1 mpg. One service advisor advised me that I didn't break the motor in right and it was my fault. Then he said that the motor wouldn't even be broken in until at least 25,000 miles !! Then another advisor said that even RUNNING the A/C should have very little or next to nothing to do with the mileage you get. After 2 weeks he said he did a study and found that the A/C shouldn't be used in the city if I wanted my milage to improve !!
    Now, I bought this van April of 2005 and it has 3,150 miles. It has been in the repair shop now 10 different days,the problems were noticed,agreed they were there by the service advisor yet no problem has been resolved yet even though parts had been ordered. The advisor said that the only repair they can make are the ones that KIA TECH approves and to advise owners that the problems won't be fixed because they are "NORMAL" according to KIA TECH
    I thought I did pretty good research before buying this car. I have never been so embarrased in my life to find out how much the wool got pulled over my eyes on this one. :lemon:
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Don't be embarrassed. Some people have had Kia's that function ok., But as someone else in this forum said its a crap shoot. Low mileage probably will not qualify you for the Lemon law. However, if you have had other problems and enough time off the road because of them you can probably get rid of this :lemon: . I would seriously look into the lemon law where you live and move on it before its too late. Don't buy into the Kia song and dance about how this kind of thing occurs with all other makes - get out while the getting is good! Remember, the resale on Kias is zilch so act now.
  • Spectraman,

    Great article & site. I guess it is the nature of the beast that everyone with complaints and problems make them known here. You don't hear much from the many more owners that are really happy and satified with their Kia. I'm sure Kia is not alone in the problem/complaint department. There are enough problems to cover all makes & models. It appears that Kia is really working to improve their image in America. Now if they could just improve the MPG average on Sedona's with some kind of retrofit it would probably eliminate 80% of the complaints!

  • I have also had the odd motorcycle noises coming from my 03 Kia. The service techs can never seem to figure out the problem. This has been going on since I've had the van and each year the noises seem to get louder and louder. I'm not sure how this problem will ever get fixed if the techs have no clue! Since you have had some work done on your AC, it looks as though the problem isn't with the AC??
    I can't figure it out!! Now, I seem to be having a strange odor I can smell inside the van, it almost smells like vinegar. Don't know what that could possibly be either! I like the van but these strange problems that can't seemed to be solved irritates me!
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    A very informative post. I wish Toyota had such a pipeline to the real bosses. You stand a far better chance of getting a good Toyota, but if you have one with unique problem, forget it Toyoa don't know you from ADAM! I was completely stonewalled by Toyota's North American regional management when I had problems with an 04 Corrolla and always wonder if the Japanese management was not beginning to really lose touch with their customers. Its what the Japanese themselves refer to as the victory disease. I do not mean to kia bash too much, but many of the stories of present sedona owners are really depressing. I do believe that Hyundai and affiliates are committed to improvement and I hope that can find resolution by contacting the upper management.
  • We have almost 20000 miles on our 04 EX. We have not experienced any of the problems discussed here. It's been back to the dealer twice. Once the day after we got it for a electrical problem which I think my wife may have caused washing it with a wand. At 2000 miles it went back for a free oil change and that's all. I will say the mpg are not that good, but we knew that before purchase. The trans does shift from reverse to drive and drive to reverse a little slow and sometimes there are some strange things that happen with the electricals, but we can live with that. Overall we are very satisfied. Jim
  • I am trying to get it under the safty part of the lemnon law also because the breaks are still not fixed, the Homelink still doesn't work and the A/C not fixed. I was told by the service advisor NOT to bring it back in for any of these items !!! He said everything was "NORMAL" although he himself ordered parts to do repairs but Kia Tech denied the repairs.
    This van is not only unsafe,but unsafe because my wife and I are both disabled and neither one of us dare to venture very far from home. We have put on 3100 since buying it 4/25/05. I was thinking of trading it in on another make but would lose about $10,000.00. (was also lied to by the salesperson saying that Kia holds it value as wellas Honda and Toyota) what a lie !!!
  • timptimp Posts: 2
    We have a 2002 EX, loaded and have had many problems in regards to it starting - especially in the cold weather (we live in Mass.) - we jump it and it is fine for a few days (happened many times last winter) and brought it to service, they check everything and no problem it seems when they put it on diagnostics - we had the battery replaced a FEW times (even had bigger batteries put in!) and it keeps doing it, like I said, when it gets cold. Any guidence from anyone out there would be great....I am getting sick of 1) jump starting it 2) bringing it to the dealer to have them say there is no problem.....HELP!!! :sick:
  • Timp:

    Read these Edmunds Sedona posts by cutting and pasting the numbers (one at a time) into the "Go To Msg#" box above and pressing 'Go'. You'll find some interesting reading. It sounds like your alternator needs replacing, and that KIA should know something about this problem. There's a little debate about whether there's an official TSB or not, but regardless, this is a known issue.... at least on here!

    869 823 682 679 673 347

    Next time you go to the dealer, give them print outs of these posts. Don't let them pull the old "Awwwww.... you can't believe what you read on the Internet!" routine on you either!


  • Some shortened and reposted information from a couple of previous posts:

    From what I'm reading on some other forums, Hyundai/KIA's Korean management will most likely be VERY interested in hearing what people have to say about their chronic problems, as long as you're being reasonable and informative. Take your problems over the North American management's heads if you have to! Here's the contact page on the
    Corporate (Korea) website, and what they have to say:

    "In order to provide optimum service, we are eager to listen to your
    concerns. When Kia distributors in your country or the dealership near
    you are not able to solve your vehicle's problem for any reason, please
    contact us directly using the e-mail shown below. Your comments are very
    important to us."


    A interesting article for anyone who has had chronic problems with
    their KIA. An inside look at how KIA is supposedly tracking and responding
    to customer issues.


    EXCERPT: (great history of Hyundai's in the link above!)

    Hyundai's Toyota Obsession Fuels Drive to Top Five - July 2005

    "Since taking over Hyundai Motor five years ago, Chung has been
    obsessed with erasing Toyota's price premium. Every Monday morning in Seoul,
    he personally inspects new models and scolds his subordinates when he
    spots a defect."

  • vannervanner Posts: 47
    Once in a while in a forums message it is mentioned that the computer or e-prom chip in a Sedona can maybe be "reflashed" to see if gas mileage can improve. Is this so? Does it work? What do you have to do to get a dealer to do that? Can just any dealer's service center do that or does it take some special equipment and training? (I don't think our service center people are even paper trained!)

    Are there any accessory chips on the market that can change the fuel economy?
  • timptimp Posts: 2
    Spectraman - thanks for the update - guess what happened this am.....dean again....not only will I bring in your referral's from this site, I also video taped the escapade to also bring in.....time for a new alternator it seems......thanks again for the info! :mad:
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    Your dealer told you the resale on a Sedona was the same as Sienna and Odyssey? Whoa! thats lying like the New York Times! Sienna and Odyssey hold half their value a full five years out. Sedonas lose about half their value in little over a year. I agree the trade-in loss would be totally unacceptable. You might want to take a look at post #1004 by Spectraman. But short of some immediate resolution the lemon law is the only reasonable option. Let us know how it turns out.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    It may just be a bad alternator. Have they checked this? If the alternator is charging the battery then you may be losing your batteries because of a small bleeding charge somewhere. SOMEWHERE is the problem. I am not really up to date on auto diagnostics, but finding such a leak used to be a B----cth that required hours and hours of isolating and tracing circuits. My guess would be your dealer has no intention of undertaking this Herculean task unless Kia gave the ok. Since the solution would require an unknown amount of time I doubt Kia would voluntarily ok it. There is something wrong with electrical system and you may have to use legal compulsion to force Kia to honor its warranty.
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