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Kia Sedona problems



  • Kia purchasers beware of their worthless warranty !!!

    yes, i have heard of Kia doing this to other people as well
  • 5k? What do you mean by that?
    There's no way it will shift 5000 rpm higher at the shift points.
  • Did they hold you responsible for the "severe" service schedule time/mileage intervals?
    And yes, KIA should be ashamed for even allowing a dealer to say it would not be covered, regardless of the final outcome. (I'm guessing you will get it taken care of under warranty. Let us know, ok?)
    Crap like this is a perfect reason for dismally low resale value of KIAs.
  • My '02 Sedona with 27,000 miles just had the "check engine light" appear. Am I correct in assuming that it should be no charge under our warranty for the dealer to analyze this? I did not want to be surprised by a diagnostic charge.
  • I called the dealer and the answer he gave was as follows:

    "If the diagnosis determines that a part must be replaced then the diagnostic charge will be covered...if, however, the diagnosis shows that an adjustment is required then a shop diagnostic charge of 1 hour will apply."
  • With the OverDrive Switch off It doesn't shift at 1500 RPMs...When it shifts with the OD off the engine is running at 2000 RPM.... The shift points are 31 and 41 MPH according to the KIA shop manual and the KIA tech showed me and demonstrated that for me... It's when it downshifts at 1500 RPMs that the vibration appears[It can't make up it's mind which gear to be in] ....I just don't agree that I should have to live with that problem by not using OD in the city...I'm sure that they could fix it with a program change of the computer , but are reluctant to do that because they would have to go thru the EPA tests and it would never conform to the MPG numbers that they have now...
  • I decided to go to Autozone and read/clear the code myself. It came up as: p.o. # 456...evap emmision control system leak very small. I interpreted that to be due to a gas cap that probably was not snugged up enough.

    I did, however take the van to the dealer for an oil change. While there, I could not resist looking at the '06 Sedonas...WOW!!! I want to trade in the '02 after seeing the new version!!! (although my wife now wants a Sportage instead of a van) :D
  • If a car is being driven in overdrive, it simply means that the output shaft of the motor is turning slower than the output shaft from the transmission. Some cars have 2 overdrive gears. Most have only 1. Some have no overdrive gear at all.
    The Sedona has one overdrive, 5th gear. If you turn off overdrive, the only thing you are doing is not allowing the transmission to shift (up) into that highest gear. You have made it into a 4-speed automatic instead of a 5-speed automatic.
    The shift points are the RPM readings at which the transmission will shift up to the next gear. Opting to turn off the overdrive does not change the shift points between 1st and 2nd, 2nd and 3rd, or 3rd and 4th. But since there is no longer any 5th gear to shift up to, there is of course NO shift point for a 4th to 5th gear change.
    My Sedona, with overdrive on, will upshift from 4th to overdrive 5th gear at a little under 40 mph. Shortly thereafter, the lock-up kicks in and lowers the RPM a little bit more. At that speed, 5th gear locked-up forces the motor to turn at about 1400 or so. Once in lock-up, there is no internal slippage between the motor and the output shaft of the transmission.
    Your vibration might not be caused by the 4th to 5th gear change. It may be caused by the lock-up function of the torque converter switching off and on. Very possible.
  • I have a 2002 sedona, car run fine so far and has less than 30000 mi. I had 3 spots on the car paint looks rough, not smooth. I went to 3 dealers and I got 3 different excuses. first, it was overpaint by owner or bodyshop, second, I didn't wax the car or it was ruin by acid rain (I lived in Los Angeles), Third, just refuse it is not Kia's fault. Just like the messages above, the rotor is warp, I got my brake replaced and resurface rotor at about 20K mi, of course dealer SUGGEST me to replace the brake and nothing wrong with the brake(Of course it will cost me $300), so I bought a set of duralast gold ceramic brake pad from autozone and replace it my self. But since I plan to keep the car for long time, I am worrying about the van, the dealer, and the warranty services, IMO, they have 10/100K warranty, but they will not admit any manufacture defective, most likely, I will need to repair most of the things by myself. I am very disappoint with the company, I will not recommend anyone to by kia at this time.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    I have a 2002 Sedona EX. The Rear Heater Lines have began to leak coolant. Although I have just over 40,000 miles, dealer said it's not under warranty. I haven't checked with Kia Head Quarters yet, but based on what I've seen here, it doesn't look like they will cover it (great warranty, huh?) They want about $550 to replace the coolant lines. I was wondering how you made out with your repair using the heater hose. Any recommendations?
  • The dealer should cover this under warrenty as long as you have had your 30k done if you have had it done and if they still say no ask to speak with there DPSM(district parts and service manager)
  • jim93jim93 Posts: 3
    I just repaired the lines going back to the rear heater on my 2002 Sedona using hose and clamps (have to watch out for the exhaust). My engine light came on right before I had a full "blowout" of all my coolant system. The dealership did not cover this so I decided to repair it myself (saw this could be done on a previous post). Try the $20.00 fix instead of the $500.00 one :).
  • I have a 2002 Sedona EX. The Rear Heater Lines have began to leak coolant. Although I have just over 40,000 miles, dealer said it's not under warranty. I haven't checked with Kia Head Quarters yet, but based on what I've seen here, it doesn't look like they will cover it (great warranty, huh?) They want about $550 to replace the coolant lines. I was wondering how you made out with your repair using the heater hose. Any recommendations?


    Can you tell us anything more about *why* the dealer is denying you the repair? You car is obviously under 5 years old and has less than 60k miles. What is their rationale?

    -Is it due to a missed inspection?

    -Is it due to some loophole in the vehicle corrosion clause?

    -Are you a second or third owner of the vehicle?

    Please post the complete dealer statement on here if you would. There had better be a really sound loop-hole that KIA's crawling through to keep them from ponying up this repair. Esp. since it's appearing that their design and/or execution is at fault here. These lines are obviously looking like a(nother) weak spot in the old Sedona line, and that they should have been made out of a rust resistant or proof material such as stainless or a similar alloy.

    I recommend to any other first-gen Sedona owners with this rear heat setup to consider getting under their vehicle and coating the heater lines (and heck... maybe the brake lines too!) with marine grease. I read about this technique on another board, and it supposedly does a good job of preventing rust of under body lines in salt prone areas.

    In any case, clue us in on the specifics of this denial!

  • you are just another one of KIA's victims....the list grows ever larger day by day, i too are one of their victims
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    The dealer said that because the lines were rusted through from New York State salt, it wasn't covered. I asked about the 5 year rust through warranty, and he said that was only on the body. (By the way, if the body doesn't rust all the way through - it's not covered - I have the rear liftback rust under the chrome that they won't fix). He said the Kia Rep confirmed that it wasn't covered. I haven't fought it too much yet because I needed the van back. Yesterday, I got the van back. I paid for the repair plus a cooling system flush. Now - I have no rear heat. The fan blows cold air. I called them this morning and have another appointment on Monday (02/13/06). I bought the van as the second owner with 26,000 miles on it. I had the dealer who sold it to me (who was not a Kia Dealer) flush the coolant system when I bought it, but Kia is not denying it because it wasn't flushed by them, they're denying because of our use of salt during the winter.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    I have logged a case with Kia Customer Service online. We'll see if I get any response from that.
  • Here's the type of grease for all you Sedona owners out there to check into:

    I read about this trick on USENET (Google Groups). It sounds reasonable to me!

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    so by that reasoning, rusted brake lines wouldn't be covered, or are they supposed to use different materials for those? if the latter, then one would have to conclude they used materials that are inappropriate for the environment in which they are sold and used in.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    Interesting thing... I didn't get a good look at the new lines yet, but I did notice that at least one of the lines seemed to be a metal line covered with a rubber/foam rubber coating. Maybe they have figured out they have a problem and are beginning to adjust for it.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I wonder if this salt loophole is spelled out in any warranty documentation? Any manufacturer selling cars in the USA knows darn well that plenty of cars will be subject to salt. It would surprise me if they could legally or as a matter of policy NOT cover this based on the salt as the factor voiding the warranty coverage.

    As a Sedona owner in Michigan, I probably should do that grease trick just mentioned...
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    exactly my point. it would be negligent to design, fabricate and sell a vehicle where lines were compromised due to environmental factors such as the application of salt or sand to road surfaces.

    now if they spelled out that exclusion and made it clearly obvious to potential owners, who would buy their vehicle?

    if it were me, i'd get the dealership and district rep to provide this information in writing, then i'd contact corporate.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    OK - I pulled up the 2005 Warranty from the Kia website and converted the PDF to text so I could copy and paste it here. Notice the Bolded paragraph below. They don't cover damage caused by salt.

    New Vehicle Limited Warranty
    What is Not Covered
    The following items are not covered:
    Damage due to Factors Beyond the Manufacturer’s
    Examples of these factors include, but are not limited to:
    Misuse of the Kia Vehicle such as driving over curbs,
    or into roadway maintenance or construction areas,
    overloading the vehicle, racing or engaging in
    activities or uses not described in your owner’s
    manual or in Kia’s product literature.
    Accidents and incidents that damage the Kia vehicle
    including but not limited to collision, fire, theft, riot.
    Alteration, modification, tampering, rewiring.
    Damage or corrosion from the environment such as
    acid rain, airborne fallout (chemicals, tree sap, etc.),
    salt, road hazards, hail, wind storm, lightning, floods
    and acts of God.

    Cosmetic conditions or corrosion permitted by
    chipping or scratching the paint.
    Damage due to Lack of Maintenance or the Use of
    Wrong Fuel, Oil or Lubricants.
    Improper maintenance or the use of other than the
    specified fuel, oil or lubricants recommended in your
    Owner’s Manual.
    Normal Deterioration
    Normal wear and tear or deterioration including the
    wearing out of friction wear parts such as brake pads
    and brake drums as well as spark plugs, worn brake
    pads/linings, worn clutch linings, filters, worn wiper
    blades, bulbs and fuses, other wear and consumable
    Surface corrosion on any part other than the body
    sheet metal panels forming the exterior appearance of
    a Kia Vehicle.
    Normal Maintenance
    Normal maintenance services such as: cleaning and
    polishing, minor adjustments, lubrication, oil/fluid
    changes, filters, anti- freeze coolant replenishment,
    wheel alignment and tire rotation unless such services
    are performed as part of a covered warrantable repair.
    Normal maintenance items (see bottom of this
    paragraph) are warranted only when the replacement
    is the result of a defect in material or workmanship,
    and only for 12 month/12,000 miles, whichever
    occurs first, or up to the first scheduled maintenance
    replacement interval. (Normal maintenance items
    include belts, brake pads and linings, clutch linings,
    filters, wiper blades, and bulbs).
    Maintenance services described as “Scheduled
    Maintenance Services”, “Owner Maintenance
    Services” or “Appearance Care” in your Owner’s
    Altered Mileage
    Any repair of a Kia Vehicle on which the odometer
    has been altered or on which the actual mileage
    cannot be reasonably determined.
    (When replacing the speedometer, the “Speedometer
    Replacement Record” on the inside front cover
    of this manual must be filled in by an Authorized Kia
    Extra Expenses and Damages
    Any economic loss or other incidental, special,
    consequential, or exemplary damages. This includes,
    without limitation, payment for loss of use of the Kia
    Vehicle, lodging, car rentals, travel costs, loss of pay
    and any other expenses or damages.
    Tires are warranted by the tire manufacturers and not
    by Kia. Refer to the tire warranty pamphlets provided
    with your Kia Vehicle for details.
    Salvage or Total-Loss Vehicles
    Any Kia Vehicle that has ever been issued a
    “salvage” title or similar “branded”title under any
    state’s law; or has been declared a “total loss” or
    equivalent by a financial institution or insurance
    company. This exclusion does not apply to Emission
    Warranties, Replacement Parts Limited Warranty or
    any recalls or campaigns.
    Production Changes
  • so let them prove it was salt, they are just assuming it was

    as far as i am concerned it was just inferior parts
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    ok is that an exclusion for the underbody and all components, or for panel rust through?
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    It looked like a general exclusion for all components. You can check page 8 of the warranty located at:

    I haven't heard anything back yet on the online case I submitted yesterday. I may call and check status later today.
  • It looked like a general exclusion for all components. You can check page 8 of the warranty located at:

    I encourage you to "fight on" through the next couple of layers of KIA management, just to make sure that they're not fixing these lines under some kind of "good will" program or secret warranty.

    Me thinks I'll be ordering up a tube of that Pennzoil marine grease JUST in case, and be lubin' up my Spectra's brake and fuel lines! :-)

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    "so let them prove it was salt, they are just assuming it was

    as far as i am concerned it was just inferior parts"

    I tend to agree with you, but the automakers and dealers seem to take the opposite approach. They claim whatever they want to let them weasel out of the warranty work and they force the consumer to prove otherwise. It's not right, but it seems to be the way most brands handle these kinds of issues. Personally I don't think Kia is any worse (or better) at honoring its warranty than any of the other mainstream brands in the U.S.
  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    Kia USA called me back today in response to my case I logged on their website. The rep (Steve) said that the lines weren't covered because they were rusted and because I live in New York State where they use salt. So I told him that apparently Kia's warranty wasn't any good if I drove my Kia in the snow. To which he replied that the warranty spells out the "natural" conditions that would cause the item not to be covered under warranty, specifically salt. So unless you live where it doesn't snow or rain acid rain, you shouldn't drive your Kia and expect it to be covered under warranty! :(
  • T2:

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems getting KIA to budge from their warranty loophole.

    I guess you've got one shot, that I think you should take. It would be very educational for us on here to find out how the process works and how successful you are.

    Here is the link and "invitation" on KIA's Korean HQ asking folks who can't get satisfaction through their "local" KIA officials to contact Korea directly.

    Here's what they say on their website to solicit your questions/complaints:

    "In order to provide optimum service, we are eager to
    listen to your concerns. When Kia distributors or the
    dealership near you are not able to solve your
    vehicle's problem for any reason, please contact us
    directly using the email show below. Your comments are
    very important to us."

    Good luck, and be sure to post any responses you get back on to this board!

  • times2times2 Posts: 45
    Thanks for the info. I've submitted using that link. We'll see what happens.
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