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Kia Sedona problems



  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    As far as i know it`s a cartridge type.Like back in the early 50`s.It also has 2 o ring seals on it,so make sure those are on it before you install a new filter.Somewhere in this forum are some part numbers for the filter. :shades:( WIX#57061,PUROLATER#L35610) check out SEDONA 2006+ forums....
  • Rgochoa, I just upgraded from the 04 sedona to the 06 Last Wed. I had to come home on the highway and had whistling, howling noise coming from the passenger side of the car that sounded like a bad seal in a window. It got louder as i went faster on the highway. I thought it possibly coming from a vent inside the car somewhere. The next day I noticed it again and called the Dealer to have it checked out. Just my curiosity i sat and looked at the car visually on the outside to see what it could be. I noticed that I have "cross bars" mounted with the roof rack. I instantly took the cross bars off and tested the car again. NO wind, whistling, howling noise to drive me nuts. I called the dealer and told them what it was and they said they had never heard of it but would keep it in mind incase it ever came up. They also asked me if i wanted a job in thier service dept. Needless to say, the 06 is a great upgrade from my problem 04 and if this is all the trouble i have then i'll be happy.
  • navyairnavyair Posts: 202
    I noticed the same on my 2003, only it wasn't super loud. I just moved the cross bars all the way back on the rack and the change in laminar flow over the vehicle made the noise go away. That way I don't have to remember to reinstall the cross bars when I travel.

    Good troubleshooting!
  • I own a 2003 Sedona EX. I knew I might be taking a risk buying a car with so many great features at such a cheap price. They didn't have much of a track record at that stage being only the second year out. Well it turned out to be a HUGE mistake buying it and I am trading it in presently at only 30,000 miles. They are junk, junk, junk!! Angers me since it's paid off and it would have been nice to keep a couple more years.

    Here is the history:

    Obnoxiously squeaky back/side window since it was new, but only in the cold. Once the car warms up it quieted down some. I brought it in three times for this, but of course the car was adequately warm once I drove there and it wasn't squeaking. The dealer would not replace the window for me unless they heard the squeak so I live with this one. Nice for a new car!

    The the front end started with some "jiggling" type of noise. Brought it to the dealer who said nothing was wrong. Brought it another because it was so bad I was worried about safety. Was told it was normal "wear" of the struts and Kia said NOT to replace them because it will happen again. It's an obvious noise to eveyone who drives in the car (including my half deaf mother-in-law)and very embarrassing to have an almost new van that sounds like that.

    Next was the alternator that went at 20,000, had to get towed. Apparently this goes in almost all of them at some point between 20 and 30k miles.

    Next was the engine light intermittently going on. Ended up being a broken fuel sensor in the fuel tank. This was determined when the car didn't pass Massachusetts state emissions testing. Had to be ordered, so two trips for that problem also.

    Next was the engine started sounding like a Mack truck on start-up until it warmed up. Coincidentially this started the morning after the alternator was replaced, but they said it was unrelated and don't have an answer as to why my van sounds like a diesel dump trunk until it's warm.

    Presently the power steering is failing, the dealership is calling Kia to find out whether to replace the pump or just start by flushing the system.

    Let's see, next present problem is the driver's side door lever (outside) broke. Pin fell out. Went in and they don't stock the pins. Need to order a whole new door lever mechanism. Made a second appointment for this problem today.

    In general the engine has "pinged" on acceleration since day one despite using high octane gas and using dry gas from time to time.

    Positive notes on the car are good transmission, great seats (although these older model seats are a killer to pull out of the back), convenient controls, homelink and many other options that come cheap (although that's probably not a positive aspect since the car is not worth the cheap price!)

    I'm going back to Honda or it and be able to forget where the dealership ever was is a better way to live! :)
  • We have a 2003 EX Sedona with the same problem regarding the automatic door locks. We have 52K miles and all of a sudden this started. It continued for 3 weeks of our 4 week trip and now that we are home and I have taken it in for service it does not happen. Our service stated that they are not aware of a problem. Did you get an answer to this problem?
  • It's the strangest thing. I removed the plastic piece that covers the handle/lock assembly on the front passenger side because it seemed like it was preventing the lock from smoothly moving back and forth. This worked for about four months. Well, I found some plastic wrap type material that was in the vicinity of the lock mechanism and got rid of it (thinking this might have been the culprit the entire time) then had the bright idea of replacing the plastic piece. Wouldn't you know, two days later the same problem developed. I removed the plastic cover again but it's still doing it. I also read on the Kia site about a problem that was pretty well known with the old version of the Sportage. If the lock for the back door was out of position on that vehicle it would cause what we're experiencing. I messed around with it but really couldn't tell if it made a difference. The good news here is that we made our final payment on this van yesterday and this is the only really distressing thing to happen to us. We've had a few issues here and there but nothing too crazy. Please let me know if you find a solution to this!!!!
  • Gdaering, my 2004 Sedona had the same problem and I too would take it in for service and it would stop. I had to have my entry key reprogramed twice and then had the entry keys replaced and reprogramed. I was told this is a known problem with the keyless entry on my 04. I upgraded to the 06 Sedona 3 weeks ago and traded the 04 in @45 thousand miles and lots of problems too. Fortunately all were covered under warranty and then some. I have several postings on issues on this forum.
  • We have a 2003 Kia (canadian). We have 83,000 kms and up until recently, really haven't had any serious complaints. This past spring at approximately 73,000 kms, I began noticing a thin metallic pinging sound coming from under the hood when I accelerated on the highway. We took it to the local dealership and they couldn't reproduce it, therefore, they said they couldn't look for it. Took it back in July for a pre vacation check and oil change. Again, asked them to look into this 'ping". Again, they said couldn't reproduce it, therefore couldn't fix it. They also said that KIA won't let them take the engine apart to look for it. Noticed on holidays, driving on some bumpy roads the start of clunking from under the car. Very faint. Last week, the coolant line to the back burst. They fixed it under warranty. I asked the gentleman behind the counter if it was corrosion and he said yes. I asked him how the rest of the lines under the car looked, if they were corroded as well, and he told me that they only fix what's broken, they don't get paid to look at anything else. At the same visit to get the broken coolant line fixed, I asked them to once again, look into the pinging noise. They had the van for 2 days, and again, said they couldn't reproduce it. I marched myself over to the dealership, and insisted on taking someone for a ride. 1 minute in the car, and lo and behold, he heard the noise. He said that he had heard the noise the day before, but didn't think it was the one I was referring to. I asked him if it sounded like a thin metallic tapping or pinging noise, and he said yes. I asked if that was what was written on the work order, and he said yes. Car was in 2 more days. They said they consulted KIA engineering, as this was an unusual problem for the Sedona and weren't able to come up with an answer. They flushed the engine, changed the oil and I don't remember what else. I picked the van up after hours on Friday night. There was no charge for any of their investigative work, including the oil change. As I was leaving their parking lot, I noticed that the pinging noise was much more pronounced and there was a new grinding noise from the engine when I accelerated from an idling speed. That was new. Also, this slight knocking under the car over the bumps was now much more severe. Couldn't take the van in for service today, as I had to take it to work 75 kms away. Once on the highway, I noticed a deep vibrating at 110 ks/hr that was felt through the gas pedal, the floor of the van, and through my seat. Not really through the steering wheel. I had an alignment done 2 weeks ago, so that plus the fact that I'm not feeling it through the wheel leads me to think it's not the wheels. Back to the dealership we go tomorrow, to re-address this ping or tapping noise and the 2 new problems. I'm trying to be factual and not emotional here. Our warranty is up in roughly 15,000 kms and I strongly suspect they're putting us off until then. Secondly, I deeply resent their motto that if it's not reproducible, they won't look into it. I guess customer satisfaction with their product isn't a priority with them.
    Also, in the spring when I first took it in to have the "ping or tap" noise looked at, I also asked them to change the gas filter, as the van was running rough. They couldn't change the filter, because it had rusted right to the gas tank, and they had to replace the whole tank, under warranty of course. The guy behind the counter all but wagged his finger at me saying that had I changed the filter at 50,000 ks as the service manual recommends, this wouldn't have happened. It wasn't until I got home and checked my book that I saw that the gas filter was being replaced at the exact mileage that is recommended in the book.
    We've decided to get the three present issues addressed, contacting and involving the regional service manager if necessary, then we're unloading the van, and replacing it with a Honda, which is what we should have bought in the first place. I used to be the unfortunate owner of a Hyundai Stellar, and this is all starting to smell similar. It's not the issues with the van that has turned us off KIA, it's their service and obvious reluctant to address known issues, that has destroyed their image in my mind. I don't care what they sell their vehicles for, they're as disposable and cheap as a bic lighter.
    We will never buy KIA or any Korean car again , as long as it's associated with Hyundai, and we will certainly be as vocal as possible with our dissatisfaction to friends, family and colleagues.
  • My 2006 Sedona LX hesitates when accelerating, but is more pronounced when accelerating from a stop. This is making it difficult to pull into traffic, as I am noticing nearly 1 sec hesitiation before it finally goes. It does not buck or anything, simply hesitates before going. Does anyone else have this issue?
  • We just purchased a new 2006 LX Sedona last month. So far it has been trouble free, but we only have 800 miles on it. I recall having the exact problem with a Dodge Dakota and it took me a few visits before the mechanics found the problem. It would hesitate upon acceleration for a split second and then perform perfect until I stopped again. First they thought it was water in the gas, then a dirty fuel filter, and finally a fuel pump. None of the above. Unfortunately it was so long ago that I don't recall what part they replaced. I call it a 5 cent part replaced under warranty. I would take the Sedona back to a dealer and demonstrate what is occurring. You drive and ask the mechanic or service manager to go along for the ride.
  • Had that on my 2004. They had earlier replaced a plug. Took a while to covince them I had a problem. They finally found some loose connections on the engine (vacuum or electrical I'm not sure). I think they caused this when they were in there doing the plug.
  • The seat belt issue is due to the locking system necessary for installation of a child car seat. I had the exact annoying problem on my subaru. The dealer replaced the seatbelt twice before figuring out it was a car seat safety thing. If you have never installed a car seat, find some one who has and maybe they can explain it better, but what is happening to your seat belt sounds normal. try not to pull the seat belt all the way out. This will not happen on the driver's side can't drive! Hope this helps.
  • Just a question on the airbag. My Sedona got hit by someone who crossed the centerline suddenly. Contacted just behind the bumper, tearing out the front wheel/axle and down the side of the van. The van was going about 30, the car that struck it was 45 plus. Than van went about 2 feet after impact, the car lost its wheel and went about 200 feet into a yard. Anyway, just wondering why the airbag did not go off. It was a hard jolt. Was this a failure? Should/can it be tested?
  • Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope everyone was OK.

    I would say it appears your airbags operated exactly as designed, by not deploying. The front airbags are designed to deploy in more direct "head-on" collisions. The side and curtain airbags are designed to deploy in more direct side impact collisions.

    It sounds like your collision didn't meet either of those requirements. For the front airbags to deploy the front bumper would have to have been hit. The sensors are behind the bumper area.

    The front airbags deploy with a great amount of force. They are designed to "catch" you when your body is moving forward with a great amount of force due to a "head-on" collision. In the accident you describe, the airbags probably would have caused more injury than they would have prevented.

    What is your opinion of how the Sedona protected you and your passengers? Is it going to be repairable? If you have a picture of the damage, maybe you could post it.
  • I have a 2006 Sedona EX with Luxury and Power Packages. The passenger side Power Sliding Door doesn't always close properly - failing to latch. It then either pops slighly open and gives up, or slides open all of the way and beeps. I usually have to try to close the door about 3 or 4 times before it works correctly!

    The dealer "couldn't reproduce the problem", but it appears as though at least one other person is experiencing the same problem (they've posted a video on youtube).

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • I purchased my Kia minivan in March 06 and have not had any problems with it until recently. around the 9,200 mile mark on my way to work I felt a ripple going about 45 then a few seconds later the check engine light flashed off and on and my I experienced a great loss of power. I took the van to Kia Mall of Georgia and they said the problem was multiple misfire and the #4 coil was bad. I got the van back and have had the same problem happen between 200 - 300 miles three more times. The second time all spark plugs were changed. the third time the ECU (computer) was changed, and the fourth time the dealer says that the ECU is reading my antifreeze at 46.7 when the problem occurs. They have no idea how to fix this, they have told me that Kia may have to make a software patch or new software to fix the problem. The dealer has my van to drive because the service manager wants to experience exactly what happens when this mystery occurs. The dealer has had my van for a total of 3 weeks going into the fourth. I am thinking :lemon: here I don't know what else to do. I anyone has experienced this problem and had it fixed let me know. If you have a van now be advised that my problem did not occur until I had 9,200 miles on it. One other remark, This problem can happen when van is started, stopping, or accelerating.
  • rgochoargochoa Posts: 17
    Thanks for you info. However, I had the problem with the crossbars and solved it myself by just installing them all the way to the front and to the back. The howl I am getting is coming from the driver side a/c vent only on very windy days at highway speed. I suspect a loose hose, valve or something of that sort. No luck with dealership as yet.
  • Almost 4 weeks at the dealer is unacceptable - can you go to another dealer? Also, maybe you should give Kia themselves a call, and report the problem to them.

    I suggest that you research the Lemon law in your state.
  • Generally speaking I think your problem probably qualifies under the Lemon Laws.

    Has your dealer provided you with a vehicle to drive while he has yours?
  • I have tried other dealerships with no success. Kia corporate is well aware of the problem. I think all this extra driving is a stalling tactic so Kia can have more time to fix the problem
  • I have had a rental that Kia is paying for on the three of four occasions, they always claim the loaners are all out. This is the last shot for Kia, I will act on the lemon law.
  • I just wanted to let anyone having a problem with a kia (or any car) less than 2 years old and I think under 24K miles....if you've been in the shop for the same problem 3 times you are eligible for the lemon law. I had a 2004 Kia Sedona that was constantly in the shop for electrical problems. Interior lights never worked..amoung other problems. Long story short I filed lemon law and got a new car. They gave me my full sticker price toward another Sedona. I had to pay difference btw. sticker price of old and the new. $6K. I got a 2006 sedona. Already starting out to look like a lemon again. I went to complete the buyback tranaction for the lemon and the new car had a check engine light on. We didn't complete the sale that day. They said something was just unplugged. I go to buy it 2 days later and it has to be jumped. The dealer says it was because we were playing with all the electric doors. The only reason I followed through with taking this car home was it was the only one in this color left (grey) and I couldn't get my cash.had to buy another kia. No choice. Anyway, then at 700 miles the car won't start. Tow it in. Apparently they sold me a car with a recall which probably drained and killed the battery. Replaced battery, did 2 open recalls (one involved brake light staying on the other had someething to do with rear hatch). Hopefully it's fixed now. If I had a choice I wouldn't buy kia again. Nice car for the money, but too many issues all the time. Also the paint job sucks. It picks up scratches with a light brush to the paint. Anyone else think the paint sucks? Anyway, if you are in 3 times for the same issue, file a lemon law. Maybe this is the only way to teach them to fix their service departments (half the time they claim they can't duplicate--if they try this bring it every day into the shop and get paperwork. Bring someone to drive it with you. Make sure they put it in writing when they hear it or you are not covered.) Enough lemon laws and they'll hopefully make a better car.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    didn't you have the option of walking completely away from KIA? i would have because of the dealership service incompetence alone, even if i liked their products.
  • Gasedona - Kia posted a Technical Service Bulletin (KT2006092601) on 9/29/2006 regarding:

    P0441 - Evap. Emission System Incorrect Purge Flow
    P0128 - Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temp. below Thermostat Regulating Temp.)

    This may be related to your Sedona's problem.
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